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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Conspiracy Zone Features Articles by Barbara Hartwell

Investigative Journalist Joe Lanier, Editor of The Conspiracy Zone
About a month ago (January, 2009) I was contacted by Joe Lanier, one of the editors of a website called The Conspiracy Zone. Joe told me that he had been reading my work on the Internet for quite some time (since 2002). He expressed interest in publishing some of my writings. He also expressed a sincere concern for the terrible state of affairs in my life --namely the dire poverty in which I have been forced to live; and the criminal harassment and persecution for which I have been targeted.

Joe has done a great job in formatting my articles, adding photos (especially in The Wreckers piece) of his own choosing which couldn't be more appropriate to the subject matter.

I don't have that kind of expertise in web design; nor have been able to afford a "real" website for the past five years. Since my former website ( had to be taken off-line due to government sabotage in 2004, I've had to make due with this blog format, which leaves much to be desired.

I have to thank Joe for all the work he has put into helping to promote my writings. And as he told me, he is well aware of the massive libel/slander campaign being run by government operatives, and their hirelings and stooges. Joe calls them "minions of Satan" and "lowlife losers" --and I couldn't agree more!

Since these liars, scamsters and thugs have done tremendous damage to my personal and professional reputation, I am always very grateful when a spirit-filled Christian like Joe Lanier takes a stand for Truth and against the evildoers who are trying their damnedest to destroy my life.

Please take the time to peruse the Conspiracy Zone, as there are also many other interesting articles as well.

February 8, 2009
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