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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Psycho-Stalker Tim White Threatens Jail for Investigative Journalist Janet Phelan

NOTE: Over a period of years, I have published a plethora of evidence which clearly establishes that predicate felon Tim White is a menace to society, a psychopath whose criminal record includes stalking of various targets.

Tim White has made open threats of bodily harm (and even death) to these targets.

Investigative journalist Janet Phelan is one of those targets. In the past, Tim White followed her to Idaho and stalked her there, along with an accomplice, Pamela Schuffert.

Tim White and Pamela Schuffert have both been involved for years in harassment of Barbara Hartwell, along with publishing many extremely damaging libelous falsehoods about myself and others.

Now, Tim White continues his stalking and threats in Canada.

Regarding the rampant criminal activities of Tim White, some questions have been repeatedly asked:

1) Why has Tim White not been apprehended in all these years, after numerous criminal complaints (criminal harassment, stalking, threats, including DEATH THREATS) were made by numerous persons, to various law enforcement agencies/personnel, including the FBI?

2) How is it that Tim White continues to send blatantly threatening messages (see below) to his targets, and still, NOTHING IS DONE TO STOP HIM?

3) Why does law enforcement repeatedly and consistently allow Tim White to violate restraining orders?

4) Is "someone" protecting Tim White? Is "someone" in collusion with law enforcement agencies who might otherwise (maybe?) DO THEIR JOB by enforcing the law and arresting this criminal?

Here we have an utterly loathsome individual, a lunatic, a career criminal who threatens and stalks his targets with impunity. Then, he accuses the targets of being criminals...of being CIA, FBI....(take your pick) and he threatens the targets that he will put THEM in jail.
A system of "justice" that would, that could, allow these continuing outrages, these travesties, to happen, is moronic, by many orders of magnitude.

More evidence follows.

Here is a letter from Janet Phelan, published at this link:

August, 2008

I spoke with Detective Clauson today, August 26. Yesterday, on the advice of a former prosecuting attorney, I withdrew my complaint with the Medford Police Department. The attorney was shocked that they had gone ahead and subpoenaed my phone records, and had advised me to withdraw the complaint with the understanding that this would be the best move I could take to protect myself from their witch-hunt.

Clauson stated he was going to keep investigating, anyway. When I told him that he now had no moving party, and thus no complaint, he said he would charge me with making a false police report. I told him he had enough evidence already, in terms of the tape recordings, to ascertain I had not filed a false complaint. It got pretty heated at that point, and I just hung up.

I spoke with his commanding officer, Sgt. Walruff, a few minutes ago, who informed me that they will proceed with their investigation, in the face of my pulling my complaint. I thought I had the right to withdraw--well, apparently I don't have any rights at all, do I?

I told Walruff the following: First, I file a complaint. Your department disappears the report, the evidence and even the dispatch call. When I complain about this, Officer Antley produces a police report attacking my sanity. When I complain to Sgt. Sergi about the disappeared report, he snarls, "Get over it!" When I further complain, the report is suddenly located by your department, and you say that this was simply misfiled, due to my name being misspelled, but was located by an address search. 

This is obviously a falsification by your department, in an attempt to make it appear that it was there all along, I told him that this is not possible--three members of the department on two separate occasions did an address search and the report was not found at that time. I told him that the department had thus falsified records. I told him that constituted a felony and I demanded to know which officer did that. He did not answer. I told him that I did not want the criminals running the Medford Police Department to do any further "investigating," as there is nothing in my phone records which will reveal the source of the calls.T-Mobile has repeatedly stated this, and to subpoena my records in the face of this constitutes an invasion of my privacy. I have been told by your department that there is not enough evidence to subpoena Tim White's records, and this would constitute an invasion of White's privacy. But not of mine, it appears.....

Not enough evidence? I have turned over emails from White to me and to others, which are defamatory and threatening. I have turned over the case number in Santa Monica, California, where Judge Bobbi Tillman granted a TRO against White, who had threatened my life. I turned over information that White had followed me across country when I moved to Idaho in 2006, for the purposes of further harassing me. I turned over the name and phone number of Patricia Johnson-Holm, who has received numerous phone calls and emails from White about me. I have also turned over phone records and voice mails.

I told him Sgt Walruff I was moving to Ashland and I wanted no more of the sort of "assistance" the Medford PD provides.

He told me they were going ahead with the investigation, anyway. This is not legal. But nothing they have done in my case is, so why should I complain now? Maybe I should just plaster a yellow star on my shirt sleeve, and we can stop the pretense that I have any rights whatsoever and that the department is in any way assisting me.

Maybe they will find something to arrest me on. And if they can't maybe they'll just make it up, like they did that disappeared dispatch call.

Janet Phelan

October, 2008

Janet Phelan's complaint to Police re Tim White

To the Police Department of Medford:

I have asked Scott Clauson to contact Patricia (see below) some time ago concerning my stalking allegations. Tim White is the chief suspect. To my knowledge, Clauson did not follow through. Why is that?

I am finding it most disturbing that White is characterizing the conversations with "a certain officer" as a collusive effort to "put me in jail."

I am demanding that Mr. Clauson get in touch with me right away and explain what in the world he is doing.

I repeat--I am demanding this.

Show time is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Pacific. I expect to have an explanation by that time.

Janet Phelan

Tim White Threatens Janet Phelan (Again...)

"You want the TRUTH Patricia ? say that "you bring out the truth for all concerned"..EH ?..then start with that LYING BITCH JANET PHELAN...then MAYBE I'll tell you you should DAMN WELL KNOW of me by now..I KNOW THE TRUTH and I SPEAK the TRUTH and I TAKE NO SHIT from a CIA CONNECTED BITCH like PHELAN--or ANY ONE ELSE FOR THAT are DENSE as a CONCRETE BLOCK with regards to her..are you aware that she is IN VANCOUVER NOW ?...funny how Francine Kelly KNOWS that PHELAN is a TOTAL FRAUD also and I WILL PUT HER IN JAIL for what she has been doing lately-- I sure have been having a MOST interesting conversation with a certain officer in the Medford Police phone and email....there was a saying when I was in the service that was repeated constantly but here I have a slight variation...HER ASS IS GRASS AND I'M THE LAWNMOWER
Tim White"