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Saturday, August 27, 2011

WAR AMONG THE GOVERNMENT STOOGES: Weathervanes Spinning Out of Control


If you've ever observed a weathervane, you can see how every time the wind changes, it follows and points in a different direction. The weathervane holds no firm position, because by the very nature of its design and function, it's not possible. Any way the wind blows, so goes the weathervane...
The weathervane may be considered analogous to the behavior of government stooges. They can't hold a firm position, because lacking knowledge, lacking integrity, lacking even a solid grasp of reality, they are buffeted about by any wind that blows...
A gaggle of government stooges, all being exploited by a COINTELPRO operation designed to discredit legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and activists, have, predictably, become embroiled in a war among themselves.
Some recent events, some of those howling winds, fanned the flames among the warring stooges. First there was the death of Ted Gunderson, the COINTELPRO ringleader whose exploitation of the government stooges in his entourage  has been fully exposed.  The stooges immediately started posting "tributes" to Gunderson, jockeying for position, and then attacking each other, each staking their claim as having been the REAL friend, supporter or confidante of Ted Gunderson, boasting of their exploits, and accusing the others of being liars and con artists.
Ted Gunderson's website was taken offline, when the webmaster, the latest (and last) sidekick of Gunderson, Clarence Malcolm, claimed he couldn't afford to keep the site online, due to financial problems caused by Ted's family, as well as by some of  Ted's associates (the stooges). 
Shortly thereafter, three propaganda websites, all run by government lackeys, were taken offline when complaints were filed with the servers, citing violations of terms of service.
The first site to be axed was Lab Virus (Word Press) run by Alex Studer, mainly a promotional platform for Alma "True" Ott (for whom Studer is a toady)  --a charlatan and quack using fraudulent credentials (PhD and N.D. degrees) to peddle his wares and disseminate racist propaganda, most notably targeting the Jews. Examples: Studer was selling Tee shirts proclaiming, NUKE ISRAEL (including for dogs!), and posting articles claiming that "Ashkenazi/Khazar/Edomite" Jews are the "seed of Cain" and "the spawn of Satan." Any person of Jewish heritage, deemed to be a "Khazar Jew" by these white supremacists, is attacked, disparaged and ridiculed, on that basis alone. Foremost among the targets of this bigotry are Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.
Next came Educate-Yourself, run by Ken Adachi, a site used over the past decade as a propaganda mouthpiece for COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson and his FBI/CIA cronies, notorious for its flagrant New Age gobbeldygook, hoaxes and scams, and government-sponsored disinformation. Adachi's Targets (Barbara Hartwell deemed Public Enemy Number One for the past decade), now include Horowitz and Kane, after they also exposed Ted Gunderson and Alma Ott in 2010.
The Unhived Mind, run by Craig Oxley, like Adachi's site, featured libel campaigns against whistleblowers and journalists (including Barbara Hartwell, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane), listing them in a forum called  "Agents of Deception"; as well as racist propaganda targeting black people, who are designated by Oxley and his followers/accomplices, "The Lower Races." Eric Jon Phelps (another racist and male supremacist/misogynist) was heavily  promoted by Oxley, along with propaganda blaming Catholics for all the ills of the world.
Alex Studer has since put up another Lab Virus site (this one on Blogspot owned by Google). Ken Adachi had his site restored by Lunar Pages after he filed counterclaims. The Unhived Mind appears to be shut down permanently.
The stooges running these websites are all attacking, libeling, slandering and harassing the same legitimate journalists, and have been doing so for a very long time. They are also known to be in contact with their fellow stooges, exchanging "information" about their Targets, which they each post on their own sites, placing various "spins" by adding their own commentaries, which consist mostly of wild speculation, lurid sensationalism and malicious gossip. As for actual FACTS (or any substantive  evidence) these are nowhere to be found. 
Judging from their complete disregard for any information of substance, the motto of these government stooges seems to be: We don't need no stinkin' FACTS!
The stooges (all liars and cowards) use multiple aliases and screen names, or simply fail to identify themselves by their actual names in their communications and Web posts, for the purpose of hiding their true identities, and (so they think) they can't be held accountable for their offenses, some of which are criminal in nature.
A very important point, which I have repeatedly made when addressing the issue of these COINTELPRO stooges, is that they are all amateurs. None of them have even the slightest bit of training or background in any professional field or discipline which could possibly qualify them to "analyze" intelligence, much less pontificate on it as they do, not knowing what the hell they are talking about. 
The stooges are mere pawns, parroting the "information" fed to them by their "sources". Their "sources" are limited to 1) the professional operatives who are using them to do their dirty work (while laughing at them behind their backs), in attacking Targets, and 2), their fellow stooges.
What kind of "sources" are these? They are absolutely worthless and have no veracity whatsoever. Because the sources all have an agenda, and it's certainly not TRUTH. The agenda, in a nutshell, is to foment strife, sow discord and dissonance; to pit one political faction, ethnic/racial/religious group against another; to promote suspicion, to stir up fear, hatred and bigotry.  
They aim to DISCREDIT anyone and everyone who has taken a TRUE stand against totalitarianism in any form; anyone and everyone willing to fight for the God-given Rights and Liberties of ALL (regardless of gender, race, creed, ethnic origin), including the innocent and the helpless, especially children, targeted by demonic pedophile/sex trafficking/pornography cartels,  the perpetrators of which the stooges actually defend, either out of complete ignorance, or because they just don't give a damn about the hideous crimes against children.
The stooges, in their gross ignorance and stupidity, have adopted the philosophy that, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Thus, they will team up with anyone who is attacking the same Targets, using one another as back up to advance their agenda. But "use" is the operative word. The stooges are "users" of others --for their own self-serving material gain and/or ego gratification -- rather than operating in true solidarity, based on genuine and sincere ethical and moral imperatives.
These stooges are morally bankrupt, completely lacking in any scruples. They will bear false witness, with impunity, against anyone whom they perceive as a threat. They will form alliances of convenience, touting ANY fabrications, any propaganda, from ANY source, against the designated Targets, for no other reason than because it is AGAINST the Targets. 
Trouble is, they can't help but contradict themselves, sooner or later.  Again, the stooges are like weathervanes: Any wind that blows, from any direction, sends them spinning into another position, pointing to the latest fabrications and calumny against Targets, which are contradictory to the ones that came before. It is an endless cycle, as fickle and inconstant as the weather...or as the stooges themselves.
And of  course, by this pattern of contradictions and inconsistency, they all end up discrediting THEMSELVES as well. This is not "accidental", it is by design. The agenda of COINTELPRO is to create so much chaos and confusion that it will be nearly impossible to sort out the conflicting "information." People who are sincerely seeking the truth (not of course, including the stooges) will often throw up their hands in frustration and disgust --which was the objective all along.
In order to demonstrate how this operation works, let's examine some of the writings of the various stooges, the pawns in the game, who without exception, in their vanity, fancy themselves "players", as they do the bidding of their overlords to wreak as much destruction as possible on their Targets. Note how they prop each other up, as "allies", then at the slightest provocation (or none at all), turn and venomously attack each other, like the brood of vipers they are.
By their fruits shall you know them.
I have used excerpts from the writings of the stooges, which are given in quotation marks, along with their names.  The red highlights are mine. My comments, in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP, follow.
"Sherri Kane's Malicious LIES FAIL to take down Educate Yourself"
"Ah, sweet poetic justice.  Hopefully soon we also will see Craig Oxley's site back up, as I was unable to be completely "taken down" also as Scary Pain and [Barbara Hartwell OBSCENITY REMOVED] have so publicly boasted they brought down "white supremacist" and "slanderous" sites critical of them."
"Congratulations to Ken Adachi for getting his site back online.  Now let's go after these people who have perjured themselves in the process of attacking these sites, in addition to filing false court claims and God knows what else.   Their harmful attacks continue, and it is clear they have no intention on stopping, meanwhile "spinning" the story so that anyone reporting on their foul behaviors and being critical of them publicly is in their minds "gangstalking" them with "libel and slander".  How quickly these people forget they are public figures and as such we can ridicule and criticize them all day long with impunity - furthermore as public figures they have knowingly discarded any reasonable expectation of privacy."
"Once again, [Barbara Hartwell OBSCENITY REMOVED] is smoking crack with the ashkneazi khazar drama queens, and now claims Ott and I are "harrassing" them.  Crack is not just for breakfast anymore":
[BHP: Studer had been regularly posting the libelous rants of Ken Adachi, which attack Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz.  But prior to this, Studer was attacking Adachi for months, simply because Tim White, one of the "sources" for Studer, hates Adachi, his former accomplice in crimes against Targets. 
Studer even included my name in one of his posts, stating the outrageous lie that "slanderous attacks by Ken Adachi" were "instigated" by Barbara Hartwell. For the record, I have absolutely NO dealings with Ken Adachi, nor ever have done.
Also for the record, you maggot, I do not "smoke crack", nor ever have done.  And anyone who is stupid enough to say I have "knowingly discarded any reasonable expectation of privacy" is a low grade moron. I have done no such thing, nor will I allow any of these busybodies from hell to invade my privacy without serious consequences.]
"Ken Adachi" is now attacking Tim White and anyone else questioning his true identity, and true to form, rather than showing us PROOF that he is not "Peter Boudreau", he instead is taking the Jesuitical approach and spinning his response into not only not addressing the issue at hand, but also publicly encouraging the harassment of Tim White and Xena Carpenter.  Now that I've posted this, I surely expect he will begin attacks on me as well.  Good luck.  What an a**hole.  Not too "educated" either, for the third time now he has failed to correctly spell the word "vicious".
"I strongly feel that anyone promoting this "general Jeremiah" story is serving to discredit anyone associated with them - intentionally.  After hearing Don Nicoloff mention the UGF "flying saucers" again today, as he is guest-hosting Ott's show for the next week while Ott goes on vacation with his family, I am concerned that further talk of this "Jeremiah" character on Ott's show could very well serve to seriously discredit Dr. Ott, and I remain concerned for his show and his credibility."
[BHP: Just a few days after posting his glowing "support" of Ken Adachi,  gloating over the site being back online, Studer reverses his position yet again.  Another twist of the weathervane... what happened to the "sweet poetic justice"? I guess it's gone with the wind... 
And now, Studer, in support of  Tim White and "Xena Carpenter", attacks Adachi: "What an a**hole".
As for Don Nicoloff, whom only a few days prior, Studer was promoting, liberally quoting, and as usual, parroting, as a reliable "source", Nicoloff is now --Lo and behold!-- suddenly seen as someone who could "discredit" Studer's hero, "Dr. A. True Ott, PhD", as Studer has pompously referred to him most of the time.
Regarding Alma Ott's "credibilty"? He sure doesn't need the likes of Don Nicoloff to threaten that! Ott is cut from the same cloth as Nicoloff --the same kind of charlatan, poseur and scamster.]
But now, check this out. Here's a post written by Studer a few months ago, yet another reversal of his position on Tim White. My comments follow, in an excerpt from a previous report exposing stooges Alex Studer and Tim White:
"This Tim White character is really bumming me out yet again.  I first heard of him years ago when I first was researching chemtrails and through a post of his I came to be aware of the Pinal airstrip, one of the homes to Evergreen Air, a CIA front, in Marana, AZ (very easy to find and examine in Google Earth).  More recently I have heard I think two appearances of his on TSBST with Dr Ott, and somehow, I don’t remember exactly how, he now has one of the email addresses which I use for day-to-day correspondence.  Maybe a year or so ago I had to block him after he began lashing out at me, hurling insults and epithets meanwhile CCing his emails to a fairly long list of people Ive never heard of before.  This- after I told him perhaps not everything he alleges about a particular MC is true, nor does the action of one person imply the complicit activities of a large group.  This caused him to have a divide-by-zero moment, and he seriously began flipping out, sending ranting email after another, laden with TEXT THAT WENT in and OUT OF being ALLCAPS and lacking grammar.  This weekend, after I had sent an olive branch email in hopes that he had grown up, and his email being unblocked, he chose yet again to lash out at me in the exact same manner, after days before sending me the original info that Lenny had created a slanderous site aimed at attacking A. True Ott PhD – getting upset that I did not include his name as credit for the post, and instead of politely addressing me personally choosing to lambast me with epithets yet again while CCing to still yet a list of people I have never met, including someone named Xena Carpenter.  I have since updated the post to credit him for the email he sent me, and I have asked him never to email me again, along with this Xena person.  It is my humble and educated opinion that Tim White is likely an MKultra/Monarch subject and is befriending then lambasting those who may be friends or associated with Dr Ott – this is just a feeling I get from once again dealing with the exact same irrational and emotionally unstable behavior from this person I have never met and who does not know one molecule about me, who I am or what I stand for.  It is my advice to all: DNEDo Not Engage."

[BHP: Alex Studer now advises people re Tim White: "Do Not Engage." But he himself has been "engaging" and using this criminal psychopath as his source for libeling Targets, never understanding who/what he was dealing with, despite voluminous evidence available, had he chosen to consider it. Studer, it is clear, is not very bright (certainly true of all government stooges), and his parroting of the libelous falsehoods of "sources" like Tim White has now backfired, as it always does.

Studer then accuses White of being "MK Ultra/Monarch", yet another subject he knows absolutely nothing about. Studer has pontificated on Psy Ops in the same manner, exposing himself as an ignoramus who is merely parroting what others are saying, having no knowledge whatsoever of what he is talking about.]

"I musta hit the nail on the head re: tim white and xena carpenter, not a peep since I posted my assessment of last weekend’s drama.  Curious how Dr Ott is faring after a full week away to spend with his lawyers to go after Knight of Malta Lenny boy and his slut sidekick Sherri Caen (not Kane, oh yeah she’s a real Caen – lots of lies involving these two)."

[BHP: But apparently, Studer has no clue that Tim White has been disparaging him on another message board, that of the Unhived Mind, run by another stooge, Craig Oxley.]

"....who were BOTH SENT THIS EXACT post of MINE put together with MY TIME...this I so far have posted in more than 30 Yahoogroups .....

but then BOTH "so convieniently" DO NOT put MY NAME AS THE SOURCE on BOTH OF THEIR SITES - and this is SO TYPICAL of them to CHOP MY WORK UP into various parts so that MY NAME NEVER COMES UP as THE SOURCE - and I'M THE ONE TO TAKE MY TIME TO DO THE WHOIS on WWW.TRUEOTT.COM and I AM THE ONE to CALL DOC MARQUIS BEFORE the CON CON about the SHIT STORM that WOULD happen and AFTER the CON CON so that HE WROTE the REVIEW of WHOREwitz and his SLUT at CON CON 2011 that I WAS THE FIRST TO GET IT OFF HIS SITE AS IT WAS POSTED JUST MINUTES BEFORE I COPIED IT......and this IDIOT Studer can't even BE ORIGINAL ENOUGH to REwrite MY OWN WORDS - DISHONESTY and PLAGIARISM don't seem to MATTER HERE to STUDER - EH ?....this is what I call A SNAKE and NOT one I would turn my back on.....and ALSO True...I find it VERY disconcerting - to say VERY least that you sure have a REAL HARD TIME to mention my name too EXCEPT when it's convienient for YOU to do so....remember that it's ME who is the one to FINALLY get WHOREwitz and Kane to go berserk last year...thus EXPOSING THEMSELVES for ALL to SEE........."
[BHP: Tim White accuses Studer of "DISHONESTY and PLAGIARISM". He goes ballistic because he wants CREDIT for his evildoing, claiming he was the one who drove Kane and Horowitz  "berserk".  I think it's safe to assume that he means that he and his accomplices, Todd Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter") fabricated a bogus "sex tape" of Horowitz and Kane, and then posted it all over the Internet, with intent of malice, even claiming that they made a DEATH THREAT against him. No, death threats are the province of Tim White, not Horowitz and Kane.
And he's proud of this? Naturally. Just as another stooge, and accomplice of Tim White, Todd Fahey, boasted of blackmailing people. There is nothing too low for these stooges. They lie, steal, cheat, bear false witness, and then they BOAST about it among themselves, even in public posts!

I wonder, does Alex (the stooge) Studer even know that "Xena Carpenter", who he defends along with Tim White, is actually an alias of Todd Brendan Fahey? ]


From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 27, 2011

"If anyone has any first hand information about Tim White's family background, criminal record, time spent in prison or in jail, arrest warrants, drug usage, drug convictions, civil litigations, criminal court cases, flights from prosecution, psychiatrict treatments, involvement with military or civilian intelligence agencies, a list of his alias names and various e-mail addresses, a list of the blogs that he posts to, a list of his past home addresses, his current location, his current address and phone number, and any other information that you think I should know concernng this wonderful individual, please let me know.

If you have been on the receiving end of Tim White's vitriloic, abusive, and viscious e-mail assaults, I want to hear from you.

Tim White has also sent me e-mails over the years posing as George Mateski and Patrick Alexander. If you have any info on either of these names, or other alias names that Tim White has used, please let me know.

Anonymity is guaranteed to any degree desired.

I'm also interested in acquiring similtar background information about "Xena Carpenter" and talking to anyone with first hand knowledge of any connection with Xena Carpenter and the names of Sherry Carpenter, Wendy Carpenter, or Sherry Shriner. Your Anonymity is guaranteed.

Thanks, Ken Adachi"

[BHP: Ken Adachi, another weathervane, who used Tim White as a "source" for years, defended him by attacking anyone who EXPOSED Tim White, published his obsessive rants against whistleblowers, and even gave White his own section on Educate-Yourself, has reversed his position and is now vehemently  denouncing Tim White.

Adachi has also falsely claimed, repeatedly, that Barbara Hartwell is "working with" Tim White, and using him as a "source."

For the record, I have NEVER worked with Tim White aka White Trash, nor would I ever give credibility to anything he says.

Adachi, or Boudreau, or whatever the hell your name is -- If you want information on Tim White, you know damn well where you can find it -- right here on my website.  

And you might be interested to know, along with your former advocate, Alex Studer, that "Xena Carpenter" is none other than Todd Brendan Fahey, who is Tim White's  "other half" of the demonic duo --you know him, the one whose outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell you have plastered all over your website? Now, they are attacking YOU, and that's a different story, isn't it?]


"I got another e-mail from Lunar Pages on the morning of Aug. 23, informing me that they had received "another complaint" about me. This time, it's a 5 page poison pen diatribe from Barbara Hartwell, the Queen Snake of CIA Programmed Liars, telling Lunar Pages just what a terrible person I am and how I had ruined her life by 'slandering' her, etc., as is typical of Hartwell's habit to reverse the facts and blame others for the very affronts and outrages that she has rained upon others."

"Thanks to a rumor started by Tim White about 2.5 years ago, Hartwell, Kane, Horowitz, Alex Studer, Xena Carpenter, Craig Oxley, and other associates of the Tim White Rumor Brigade have been repeating whenever possible that my "real name" is so and so" [Peter Boudreau]

"I find it odd that Hartwell (and even Len Horowitz of all people), who claim to detest and despise Tim White as a "barking dog" would actually put stock in anything Tim has to say and run with it as if it were established fact. These people should limit their lives to the pages of The National Enquirer--and nowhere else. True Ott sent me a copy of an e-mail he sent to two of Tim White's Rumor Brigade that they got the story wrong, but I don't know if it will make any difference. I'm going to have to talk to my 'alter ego' and see if we shouldn't file some lawsuits."

"Tim [White] is a Loser of the First Magnitude, an individual devoid of any character, integrity, or honor, who simply revels in foul mouthed bickering and Peyton Place soap opera-like drama. He and his CIA counterpart, Barbara Hartwell, work as a sort of "opposing" tag team to stimulate arguments and dissension among people like Len Horowitz and True Ott in order to keep them occupied with name calling and personal feuding. It's CIA/NSA/DIA/DHS/FBI/military counter-intelligence 101."
[BHP: Wrong again, Adachi, on all counts, at least re Barbara Hartwell. If Tim White is a "counterpart" of anyone, it's YOU!  YOU are the one who actually "worked with" Tim White, to sow discord and foment trouble. YOU are the one who defended him, supported him and promoted him, even financed him. None of which I have EVER done, and never, ever will.
And FYI: any information I have on you comes from other sources,  certainly NOT Tim White.  And your "CIA programmed liar" bullshit is wearing thin, so why don't you just find yourself another target and get the hell off my case.
You only expose yourself as a presumptuous blithering idiot by claiming to know anything about intelligence work. Like your fellow stooges, you are completely clueless.]

"And from yet another friend:  sorry but GEORGE H W BUSH COVERT OPERATIVE USAF Lt Gen/NSA/CIA OTIS C JOHNSON aka RED DOG doesn’t have anything to do with this and Sherri Kane is NOT MI6 at work here – it’s CIA/MOSSAD with the ADL and SPLC - and BARBARA  HARTWELL won’t be too smug very soon…it is MUCH more complex than you know…Horowitz has OVER 400 domains registered – MOST of them with GODADDY…."

[BHP: The "friend" making all the idiotic allegations is Tim White. This is just one of the things Tim White went ballistic over not getting "CREDIT" for from his fellow stooge, Alex Studer.]


"Knight of Malta, Leonard Horowitz also is tied in with a Central Intelligence Agency handler by the name of Barbara Hartwell who is pulling the strings of Sherri Kane and Knight of Malta, Leonard Horowitz. I'm sure if you look deep enough you'll also find the connection to Mossad along with the Anti-Defamation League and finally the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is why Knight of Malta Leonard Horowitz is attacking many people right now and making up illusionary lies. Its also a plan by his new handlers to destroy his work but he's lacking the intelligence to see this either through his own ego or via some kind of mind-re-framing upon himself by this crowd.
Whilst we expose this Knight of Malta tied in with Central Intelligence Agency handlers such as Barbara Hartwell along with other hardcore facts. Knight of Malta, Leonard Horowitz continues to spew hateful deceitful libel vomit."
"How anyone can still believe a word this man has said is beyond me, even if you've always followed him. Do you think he's pathetic of low intelligence or a smart being? Do you really think he's be this pathetic unless he was up to something and having an agenda? He knows exactly what he's doing unless as I said he's mind re-framed by his handlers. Do your homework people on the real conspiracy going on that most will not tell you or try to attack and cover up."
[BHP: I don't think I'll even bother to comment. Oxley's idiocy, accusing me of being the "handler" for Horowitz and Kane, speaks for itself. But I should mention that this nonsense was also posted on Studer's website, from another anonymous "friend".]
"hey WHOREwitz...guess WHO a VERY good and VERY close friend of mine is in Los Angeles ?... why none other than TED GUNDERSON who has been FULLY informed of what YOU have been doing and today, I called the FBI to report what YOU and that VICIOUS LYING SLUT of yours did Tuesaday night ON AIR...GEEE....I'll BET you IDIOTS don't realize that you committed a VERY SERIOUS FELONY - actually running your  LYING ASS MOUTHS ON AIR CALLING FOR MY MURDER and now I have an attorney in Long Beach who is also in receipt of the information he needs to file the FELONY charges on BOTH of you...another attorney in Lincoln Nebraska who is ALSO a friend of mine will also be brought into this and WHO is he you ask ?...well none other than JOHN DeCAMP...and there are MORE - MANY MORE people who are NOW AWARE of the LIES that you are passing along from a KNOWN LIAR such as PHONEY Barbara Hartwell....and did you KNOW that CHRISTOPHER STORY was a FRIEND OF MINE who I had been in contact with for the past 5 YEARS and that I was the one to FIRST warn him AWAY from that BUSH CRIME FAMILY PSYOP known as LEE EMIL WANTA aka LEO WANTA ? YOUR BIG PROBLEM is just beginning....I'll be in touch - ER - I mean the FBI will be in touch WITH BOTH OF YOU....BTW...I have the audio file from Tuesday night and so WILL the FBI and OTHER pertinent law enforcement will BOTH find out soon that the FACTS and the TRUTH are FAR different than the VICIOUS SLIME you BOTH put out....

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"
As always, Tim White threatens, boasts and drops the names of Gunderson and DeCamp, trying to intimidate Len Horowitz with his bluster.
Anyone reading this can see that they are dealing with a psychopath, and any honest, reasonable person will be outraged; they will expose White for what he is, warn others about him, and tell him to get the hell off their case, to go pound sand, from minute one, which is exactly what Kane and Horowitz did. 
And yet idiots like Alex Studer, who toady to manipulators like "True" Ott, continue to use him as a "source", to attack Targets, thus completely discrediting themselves in the process.
ANYONE who has EVER used predicate felon, career criminal, fed snitch, Tim White as a "source"; or partnered with him in ANY way; or promoted him, supported him, endorsed him AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON, is a person with ZERO integrity, ZERO honor, ZERO concern for truth. Period.
(This means YOU, Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau and all of your accomplices.)
Tim White is a lunatic, a psycho stalker, a PUBLIC MENACE, who makes DEATH THREATS against Targets on a regular basis, and has been on the loose, wreaking havoc, for a decade!
Need I say more?
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 27, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA