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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Enemy of My Enemy: COINTELPRO Stooges Promote Stolen Blackmail Video

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
--classic philosophy espoused by criminals and psychopaths
For the true (and detailed) story of how blackmailers, in a desperate attempt to ruin Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, and steal their livelihood, hatched a plot to collaborate with the couple's enemies, a crew of COINTELPRO operatives and their stooges, in the engineering  and public release of a video, made from a stolen video --the private property of Sherri Kane-- see this report, authored by Horowitz and Kane: 
But another "story" --one very far from the truth-- has been fabricated by the crew of demonic liars, enemies of Horowitz and Kane, and is being pimped mainly by Alex (the Stooge) Studer, a porno freak, pedophile advocate and Jew-hater, who serves as the lackey of charlatan and fraudulent "doctor" (who touts a fake "PhD" and"ND"), Alma True Ott, who, in collusion with the blackmailers, published his doctored (pun intended) version of the video and is urging that it be posted far and wide.
In fact, Studer (known by his targets as Stooger) had his website, Lab Virus, pulled offline for his violations of terms of service, for the specific offenses of posting the stolen blackmail video; and for assaulting his targets (most notably Sherri Kane) with extremely libelous, abusive and filthy, obscene epithets (by far the most appalling my eyes have ever been assaulted with, and which will NOT be repeated here!)
Stupid Stooge Studer now has another blog, where he continues to assault targets (including Barbara Hartwell, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane) with his typical ignorant and vulgar drivel.
Another of the COINTELPRO stooges, "Ken Adachi" (an alias stolen from the  late Japanese journalist of that name, and used by Peter Boudreau --Adachi's real name), a PR shill who has been an accomplice in the criminal conspiracy for more than a decade, and who is notorious for his long-running libel campaigns against legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, in "defense" of the government operatives who pull his strings, has posted this notice on his website: 

Sherri Kane Secretly Tapes Lenny Horowitz on Christmas Day, 2010

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 9, 2011

Normally, I'm not interested in discussing or exposing Peyton Place style melodrama. In this case, however, we have two individuals, Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz, who have spewed a torrent of false accusations and slanderous misrepresentations against the character of both Ted Gunderson and A. True Ott, but are now forced to publicly deal with the deficits in their character.

Their much deserved free fall in public opinion was inevitable. It's called the Law of Cause & Effect. It's an old story, and it never ceases to prove itself a truism.

In this case, the graying Horowitz made a HUGE error in judgment and got himself a full blown Jezebel who's going to take him ALL the way down to bottom rung of the reputation ladder ~ and I can't imagine a more deserving couple.

Ken Adachi
Adachi, true to formattempts to cloak himself in a holier-than-thou righteouness, AS IF he is above promoting such sensationalism.  Don't be fooled.  Adachi's bread and butter come from precisely such lurid, tabloid-style presentations.  If you don't believe me, just check out his website and see for yourself.

And like all government stooges, attempting to gain fame and fortune by fabricating and promoting outrageous lies about his targets (those who expose the government bad guys and their minions, including Adachi himself), he is the worst sort of unscrupulous and malicious old busybody. He snoops into other people's PRIVATE business, sticking his nose everywhere, where it doesn't belong, then starts meddling in the affairs of others, which are NONE OF HIS DAMNED BUSINESS. 

Adachi touts himself as if he is an 'authority' on the lives of others, and spreads his lurid gossip far and wide, resulting in massive damages for the targets of his calumny.

(I should know, having been on Adachi's libel list for more than a decade.)

Now, to the source of Adachi's latest libel against Horowitz and Kane, an e-mail message from A True Ott himself:

Subject: Amazing VID of HoroKane at work -- Christmas Day 2010
From: True OTT
Date: Tue, August 9, 2011

VIDEO Lies and Hypocrisy of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane

(1 of 2)

Visit here to DOWNLOAD and REPOST the Lenny and Sherri video, in 3 segments of under 15 minutes perfect for any YouTube account


Unfortunately for "True" Ott (I seriously doubt that is his actual name, only an alias he uses to fool people into believing what he says is "true") and his stooges, Adachi and Studer, the videos on these links have all since been REMOVED for violations, just as has Stooger's former website, Lab Virus.

What despicable, contemptible, utterly unscrupulous and loathsome acts, of any and all parties involved: stealing other people's private property; invading their privacy; creating a video for the purpose of blackmail, and then exploiting a private conversation between two people in attempts to do as much damage as possible.

FYI: Also involved in promoting the stolen blackmail video are Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey (including via "Xena Carpenter"), Craig Oxley, and several of the other usual suspects.

Only a lowlife scumbag of  ZERO MORAL CHARACTER would ever be involved in any way, shape or form with such deplorable actions.

Interestingly enough, these lowlife stooges are frequently seen fighting among themselves, (Adachi and White, Studer and White, Studer and Adachi, Oxley and White, "Xena Carpenter" and Adachi, etc, etc.) engaging in name-calling, a truly ludicrous display of buffoonery.... 

But when it comes to the REAL "enemy" (anyone exposing the truth, and backing it up with facts and evidence) they are more than willing to band together and collaborate (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) for their common nefarious agenda: destroying the reputations and lives of their targets.

Scumbags: By their fruits shall you know them.

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