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Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOR THE PUBLIC RECORD: Violations by Peter Boudreau Using the Pseudonym "Ken Adachi" & Accomplices

Ken Adachi
Mailing Address:Educate-Yourself
P.O. Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

949-544 1375

E-mail: [not given]

Ken Adachi: "If you expect a reply, identify yourself by signing with your legitimate name ("Twinkle Toes" or "Rappin' Happnin" won't do)."

[Note: "Ken Adachi" demands that a correspondent identify himself by a "legitimate name", but he himself uses a false name, a pseudonym, meant to hide his actual identity. This would prevent anyone from holding him accountable for the many offenses he has been known to commit, including invasions of privacy, slander, libel, fraud (including mail fraud), false advertising, soliciting crimes against persons.]
To Whom It May Concern:
(Including any and all Individuals, Web Servers, Internet "Data Dumps" associated in any way with, and/or acting in concert with and/or promoting Ken Adachi and his writings, website, radio appearances, etc. etc.) 
This report is a public formal complaint against "Ken Adachi", an alias used by one Peter Boudreau, of Costa Mesa California. For the purposes of this report I will refer to him as Ken Adachi, as that is the name by which he is known, and under which he operates his website, promotes his writings, distributes material written by others, as well as for commercial purposes, sale of products  conducted from that website.
Ken Adachi runs a website called 'Educate-Yourself'. To my knowledge, this website has been online since at least 2000.
On August 19, 2011, Educate-Yourself was "suspended" by the host server due to violations of terms of service.
The host server is Lunar Pages:
It is my understanding that this website was taken offline as a result of  several formal complaints filed by Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist who along with her professional colleague, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has been repeatedly and maliciously libeled/slandered on this website by Ken Adachi and his associates, both in print and on radio programs hosted by one Don Nicoloff  (linked on the website) on which Adachi has regularly appeared.
Ken Adachi, with clear intent of malice (as part of an organized libel/slander/defamation campaign against Horowitz and Kane) also posted a stolen video (originally stolen from Sherri Kane) which he received from a person calling himself Alma "True" Ott (upon information and belief, "True"is an alias), which Ott received from the person who committed the theft, one RJ Hampton aka BJ Hampton aka Roxie Hampton.
The video recorded a telephone conversation between Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz, Christmas Day, 2010, in which Kane was dressed only in undergarments, since the video was never intended for public viewing. Nor did Sherri Kane ever issue a permission for the video to be used in any way, shape or form by Hampton, nor by any other person(s). 
In a breach of confidentiality and in gross violation of Sherri Kane's privacy, Hampton, with intent of malice, and in direct disregard of the clearly stated  wishes of (and her "good faith" agreement with) Sherri Kane, turned the video --which she had previously falsely claimed to Sherri Kane that she had erased, as per the agreement between Kane and Hampton-- over to Jaqueline Lindenbach, Leonard Horowitz's ex-wife, who has been in the process of attempting a hostile takeover of Horowitz's business.  These persons, Hampton and Lindenbach, then entered into a conspiracy to use the video for the purpose of blackmail against Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, for extortion and financial gain.
Lindenbach atttempted to blackmail Horowitz and threatened him that she would release the video if Horowitz did not comply with her demands regarding a longterm business partnership, from which business she and her employees had already been embezzling funds. 
When Horowitz made it clear that he refused to be blackmailed, Lindenbach and Hampton then acted in concert and contacted a known adversary of Horowitz and Kane, the aforementioned Alma "True" Ott, who, in collusion with one Alex Studer, Ott's associate, used the original stolen blackmail video, with intent of malice, to invade privacy, to cause extreme  emotional distress, and to exploit this video for the purpose of discrediting the professional work, defame the professional reputations, and assassinate the character of both Horowitz and Kane.
Alma Ott had in fact been engaging in libel/slander against Horowitz and Kane (including white supremacist ethnic slurs and verbal assaults against the so-called "seed of Cain", the "Khazar Jews", as he called them)  since 2010;  and promoting his business and writings using fraudulent doctorate degrees (N.D. and PhD) to falsely represent himself, including for the purpose of financial gain (Ott runs a business selling "health products"); and engaging in "unfair competition" against Dr. Horowitz (Healthy World Affiliates), a leading whistleblower exposing pharmaceutical companies, who, unlike Ott, has earned legitimate credentials and degrees, including a doctorate.
[Note:  Evidence of  "True" Ott's fraudulent N.D. and PhD may easily be found by checking public records.]
Alex Studer (Lab Virus), in further collusion with Ott, using his own equipment, made a video using the content of the one stolen by Hampton (who lied about having erased it), to which these conspirators added their own false and libelous statements, in the form of scrolling text and images, and then released the video for public consumption.
In addition to publishing the stolen blackmail video, Ott, Studer and their accomplices (including predicate felon, career criminal, Timothy Patrick White, who has been aggressively libeling/slandering, stalking and threatening Horowitz and Kane for the past year) fabricated and published further libelous falsehoods about Horowitz and Kane, in direct connection to the video (including the false statement that Kane made the video "with intent to blackmail Horowitz"), and disseminated this defamation far and wide on the World Wide Web, resulting in extreme damages to Horowitz and Kane, including to their personal/professional reputations,  finances and  livelihood, as well as tremendous emotional distress.
The video was posted on Studer's former website, Lab Virus (Word Press) and the website was suspended by the server for violations of terms of service. Studer then constructed another website which is curently online (Lab Virus DOT COM, hosted by Blogspot run by Google). The video has been posted there and subsequently removed, again for violation of terms of service, after complaints were filed by Sherri Kane.
Ken Adachi has acted with intent of malice, in collusion with Alma Ott, Alex Studer, Don Nicoloff and others, to defame Horowitz and Kane, invade their privacy and destroy their credibility and personal/professional reputations. Included as a Target in this particular  libel/slander campaign against Horowitz and Kane, is Barbara Hartwell, previously targeted by Adachi, White and their many accomplices, since 2001, now also targeted by Studer, Ott and others in the conspiracy to defame Targets.
In March, 2001, Ken Adachi, with intent of malice, began a massive, and continuing organized libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. He in fact dedicated an entire permanent section of his website, Educate-Yourself, to libeling, slandering and defaming Barbara Hartwell:
"Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of MC Liars, Inc."
[Note: Since Adachi's original site was taken offline, this link is taken from a mirror site which has not been updated to include the large archives of libelous material about Barbara Hartwell, though  I have it all in my evidence files.]
Ken Adachi, with intent of malice, for over a decade, has fabricated many outrageous lies and published many libelous "reports" on Barbara Hartwell.  Adachi's accomplices in this organized conspiracy and libel campaign --including anyone who fabricated libelous falsehoods and/or distributed them in connection with Adachi's website and/or posted the libelous articles from the website-- whose articles defaming Barbara Hartwell Adachi has posted and disseminated far and wide, include (but are not limited to) the following individuals:
Timothy Patrick White (aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski aka many other aliases and screen names): Career criminal, predicate felon, drug-trafficker, extortionist, blackmailer, sex predator/pedophile, jailhouse snitch, who engages in stalking, criminal harassment, felony threatening (threats  of death and violence) including against Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz as well as dozens of other Targets of his criminal offenses.
[See reports on this website:]
Ted Gunderson: (deceased) FBI Chief, COINTELPRO, for whom Adachi was the primary PR shill and propagandist.  Adachi's libel campaign against Hartwell  was fomented by Ted Gunderson (in retaliation against a whistleblower), after Hartwell, a CIA whistleblower, and former professional colleague of Gunderson, exposed Gunderson's  many crimes, scams and cover-ups, including his connection to the Church of Satan (via his marriage to Diana Rively, widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan); and his sale of weapons (Stinger missiles) to Osama bin Laden (1979),  both during and after his FBI service.
John DeCamp: Former senator, Operation Phoenix, CIA, whose threats of a lawsuit (2005) against Barbara Hartwell (who exposed DeCamp's conspiracy and lies re the Franklin Coverup in collusion with Gunderson) were published by Ken Adachi, in collusion with accomplices Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey and others.
Alma "True" Ott (see above); Don Nicoloff (see above); Brenda Negri aka "James L. Choron"; Larry Lawson; Pamela Schuffert; Rayelan Allan; James F. Marino; Craig Oxley; Todd Brendan Fahey; "Xena Carpenter" (one of many pseudonyms used by Todd Fahey, and the website of that name); Aaron James; Doug Millar; Clarence Malcolm; Charles Bruce Stewart.
Included in the extremely damaging libel/slander promoted by Adachi and his accomplices are some of the following false allegations:
1) Barbara Hartwell is "a CIA agent" and/or "CIA disinfo agent."
2) Barbara Hartwell is a "mind-controlled robot".
3) Barbara Hartwell was involved in black operations, which included "child pornography",  and "drug/weapons trafficking."
4) Barbara Hartwell is a "former CIA prostitute.'"
5) Barbara Hartwell was involved in "Monarch" [never a CIA operation, but widely promoted as such by Adachi and accomplices] as a "sex slave".
6) Barbara Hartwell is a "terrorist".
The most damaging of these allegations, NONE OF WHICH HAVE ANY BASIS WHATSOEVER IN FACT, were published by Ken Adachi and became a permanent part of  the section of Adachi's website dedicated to libeling Barbara Hartwell (see above).
A career criminal named Brenda Negri (who impersonated Federal Agents to promote her libel/slander against Hartwell, and who also made PUBLIC DEATH THREATS against Hartwell), using the pseudonym "James L. Choron" with intent of malice, fabricated a "report", titled "Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Al Martin -All Connected".
This report was then disseminated far and wide, all over the World Wide Web, by the aforementioned criminal accomplice of Brenda Negri and Ken Adachi, Timothy Patrick White, who was directly responsible for sending it by e-mail to Ken Adachi, who posted it on his website, where it has remained to the present day.
In conducting a Google search for "Barbara Hartwell", this libelous fabrication appears prominently displayed on the "related searches", where it has remained for years. Also see: "Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger", written by Ken Adachi, which remains a permanent "feature" on Educate-Yourself, and has been disseminated far and wide by Adachi and his criminal accomplices.
From Google:
Searches related to Barbara Hartwell
barbara hartwell big brother
barbara hartwell gunslinger or mudslinger
dr barbara hartwell
barbara hartwell amazon

[Note: To see reports refuting the outrageous lies promoted by Ken Adachi and accomplices, check the archives on this site.]


In 2004, one Todd Brendan Fahey, another criminal, began his own campaign of libel/slander, criminal harassment and stalking against Barbara Hartwell and joined forces with the existing organized libel/slander campaign being run by Adachi and accomplices. Fahey is a known blackmailer (which he has publicly admitted, even boasted of, in his writings), a forger, an identity thief, a sex predator (has publicly advocated "sex with children"). Fahey contacted Ken Adachi and Adachi's accomplice, Timothy Patrick White (a regular  contributor of libel against Barbara Hartwell to Adachi's website), in July 2004.

Ken Adachi then began publishing the many libelous fabrications about Barbara Hartwell, written by Todd Fahey.  Included in these articles by Fahey was my PRIVATE, UNLISTED STREET ADDRESS. I had taken all legal precautions possible to keep my street address unpublished, as is my right, for the purposes not only of protecting my privacy, but for my own security and safety.

I had been targeted for criminal harassment, stalking, and death threats (including by Timothy Patrick White, Adachi's accomplice) for years before these criminals began disseminating my PRIVATE street address, including via Adachi's website.

With intent of malice, these criminals solicited additional crimes by like-minded criminals (stalking, harassment, threats) against Barbara Hartwell, by posting my street address, along with many false allegations (including that I am "CIA" and a "terrorist").

Soliciting crimes is a crime in and of itself.  These individuals were all reported to the Police Department in Old Orchard Beach, who had already investigated the stalking and harassment incidents by Todd Brendan Fahey, and who had removed Fahey from my home (threats of violence to me and my relatives) and who had issued a warning to Fahey never to attempt any form of contact with Barbara Hartwell again, for any reason.

Ken Adachi continued to post Fahey's libelous articles about Barbara Hartwell, which included my PRIVATE street address, and which resulted in several incidents of theft from my property (a total of over $3,000 in losses).

These criminals, Fahey and White, also posted photos of my house, along with libelous allegations against Barbara Hartwell, also falsely claiming that various individuals "owned" my house, which included "Frank Nulton", "Jack Knowles", a "member of the John Birch Society", "an old man" as well as others.

Additionally, they harassed some of these individuals, by telephone and e-mail, attempting to extract information about Barbara Hartwell, for the purposes of further invading privacy and harassment against Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Fahey also stole my identity, and posted bogus APPEALS FOR DONATIONS from "Barbara Hartwell", giving my PRIVATE street address, soliciting the donors to go to that address (invade my privacy and trespass on my private property) to "make a donation".

These criminals were regularly promoted and supported by Ken Adachi, in their many violations, invasions of privacy and crimes against Barbara Hartwell. Adachi even provided financial assistance to Tim White, knowing full well of White's criminal harassment of Targets, including Barbara Hartwell.

In summary, Ken Adachi, with intent of malice, as part of an organized criminal conspiracy (including racketeering) has been engaging in libel, slander, invasions of privacy, the promotion of threats, and soliciting of crimes against Barbara Hartwell FOR OVER A DECADE.

The damages to Barbara Hartwell have been extreme and severe, including financially, emotionally, to my health and general well-being, to my family, who were also harassed, stalked and threatened as a result of the organized  campaign to destry my livelihood, my professional and personal reputation.

Ken Adachi is a malicious liar, a fraud, and a criminal, who associates, promotes and provides aid and comfort to other criminals, for the express purpose of destoying the lives of all those he targets, including Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz  and many others.

Be warned: Anyone who acts in collusion with Peter Boudreau aka "Ken Adachi", in any way, shape or form, including by hosting or promoting his website, is complicit in a criminal conspiracy and will be held accountable by me personally, and I will continue to pursue any and all lawful avenues available to me for the purpose of exposing and stopping the grievous injustices and crimes perpetrated by Ken Adachi and his accomplices.


Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 21, 2011

NOTE: If you have been libeled/slandered or otherwise victimized by Ken Adachi, please make a formal complaint to any web servers who host his website, and/or to consumer protection watchdog organizations, which regularly have cited Adachi for fraud, false advertising and "rip offs" of customers. 

To register a complaint with Lunar Pages, who hosted Adachi's website, see link above.


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