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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Solicitation to Commit Murder? Bald-faced Lies!

NOTE: This report was written in 2003. It outlines the persecution of legitimate government whistleblowers by attempted set ups and by disseminating disinformation about Barbara Hartwell and others.

Who is involved? Tim White, naturally --who continues (now five years later) to harass/threaten/libel/stalk those targeted for persecution by corrupt government officials.

Tim White has not been apprehended for his many crimes. He is a fugitive from Justice, living in Canada. He continues to boast that FBI agents/"former" FBI agents are his "personal friends", with whom he is "working". He calls these people REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS, while promoting the lie that "Barbara Hartwell is CIA."

What does this tell you about Tim White?

What is wrong with this picture?

Is Tim White a "TARGET", as he claims?

Or, is he being exploited as the stooge of those who would target others?

How many outrageous lies can Tim White continue to tell (all of which continue to be exposed --with facts and evidence), while certain people still are foolish enough to defend him?

I would suggest that anyone supporting/defending/promoting Tim White be considered, at the very least, suspect.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 12, 2008

October, 2003


BALD FACED LIES from Tim White and Ted Gunderson!

Here is a letter written by Tim White, sexual pervert; collector of child pornography; transvestite and convicted felon from Denver Colorado. It is clear that Tim White has gone off the deep end, since he is now falsely accusing Stew Webb of attempting to hire a person, David Wasendorf, to kill him.

Open Letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft from Ted Gunderson

[Posted by Tim White]

"This is a very direct letter to Ashcroft from former SAIC Ted Gunderson,a personal friend of mine and with whom I am working very closely to put Stew Webb in Federal prison for life.He has made the huge mistake of calling David Wasendorf(aka MECHANIC-a retired CIA asset,a personal friend of mine)at home to ask him to kill me.This is "interstate solicitation to commit capital murder"-a very serious FELONY that deserves long incarceration upon conviction.David will be writing a signed and notarized affidavit to be given to the FBI and other yet un-named parties.I have already spoken to Tom Fisher of FBI and to Scott Prendergast of the Denver Probation Dept and to Ted Gunderson to give them info on this.Contact with Special Agent FBI Mark Holstlaw is pending.I expect this matter to be handled with all due diligence.
Sincerely, Tim White"

Here is an excerpt from Ted Gunderson's letter to Ashcroft, making more false accusations against Stew Webb.

"Speaking of a police state, I can document that the FBI has attempted to “frame” me on a drug operation, and they have “planted” an informant, Stewart Webb, on me. I have copies of his letter and his video statements that he is an FBI informant! Since I disseminated my January 7, 2003 report in Washington D.C., I have been under surveillance and burglarized in my Los Angeles apartment. I made a police report, concerning the April 3, 2003 surveillance, and reported the incident to President Bush by letter, April 24, 2003. (This letter and today’s letter to President Bush reporting the burglary are in the enclosed January 7, 2003 report ADDENDUM."

For those who have read my reports on the Denver Connection and related matters, you know that I have documented the criminal harassment from Tim White, dating back to August 2001 and which continues to this day.

Tim White is now acting in collusion with Ted L. Gunderson, Shirley Anderson, Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick aka The Fifth Horseman, Larry Lawson and others to criminally harass, libel, slander and stalk myself, Stew Webb and other of my friends and associates, including Rayelan and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

Unlike White and his cronies, I deal in FACTS and EVIDENCE, rather than delusions and lies.

Unlike Tim White and his cronies, I tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. And I have ZERO TOLERANCE for criminal actions.

Here are some FACTS regarding Tim White.

White first attempted to contact me through a conduit, Daryl Sturgis aka Tim Hall in August 2001. He claimed his purpose was to "warn" me about a death threat from an ex-Special Forces man whom he claimed was a hired contract killer for CIA.

This was the first of many outrageous lies told by Tim White. The man he accused was innocent ( just as Stew Webb is innocent) of any such charges. I know this because I investigated this man myself and he later served as my bodyguard. Would I have a bodyguard who wanted to kill me?

No way in hell.

After he was released from prison, Tim White began to harass me by telephone, harassment that was ongoing for at least a year, and for which I have several witnesses, including my son, Keith Hartwell. I have taped the harassing phone messages for evidence.

When a friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, attempted to stop White's harassment of me, White, instead of ceasing his harassment of me, began to harass Geral as well.

White has told, written and published SO MANY LIES about me, Stew Webb and others that I've lost count of them all. But I do have them saved, in written form and on tape, as evidence.

White has accused me of colluding with Stew Webb to "set him up" for a drug bust. But at the time of his arrest (one day after I received the bogus "death threat" warning) I did not even know of White's existence!

Tim White has published false information regarding a man named Dave Wasendorf, whom he claims is ex-CIA. White claims that I, Barbara Hartwell, know this man, in connection with some past CIA operation and that I was in collusion with Wasendorf to "set him up".

Fact: I do not know anyone by the name of Dave Wasendorf. I have never met him, nor spoken to him, nor had any communication with him. I never even heard of this man until I read the lies published by Tim White about myself on the Internet.

Tim White claims that I am a "CIA BITCH", a "CIA disinfo slut"; a "whore".
Fact: I am none of these things. I have severed all ties to CIA, approximately 10 years ago [in 1994] and in fact I lead a celibate life by my own choice since I do not have a husband and do not believe in sex outside of marriage.

White's cohort, Shirley Anderson, has also publicly lied about me claiming I have "beta" (sex slave) programming.

Fact: Shirley Anderson is another liar and provocateur who knows NOTHING about me. She is merely parroting a lie she has heard from some gov't goons who are desperate to discredit me, or people like gov't groupie and provocateur Brenda Negri. I have never had any such "beta" programming and was never utilized in such a way by anyone, including CIA. I did intelligence work, NOT prostitution.

Tim White claims that I am "George Bush's trollop". That my connections and "friends" in the state of Maine, whom I go to visit, are the Bush family.

Fact: I do not live in Kennebunkport, but in another town. I do not visit and have never visited the Bush family in Maine, nor anywhere else. And the only "connection" between myself and the Bush Crime Family has to do with their CIA abuses committed against me and other family members. As well as having sent Secret Service agents to follow me at times when I happened to be in Kennebunkport. I told the agents, on these occasions, who were very polite, to get lost, and they did.

Now Tim White has publicly claimed that I have been involved in a plot, along with Stew Webb, to set up a MURDER.

Shirley Anderson, who has also been harassing me, Stew Webb and others, has made a similar claim.

Fact: The ONLY contact I ever had with Shirley Anderson is to issue a written directive for her to cease and desist her e-mail harassment of me. I do not give a damn about Shirley Anderson or what happens to her, except as regards stopping her criminal harassment, lies, libel and slander of me personally.
I have NEVER been involved in any way, shape or form, in attempting to do harm or "soliciting" to do harm to ANYONE. I have done nothing wrongful, illegal or criminal.

One of Tim White's latest ventures has been to contact journalist Virginia McCollough of NewsMakingNews, claiming to be a "source" of information about myself, Stew Webb and others. This recently resulted in McCollough libeling me and using false information, furnished by Tim White, in published articles, in which she attempted to implicate me and Webb in the suspicious death of journalist Brian Quig.

Fact: I did not know Brian Quig. I have never met Brian Quig, nor had any contact whatsoever with him.

Virginia McCollough claims to despise Ted Gunderson. On the website for which she writes, NewsMakingNews, there is a Ted Gunderson Data Dump, on which are posted many articles purporting to "expose" Ted Gunderson.

Yet now, McCollough is using Tim White as a "source"???

Apparently, she considers him credible.

Tim White, who states that he is a "personal friend" of Gunderson, with whom he is "working closely" to have Stew Webb arrested for a MURDER PLOT?

But enough lies from these unscrupulous people.

For those interested in some FACTS, here they are.

Tim White has threatened my life, Stew Webb's life, Al Martin's life. I have witnesses and evidence of these threats.

Because of Tim White, his cohorts and their lies that a "CIA hit man" was sent after me, in 2001, I left my home and went to a "safe house" because I had no way to determine at that time whether or not the threat was real.

This resulted in extreme trauma for myself and my family; forced me to go into debt and spend what little money I had on attempting to protect myself. These and other damages will be cited in a civil lawsuit, as well as in criminal complaints against the perpetrators.

Tim White has, to my knowledge, to date, publicly accused two INNOCENT men, one of whom is Stew Webb, of murder plots against himself and against me.

I called Scott Prendergast, White's probation officer in Denver, last year [2002] to report the criminal harassment by White. Prendergast never returned my call and did NOTHING to stop the harassment.

I later spoke to a woman who is the head of the Probation Dep't in Denver, in a conference call with Stew Webb, in an attempt to stop White's harassment of both of us.

Nothing was ever done.

Tim White attempted to extort $100,000 from Stew Webb for the return of boxes of documents containing incriminating evidence against the Bush family; Stew's ex-father-in-law Leonard Millman; Bill and Hillary Clinton; Ted Gunderson and many others.

The last phone conversation I had with Ted Gunderson was in January 2000. At that time, Gunderson repeated to me a statement that he had made several times prior to that date. When I expressed grave concern that another attempt would be made on my life, he said not to worry, he would "protect" me and that his method of "insurance" was that he had "arranged for retaliation" if anything happened to me.

This is how the mob operates. Somebody in a warring faction kills one of them, THEY kill one of yours.

Brenda Negri, White's cohort, who also defends the actions of Ted Gunderson on her website, The Fifth Horseman, and is in collusion with both men in a plot against myself and Stew Webb, has also made WRITTEN PUBLIC DEATH THREATS against me.

Negri has also been in collusion with two CIA agents in North Carolina who arranged to set up a family member for a false arrest, and who have filed a "criminal complaint" against me "for inciting violence and terrorism".
Negri has published the libelous allegations and lies made by these agents about myself and other family members.

There are now lawsuits and countersuits in which MORE lies are being told, more perjury, about myself and others.

All because, I, Stew Webb, Geral Sosbee and other legitimate whistleblowers have TOLD THE TRUTH and exposed massive government corruption.

So, since they are all so desperate to neutralize whistleblowers, who do you think all these perps (one way or another) are working for?

Who is paying them for their dirty deeds and to spread their malicious lies?


This morning, I made a call to the FBI in Maine, the second such call I have made in the past six months. The first was in New York state, where I formerly resided.

The agent I spoke to in NY, Special Agent Chris Parker, never followed up on my complaints about the criminal harassment, death threats and other felonious activities being committed against me by Brenda Negri, Tim White, Shirely Anderson, Larry Lawson and other criminals.

But I will not allow this criminal harassment, these lies, and these threats to continue. I will insist that this criminal network be investigated, and charges pressed. I have a large body of evidence which will be furnished to the FBI and it will be on record that the complaints have been filed.

Barbara Hartwell
October 8, 2003


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