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Saturday, February 28, 2009

KFKA Radio Show with Barbara Hartwell: Hacked by Government Spooks?

I was interviewed on The Conspiracy Keepers (KFKA, Denver) earlier this month. It was a live program, but also recorded, and the show was archived on the Internet.

When I tried to listen to the program, checking to make sure the link worked, I could only get about a half hour, and then the sound cut out. As for the second hour, it just wasn't there....

So I asked Joe Lanier, the co-host of the program, to please see if he could find out why the second hour of the program was not online.

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail Joe sent to me:

"Hi Babs,
Just got back from talking to Scooter. Here's what the deal is....They don't know where the second hour of the show is. They know it went out over the air two Thursdays in a row, but they have no recording of it now. We know it went out Live on the first Thursday, and it went out the following Thursday, but it is gone now...

He told me it hasn't happened before..but the second hour of the show is they only have the first hour to run on the websites.

So, I suspect that somehow, someway, the second hour was hacked by someone on the outside that knew you named the perps in that hour and/or it took them a week to figure out how to hack the show. But Babs, be assured the live 2 and a half hours, did go out on the air...It's just the recording that's gone.

He [Scooter McGee] talked with the producer and they both agreed that what most likely happened is it was hacked somehow. It also tells me that we are dealing with someone with way more knowledge than I thought. I don't think the motley crew we named on your site or mine have enough knowledge to hack a commercial radio station. KFKA has a tower and an operating system outside the internet.

It seems to be a professional hack job to me."

This did not surprise me. Actually, it would have surprised me if the show had gone forward without a wrench thrown in by government spooks. Something weird...always something...happens each time I do a live radio interview. My shows often mysteriously "disappear" from archives as well, which has happened countless times.

And since the second hour of the show is now gone, I should mention that it was (naturally) the better half of the show, and that I named some names. Among them were: Former FBI chief, Ted L. Gunderson; and a government stooge, predicate felon, psycho-stalker, Timothy Patrick White, both originally from Denver, Colorado, coincidentally, the location of the station, KFKA.

However, the first part of the show survived the government purge....

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NOTE from BHP: Almost every time I am invited for a live radio interview, "technical difficulties" suddenly appear. On this show, there were some beeps and clicks on the phone line (heard on the air); and I was disconnected once, so the station had to call me back.

And when I checked the link given above to make sure it worked, the sound cut off about a half hour into the show. If you experience "technical difficulties", I suggest you contact the host; perhaps he can direct you to a link which has audio for the entire 2 hour show.

Comment from Conspiracy Keepers co-host, Joe Lanier:

"We kept having computer problems whenever the term "CIA" was used. That's why the dozens and dozens of callers we had, we couldn't put on the air because we kept having to reset the computer. You're sooooooo right...It was those government rat bastards!!!"