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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jailhouse Letter from Tim White

Addendum: The original version of this report has been deleted from my website.

Today, I received a letter by post from a gentleman whose name was mentioned in Tim White's jailhouse letter.

This gentleman apprised me that Tim White's comments about him and his family were false and libelous in nature, and he asked me to remove the parts of the letter which mentioned his name. I told him I would be more than happy to do so, knowing exactly what it feels like to be targeted for White's outrageous lies, all part of his foolish posturing and boasting about what he thinks he knows -- including about more decent, legitimate people than you could shake a stick at!

Knowing Tim White to be a name-dropper, a gate-crasher and a G-Man wannabe, I can certainly understand how the fabrications about this individual by Tim White could be damaging. Again, I unfortunately know the feeling all too well.

So here is a repost of the report, from which I have deleted Tim White's libelous comments about the person who wrote to me.

Note to readers: If you have been targeted for libel and/or criminal harassment/threats by the notorious criminal predator, Tim White (and/or by his lowlife accomplices) please, by all means, drop me a note in the post, at the address given above, with your testimony, and with your permission, if appropriate, I will publish it.

Lastly, Tim White continues, to this day, with his criminal harassment and the libelous fabrications which he spreads all over the Internet. In fact, I was informed only this morning by a friend, that White has been sending out more libelous, harassing/threatening e-mails about Barbara Hartwell and others.

I will be addressing this issue (again) shortly and exposing some of the latest twisted and appalling behavior from this lunatic, Tim White, and some of his lowlife accomplices....stay tuned.

As far as I can see, just like his fellow freak and whackjob, the other half of the "demonic duo", Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White will never cease and desist from his obsessive aggression, pathological lying and posturing, until somebody, somewhere, finally has had enough, and punches his one-way ticket to Hell!

February 17, 2009


Note: This report contains excerpts from a hardcopy "report" issued and distributed by Doug Millar in 2002. Because of the poor quality of the copy, I have made my own transcript, typing the excerpts (leaving all spelling errors, etc.) from the original.

Included are:

1) A jailhouse letter from Tim White to Stew Webb (8/28/2001). Letter is included in its entirety, as given in Millar's report.

2) Some of Millar's "footnotes", which are relevant in exposing Millar's viewpoint/contentions re Tim White. Millar uses the term "we" when referring to the Colorado Investigations Bureau, yet no other members of this bureau are named. But Millar does state that he has been "working with Ted Gunderson since 1992".

Some of Millar's comments are contained in brackets, within the main body of text which is Tim White's letter. Millar's comments are preceded by his initials, DM.

I got hold of this report in 2002, when I made the first of two trips to Denver in that year as part of an investigation into government corruption and the "Denver Connection".

One day before Tim White's arrest(August, 2001) I received a "warning" from a man who claimed to be an "associate" of Tim White. He said his name was Tim Hall. These men (White and Hall, neither of whom I knew nor had ever heard of until that day) falsely claimed that a man named Jeff Swedenburg was a "CIA assassin" and had threatened to kill me. I investigated Swedenburg myself, and confronted him, asking if he had any "business" with me?

Long story short, Swedenburg was found to be completely innocent of any such plot.

And, the man calling himself "Tim Hall" was in actuality named Daryl Sturgis, a military assassin attached to Operation Phoenix, under the command of General John K. Singlaub.

[For details, please see my reports on the Denver Connection on this site. Links given below.]

Regarding the names used by Doug Millar: Tim___ is Tim Hall aka Daryl Sturgis (real name). Mike___ is Mike Floyd.

Due to the libelous nature of much of the report (libeling several people I know, including Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg) I refuse to be a part of disseminating such libel against these individuals, especially since I know that Doug Millar, Ted Gunderson and Tim White (the sources of this libel) are involved in disseminating disinformation (including outrageous lies) about sincere patriots and whistleblowers, while promoting and defending false patriots and whistleblowers. I have given only the excerpts (from the footnotes and other material) which I deem necessary in elucidating the intent of Millar and his associates.

Since he made his "deal" with corrupt feds in 2002, in which he was released from jail, having served only a fraction of his sentence, Tim White has been set on the loose, stalking, libeling, slandering, extorting (or at least attempting extortion); and has done tremendous and inestimable damage to the reputations of many decent, sincere and genuine patriots, whistleblowers and expositors of government corruption.

As for ANYONE who has promoted Tim White in any way, or endorsed his credibility; as for anyone who has used him to do their dirty work in targeting innocent people, I can only say that they are morally bankrupt and despicable beyond measure.

In summary, I find this entire situation sickening and disgusting, considering the many years of pain and suffering caused for me and many others who have been targeted by the COINTELPRO.


And all for the purpose of stopping the Truth from being known, while government-sponsored criminals and their minions and shills reap the benefits and enjoy their blood money.

As for the letter from Tim White, and the corresponding footnotes from Doug Millar, they are publised here FYI. Make of their writings what you will.....

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 29, 2008

Report by Doug Millar
Colorado Investigations Bureau
Capitol Hill Branch
PO Box 300234, Denver, Colorado 80203
website: (opens very soon)


Tim White: The sad story about a Vietnam veteran who was exposing the subversion of America by the CIA, FBI & others paid to protect us!

How did this patriotic young man become paranoid, a pusher of marijuana, & a pervrt in a pornography filled lifestyle of perversion?

Transcription of a handwritten letter from Tim White, a suspected transvestite, to Stew Webb from Denver's jail. Remember: "There but for the grace of God go I!" White was raised a Catholic; so several people suspect that a pedophile priest probably abuse him as a young child. We've interviewed the witness that was helping White, when he was arrested with 461 punds of marijuana in 8/01. White's letter was printed in caps. His grammatical and spelling errors are included, as originally written by him. Anyone requesting to see the original transcript may call us, and we will gladly show it to you. (He sent it c/o Tim...)


Well, I'm sitting here writing to you feeling very stupid, angry, foolish, embarassed, cornered, fucked over, dep-ressed, hamstrung, paupered, sad, deceived, sorry and a host of other feelings and too numerous to mention. What I have been caught up in this past two weeks is a living nightmare, losing family and friends and pissing a lot of people off and causing them to think less of me because of what was found out about another side of my life. I have thought of what was going through minds when everyone was poking through my personal life. However, thank you for your attittude and for sure Tim [deleted] and Mike [deleted]. They were put through a lot because of me. I'm very sorry they had to see that and clean up after me. They don't deserve it. Tim told me right off he didn't think less of me. I think they always were keeping the big picture in mind to get through what they had to do. I don't know yet how I can repay them for taking care of me on this.

Despite all that I'm still the same me and more determined than ever. I have had a couple of good meetings with Chaplain Scott here to get born again and get more strength than what you know I already have. I have tired to tell & show him the evil of Satan that is all around me. I showed him some things I wrote (enclosed) and told him to go visit the airport and view the "artwork" in the main terminal. I hope he is sufficiently shocked by what he sees. Small hint of what's to come our way. Can't wait. I'm still quite in the dark about the status of all my stuff and what is still in one piece. From what you told me it sounds like they were able to get nearly everything out. I hope so. I sure have a bunch of stuff in the yard, my Dodge p/u and D.B.'s old police cruiser. 

[DM: He must be referring to his married lover, Doreen Bishop, that he claimed he was having sex with, since early 1999. Does this make him a bi-sexual? He said she was raised in Hollywood, and calls her a "JAP", Jewish American Princess. He told several of us that she is under mind control like the victims exposing their torturers in John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska.]

I guess by what you told me over all this fucking noise in here, you were out here so I guess you saw everything yourself and I'm assuring you now have the "paperwork" back. I expect, like you said, that the reptiles are really knashing their teeth and whiping their tails back and forth. We are all dragon slayers. I can't wait till we get our chance. God is on our side even though we have suffered great deprivation and injustice in our lives. Telling this to my family always falls on angry and deaf ears. They don't want anything to do with it and now thanks to D.B.'s mouth, nothing to do with me either. I thought she has better sense - but that's not what this is about- it's about destroying me once and for all. Believe me, somehow, someway I will now set out to do her a number. I should have listened and really took to heart what you have tried to tell me - tell me -and tell me about her. She herself didn't do it -Her puppet masters (we KNOW who THEY are) had her do it. She will go to Hell for it. They HAVE her soul. I tried and thought she was turning away from them - She was for a while -That's why Brokaw, Soros, Permutter, Millman, the Bernsteins, her mother, probably Michael Frankel (I hope not) and maybe Fisher and Swinty all conspired to take me down. Am I THAT much of a problem to have such a stellar group against me? I guess so.After all I've had several "Christians" wag their finger at me saying, "You're dangerous, you know too much!" That's from connecting too many dots over the last 35 yrs. I'm fucking angry! She has retribution coming. Counting the days until I can have my hands around her neck but right now I'm gonna play dumb and make her think I haven't a clue about her.

Like I told Chaplain Scott - I'm not intimidated easily and I'm not afraid of being in court - to which he said "You have to sell yourself and your product in court".Then we prayed together and said a great prayer to the Lord to give me the right words and motions in court. I'm sure he saw the look of an angry and committed person in my eyes. I intend to name enough names subpoenaed to cause the pricks behind this to think about what I'm going to demand to say in court. It might be in their best interest to drop the rest of the charges. I have the RIGHT to testify in my behalf and I'm the only one that can talk the way it needs to be said.

I hope you can provide needed info or documents if possible, a great help it would be. In fact if this does go to trial, I want a subpoena given to you as you have said of me given one in your case.Like you said they are pissed that we are talking to each other again. Tom Fisher said to me that he's no friend of yours. No shit! Not of mine either. They are the enemies of the state!

Another matter now. I have met 3 people in here who have been cratered and funny how these people have the same names on their lips as me. About 51 yrs old Steve Roberts was living 2 miles from my place. He's been fuck-ed over by his ex-wife who is now living w/a BATF asshole in his house.Trying to get him on sexual molestation crap,$200,000 bond. He's a Nam vet with the 101st Airborne as a medic. He participated in "Operation Groundfire" about fall of '73 in Nam. This is above Top Secret and very ugly indeed. The reason why no POW's remained in S.E.A. after the Paris Accords and return of "all" the POW's is because nearly all were murdered by probably Kissinger's orders.

Steve,He was a sargeant when he started asking questions and protesting. Immediately busted.Article 15 and other articles followed. Finally dishonorable discharge and hauled back to the states to Leavenworth and given 6 yrs solitary where he was visited by you'll never believe this but, none other than Tom Fisher.This was about in '75. Steve to his knowledge is one of only two surviving this op. Others died strange deaths or were outright murdered. Steve is 2 cells from mine. He also knows of Holstlaw. Been visited by both of them.He has a FFL so they're out to get him. He managed to hack into Pentagon files in January exactly the same time the Texas 7 were found in Woodland Park. Guess who I was supposed to meet with that very day? Tom Fisher! Of course he went to Woodland Park. Steve has a diskette of the whole "Operation Groundfire" and they probably know it. ALL the names of the perpetrators and the victims. Get this to DOG. I want to puke! I also believe most likely that Bo Gritz had involvement in identifying the camps since he was chief agent of the National Security Council. I bet John Sorenson wouldn't disagree. [Name and comments REMOVED]
Soros also flies into that airport because of 'optimum' security. No wonder because it's used for covert ops.

On certain nights after midnight, C-130's sometimes come in from the East and leave going East.Bill Pont University of Denver (you met him) told me that and a few other interesting things. Seems like there is a small hangar there that is unmarked but has a security system bar none. Numerical keypad locks and filled with palletized equipment to conduct ops anywhere on earth. D. B. was with me the day Bill Pont told us that. Also about D.B., she meets with Soros at Front Range on his plane for secure meetings. I've broken their security at least twice calling her on her cellphone when she was driving out there. I really want to strangle her now! Soros is very aware of me. He is probably the one mainly responsible for my being here and getting my brother jammed up in Arizona. He was recently transferred from Winslow to the Buckeye facility about 30 miles West of Phoenix. His name is Jeffrey Thomas White. Check it out if you are able. Piece of shit, Soros is! He's a big name behind the scene here in "tis a privilege to live in Colorado". I think I now know what that means and always has meant. Masonic-Nazi-Chazar good 'ole boys! Not to mention the Ku Klux Klan - a creation of Albert Pike.

Another guy I met at court on the 24yh is Kevin Byrnes, about 30-32 yrs old. He lives 2 blocks from Steve Roberts. Don't know each other. He's a Gulf War vet -satellite communications specialist w/a Q clearance. He's an expert marksman and a 3rd degree black belt. in Aikido. Electronics expert also. Can build a radio w/a bag of warts and all he needs is a laptop and WE have up-link to most comm. satellites and other systems. He was with the 113th Division -Eagle Company. Discharged in '91. Within 2 weeks he was being tagged by FBI-CIA fucks. Hasn't been the same since.

He estimates his 8 man unit put to death about 300 men & about 4,365 for the whole operation. Many Special Forces and aircrew personnel.

[DM: Are we expected to believe that 8 men murdered 300 GIs, BEFORE knowing it? Could they have done it as CIA mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates? Of course! It is done all the time. See Frank Sinatra's 1962 movie with that title. It was released one year before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealy Plaza, a Masonic park, on 11/22 (=33), 1963 in Dallas. Also see Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts in the 1997 movie "Conspiracy Theory". In it, Gibson is a CIA mind control victim programmed to to murder Roberts' father, a judge, but he broke his program and warned the judge. Then another victim murdered the judge. It was released on the week of the 20th anniversary of the release of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee's 160+ page expose', Project MKUltra, the CIA's Experimentation in Behavioral Modification. Millar knows the author, a CIA victim.]

[Selected] Footnotes from Doug Millar for Tim White's 8/28/01 letter to Stew Webb

Background: Tim___ reports that he was helping Tim White set up jigs for a large counter top order when six plain clothed Denver Police arrived at White's cabinet shop near I-25 and Alameda. Tim___ was in the back yard, when a cop greeted him, and he was taken inside. He had been a cop for several years; so he knew how cops do drug busts. He stated that nothing was conducted professionally. Normally, the men at the suspected crime scene are ordered to turn around, face a wall and are frisked for weapons. Then they are handcuffed and taken out of the building. None of this occurred. Instead he witnessed one of the cops pat White on the back and tell him that he knew he shouldn't have marijuana in his home. Since White was making chili, he was asked if it was ready to eat. White said it was, except he hadn't put the tomatoes in yet. One of the cops finished the chili, and they all enjoyed a bowl of it in styrofoam dishes. Then they put the handcuffs on White, and took him and his three guns outside. One cop ordered Tim ___ to face the wall, so he couldn't see what else the cops removed.

Tim ___ said he was a Vietnam veteran, but he was raised in the country and didn't know what marijuana looked like. A cop told him that the plants in the backyard were marijuana; so he witnessed them cutting them down, and then they confiscaed them. When the police checked his identification, they apologized for investigating him. As the cops left one of them shocked him by giving him White's keys and tell him that he could lock it up.

He hadn't even known Tim White for a month, but White asked him to call a friend, Mike___. They agreed to meet and put White's things in storage before the rent was due and everything was confiscated.That first evening, Tim ___ drove by the shop, but he didn't stop, because three cop cars were in front of it. The next morning, he returned and the shop had been thoroughly ransacked by the police. Items were thrown everywhere.

Initially, White's bail was set at $100,000, but later the judge reduced it to $25,000. On that first day, White called and asked Tim ___ to go to his cupboard to get the $3,900 cash he had stashed there, but it was stolen.Therefor, Tim ___ could not raise the 10% required to post bail. Today, White still languishes in the Denver Jail.

When Mike __ arrived, the two men met for the first time. White lived in his cabinet shop. At White's request, Tim ___ went into his large bedroom and found his wallet, with $51 still in it. In the dark, it was hard to see, but Tim ___, using a small flashlight, saw hundreds of bewildering items. Mike had to tell him what he saw.

When our founder, Doug Millar, was first told this story over the phone, he stated that Tim White must have been storing his female lover's clothing there. But then he was told that the men had found hundreds of hardcore pornography magazines and $25 hardback porn books, including many for cross-dressing transvestites.

After Tim___ viewed the room's contents and soft red lights, Mike entered the poorly lit room. When he came out, both men were in such shock, they drank some of Mike's vodka straight. They and others who had been to White's shop/home in that location and across Denver over two years ago "found out about another side of my [White's] life. They suddenly knew why White shaved his legs, and wore shorts to show them off. White seemed like such a macho, masculine Vietnam veteran, so no one had suspected that he led two lives. But as we stated, "There but for the grace of God, go I"! In other words, YOU!

As stated, White reports that he was raised Catholic. He made fun of people that called themselves "Christians", but as they say about men in combat, There are no atheists in fox holes!" We hope that White is sincere about his "born again" committment to Jesus Christ, because he could be a bold witness to Stew Webb, their mutual allies and the men in the jail. Both Webb and White have been heavy drug users and they are very paranoid.

They distrust nearly everyone, and their paranoia has been used to manipulate them into attacking some of their previous allies that are still exposing: CIA mind control, CIA USA drug smugglers, CIA torture of children, CIA Satanism, CIA mass murders in America, etc. Their paranoia has spread like a cancer among people that should have the discernmnet to realize that these two pathetic individuals are being manipulated by the CIA/FBI they profess to hate and have also been exosing for several years. VERY TRAGIC!

"Everything" they removed included a sexually attired mannequin in panties and bra, approximately 150 pair of high heeled shoes, hundreds of dresses, including many formal gowns, a leather skirt, undercloths including a leather [type blurred, unreadable] and approximately 100 pair of nylon hose. The clothes had obviously cost 10s of thousands of dollars. They gave many of the formals away, and dumped approximately 20 large bags full of porn, dildos and other sex toys, dresses and sewage in various dumpsters around the city. They said they didn't find any child porn.

Stew's "paperwork" included 5 boxes of court transcripts and other documents, plus two bags that White had [illegible]....paying the loan, but White told the men over two years ago that he knew Webb owed $20,000 to others so he wouldn't release the evidence without payment.

The "paperwork" is the five boxes and two bags of Webb's evidence that White was holding for evidence. Evidently, after White was sent to jail, he decided that keeping Webb's files for another three or four years was not as valuable as having Webb making calls for him to give him more credibility; so he returned them to Webb.

Doug Millar: Although he has been quoted in several weekly and monthly publications, including having his photo on the full cover of Las Vegas City Life, the most popular and reputable weekly tabloid in Nevada, courage among America's so-called "free press" and news media's management is seldom seen anymore. He has been faxing the media in each state he visits and nationally constantly,with new research. Most of the managers would lie about their motives for refusing to expose the CIA's worst crimes in America.

But most are afraid to expose the CIA for fear that they will lose their advertisers, due to the CIA's attempts to destroy their publication and life's work; fear they will lose their jobs; and fear they will lose their assets, loved ones and/or lives. If they don't live in fear, it is because they have CIA agents working for and/or owning them!

In February, 2001, White met with Gunderson, while he was a speaker at the 19th semi-annual Global Science Congress in Denver. White assured Gunderson that he didn't trust Webb, and never spoke to him anymore. Shortly after Gunderson returned to Vegas, White was slandering Gunderson and communicating with Webb again. Is White under mind control or what? Millar learned this, because he had an allie meeting with White that kept him informed.

Speaking of "suffered great deprivation and injustice", we haven't suffered anything compared to what we shall suffer and what is already planned for us, if we don't unite and quit stabbing each other in the back!

White complains about Doreen Bishop with "thanks to D.B.'s mouth" his family doesn't want anything to do with him. He needs to look in the mirror. As Pogo declared several decades ago, "We have found the enemy and the enemy is us!" Although he has been wallowing in sewage, God can still se him for great things! NOTE: In the next sentence, he declared that "somehow, someway I will now set out to do her a number"! A serious threat against a married woman that's a victim of mind control? As Jesus warned, "Physician, heal thyself!"

White's doublemindedness is very apparent as he declares, "She herself didn't do it- Her puppet masters (and we KNOW who THEY are) had her do it"

Then he almost boasts that "She will go to Hell...", but with his bisexual and transvestite lifestyle, who is he to be self-righteously judging a victim of CIA/Illuminati mind control for the crimes she may have commits? She is obviously not guilty of crimes that she has no control over committing!

This tormented man states that "She will got to Hell for it", but he never states what "it" is. Wish we knew, because he declares, "They HAVE her soul." We don't believe that mind-controlled slaves are responsible for the assignments that they commit, without knowing if, because their conscience is usually unable to warn them.

NOTE: Since Tim White is a bi-sexual and a transvestite, we can almost guarantee that he has a multiple personality disorder which is now identified by most professionals as dissociative identity disorder. Is he a victim of CIA mind control? Almost guaranteed, because he was in the Navy, and it is heavily involved in the CIA's MK Ultra/Monarch!!!

End transcript.


Excerpt from The Denver Connection: More Conspiracy, Crime and Cover-ups


Millar is a government plant, a low-level penetration agent (Millar reputedly works for DCS) and FBI/CIA stool pigeon —a seedy character known to hang out on the fringes of patriot, militia and Christian groups.

As I learned from several witnesses, Millar was something of a fixture at the Global Sciences meetings and conferences in Denver, peddling his anti-government wares (blurred and barely readable photocopies of documents such as the Church Committee hearings on MK Ultra and poor quality videotapes featuring the testimony of black ops survivors) --and spouting hackneyed anti-government propaganda to the attendees while acting as a sort of all-purpose factotum and gopher for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, a frequent speaker at the conferences. As a finishing touch, Millar touted and sold his own little newsletter, called EXPOOOOOOOOSED!!!

I first encountered Millar in 1997 when I was a speaker at the annual Global Sciences Congress in Denver. My first memory of this sleazy con man was when he approached me with his burning questions about my experiences of being persecuted by the government in their attempts to neutralize me, the topic I had chosen for my lecture at Global. Millar's affected persona is that of an outraged zealot; a fierce advocate of human and Constitutional rights, crusading to expose the corruption and egregious abuses perpetrated by the U.S. government.

But unfortunately for Millar and his overlords, he lacks the inner fire to pull off the act. Any real patriot or sincere human rights advocate can see him coming a mile away.

At one conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, Millar followed me around like a puppy dog, begging for video interviews about my experiences with mind control and asking me to "step up to the mike" onstage during breaks between the scheduled events to tell more of my "tragic story", while he acted as master of ceremonies. Millar asked stupid questions; repeatedly interrupting me with his spurious interpretations of my comments; and referring to me as a "tragic victim" of CIA mind control, rather than a "survivor "...which makes all the difference in the world.

I later found out that Millar was selling videotapes of my impromptu testimony at other meetings and conferences around the country, complete with copyright violations, just as a number of others have been doing for years.
The only reason I gave Millar the time of day, or the benefit of the doubt, was because he was an associate of Ted Gunderson, with whom I was working at the time. (I have since distanced myself from Gunderson, ironically at first because he claimed that Kurt and Lee Ann Billings were CIA plants. At the time, I defended the Billings' against these accusations. But my later and more compelling reasons for changing my mind about the credibility of Ted Gunderson will soon become clear.)

In the course of my later investigation, I learned that Millar would routinely show up at various meetings, gathering names of participants and skulking around in the parking lot, taking license plate numbers of those in attendance, which he then turned over to various Federal agencies engaged in COINTELPRO-type operations.