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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: Relentless Criminal Harassment by Tim White

He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.

Proverbs. 6:14-19

NOTE: Over the years, some people have asked me: Why do you bother with exposing a stool pigeon/snitch, an amateur, a mere government stooge like Tim White?

Answer: Because, although Tim White is, of himself, an inconsequential amateur, only one small cog in the wheel of government-sponsored disinformation, he is a very loud, aggressive and malicious one; moreover, his criminal activities are quite obviously sanctioned by professionals who are anything but inconsequential when it comes to spreading disinformation and persecuting patriots and whistleblowers.

And, I am very tired of having to refute White's endless outrageous lies (and those of his accomplices) about Barbara Hartwell which have polluted the Internet over the last seven years.
More importantly, because I seek Justice.

Tim White is a predicate felon and career criminal. How has he escaped prosecution for his crimes over so many years? Why has he not been apprehended and prosecuted? Why has he been allowed to flee the country, where to this day he continues his criminal harassment and threats from across the border, in Canada?

Also ask yourself this question: What kind of person would be involved with the likes of Tim White?

Who would solicit the "help" of a known criminal stalker to target Barbara Hartwell, Rick Stanley and others for threats, criminal harassment and the dissemination of libelous falsehoods about the targets?

Who would endorse and defend Tim White?

Who would vociferously claim that Barbara Hartwell is a "liar", "slanderer", etc. for exposing the truth about Tim White and his criminal accomplices (both amatuer and professional)?

For me, these questions are rhetorical, as I know they are for many others (most notably those who have also been targeted by White). But for those who may be undecided, I ask you to consider the information offered here and reach your own conclusions.

I apologize to the readers for the vile, obscene language used by Tim White, which I find appalling. However, it is my policy to copy his messages exactly as they are.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 28, 2008


Predicate Felon Tim White Threatens Hartwell, Stanley & Webb

From: Tim White
To:Rick Stanley; Stew Webb; Barbara Hartwell
Cc:[John DeCamp]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: NICE "TRY",IDIOTS

"Just wait till all you ASSHOLES see what's coming your way from John DeCamp.Keep believing your own lies(all of them)'cause it'll be that much sweeter when you get this right between those beady eyes. Hey,ASSHOLE SHITHEAD WEBB-think I don't know your NEW address?Delusions of yours(pl) will be thought of while both of you are in PRISON-stripped of ALL ASSets-no transferrence of asset title is of any use,ASSHOLE Stanley.As far as YOU-IDIOT Stanley,your big mouth got you in DeCamps' libel and slander lawsuit and with recent updates-it's moving forward-SOON.Keep thinking this is not so.......all of you will be doing the mantra,"it's only a dream,it's only a dream" but that will very shortly change to ,"OH SHIT!!!,IT'S TRUE"!!!

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"

"BTW,hey SHITHEAD WEBB-your FBI/CIA buddies didn't pay your website bill,huh?Been down for almost 3 days--it will be down FOREVER by court order if not before-SNITCHY BOY"

Notice from Barbara Hartwell to Witnesses (2005)

This message from Tim White to Barbara Hartwell was published on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum by Rick Stanley. The purpose? To show everyone the M.O. of Tim White: Threats, harassment, obscene language.

FYI: The latest harassing e-mail from Tim White, sent to my yahoo address. Please save for your files. He has been warned never to attempt contact with me in any way. The cops here in Maine have his name on a list of perps for criminal harassment.

Subject: Fwd: NICE "TRY",CUNT

From: Tim White phantom469366 wrote:
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 23:30:51 -0000
From: "phantom469366"
To:[Barbara Hartwell]
Subject: NICE "TRY",CUNT

"SAY---CIA BITCH----do ya KNOW how to do an IP trace?NO WARRANTS---CUNT--
-and I'm still in Colorado----what a surprise,HUH?"

A True (But Stranger than Fiction) Crime Case: The Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist

May, 2003


I first learned of a very strange and sinister character named Tim White in August 2001. Mr. White is a study in aberrant psychology and sexual perversion. He is also a convicted felon, now on probation in Denver Colorado.

But White's REAL claim to notoriety is promoting outlandish conspiracy theories.

In accordance with these conspiracy theories, White adamantly claims that I still work for CIA; that I have been deployed to spy on him --and that the Agency has deemed him a threat to "National Security".

As a result of his bizarre beliefs, Mr. White has targeted me for criminal harassment; libel; slander; and even death threats, for all of which I have documented evidence and numerous witnesses.

My reason for writing this report is that I am damn sick and tired of this criminal pervert and his interference in my personal and professional business.

I have done nothing whatsoever of a wrongful or unlawful nature that could possibly justify Tim White's continuous malicious harassment of me.

I am no longer working for CIA. And any well informed and reasonable person would be hard pressed to understand why on earth CIA would waste its time or resources to deploy a high-level operative (such as the one I used to be) to target an inconsequential amateur like White.

In fact, White does not know me and has never met me. But due to the serious damages I have incurred, resulting from White's strange fixation on me, I have every intention of putting Mr. White and his co-conspirators out of business --at least out of the business of harassing me, my friends, professional colleagues and family members.

As all of us who have been targeted by him agree, Mr. White is a man who needs to learn to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS and to respect the personal boundaries of others.

If he wants to promote his wild conspiracy theories, fine —as long as he does so without invading the privacy of innocent people.

But apparently he will have to learn the hard way. Because I have no doubt there will be some very unpleasant consequences for his relentless, unconscionable interference and his meddling in situations which are NONE of his business.

It's called CRIMINAL HARASSMENT and I intend to see to it that Mr. White is prosecuted for his crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

If Mr. White feels it necessary to take on CIA, because he is deluded into believing they are out to get him, then perhaps he should seek treatment for his mental illness. But one way or another, I will make it my business to get him off MY case.

Tim White (unfortunately for those of us he has targeted for harassment) is now on the Internet. So recently a new dimension has been added to his harassment of me, my family, friends and colleagues: White is now writing and publishing outrageous lies about me, in the form of libelous disinformation, which is being posted on various websites and message boards.


Now let's hear what one of White's staunch defenders and supporters, Charles Bruce Stewart, founder of The Christian Common Law organization in Oregon, has to say about Tim White. This statement was published by Larry Lawson, another alleged "Christian Patriot" and weird conspiracy theorist, on his Larry Lawson News Yahoo! message board.

Charles Bruce Stewart wrote:

"Pamela & Will Gaston are long time & Heroic Family-Rights & Juridicial-Accountability Activists. The same goes for Shriley Anderson, Tim White, & Larry Lawson; who have all recently done cutting-edge work in exposing CIA-MK-Ultra Mind-Control Puppet & False-Patriot Barbra Hartwerll. Leonard Hendrson has done much "behind the scenes" work to promote these & other Family Rights Activists, by doing web-page & other work for them.
cbs ..."

BH: The fact that Charles Stewart is a pompous windbag (who definitely needs some help with his spelling) and an ignoramus who consistently writes and speaks about issues of which he knows nothing, has been made evident by the many fallacious comments he has written about me and others (such as my friend and professional colleague ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee) whom he has targeted for his inane rantings. Stewart's libelous writings will be addressed in detail in an upcoming report.

But Stewart's foolishness and ignorance notwithstanding, the readers of his nonsense might want to consider that Stewart's ideas of "Family Rights Activism" and "Judicial Accountability" are strange ones indeed.

Stewart deems Tim White (a user of pornography; drugs and, at the very least, an ENABLER of the abuse and exploitation of children by his financial support of subscribing to child pornography) to be a "heroic" activist.


If THIS is "heroism" in Mr. Stewart's book, I have to wonder what he's been smoking.

Or maybe it's just a simple case of stupidity. And although I don't know Pamela and Will Gaston personally, I will say that based on their writings, they seem to be sincere and legitimate people; patriots and defenders of the Constitution. In fact, I have posted some of their articles on my website.

I will not presume to speak for the Gastons. However, I doubt that if they knew the TRUTH about Tim White, that they would appreciate being placed in the same category with White, as per Mr. Stewart's assessment, in his unqualified endorsement of Tim White's character and activities .
Apparently, based only on his malice toward me, Stewart would jump at the chance to promote ANYONE who would attempt to discredit Barbara Hartwell, regardless of their character flaws and/or psychopathology; and to label such individuals as Tim White, Shirley Anderson and Larry Lawson "heroic" —if only because these misguided individuals have teamed up in their libel campaign against me.
Shame on you, Mr. Stewart.