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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Journalist Sherri Kane Foils COINTELPRO Blackmail Plot: Propaganda Website Terminated After Criminal Libel Fails

NOTE: Alex (the Stooge) Studer, the nominal "editor" of Lab Virus (a promotional platform for Alma "True" Ott) is just one of a gaggle of rank amateurs being exploited by COINTELPRO operatives to harass, libel/slander legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and activists who are exposing corruption emanating from various government agencies and their cronies in multinational corporations, most notably Big Pharma.
Studer (aka Stooger) slavishly parrots the Jew-hating propaganda aggressively promoted by Ott and his cohorts. On his defunct (Hallelujah! ) website of the same name, Studer was peddling Jew-hater Tee shirts which proclaimed NUKE ISRAEL, even selling the same shirts for dogs!
Like his mentor, "True" Ott, Studer assaults Horowitz and Kane by calling them "Khazars", as well as spewing misogynist filth against women, including Barbara Hartwell and Sherri Kane.
Studer boasts about his purported knowledge of Psy Ops, mind control and related topics, parroting everything he reads or hears from his extremely dubious (to put it mildly) sources. Studer wouldn't know a "Psy Op" if it slapped him across the face --and in fact it has-- but the perpetrators are not the accused, Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane or Barbara Hartwell, but the COINTELPRO operatives whose bidding Studer is doing -- which his ignorance and stupidity prevent him from realizing.
It's time to put them all out of business!
August 17, 2011
Journalist Sherri Kane Foils COINTELPRO Blackmail Plot: Propaganda Website Terminated After Criminal Libel Fails
Sandpoint, ID--Racist radicals linked to a pedophile ring, an FBI director, and a U.S. army colonial, had their main website terminated due to a journalist whistleblower, Sherri Kane, who survived blackmail, physical threats, and libelous attacks to foil a conspiracy advanced by counter-intelligence propagandists aimed at putting a famous doctor out of business., an anti-government "controlled opposition" propaganda mill featuring the rants of Alma C. Ott, alias "Dr. True Ott," and web host Alex McGowin Studer, a pedophile advocate, was shut down by the Wordpress Company after Kane complained about the gang's failure to cease and desist posting a blackmail video attacking Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz--a leading pharmaceutical industry whistleblower.
Threats and blackmail against the journalists began when Kane began investigating Ott and his group of cyber-stalkers libeling Horowitz. The gang stalkers, evidence showed, were all subordinates of retired FBI Division 5 Director, and CIA COINTELPRO chief propagandist, Ted Gunderson, who recently died of cancer.
Ott provided propaganda cover for Gunderson, and dubbed Horowitz and Kane "The HOROKANE" after they reported Ott had faked two doctorates, wrote that "Jews are the spawn of Satan," and published proof of Gunderson's marriage to Church of Satan heiress, Diana Rively--Anton LaVey's widow.
Kane also exposed Ott's working relationships with pedophile protector Alex Studer, and convicted drug-trafficking cross-dresser, Timothy Patrick White, along with Peter Boudreau (alias Ken Adachi), in a conspiracy to advance COINTELPRO "gang-stalking" attacks against The HOROKANE to discredit them as political targets or "dissidents," and serious risks to BigPharma.
Ott & Company's various propaganda sites (compiled by Kane at "True Ott Exposed") facilitated insurgence into the natural healing community following Dr. Horowitz's pioneering works exposing vaccination risks and the laboratory creation of HIV/AIDS. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained expert in public health, became increasingly targeted for exposing industry-wide corruption in health science, while advancing a revolutionary theory of healing that depends on "the musical-mathematics of electro-genetics." A bestselling author of 17 books, Horowitz's research competes directly with BigPharma's flawed and toxic chemo-medical paradigm.
HOROKANE was initially threatened with blackmail by Ott's co-conspirators--RJ Hampton and Horowitz's x-wife, Jacqueline Lindenbach. Hampton filmed Kane scantily dressed, and then falsely claimed she had deleted the video. She then gave the recording to Lindenbach, who passed it on to True Ott to edit and help distribute as a "secret blackmail video."
The DVD captured an argument between Kane, an animal rights activist, and Horowitz over whether Lindenbach should shoot a pig. Ott and Studer omitted Lindenbach's detailed account of how she enjoyed killing wildlife in Hawaii, to exclusively discredit Kane and Horowitz.
Horowitz had no idea his voice was being recorded, and Kane had no knowledge the video would be made public, making the blackmail video an invasion of privacy and clearly criminal since Lindenbach threatened to use the film if Horowitz did not sign over all his companies to her. Then, when he refused, she made good on her threat.
Lindenbach showed the DVD to Horowitz's children, friends, and business associates, while Ott & Company uploaded it to dozens of websites to ruin The HOROKANE's reputation and livelihood. The blackmail and libel enriched both Lindenbach and Ott who administered natural health products companies competing with Horowitz's.
Ott, who wrote that Jews are the "spawn of Satan," renamed himself "Dr. True Ott," faking two doctorates--a "Ph.D" in nutrition and another in naturopathic medicine, to lend credibility to his company, Mother Earth Minerals.
Meanwhile, white supremacists--Ott, White, Studer and Adachi--disparage Horowitz's contributions, including The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, now confined to the printer's warehouse thanks to the COINTELPRO's complicity with Lindenbach.
And that is why the COINTELPRO has been targeting The HOROKANE ferociously.
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