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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tracy Krawitt (aka SPACEY TRACY), the Neighbor from Hell: FORMAL COMPLAINT TO POLICE & COMMENTARY

The following is a formal complaint I wrote, for the police, in my own defense, against a woman named Tracy Krawitt, who made a false police report against Barbara Hartwell, accusing me of threatening to “kill” her.

Barbara Hartwell
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Tenant (since January 1, 2014) at XXX
Rhinebeck, NY


On December 8, 2019, a tenant who lives across the street from me [Name was unknown at the time of this writing. I later found her name to be Tracy Krawitt.] called the police, making an unwarranted complaint against me. In fact, it was a false police report, as explained herein.

I do not know this woman, and had never spoken to her before. She has a large commercial trailer truck, hauled by a smaller truck, with writing on the side, SPACEY TRACY'S DEEP FRIED PICKLES.

Shortly after 7:00 PM, I was in my house when I heard loud noise and commotion outside, voices shouting, very close to my house, doors slamming, the sound of an engine and scraping of tires. I opened my door to see what the ruckus was, and saw that the truck was backing up, and then moving forward, repeatedly, coming very close to my car, which was parked outside, in the yard in front of the house, parallel to the driveway, in the designated spot.

I was very concerned that the driver might hit my car. The woman was standing inside my front yard (not a part of the driveway), shouting to the driver, as he tried to maneuver the vehicles. As I have witnessed in the past, the driver is extremely inept, and has caused damage on the property before, knocking down pole reflectors which are placed at the edges of the common circular driveway around which the cottages are situated.

I opened my door and came out on the porch and shouted over the noise, warning them not to hit my car. I was answered by the man driving the truck, who yelled out the window, “F- you!” After this verbal assault by the man (name unknown), I told the woman to “get the hell out of my yard”, that she had no business creating such a disturbance.

She answered, rudely and arrogantly dismissing my concerns, “ You need to chill out.” I repeated my directive for her to “get the hell out of my yard”, and she then moved onto the edge of the driveway. The man continued to curse at me, from the truck, more F- you! and other curses I could not make out. In outrage and disgust, I called them “assholes”, in response to this verbal assault. I then said I would report this outrageous behavior to the police.

The woman then said that she would call the landlord (who owns all rental properties but does not live on the property), and said, “I'll give you the numbers for the state and local police”. I told her I did not need any such numbers from her.

I then went back into the house. I was outraged and extremely distressed by their abusive and harassing behavior, but I decided that I would call the police the next day (Monday, December 9) to report the incident because I did not see the need to call, when there was no immediate emergency. The truck had finally been maneuvered to park in front of the cottage occupied by the woman, Tracy Krawitt.

I had planned to make a formal complaint about this incident, and so that the police would be apprised that these disturbances were a regular occurrence, which disrupted the peace and quiet on the property, of which other neighbors had also complained; but to my knowledge, they never called the police.

In the past, both of these individuals (Tracy Krawitt and the driver) have created such disturbances numerous times, making noise, yelling, blocking the common driveway between the cottages, loudly cursing at my other neighbors (F-you!, etc.) and knocking down reflectors placed at the edge of the driveway with the truck, which my neighbors had to keep replacing each time they were destroyed by the negligent actions of these individuals.

They have also left deep gouges from their tires in the shared side yard between my house and my neighbors', tearing up the grass and flowers, causing us to place lawn chairs at the edge of the driveway, to stop such intrusions into the yard. Putting up a physical barrier was the only way to stop them, as they had repeatedly disregarded the complaints from my neighbors. The reflectors, as well, were originally put in place for the same purpose, to stop them from intruding onto the grass adjacent to the circular driveway.

These individuals have been extremely rude, aggressive and disrespectful, with no concern whatsoever for the rights of other tenants on the property. Which is why I had good reason to be concerned that they might hit my car.

A few minutes after the incident, three (3) police officers came to my door, arriving in two separate cars. This woman, Krawitt, had called them, though she and her associate (the driver of the truck) were the only aggressors/offenders. They were creating a disturbance; the man was verbally abusive and I had every good reason to fear that my car might be hit.

When the police came, I was shocked to hear that this woman had given them totally false information about the incident, which amounts to making a false police report. I explained what had happened, such as I am documenting here, in greater detail.

One officer actually told me that this woman had claimed that I had made a threat to “kill” her. This is an outrageous lie! This woman, Tracy Krawitt, is a liar and a false witness. I said no such thing, nor would I, nor have I ever made such a threat to anyone. As stated above, my only responses to this outrageous behavior, strictly in my own defense, were, “Do not hit my car.”; “Get the hell out of my yard.”, and to call them “assholes”, after I was verbally assaulted by the man. There were no threats whatsoever made by me.

The officer told me that it would all be documented, though he declined to tell me the exact nature of the complaint made by this woman, Tracy Krawitt. However, due to the fact that this woman has lied to the police, bearing false witness against me, I find it necessary to document the incident myself, as a formal complaint, for the record. Making a false report to the police is a serious offense, and certainly cause for action on the part of the injured party.

Moreover, the egregious nature of the false report is of great concern to me, as my good name has been slandered and this false accusation is now on record, as documented by the police.

As a tenant, I have the right to quiet enjoyment of the rental property for which I am paying. This woman, Tracy Krawitt, has created, in general, a hostile environment, with the regular disturbances and incursions.

I was told by the police that it was difficult to move such a vehicle, as if I should take that into consideration. However, that is not my concern, and I am not required to make accommodations for their problems, especially when they are creating noise, stress and disrespecting my rights in the process. If they are unable or unwilling to run their commercial business without creating disturbances for others (on a regular basis), they should move their business to another location, for which the current location is certainly unsuited, being a strictly residential area, not for use by commercial purposes.

The fact is that Ms. Krawitt has now made a false police report, accusing me of issuing a threat to her life, when no such event occurred. It appears that she made this false report as a preemptive, malicious attempt to justify her complaint against me, which was totally unwarranted.

These actions constitute a grievous injustice, which I do not intend to tolerate. I consider the man's verbal assaults as menacing, and I now have reason to be concerned that she might call the police again, bearing false witness, at her whim, since she has apparently got away with it in this instance.

Please be advised that my only actions were in attempts to defend my property and my rights as a tenant. Her actions and her false report to the police place Ms. Krawitt entirely in the wrong. Also please be advised that I intend to pursue every lawful means in order to hold her accountable and to clear my name from these injurious false accusations.

This incident has caused extreme distress for me, including having three (3) police officers interrogating me, especially in light of the fact that I have been falsely accused of an offense I did not commit.

I don't blame the police, as I understand that they are required to respond to all complaints. The only blame should be attributed to the false accuser, Tracy Krawitt, who lied to the police and made the false report.

I have no intention of having any further dealings with this woman, unless she instigates further offenses against me, in which case I will immediately contact the police.

Please consider this my formal complaint and keep this document for the record, so that my testimony as to the facts is known.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell


My neighbors, mentioned here, witnessed some of the incident from inside their house next door, though they did not hear anything, except the woman, Ms. Krawitt, shouting. They are willing to corroborate some of my testimony about the negligent actions and damages, and the disrespectful and destructive behavior of these individuals. Having known me for the past 6 years, they also know me to be a quiet neighbor who has always been respectful of others on the property.

They also later noted and were witness to the tire tracks from the truck, only inches from my car, which the police also saw.

If you check your records, you will see that the police have never been called, by anyone making a complaint against me, during the time I have resided here, since January, 2014. I have never caused any disturbances on the property, though I have called to report loud altercations by other tenants, who were eventually evicted by the landlord, for cause.


In my formal complaint to the police, I restricted myself to stating the facts. I later decided to make this a public report, where I am under no such restrictions.

This woman, Tracy Krawitt, deserves to be publicly exposed and rebuked for her utterly reprehensible actions, her flagrant lack of respect for the rights of others, and her dishonest character.

Tracy Krawitt has brought nothing but trouble and grief to her neighbors who are tenants on this property.

Ms. Krawitt's other neighbors (including me) have worked to create gardens in our yards, and to maintain the property as a peaceful, pleasant place to live.

That has now all changed, with the invasion of this trashy, loud-mouthed woman and her grotesque pickle truck.

The truck from which she peddles her wares is a hideous-looking monstrosity, the worst of eyesores, which no one can escape seeing from the minute the sun rises. It dominates the landscape, a jarring bright fire-engine red, emblazoned with garish images of dancing green pickles – imagine having your eyes assaulted, day after day, with THAT.

The main driveway is regularly blocked by other vehicles, a daily gridlock of cars and trucks, belonging to her or her associates, parked in front of her residence, along with an assortment of yard trash.

The presence of this eyesore (along with its owner) has destroyed the natural setting of the property, making it look like a trashy shantytown, a habitat for transients and carnival workers.

I can only describe Tracy Krawitt aka SPACEY TRACY as the Neighbor from Hell. I pray that she goes back to where she came from, along with her low class associates, her trash, and her damnable hell-fired pickles, to leave the rest of us in peace.

Barbara Hartwell
January 26, 2020

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