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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Tracy Krawitt, Irresponsible Owner of Howling Dog, Causes Constant Noise Disturbance on Rhinebeck Property

This is the second report I have found it necessary to publish regarding one Tracy Krawitt, who lives on the rental property where I have resided since 2014.

This particular issue involves a dog owned by Krawitt. The dog is left alone inside her house for long periods of time. A window is left open, out of which the dog hangs his head and front paws, howling and barking at all hours of the day and night.

If a car pulls up to any of the cottages on the property, the barking and howling immediately starts up. If anyone is walking outside on the common driveway, or working outside in their garden or yard, the howling begins, and does not let up.

I should make it clear that as an animal lover, and having worked in animal welfare and advocacy for many years, I don't blame the dog. In fact, I feel very sorry for the dog. The owner is always responsible for allowing the animal to become a nuisance, such as in this case, disturbing the peace by loud barking and howling.

I and other neighbors are being disturbed day and night by the constant barking and howling from a dog who, in my opinion, is neglected and not receiving proper care from the owner.

Since this woman has caused other disturbances on the property, it comes as no surprise that she fails to respect the rights of others on the property, to the quiet enjoyment which can reasonably be expected when they pay for a rental. No one should have to put up with having their peace disturbed, or being unable to sleep due to the noise.

In most cases, I would have notified the owner of the dog of the problem, as a courtesy to a neighbor. In this case, I avoid any dealings with this woman, and I am not on speaking terms with Krawitt, due to past offenses she committed against me, the worst of which was calling the police and making a false complaint, lying to the police, slandering me, falsely accusing me of making a threat to “kill” her when I had done no such thing!

After this outrageous offense, I set the record straight and informed the police that I would never speak to Krawitt, but would call them were she to commit further offenses.

This is not a police matter, so I called Dog Control for the town of Rhinebeck and explained the situation to one of the officers. I was informed that unless the dog was outside, running free or tethered by a rope, there was nothing to be done to stop the disturbances. To me, this is unacceptable.

I don't know what recourse is to be had by those of us who are suffering from the gross irresponsibility of a neighbor who clearly has demonstrated her total disregard for the feelings and the rights of others.

I would ask anyone reading this who lives on the property (or nearby) who is suffering from this disturbance, to please make a call to Dog Control to report this issue. Maybe if enough calls are made, someone will do something. One can hope...

In any case, I know I have done what I could to expose Tracy Krawitt (again) as a dishonest, irresponsible character and to warn others who may wish to avoid having dealings with her.


And get this: Just now, as I was about to post this report, I heard the dog barking and howling right outside my window! The dog was unleashed, and when I went outside to check, I saw the dog running out toward the road. This had never happened before. Unbelievable!


I have no idea how this happened, but I put in another call to DOG CONTROL.


I am now very concerned about the safety of the dog.


To be continued...I will add an update when I hear back from DOG CONTROL.

Barbara Hartwell

April 21, 2022



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