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Monday, August 29, 2011

Missives from the Crazy Farm: Starring "CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset" Francine Kelly

In 2009, I first heard of a woman named Francine Kelly, whom, I later learned, was a psychiatric patient living in a facility for the mentally impaired (and how!), Ranier House, in Seattle.  Several of my associates sent me letters and articles written by Francine Kelly, all of which contained extremely libelous (and bizarre) references to Barbara Hartwell.
These letters and articles were sent out by e-mail to a very long list of recipients, including to news outlets and talk show hosts, and were posted on numerous message boards on the Internet.   Francine Kelly was conducting a carpet-bomb campaign to smear my name.
Considering the obsessive and delusional content of these messages, it was very clear to me that Francine Kelly had developed some sort of fixation on Barbara Hartwell; she was slinging my name around, making all sorts of bizarre accusations and allegations, mostly calling me a "CIA agent", and claiming that I had been involved in her "abuse".
When I looked at the list of e-mail recipients to whom she was sending her lunatic rantings, I discovered, not surprisingly, that Francine Kelly was, on a regular basis, contacting the following individuals:  A. True Ott, Doug Millar, Don Nicoloff, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Sue Arrigo, Timothy Patrick White and many others known to be associated with this crew of liars, scandal-mongers, charlatans, scamsters and purveyors of disinformation.  All of whom, "coincidentally" had targeted Barbara Hartwell.
From reading these missives, it became clear that career criminal, fed snitch, psycho-stalker Tim White (surprise, surprise) was the instigator who was pressuring Francine Kelly to harass Barbara Hartwell --there were numerous messages between the two in this vein. White was feeding his trash talk about Barbara Hartwell to Francine Kelly, just as he has been doing for the past decade, with anyone and everyone who will lend an ear --and even trying to force it upon those who won't.
Outraged by this whackjob Francine Kelly bandying my name about, after a few months of this, I exposed her and her cohorts in one of my reports.  But the libelous messages didn't stop. Instead, she began to harass me with more messages, including public interrogations, sent to some of my associates, in a desperate ploy to draw me into her world of psychotic delusion, trying to get me to communicate with her.
It is my policy never to engage these crazies. When they start harassing me, I simply expose them.  Once again, I wrote a report exposing Francine Kelly's harassment, in conjunction with her accomplice, Tim White.  I issued a directive for her to CEASE AND DESIST from her harassment and libel. I clearly stated that I wanted nothing to do with this lunatic and told her in no uncertain terms to get the hell off my case.
Did that stop Francine Kelly? No. She continued on with the harassment, the libel, which involved increasingly bizarre stories about Barbara Hartwell, and now escalated her aggression by including threats that she was going to contact the Police Department in Seattle re the "crimes" of Barbara Hartwell. She also threatened to go to the offices of Google to make a complaint against me because I had mentioned her name as an "accomplice" of Tim White on my website.
Francine Kelly usually signed her missives thusly:
"Francine Kelly CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset, Alien Abductee & Writer"
Remind you of anyone? Kelly's "mentor", Tim White, maybe?
"Tim White
VietnamVet(USAF)Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"
These Intel groupies and wannabes, delusional whackjobs and stooges that they are, feel the need to identify themselves in attempts to inflate their "importance" with bogus "titles" and "credentials."
In point of fact, neither Tim White nor Francine Kelly are any kind of "intelligence assets" or "whistleblowers". The very thought is ludicrous!  Their activities are limited to harassing legitimate people and parroting the outrageous smears which issue from those exploiting them--doing the dirty work for manipulators with an agenda.
But before I go any further, I should state a few important facts, for the public record: 
1) Prior to the first receipt of the insane and delusional rantings of this woman, re Barbara Hartwell, I had never heard of Francine Kelly.
2) I do not know Francine Kelly. I have never met Francine Kelly. I have never had any communication of any kind with Francine Kelly. (And never will.)
3) Nor do I know the persons she repeatedly mentions as being her associates, such as Will P. Wilson, Patricia Shupe, Mike Shupe (also claiming to be "intelligence agents" and the like). I had never heard of any of them either, not until my name ended up as a hot topic of lurid gossip among these individuals and others in their circle of candidates for the Bug House.
Anyway, I wrote several more reports exposing Francine Kelly et al (see links at bottom of page) and for quite some time, there were no more missives from the Crazy Farm (at least not that I was aware of) which mentioned my name.
Not until this past week. Francine Kelly is at it again....
So let me take this opportunity to present some of the exploits of the "famous" Francine Kelly and those providing her with a public platform to promote her bizarre paranoid fantasies... 
This is a story of Epic Proportions you won't want to miss!  A real Cloak-and-Dagger Extravaganza that nobody who wants THE TRUTH can afford to ignore! (Just ask Doug Millar)
The quick and the dead...Aliens, Reptilians, Angels from "The Celestial Realm", Demons, Vampires, UFOs, Draconians, CIA agents, Pleadians, Satanists, Pedophiles, and let's not forget those "MK Ultra Monarch" folks, some of whom claim to be "double agents."
As you will see, there are other stooges, whackjobs and bogus "CIA agents" crawling out of the woodwork from the Crazy Farm, chiming in. None of whom I have ever heard of, until today, and hope never to hear of again (but alas, that's not likely...)
"Bill Grisby" (quoted below) --where did this moron materialize from? He does not know Barbara Hartwell, but takes it upon himself to libel me with false claims, just the same.
"Alec Turner", the so-called "CIA Station SAC"? He's probably out on a weekend pass from the Bug House.
Note that Francine Kelly has also targeted Leonard Horowitz for her delusional rantings. Gee whiz, what a surprise...considering that Horowitz has been targeted by the same gaggle of disinformation specialists and their stooges.
But I won't bother to comment further. The idiocy of these individuals speaks very clearly for itself.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 29, 2011
[Note: The red highlighting is mine, where my name is mentioned.] 
Dear Family, Friends, Allies & Future Friends,

If this is one the first couple of emails YOU are receiving from me, I don't expect you to believe me, but I CHALLENGE YOU TO BE INTELLECTUALLY HONEST ENOUGH to do your homework, listen to each of our nationally prominent guests' well-documented reports, BECAUSE your life, and more importantly, your loved ones' lives depend on YOUR urgent & immediate action! 
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UFO GUESTS: (1) Francine Kelly
recently left a voice mail message for Doug Millar saying"I am a Space Alien Abductee and I am famous!" In a subsequent telephone conversation with Doug, Francine explained that she said she was famous because no one wants to talk with her because they are afraid of her. She said that even John Stadtmiller of Republican Broadcasting Network said when he introduced her on his radio show in August 2007 that "a lot of people are afraid of this woman." Francine said that she thinks one of the main reason people are afraid of her is because of her connections with Reptilian Draconian Vampires, Pleaidians, dead aliens like James Wilson, and the Celestial Realm. In addition to being an alien abductee, Francine  is a CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch intelligence asset, metaphysician, remote viewer, channel, Pleiadian/Human hybrid and writer
Dear Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz:
Please look  at to determine if you would like to interview me on your show. You may want to begin by reading my bio, "About Francine Kelly."
Leonard, we have so much in common. Too bad I had such a negative experience with Rhonda Doade, your Office Manager. After I told Rhonda that I am a CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset and alien abductee who is married to Will P. Wilson, a high-level CIA official and shapeshifting Reptilian Draconian Vampire, she told me that "millions" of people like me call her.
I don't believe that I told her that I was impregnated by Will, and that we have an alien son that I am not allowed to see in the third density. I told Rhonda that if there are millions of people like me, I sure would like to talk with some of them because it gets really lonely in the parallel universe.
That's when Rhonda changed her story and said that a "few" people have called her with stories similar to mine.When Dr. A. True Ott interviewed me on his radio show he did the same thing. He said he has spoken to millions of people like me. In other words, like Rhonda, True minimized my experiences.I told Rhonda that I have been acting as a behavioral scientist for a faction of CIA that works to restore our nation to sanity.
I told her that I have been studying Reptilian Draconian behavior, and that she presented this type of behavior during our conversation. I told Rhonda that she demonstrated cold-blooded behavior and exhibited no compassion or empathy. She finally said that it wasn't her job to make me feel comfortable.That was enough for me. I asked Rhonda if she would put Danielle Roth on the phone since Danielle was very pleasant when I first called. She refused to do this.
The main reason I called you was to tell you that a murder attempt was recently executed on my life and that I have been targeted by the Cointelpro group that you write about.In December, I spent two nights at Doug Millar's apartment in Santa Rosa, California. This experience was so traumatic that I haven't been able to write about it yet.
If we can resolve this issue with your Officer Manager, and I can be assured that she is not your "typical" employee, maybe we can work together.I would strongly suggest that even if Rhonda is not a Reptilian Draconian Vampire, she is obviously not good for your business, and should never be "allowed" on the telephone as a customer service representative for your organization or any other.
Francine Kelly
"Apparently Francine Kelly has been assigned to harass a number of people including Federal Whistle Blower - Qui tam Barbara Hartwell as is linked below:
Sunday, January 24, 2010 -
In the Spring of 2009, it came to my attention that notorious career criminal, fed snitch, psycho stalker (and on and on it goes...), Timothy Patrick White, had enlisted yet another government stooge and delusional whackjob (just like himself) to assist him with his dirty work of harassing/stalking, threatening (and on and on it goes...) legitimate journalists, investigators, activists, patriots, etc.
The name of this person? One Francine Kelly.
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - Psychiatric Patient Francine Kelly Continues Harassment & Libel of Barbara Hartwell
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Psychiatric Patient Francine Kelly ...
This whackjob, Francine Kelly, now requests that Doug Millar (a Gunderson associate whom I have exposed as a government shill, from years back) "provide a forum" to address her delusions and those of her associates?
Clearly, Ms. Kelly has been duped by her comrade, Tim White, into believing that Barbara Hartwell is an evil CIA agent.
As I've said before, I don't give a tinker's damn what Francine Kelly believes; nor do I care what she thinks she knows. I don't care how stupid she is, I don't care how sleazy she is, and I don't care how crazy she is. I only care about being left alone!
My only interest in the psychotic and belligerent ignoramus, Ms. Kelly, is to STOP HER from slinging my name around and harassing me.
But the evidence speaks for itself. Included here are letters from Francine Kelly to her associates; the usual rantings of Tim White; as well as a letter from some moron named Keith Ljunghammar, who is apparently an amateur legal eagle, as well as being another government stooge.
I really, really have to wonder: Where in hell do these crazies and buffoons come from? Do they breed them on a crazy farm?
Then, Francine Kelly is so foolish as to write to Janet Phelan (after attacking her and calling her "evil"), harassing her once again about "Barbara Hartwell's abuse".
I guess I will have no choice but to contact the staff at this Rainier House in Seattle, to make a formal complaint against Francine Kelly. Maybe somebody out there would be interested to know that one of the inmates is harassing strangers on the Internet. And that one of her accomplices [Tim White] is a predicate felon and criminal stalker, a menace to society.
I was devastated for hours after I read the post below by Will P. Wilson on APFN. But when I awakened this morning, I felt a tremendous sense of freedom.
Keith Ljunghammar was right. Will and I are not supposed to be together. Pat and Mike Shupe were right also.
"Do you really want this?" Mike said repeatedly about my relationship with Will.
"No Mike, "I don't want this, I can honestly say now. I did not say that then. I was willing to give it a try.
There is no excuse for the cruelty in Will's lies on his post which is still on APFN -- no Intelligence rationale. He has dishonored me and pledged his allegiance to Michael Aquino's Temple of Set, a major Satanic church.
He did this by supporting Barbara Hartwell who is a Satanic CIA disinformation agent provacateur who supports Aquino along with her accomplice Satanist Janet Phelan.
In doing this, Will is saying that he is a Satanist, too. This is extremely sad, but at least he has chosen sides. At least he has chosen to destroy his relationship with me, like he destroyed his relationship with his wife and daughter.
My heart bleeds for him. His alcoholism and addiction to crack cocaine, which leads to his  possession by demons, is  a condition with which his dear friends Pat and Mike Shupe are very familiar. 
Will also possesses humans and aliens with demons. I don't think I have ever written this.
I have tried to help Will since May of 2008. In the process, he has destroyed my life. Now, with his lies about me being broadcast all over the world, certainly I will be released from this abduction.
I am going to calm down and then I'm going to address Will's lies about me on APFN's Message Board. I'm going to do this with love, compassion and empathy.
While I want to break my connection entirely with Will P. Wilson, I would like to continute to work with Mike Shupe and Dr. Bill Mount. Mike, I do appreciate your keeping me in the loop despite this major setback.
Warm wishes,
Francine Kelly
On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Francine Kelly wrote:
Dear Ken Vardon,
As you are well aware, Will P. Wilson's post about me is untrue. As you also know, Barbara Hartwell is a CIA disinformation agent who supports Satanist Michael Aquino.
Pat Shupe told me that she, her husband Mike, and Will are double agents. It is my understanding that Will, as a double agent with a security clearance, would be required to defame my character and lie about me.
Will did this before when he and I exposed the pedophile/porn daycare center at the Damascus Baptist Church in Seattle.
As you know, the emails from Alec Turner and the email from Jason Fitzwater contain information that is earthshaking.
Have you listened to my radio interview with Jesse Randolph which you can access by Googling operation haystack agentfk? Have your read my forum at  
Have you looked at my Facebook page?
Ken, the ball is in your court. How are you going to handle this?
In the meantime, I am in a very dangerous undisclosed location in Arizona, and I fear for my life.
Francine Kelly
From: Bill Grisby
To: Francine Kelly
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:30 PM
Subject: Re: Will P. Wilson's Forced Betrayal


I have a connection to the day care you mention below. I do not want to say here but put this together with my other emails and I think you will get the idea. Barbara Hartwell used to be involved in a CIA operation known as patriot dawn that tied into tapwater altered with mind control and hallucinogens. Don't trust a word she says.
Ms. Kelly,
My name is Alec Turner. I am a CIA operative that work in conjuntion with the Discovery Channel that had your call forwarded to my desk. I have pulled your jacket and seen your history and I am wtiting to you through a series of cut outs to let you know that your call has caused a lot of attention to be placed on you. As someone who cannot in good conscience continue to work with the Reptillians in their plan to exterminate most if not all of our species. From my tour as a handler/pimp for the pediphille ring to moving up the ranks to assist in forced innoculations of "vaccines" that are actually times cancer delivery devices, I have become more and more affraid of what my actions working with the Reptilian Draconian Aliens, the CIA and the Discovery Channel will damned me to hell. I want to find a way to help get the information I have out but my children and wife have been taken from me and being held ransom in exchange for my cooperation and silence. This happened two years ago after I botched an attempt to faux-assasinate the "president" in an effort to build up support for martial law and the start of World War 3 with Iran.
Please, Francine, tell me what I can do to help. I have documents regarding the Discovery Channel and their part of the comming genocide. I can also tell you of newer plans that have been drawn up in the last few months to begin pushing a new mix of cocaine and animal tranquilizer that causes user's skin to peel off after only a few uses and leads to nearly automatice organ failure.
I can also tell you that the Discovery channel is upping the propoganda to ease in the idea that human extinction is a good idea. I just sat in a meeting with members of channel, the CIA, the Reptillians and some on camera personalities to gover over new ways to use mass brainwashing techniques developed through MK Ultra research and the flicker rate of HD television transmissions.
I hope to hear from you soon. As I sad, this message is being sent through a series of cut outs I have developed to get information out to you so if there is a delay in my response please understand.
Thank you,
Col. Alec Turner (Ret.)
CIA Station SAC
While I understand the lapse in security, I have to now tell you that I need to go underground since it looks like the leak of my identity may have been intercepted by the same powers we both are afraid of. While there has been no overt attempt to kill or neutralize me via either terrestrial or extraterrestrial means, I have noticed my opposite numbers within the agency treating me differently. Additionally, I was recently informed that my scheduled visitations with my children have been suspended pending an Office of Professional Responbility investigation into my activities. As you know, this is a dangerous position to be in and if I do not escape I will either be killed or have my mind wiped by the Reptillians.
This being said, getting this information out is too important to the survival of our species and I cannot think about only my selfish desires. I knew the risk sending you my original message and I am still comitted to helping you get the message out. I am planning on going to my office tomorrow before I attempt my escape to get documents that I believe will expose this conspiracy beyond any reasonable doubt. Once this is completed, I would like to expose the whole rotten plan once and for all.
However, once I do this, I will have to rely completely on the go between sending these messages to you and yourself for my continued security. Please let me know once you have received this message and we can discuss how we can best use the over 9000 pages of documents I will be retrieving tomorrow. While this will be dangerous, I am sure I will be successful. As you know, fieldcraft and lethal martial skills do not go away no matter how long it has been between messy operations.
Once completed, I have secured transport out of the country along with a new identity so the use of my name will no longer be important. Like a new suit, I will just slip into my new name and begin working with you to put these cold, demonic bastards down.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA