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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alex (Stupid) Studer: Profile of a Government Stooge


Photo courtesy of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane

Basic definition of "stooge": One who allows oneself to be used for another's profit or advantage; a puppet. Near synonyms: lackey, bootlicker, minion, dupe, patsy, inferior, servant, sycophant, shill, fool.

The precise origins of the word "stooge" are unclear; however, I find it interesting that one of the earliest uses of the word (circa 1913) was to describe a "stagehand".  Which is exactly what Alex Studer, the subject of this report, claims to be! How's that for synchronicity?

Alex Studer is nothing more than a garden variety stooge, but he is a stooge of the worst kind: someone who has been completely deceived by lying  government operatives into believing that he is serving Truth, Justice and the American Way, by supporting, endorsing and promoting the "good guys", the heroes, the freedom fighters, the patriots.

for Alex (the Stooge) Studer, nothing could be further from the truth.  The people whose Stooge he has become are at the very least, unrepentant liars and deceivers and at the worst, career criminals, most of whom have never been held legally accountable for their crimes.

Unfortunately for Studer, he has incurred the righteous outrage of the decent, legitimate people he attacks at the behest of his puppet-masters, members of the criminal cabal who are responsible for inestimable damages to this country and to the lives of "We the People" individually and collectively.  And I can guarantee he will be held accountable and bear the consequences for his unscrupulous and ill-advised actions.

I have news for Alex Studer and his utterly reprehensible cohorts: We the People will not let the demonic liars, the diabolical manipulators, the bloated plutocrats, the globalist tyrants, the racist, white supremacist bigots and male supremacist misogynists, totalitarian henchmen and thugs of the New World Order, posing as Patriot Heroes, Paragons of Righteousness, even "Christian Brothers" (utter blasphemy!), drive us into abject slavery under the reign of the mass murderer and Father of all Lies, Satan.

Amen and amen.

In this report, I will (once again) expose Studer's government overlords and their minions --the persons with whom Studer is acting in collusion to destroy the lives of legitimate, decent, genuine whistleblowers, activists and patriots-- for who and what they truly are.  I will also refute the idiotic claims of Studer himself, as always, with hard facts and evidence. 

Frankly, I've had more than enough of this fat, loudmouthed, aggressive, vulgar buffoon, the pornographic filth which spews from his mouth as from the orifice of a noisome gargoyle, his relentless attacks against Barbara Hartwell and associates. Enough already!

Why is Alex Studer so hell-bent on discrediting Barbara Hartwell? Simply because the government agents (persons he claims as "friends", deserving of his "respect") who have targeted me for neutralization, have fed him the most outrageous lies, libelous/slanderous falsehoods and COINTELPRO black propaganda, and he has swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker.

As he has clearly demonstrated in his writings, Studer is in possession of no truthful, accurate, factual information gained by his own efforts, nor does he have even the slightest bit of discernment to recognize such information, even when it is staring him in the face, or handed to him on a silver platter by reliable, credible sources. No, Studer is just a parrot, who slavishly repeats what he has heard and which he redundantly squawks! out, ad infinitum, a tiresome litany of government-sponsored lies about his Targets.

Like all of his fellow government stooges, Alex Studer is a grandstanding  attention-seeker, coattail-rider, camp follower, intelligence groupie/wannabe, pretentious name-dropper and meddlesome snoop and busybody. He gets ego-gratification from being "noticed" (Look at ME, everyone! I know IMPORTANT PEOPLE and I have the INSIDE SCOOP on all the latest Psy Ops!, etc. etc.)  He actually enjoys the attention he receives, however negative, from the outraged Targets of his unwarranted assaults on their integrity, character, and personal/professional reputations.

He claims that Barbara Hartwell is a CIA agent (one of many lies fed to him by the ACTUAL government agents who are shamelessly exploiting him, and by his fellow stooges) --and has even stated that he considers it "flattering" and "cute" that I, the alleged "CIA agent", would pay him any attention. How pathetic is that?

Such a mindset is oh-so-typical for a stooge of Studer's ilk. So, Studer enjoys all the attention? Okay, fine with me --let's bring it on!


Recently, Stupid Stooge Studer has escalated his assaults against Barbara Hartwell and investigative journalists Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane.  All of us (independently, and for the past several months, jointly) have exposed a satanic child trafficking/pedophile/pornography network chock-full of COINTELPRO operatives and their minions. These criminals are in fact the very people whom Alex Studer defends, supports, endorses and promotes.

Studer's most outrageous and despicable action of late was his creation of a video which included portions of a telephone conversation between Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. The original video was stolen from Sherri Kane by an unscrupulous former employee of Len Horowitz, R.J. Hampton, then with the collusion of Horowitz's ex-wife, Jaqueline Lindenbach, they edited it to be used for the purposes of BLACKMAIL against Horowitz and Kane. Lindenbach threatened to release the video unless Horowitz complied with her tyrranical demands in connection with a longstanding business partnership, of which she is now engaged in a hostile takeover. Horowitz refused to be blackmailed and Lindenbach made good on her blackmail threat: she turned  the  video over to the enemies of Horowitz and Kane, conspirators in the  COINTELPRO criminal network.

It came as no surpise that Alex Studer, who just happens to have a recording studio (or some such thing) made his own video, using portions of the stolen video, for the malicious purposes of discredting Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane.  It also came as no surpise that Studer was chosen to pimp this video, an opportunity he gleefully seized, even boasting of his unscruplous intent before he released it.

Studer's website, Lab Virus, is mainly a promotional vehicle for Alma True Ott, a charlatan, fake "doctor" and Jew-hating, white supremacist, for whom Studer serves as a lackey. Ott has also been  at the forefront of the libel/slander campaign against Horowitz and Kane for at least the past year.

I watched the video, only at Sherri Kane's request. As I told her, had she not asked me to evaluate it, I would not have even viewed it, on principle. From what I saw (and I knew it had been edited, once by the blackmailers, and once by their accomplice, Alex Studer) it was very simply a lovers' quarrel between Len and Sherri, who were at the time under great stress in their relationship, as well as in their professional endeavors. Who hasn't, at one time or another, had a quarrel with their loved ones, family or friends? But such quarrels should, on principle, remain private, to be settled between the individuals, NOT splashed all over the Internet for public consumption.

This video, the content of which had no relevance whatsoever to the political/legal/moral issues which started the controversy involving Kane, Horowitz (and their allies), and their adversaries in the crimnal cabal most (notably Alma True Ott), was brandished as a weapon with the malicious intent to wreak further havoc and destruction to the lives and reputations of two activists whose work is humanitarian in nature, centered on love and healing, rather than the hatred, bigotry, perversion and discord promoted by the COINTELPRO operatives and their minions.  

But there is another important issue which was the original source of the quarrel: The fact that  Jaqueline Lindenbach is a cold-hearted killer of animals. Sherri Kane, an animal rights activist and lover of animals, passionately protested the planned shooting of a pig by Lindenbach on Christmas Day. Most of the heated argument centered on Sherri's attempts to stop the shooting of the pig.  In fact, some of the portions of the video which were deliberately edited out by the blackmailers (done for the purpose of protecting Lindenbach from exposure of her cruelty to animals) contained a horrifying description of how Lindenbach had captured, tortured and killed a mongoose.

[In relation to all this, I find it important to add my own comments, because I completely support Sherri's position.  I have been a dedicated animal rights activist since I was a teenager  --and that is a long, long time ago. Over the intervening years, I have been a member of many animal rights and welfare groups, including Friends of Animals, HSUS, Animal Rights Alliance, The Fund for Animals (the late, great Cleveland Amory, who was a dear friend), and have been on the board of directors of such organizations as Wildlife in Crisis, was the Regional Director of the Non-Hunters Rights Alliance (South Eastern  Connecticut)  as well as running my own organization, Humane Education Network (Greenwich CT), where we lobbied for animal rights, as well as lecturing at elementary  schools, high schools and other educational  institutions.

I also worked in animal rescue (domestic animals, feral animals, and wildlife) for many years, adopted a number of homeless animals (who all lived long, happy, cherished lives in a loving home) and found good homes for others.  I have even been arrested for animal rights activism, as I would do anything in my power to protect animals from their abusers and killers, which is  precisely the same way I feel about children and other innocent victims.

I became a vegetarian in 1969, for spiritual/moral reasons. It is the love of God's creatures and respect for the sanctity of all life, which motivates me to vehemently protest the abuse, exploitation, torture, and killing of animals.
And so, especially when I heard about the malicious killing of the mongoose (which Sherri had told me about (she was crying on the phone as she described it), before the blackmail video was posted by Studer), I was absolutely appalled!

Since I got to know Sherri Kane, I have found her to be a compassionate, empathetic, loving person of great moral courage, dedicated to exposing and stopping the holocaust against animals and children, and I applaud and honor her for standing up against any and all morally bankrupt predators and  perpetrators. Great work, Sherri Kane!]     

But getting back to the blackmail video and Alex Studer, let me pose this question: What kind of person would not only knowingly invade the privacy of others, by posting  a stolen video (further doctored with his own irrelevant and idiotic commentary scrolling across the screen), but would also collaborate with blackmailers for the malicious purpose of doing harm to others? Answer:  Only an incorrigible lowlife scumbag with no moral compass whatsoever.


Now, let's move on to excerpts from a commentary about Barbara Hartwell written by Alex Studer, posted on his Lab Virus website, before it was suspended and taken offline by Wordpress for violations of terms of service (which included posting the stolen blackmail video). My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

[Note: I refuse to give Alex Studer's vulgarity a forum here, so I have X'd out his obscene verbal assaults and any false names he assigns to me (in his various commentaries), and replaced them with my actual name, Barbara Hartwell.  And to dispel any confusion for the readers, for the record, "Barbara Hartwell" is my actual, legal name (used on all official papers and documents and on all forms of identification), and none other --contrary to the claims of some of the liars in their libelous pseudo-reports on Barbara Hartwell --falsely claiming that this is not my "real" name, but only one I "use on the Internet".  As for Percival, it is my Family name (by blood) which I have chosen to also use, specifically in connection with my professional work and as my by-line for published reports. Be advised that any other names attributed to me are false.]


CIA’s Barbara [XX] Hartwell  has taken this opportunity to take what Ive written while going through these experiences and sticking up for my friend, and “as a christian” she has chosen to write quite an elaborate piece labeling me as some sort of criminal for the fact I have chosen to speak up in defense of a friend:

“Alex Studer, who runs a website named Lab Virus, has (not surprisingly, considering his association with a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks, running coverups of child trafficking) taken it upon himself to become an advocate for a man arrested in San Francisco on charges of child pornography. Recently, Studer appeared in a TV news  segment, which he posted on his website, along with several commentaries, all in defense of his fellow porno freak, Robert Glenn McDougall, and in defense of pornography itself.

Wait just a minute.  My association with “a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks, running coverups of child trafficking”??  Who, the IATSE Stagehands Union?  The USTA?  The AFM Musicians Union?  SAG or AFTRA?   LaRouche PAC?  Citizens For Legitimate Government?  A major insurance company?  AAA?  Jurisdictionary®?  Bikers Against Child Abuse?   Unless you’re speaking about one of these groups I don’t know what you could possibly be referring to.  It’s statements like these that become cornerstones for slander lawsuits.

[BHP:  "...I don't know what you could possibly be referring to."  Studer, by this  inane response, again exhibits his own gross ignorance, for all with eyes to see or ears to hear. No, he doesn't know what I am talking about, nor does he have the slightest perception, much less understanding, of the web of deception he has been drawn into, or that he is being used by people a hell of a lot smarter than he will ever be.

Slander lawsuits? Really? Go right ahead, Fat-Boy Stooger, sue me!  This is the same idle threat hurled at me numerous times, not by rank amateurs like you, but by actual government agents, all claiming to be "former" CIA/FBI, etc, etc.  John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra, just to name a few.  I can assure you, fool, that I would make mincemeat of you in a court of law.  You see, unlike you and your ilk, I deal in facts, and I furnish evidence to support my claims.

Where's your evidence for all the outrageous lies you promote?  Produce it and I'll publish it myself.

But enough of Studer's nonsense about "slander" and "lawsuits", let's get back to the real world.  The "criminal network" to which I refer (and which --unlike Studer-- I have thoroughly investigated over a period of more than a decade) is the cadre of corrupt government agents and their minions which comprise a particular COINTELPRO containment operation and protection racket which targets legitimate whistleblowers, activists and journalists for neutralization.

Specifically, the designated Targets are those who are deemed a threat to the criminal network because they ARE legitimate; because they ARE in possession of factual information; because they DO have substantive evidence; and because they are EXPOSING the criminals with the eminently righteous intent of busting the bastards and putting them out of business.

And since Stupid Stooge Studer is so severely intellectually challenged that he couldn't think his way out of an alcohol-soaked paper bag (he himself made an admission in a letter to the FBI that he has been arrested on multiple counts of DUI and public drunkenness), much less distinguish known and proven facts from his delusional self-aggrandizing fantasies, let me further elaborate and spell it out for him; as well as for any others who may have been duped into embracing the outrageous lies and goverment-sponsored disinformation  promoted by this demonic cabal.


NOTE: This list is far from complete. For the purposes of this report I will focus only on certain individuals I have personally investigated and/or been targeted by and/or whom I know to have been instrumental in perpetrating the harassment, libel/slander campaigns and other offenses against Barbara Hartwell  and associates, especially those whose outrageous lies have been parroted and promoted by government stooge, Alex Studer.

Ted Gunderson: Ex-officio COINTELPRO under J. Edgar Hoover and de facto COINTELPRO from 1979 ("retirement" from FBI) until his death in July 2011. Sold Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden (1979) while still working for the FBI, denied it when it was exposed by Barbara Hartwell and associates (2003), then later admitted to it when we produced documented evidence to  substantiate the claim. Married Diana Rively, the ex-wife of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, in 1998. Again, Gunderson lied, denied the marriage publicly for over a decade, lied about it to many, many  people, and NEVER admitted to it, even after I finally furnished evidence to investigative journalist Sherri Kane (2011), in the form of a handwritten letter Gunderson wrote to Barbara Hartwell (1998) on FBI stationery, stating in his own words that there was a "marriage" to Diana Rively.

Ted Gunderson, my former friend (what sad words these are...) and professional colleague, is mainly responsible for fabricating the most outrageous and damaging lies about Barbara Hartwell, such as, that I am a "CIA agent", "CIA disinfo agent", a "liar" (he claimed I lied about his dealings with Osama bin Laden and Diana Rively, and much else), a "government spook", etc. etc. 

[Note: I forgive you, Ted, and I pray that you will confess before God, and that your soul will be saved by the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. May God have mercy on you, Ted Gunderson.]

John DeCamp: Former senator, CIA black ops, Project Phoenix assassin; ran a double cover up of the so-called Franklin Cover Up (the title of his famous book), involving child trafficking/sex slavery/pornography, blackmail of corrupt politicians/pedophiles, murder, satanism. Gunderson's longtime crony and accomplice in many crimes, hoaxes and dirty dealings.

Anthony Hilder: CIA, Gunderson's longtime crony and a front man for the controlled opposition, who specializes in making propaganda videos  purporting to "expose" the Illuminati, while actually protecting the criminal perpetrators of genocide.  Jew-hating bigot with connections to CIA  propaganda mouthpiece, American Free Press (Jew-hater, Hilter advocate, white supremacist, Willis Carto et al) and its predecessor, Spotlight magazine.

Clarence Malcolm:  Gunderson's last webmaster and sidekick. A con man and criminal (counterfeiter, among other offenses), PR shill for Gunderson's "investigations". Now attempting to steal contributions from Gunderson's bereaved family by using a false address on Gunderson's website to solicit money to line his own pockets.

Christopher Jones: Gunderson's former webmaster, a convicted pedophile, who was recently released on parole, and who claims he is 'innocent' of all such charges and was "framed" (don't these child rapists ALL make the same claim? And why have SO MANY of these perps  been associated with Ted Gunderson et al, over a period of decades?)

Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau): The primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson and his FBI/CIA  cronies, using his New Age/government disinfo website (Educate-Yourself) as a platform to promote the COINTELPRO liars and their minions and stooges (of which Adachi himself is one); and to disseminate diabolical culumny and black propaganda against COINTELPRO Targets through massive and continuing libel campaigns.  A charlatan who dispenses medical advice (and rips people off selling "health products") without the benefit of any legitimate credentials whatsoever. Has been cited by many consumer watchdog organizations for his offenses and consumer fraud. (Do a search for Ken Adachi, Educate-Yourself. and see for yourself.)

Don Nicoloff: A con man, scamster and disinformation specialist who promotes all the players in the criminal cabal on his website (Evident Footprints) and who espouses New Age/occult doctrines (the doctrines of devils).  Promotes many hoaxes involving government conspiracy and the like. He also launches  libelous/slanderous assaults against legitimate whistleblowers, in collusion with his accomplice, Ken Adachi and others.

Doug Millar: A low level penetration agent (DCS) who served as Gunderson's lackey and factotum for over two decades. Spreads the libelous disinformation about Targets concocted by higher-level government operatives. Millar is a ubiquitous presence at patriot meetings and "conspiracy"  conferences,  skulking around parking lots to collect license plate numbers and take names of attendees. Claims to be an "expert" on mind control and satanism, and was described by Gunderson as the foremost authority on satanist Michael Aquino (Please...Millar is a brainless idiot, even as described to me long ago by Gunderson himself.)   

Timothy Patrick White (aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski aka many other aliases and screen names): Predicate felon, drug-trafficker, fed snitch, who made a deal (2002) with corrupt law enforcement/feds to greatly reduce his prison sentence in exchange for harassing, stalking, threatening, libeling/slandering designated patriots, journalists and whistleblowers. Sex pervert/predator, transvestite, porno freak, collector of child pornography (found by police in a search of his warehouse/home in 2001) --a felony crime for which he was never charged.   Stooge,  lackey, "barking dog" and "town crier" for Gunderson, DeCamp, and other bad guy government operatives. Psycho stalker extraordinaire.

Charles Bruce Stewart: Government stooge and supporter/promoter of Tim White et al. "Brother Chuck" (as he calls himself) parrots the outrageous lies of the COINTELPRO gang, in libelous missives targeting legitimate whistleblowers, activists, journalists. Brother Chuck, a pompous ass and parading idiot, if ever there was one, touts himself as a  "Christian patriot", while attacking genuine Christians and patriots.

Craig Oxley: Yet another white supremacist who has designated black people as "The Lower Races" and who runs a website (The Unhived Mind) which promotes "The most dangerous Truthsayer",  Eric Phelps, another bigot/misogynist/male supremacist, who claims all the ills of the world are attributable to the Catholic Church. This pair of fraudulent "Christian Brothers" attack  anyone and everyone, indiscriminately claiming they are "Jesuit Coadjutors." 

Oxley is a promoter of Tim White and vice versa, and uses White as a "source" for many of the libelous falsehoods he publishes about Targets.  In one of his forums, titled "Agents of Deception", he has posted a long list of legitimate journalists, activists and whistleblowers (along with a few ACTUAL "agents of deception"). Oxley, like his accomplice, Tim White, is also a psychopath, cyber-stalker and thug who threatens people's lives, reports of which are easily found by putting his name in a search engine. 

Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter" aka many other aliases and screen names): Forger, identity thief, blackmailer, CIA-wannabe/stooge, psycho stalker, drug-trafficker, porno freak, sex pervert/predator --including targeting children, and who has publicly endorsed/defended "sex with children" --which is RAPE, a felony crime. But not to worry --where Fahey lives, in the godforsaken moral wasteland of Southeast Asia, his fellow pedophiles and child porno freaks flock like a battalion of vultures to indulge their vile perversions at the expense of the blood and tears of innocent children who are enslaved by the pimps running "sex tours".

Todd Fahey, along with accomplice Tim White (known as the demonic duo), are responsible for fabricating and disseminating more outrageous lies against Targets than any two psychopaths I've ever had the misfortune of encountering. The demonic duo use a website called "Xena Carpenter" (who may or may not be a real person, and there is no evidence that "she" is real) to promote massive libel campaigns against Targets. White serves as a "source", while Fahey writes libelous pseudo reports, filled with false information and character assassination against Targets, to which no "author" is ever credited --and which purposely leaves the readers to assume that "Xena Carpenter" is the writer.

Todd Fahey, forger and demonic deceiver that he is, has written identical e-mails, sending them to various individuals and/or posting them on message boards, using different e-mail addresses and names, two of which are: "Xena Carpenter" and "Todd Brendan Fahey." On one occasion, Fahey sent two separate e-mails (one e-mail from a "Xena Carpenter" address, and one from "friend of liberty", with the name Todd Brendan Fahey attached), harassing Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Fahey and White were also the perps who fabricated and disseminated a bogus audiotape, which they claimed was a "sex tape" of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. This malicious hoax was debunked by numerous individuals, including someone at the BBS radio station, who made it clear that they have NO female operator (a voice on the tape) at the station; and that the voices were certainly NOT those of Horowitz and Kane, which I can corroborate, having listened to it myself. 

Alma True Ott:  Longtime crony of Doug Millar, John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson et al. Charlatan  who presents fraudulent credentials and titles in connection to his name. Ott touts himself  as "A. True Ott, PhD".  When challenged by Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, regarding his "PhD", Ott admitted that it was NOT "accredited" and even boasted that he didn't consider this to be of importance.  Ott also claims the title "ND" (Doctor of Naturopathy, or Naturopathic Doctor). As for the "ND" degree, that is a protected, privileged term (licensed in several U.S. states, but not in all), and the degree is issued by only a few accredited colleges of naturopathic medicine in the United States, none of which Ott has attended, nor claims to have attended. True Ott is a fraud, plain and simple. If he lies about his "medical" and "philosophy"  degrees, what else is he lying about? As it turns out, plenty.  

True Ott is an aggressive Jew-hating bigot and white supremacist who promotes bizarre,  theories about everything from metaphysics to medicine, just another snakeoil salesman preying on the ignorance of his followers.

And THESE are the individuals whom Alex (the Stooge) Studer promotes, defends, supports and endorses. In fact, it is clear that Studer does not even realize that all of these individuals are connected (in one way or another) and operating in concert, though some are the professional operatives and others are only their stooges, shills and lackeys. He may (or not) have actually named ALL of these individuals in his commentaries or promoted them on his website --but they are all birds of a feather (scavengers and vultures, to be sure), who are part of the same criminal network, and who exchange and disseminate the same damaging, libelous disinformation against Targets.]


Continuing with excerpts from Alex Studer's attack piece on Barbara Hartwell:
Legal Defense and Research Trust – mega-barf.  Describes herself as “Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations.) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption and Cover-ups.”

[She ain't no Samuel A. Adams by a longshot; he was CIA during Vietnam under GHWB and in 1980 busted Gen. Westmoreland live on 60 Minutes... direct descendant of our former President, co-author of War of Numbers, my late uncle, a true patriot.]

[BHP: What does Studer's uncle have to do with Barbara Hartwell? Nothing at all, that's what. His boasting of being a descendant of a president is totally irrelevant as well. So what? Who cares? Who is Stooger trying to impress?]

Yeah, well if it were true she is “exposing government lies, crimes, corruption and coverups”, she would be presenting material to back up my research, as opposed to making illogical and rambling statements attempting to discredit me and label me as some kind of criminal.

[BHP: Who in hell does Alex Studer think he is? I, Barbara Hartwell, should "back up" HIS "research"? Preposterous.  Alex Studer could not even produce the slightest blip on the radar screen of any sort of  "research".  Like his fellow stooges, Alex Studer is a rank amateur, a nobody; he has no background, no training, no professional credentials or bona fides in ANY field or discipline which would qualify him as any sort of "researcher", especially on the topics he addresses, and on which his igorance is so abundantly clear. He's just a parrot who promotes the "research" of others, and that "research" leaves much to be desired, considering Studer's sources. about delusions of grandeur...] 

The very fact she defends Lenny and his slut sidekick speaks volumes, while at the same time she attacks me and folks like Tim White. 

[BHP: The usual gratuitous insult of Sherri Kane, calling her a "slut" --only to be expected from a lowlife misogynist like Studer. But here's a newsflash for Little Mr. Stooger:  I support Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane ON PRINCIPLE, after reviewing their writings; after discussing the issues at hand with them; and after determining them to be truthful in their reporting, which independently and specifically corroborates my own extensive investigations over a period of many years. And yes, I will continue to defend them when they are unjustly attacked with lies by  belligerent ignoramuses like you!

Studer claims I "attack" him and his pal, Tim White? No Studer, you're dead wrong, as always.  If Studer wants to talk about "attacks", maybe he should turn his attention to his pal, Tim White. Career criminal, fed snitch Tim White has been stalking, harassing, threatening (including felony death threats), libeling/slandering Barbara Hartwell for the PAST DECADE. He has harassed by telephone, harassed by e-mail, harassed on public message boards, harassed my friends, my family and my colleagues.  In fact, I am hard pressed to think of even one person connected to me in any way, whom Tim White has NOT harassed, except of course those individuals of whose existence he is unaware (Thank the Lord for small mercies!)

Tim White is a notorious psychopath and public menace, and has been exposed as such by his numerous targets, all over the country, as well as in Canada and beyond, of which I am only ONE.  

Tim White, in point of fact, was sicced on me by Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, in attempts to intimidate and silence me. Which is a sick joke, as the chances of me being intimidated by the little cross-dressing pansy, Tim White, are those of a snow ball's chance in hell.  The cowardly Little Miss White would never dare (and never has done) to approach me or stalk me in the flesh, as he knows he would find his sorry ass lying on the ground, writhing in pain, in short order, should he be so foolish as to come within a stone's throw of my person.  And if he dared to invade my private property, I would cuff the little bastard myself  --that is, if I were feeling charitable. Otherwise, he would be shot on sight. IN SELF DEFENSE, that is.

So stop whining about my purported "attacks" on Tim White, or your own sorry-assed, mealy-mouthed self.  You, Alex Studer, began your attacks on Barbara Hartwell, at a time when I lived in blissful and blessed ignorance of your existence.  One day, I found my name splashed on the front page of your idiotic website, calling me "CIA", along with other ignorant, arrogant, libelous  comments and insults, which as usual, were parroted from none other than your "source", Town Crier for Demonic Liars, Inc., Timothy Patrick White.
And speaking of Tim White (again) let me refresh your memory: Not too long ago, you posted a commentary in which you accused Tim White of harassing  with angry e-mails, swore to avoid contact with him in future, and advised your readers: DO NOT ENGAGE.

So which is it, Stooger? Is Tim White friend or foe? First you promote him and his malicious swill, then you attack him, then you revert to defending him. Maybe if you cleared the cobwebs from your indolent brain, you might reach a conclusion, one way or another. But considering your overall propensity for stupidity, I seriously doubt it.

But more to the point, the philosophy of all you stooges and the operatives to which you are in thrall, is "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". How's that working out for you, Stooger? Apparently, not too well...]


"As far as Ted Gunderson goes, I understand he is an old friend of Dr Bill Deagle, and while I have never met Ted or had any contact, I have mostly supported his efforts; although recently I have been shown by friends some reasons why even Ted G may not be 100% on the up-and-up with the so-called “truth” movement, so I can’t really comment."

[BHP: Re Gunderson?  Studer says he "can't really comment"?  But he already has. How soon he forgets...  In a previous attack piece against Barbara Hartwell, Studer described Ted Gunderson thusly:

"Ted Gunderson, retired Los Angeles FBI Station Chief has a lot to say about his former agency, as he is one of the rare gems who stayed true to his oaths to protect Americans and not subvert them, unlike so many of his former associates. Dr Bill Deagle sure has had a lot to say over the years, as have Jeff Rense, Don Nicoloff and others."

So how, pray tell, did Studer come to the conclusion that Ted Gunderson was a "rare gem" who "stayed true to his oaths to protect Americans"?  That's obvious: As usual, Studer doesn't know what the hell he is talking about; he doesn't know the first thing about Ted Gunderson -- in true stooge-like fashion, he simply parroted what he was hearing from Gunderson's supporters and cronies.

Now, as evidence of Studer's dishonesty, and of how completely Studer contradicts himself,   compare this statement:  "..I have never met Ted or had any contact"  with this one, taken from Studer's letter to the San Francisco FBI:  "I am a not-too close but still personal friend of Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles FBI Station chief." [bold type is Studer's, in the original]

So first, Studer claims to be a "personal friend" of Ted Gunderson. At a later date, he then reverses himself, and claims he has NEVER had ANY contact with Ted. How can that possibly be? How can he be a "personal friend" of a man he has never had any contact with?  Again, the explanation is clear:  Alex Studer is a pretentious name-dropper who wants to inflate his own importance by association with a "celebrity" like Ted Gunderson, claiming "friendship" with a man he does not even know. It seems he thinks this will impress the FBI and make them favorably disposed toward him...but again, he knows nothing about the FBI, how they operate, or their views on Ted Gunderson.]

I can only speak to those whom I know well and have had repeated exchanges with, and of those I can count them all on one hand.  As many “truth” radio and lecture circuit personalities as I have evaluated over the years, only one really has survived all my litmus tests, who in my researched opinion is truly genuine, and that is Dr. A. True Ott PhD.  If the late Bill Cooper were still alive and I got to know him, from what I’ve learned so far I’d bet that he too would sit in this category, among only a very few others.

[BHP: Naturally he names True Ott ("Dr. True Ott, PhD" -- NOT!). Alex Studer displays hero-worship where Ott is concerned, and promotes every single thing he writes, as well as the radio programs of Ott, which is why so many people (including myself, and others I know) thought at first that Ott was the owner of Lab Virus. Bad choice, Stooger. One I think you will eventually come to regret.]


“Make no mistake: Anyone who participates in the use of pornography in any way, is a sex predator whose material gratification comes at the price of the slavery and misery of others. Shame on you, Alex Studer!

Really?  You’re welcome to your opinion, Hartwell [obscenity removed], but the courts have a different opinion, and it’s called the Law.  The Law says possession of adult porn is legal.  Of course violations of underage models and sex trafficking are illegal, but it is the burden of the publisher to maintain proof of age of all their models and defend against any investigations into trafficking or anything else illegal involved in the production of such published material.  Again, you don’t see the FBI breaking down Larry Flynt’s door, even though he regularly publishes Barely LegalMy or anyone else’s possession of legal adult porn in no way suggests support of any illegal activities whatsoever.  No shame involved, none required on my part.  Quite proud of my 1st Amendment right to view and possess legal porn.  If you don’t like it perhaps consider moving to communist China where your views are more well received.  More twisted logic in attempts to portray me negatively to the public through false allegations.

[BHP: Stooger, the porno-freak, as usual, misinterprets what I actually said in my report and misses the point entirely. I was speaking from a MORAL and ETHICAL perspective, not a "legal" one, except where child pornography is concerned --which is a felony crime.

Studer, in his profound ignorance, fails to see the larger picture which I outlined --that being that the majority of the so-called "legal adults" who become involved in pornography were first nabbed by perverts (rapists), pimps and pornographers AS CHILDREN, and their continued participation is far from "voluntary", in most cases. That is a fact, whether Studer likes it or not.

At no point in my report (nor at any other time) did I recommend or endorse censorship as the solution, which Studer apparently, in his stupidity, believes makes my position akin to the doctrines of the Communist Chinese.  If Studer wants to talk about "twisted logic" and 'false allegations", he needs to look closer to home. Stupid, stupid, and stupider!]

She calls me a “Jew-hating bigot” when all along I’ve clearly indicated there is a difference between being Jewish and the practice of Zionism as promoted by the infiltrating Ashkenazi Khazarian Edomites, and I have plenty of Jewish friends, many whom I’ve grown up with since being little; most of whom are great, wonderful people.  Some read this blog regularly.

[BHP: The so-called "Ashkenazi Khazarian Edomites" are a genetic bloodline. They are not all necessarily "Zionists", as that is actually a political designation (and certainly a personal choice, to be accepted or rejected for cause), rather than an irrevocable trait determined solely by birth.

So, according to Studer, it is fine and dandy to denigrate whole groups of  people who may call themselves "Jews", simply because of their particular ethnic heritage ("Ashkenazi Khazarian Edomites")  If that's not hate and bigotry (and let's not forget stupidity!), I don't know what is! 

What does Studer do, conduct a DNA test to determine if someone is worthy of associating with him? Does he pass out a questionnaire to his prospective "Jewish" friends? What a freak.

In fact, this is the same type of garbage promoted by True Ott and associates (obviously, again parroted by Studer) who have blamed Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane for their genetic heritage (according to Ott's misguided  calculations) and accused them of being "Khazars", along with slinging insults about their names, accompanied by his Mickey Mouse Metaphysics and other gobbeldygook.

What kind of people are Ott and Studer, that they feel the need to denigrate others based on their perceived (or actual) genetic heritage? Lowlife bigots, that's what they are.]

She says this about MacDougall: “what’s to stop him from raping his own granddaughter?”  Gee, I dunno, try the fact that he hasn’t, nor has he ever attempted anything close, and his own daughter feels quite comfortable having him around his grandchild.  Just because your paranoid fantasy of painting someone into being a child rapist based on unproven allegations slapped on a TV screen seems logical in your deranged mind, where people are guilty until proven innocent, this does not mean that the courts agree.  What’s to stop him?  His own innocence and lack of intent to commit illegal harmful acts against children.  Seems like the America you’d like to create would treat defendants accused of such things much differently.  Must be difficult for you, living in such a place where Law and Justice are protected by the process of courts.  Again, you might consider China, you’ll find yourself in much better company methinks.

[BHP: This idiot, Studer, has the intelligence quotient of a cubic yard of dirt. A porno freak  fantasizes about RAPING CHILDREN, reads graphic  pornographic novels which depict father-daughter incest. Not actual photographs, no they are just drawings.... Oh, they are just "fiction" and perfectly "legal"...

But the point is, what kind of TWISTED individual would even WANT to fantasize about such filthy, degrading, pathological acts?  And you can shove your "methinks", moron. I wouldn't let my grandchildren within a mile of perverts like you or your sicko friend MacDougall.  As far as I am concerned y'all are a menace to society --children and adults alike. ]

Finally, as if I even need to spend energy stating the obvious, when I label my video presentation of the KTVU piece which aired as “Plaintiff’s Exhibit A” I am referring to MacDougall as being the potential plaintiff down the road as he seeks damage awards after having his case most likely dismissed with all charges dropped.  Hartwell, [obscenity removed ] knows this, yet still goes out of her way to try to imply I am somehow out of my mind for making such a statement, as she does repeatedly throughout this very biased, attacking piece.  Hartwell [obscenity removed] is very much still an operating CIA psyop agent, obviously in league with the Lenny show, indicating Tim White was right all along to alert people of her dangerous character and malicious writings of falsehoods directed at certain individuals, which now includes myself.

[BHP: Don't ever presume to tell me what I "know", Stooger. And keep promoting your fellow stooge and child porno freak, Tim White. See where it gets you, and how much of your desperately-sought approval is removed, as the legitimate people you are attacking with your moronic ideas continue to expose you for what you are.]

Again, I don’t know this person Barbara Hartwell [obscenity removed] except that she writes bogus crap about a bunch of people including Tim White and Ted Gunderson, and her labeling me as a “government stooge” in previous posts caught my attention in months previous after being notified by some friends who monitor her psyop ramblings.
Hey Hartwell, [obscenity removed] you betcha legal adult porn is as American as Apple Pie, but that does not speak to anything regarding the things you went off on tangents trying to tie me into, such as sex slavery, child porn and whatever else you so ridiculously spent so much time preparing in this post.   Obviously those things are very illegal and that’s why you don’t see or hear of me being involved in anything of the sort, and to suggest anything even close hedges on slander, and now thanks to you I have something to bring to my attorney.

[BHP: Idle threat noted, Stooger. But if you were not so incredibly stupid, you would know that nothing I have stated in my reports is actionable for any sort of lawsuit. You, on the other hand, have repeatedly accused me of being CIA, stating such AS IF it were a fact. That is a very libelous (and actionable) statement, and one you cannot possibly prove to be true.]

Why did I encourage KTVU not to air the piece?  To protect them and the FBI from a damage suit and the possible public embarrassment of false claims coming back to bite them – and I stated those reasons clearly, so your attempt to read further into what I’ve documented so far about this issue obviously indicates your clear intent to obfuscate my intentions and create another, false, story.  Each false slanderous allegation against me made publicly by any individual, especially with malicious intent, is an instance of slander in the view of superior civil court, and will be duly documented and produced in discovery if and when proceedings get to that point.  Way to go, Hartwell [obscenity removed], what else ya got?

[BHP:  Obfuscate your intentions? I have my own opinion about your intentions, one which I am entitled to voice if I so choose. Furthermore, I am not a PR rep for you, Stooger; perhaps that fact, like so many others, may have escaped your notice. As far as malice goes, you are dead wrong there again.  I have no malice in my heart against you, nor against any others, including even the most evil and depraved of your cohorts. It is not malice which motivates me to expose crimes against children, or any other offenses. It is the pursuit of FREEDOM for the Captives, PROTECTION of the Innocent Victims  and  JUSTICE  for the perpetrators.

keep "documenting" to your shriveled little heart's content, Stooger. Your idiocy won't affect me one way or another.]


[I just think it's hilarious that this chick Barbara Hartwell writes so prolifically accusing Tim White and Ken Adachi of being COINTELPRO while at the same time failing consistently to mention either Albert Stubblebine, John B. Alexander or Michael A. Aquino, the three godfathers of COINTELPRO.  Her reading audience must be the dumbest people in the universe, to take what this chick writes at face value and not do any of their own homework starting with simple fact-checking.  I mean, come on, you've got to be kidding.  Seriously Hartwell [obscene named removed] you expect people to buy this crap?  You must have quite an affinity for attracting the most easily duped fools in the world to your readership for you to carry on so.  And  to think you get paid for this; whoever trained you and whoever supervises or "handles" you should be ashamed at the purely sophomoric level of expertise you carry in the area of psychological warfare.  It's still not too late, you could learn a new trade like serving fries at your local In and  Out... probably a job aptly suited to your limited mental abilities.]

[BHP: Is there no end to the ignorance and stupidity of Alex Studer?

In fact "COINTELPRO" was not "founded" by Albert Stubblebine, John B. Alexander or Michael A. Aquino, as Studer claims.  COINTELPRO (the acronym for Counter Intelligence Operation), was initiated by J. Edgar Hoover in 1956 as a specific domestic program run by the FBI.

Studer, as usual, does not have the first clue about the issues he is talking about, yet he pontificates as if he is an authority on COINTELPRO and Psychological Operations, exposing himself once again as a pretentious poseur.

The fact that these other individuals he names have been involved in various Psy Ops/Psy War programs is irrelevant, especially as it relates to my own reports (to which Studer refers), which expose the ACTUAL ORIGINAL FBI COINTELPRO, and one of its Kingpins, Ted L. Gunderson.

Tim White, as named by me in connection to COINTELPRO, served as one of many of  Ted Gunderson's minions, the amateurs he exploited to do his dirty work, as did Ken Adachi. The irony here is that Alex Studer, the advocate and accomplice of Tim White, is himself  being exploited by the same crew --and he is simply too stupid to know it!

There are some FACTS for you, Stooger. I suggest it would behoove you to educate yourself before shooting off your mouth about topics about which you know nothing.]


From a post on Lab Virus:
In her latest appearance on Len Horowitz'n'Sherri Kane's show [the night of Aug 2 where they spend most of their time making up stuff about me], Blabbles made it a point to accuse A. True Ott of falsifying his degrees.

Take a look at the lower-1/3 of this page:, where it is shown that Barbara [false name removed Hartwell has never graduated from a 4-year college or university, yet claims to hold a Doctorate in Divinity (DD) degree, which is equivalent to a Ph.D; and for a Ph.D, one needs to have gained at least a Bachelor's degree (and probably the Master's)...which Blabbles has not done.

She is taking others' valid criticism of her own fraudulent background and attempting to reverse polarity--accusing others of that which she is guilty.
[BHP: This pseudo report on Barbara Hartwell was written by forger and identity thief, Todd Brendan Fahey, and has no veracity whatsoever. None of the "information" presented in this "report" has any basis in fact, including that I have "not gained" a bachelor's degree. (The idiots also stated in an earlier version of this "report", that I had "attended NYU", but "did not graduate", and used this as a basis for claiming I did not "gain" a bachelor's degree. Only one problem with their "information": I NEVER ATTENDED NYU. How could I graduate from a school I never attended?
I have no idea where these stooges come up with these statements, which they present AS IF they were facts, when nothing could be further from the truth. I only know that it is done out of malice in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell.
Todd Fahey has been fabricating outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell (with whom he is pathologically obsessed) since 2004, and teamed up with Tim White in that same year to harass, stalk and libel Barbara Hartwell and associates.
I have refuted this pseudo report several times, and for those interested you can check the numerous  reports on Fahey and White on my website.
But getting back to Little Mr. Stooger. He quotes from a bogus, fabricated report about Barbara Hartwell, then parroting the idiocy of his fellow stooges, falsely  accuses me of being "guilty" of "falsifying" records and of having a "fraudulent background".
As my father used to say, "There's no substitute for stupidity." A statement for which Stupid Stooge Studer serves as living proof.] 
From Alex Studer's website, Lab Virus:
Amidst all these false allegations that I am "cointelpro" and a "pedophile", a "satanist" and God knows what else these retarded no-lifes have called me publicly in attempts to discredit my good name, I still remain who I really am, and that is a composer and producer of music records.
[BHP: Just out of curiosity, I decided to check out one of Studer's "low budget" (as he calls them --and gee whiz, he wasn't kidding!) music videos. Here's one I'm sure you'll enjoy, entitled:
"George Bush is an Asshole"
Well, after that performance, all I can say is, with "talent" like this, it's no wonder Alex Studer is collecting unemployment and has described himself as a "starving musician".  He couldn't carry a tune with a wheelbarrow, and his lyrics lack originality and imagination, but aside from that, I admit I found a certain clownish entertainment value....but by all means, watch the video and decide for yourself.
Below the music video selection, Alex Studer writes this self-aggrandizing comment:
You just gotta ask yourself: how many cointelpro agents can do that?
Not too many. After all, professional intelligence work requires TALENT.
Government stooges: By ther fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 7, 2011

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