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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Atrocity: The Targeting of Aaron James

NOTE: Yesterday, October 7, I received a forwarded message from Michael Herzog. The message was sent by Aaron James, to Michael Herzog, Charles Giuliani (Truth Hertz Radio-RBN) and Tim Wingate. I have given the message here in its entirety.

I find it very necessary and a matter of urgency, to comment on this situation, as my name has now been maligned in connection to this atrocity/targeting of Aaron James, and it is clear that 'someone' is trying to implicate me in matters that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

Please read Aaron James's message and see my comments below.


"Michael this is Aaron- Barbara Hartwell called in to your show very soon after I mentioned her name- she had called in to Republic Broadcasting just the day prior during my interview as well! As we both know she claims to be X CIA. She had also called into my interview almost 1 year prior shortly after the first kidnapping attempt upon us Oct27/08. I have spoken to a Tim White who sates I should be concerned that this is not so. Yahoo just terminated my website stating "violation of terms of service-defamatory information" has no record of my website either!! This is acute government targeting! I have an email I will send you from FBI agent Steven Davis- who threatened not only 75 FBI monitoring my website and 1 U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler were intent upon my kidnapping and "eagerly working with Canadian government" but also that he was "a very good friend of McCain-current U.S. Presidential Candidate nominee! The name U.S. Marshal Kelly Meutschler surfaced in the Canadian Winnipeg Police notes subpoenad by our attorney-4 of these "police" are criminally charged His threatening email is copied to McCain and to U.S. Attorney's department!

Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill FBI ASSET FBI/ Winnipeg Police Collusion towards our kidnapping and harm.

“Elected President of the FBI National Academy of Associates of North West Chapter” representing “Law enforcement from North Dakota, South Dakota, *Minnesota (where we were attacked) and Manitoba- where he now acts as police chief .

His affiliations with FBI and Minneapolis are being illegally exploited in order to effect our kidnapping/ murder: When Winnipeg police made their first attempt they raided my home, stole belongings that made their way to Minneapolis, held me in illegal confinement with no food/ no water while mocking and threatening “United states and Minneapolis say they have unfinished business with you- OUR BOSS SAYS maybe we should lock you up here long enough for one of them to come up and get you would you like that? We have Minneapolis police come up to train here all the time!”

We have been attacked as recently as Sept 17/08 and I have up an online youtube video of the attempt upon us WITH WITNESS TESTIMONY here:


Globe and Mail May 10/2007 “Ottawa(Canadian capital) sacrificed Arar to save face with Syria and the United States…The federal government fought like blazes to keep the fact that the CIA sent Maher Arar (see the url to Syria from you - they fought so hard that it took a court order for you to hear it - because Ottawa doesn’t want to lose face with the Americans, or the Syrians for that matter…***see the story at the following link

Currently there are several other cases of attempted abductions to U.s. torture including Gary Freeman (former black panther party member), and John Graham (former American Indian Movement member, recently abducted by a joint FBI/RCMP operation without the knowledge of his attorney, from Vancouver).

Requesting follow up to discuss this development


Thank you.
A James 204 296 6497 ; Linda James 204 889 9134"
Aaron James wrote:


Michael this is Aaron- Barbara Hartwell called in to your show very soon after I mentioned her name- she had called in to Republic Broadcasting just the day prior during my interview as well! As we both know she claims to be X CIA. She had also called into my interview almost 1 year prior shortly after the first kidnapping attempt upon us Oct27/08. I have spoken to a Tim White who sates I should be concerned that this is not so."

Statement from Barbara Hartwell Percival

First, let me state that I will only address the aspect of all this where my name has been brought up in connection with this situation, as I do not have enough information about the details of Aaron James's case to comment further.

1) I state for the record that I am not a CIA agent/operative/asset, nor do I have any dealings with this agency, its affiliates, proprietaries, etc.; nor with any other government entities.

2) I do not know, nor have had any contact with, at any time, any of the people mentioned in this message who are alleged to be targeting Aaron James.

3) I had absolutely nothing to do with the sabotage of Aaron James's website nor with any other crimes/ transgressions/violations which may have been committed against him.

4) Aaron James mentions Tim White, as the source of "information" about Barbara Hartwell. I do not know what was said by Tim White to Aaron James; I do not know if Tim White spoke to Aaron James by telephone; if there was communication by e-mail; or both.

However, I do know (as do many others) that Tim White is a predicate felon and government shill/stooge who has, over a period of the past seven (7) years been disseminating malicious lies about Barbara Hartwell -- most notably that I am CIA. White has published this lie all over the Internet. All anyone needs to do is run a search with my name and that of Tim White and they may see this for themselves. They may also see my reports exposing the crimes of Tim White; and exposing his accomplices.

Tim White has also been involved in harassing, stalking, threatening (including DEATH THREATS) a number of government whistleblowers/activists/expositors of government corruption (including myself); and including (but not limited to) constitutional activist Rick Stanley; ex-FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee; investigative journalist Janet Phelan.

At least two women that I know of, Doreen Bishop (Colorado) and Janet Phelan (now in Canada) had to file restraining orders against Tim White for threats of violence and stalking; and that still did not stop Tim White in his crimes against these persons.

Lastly, I find it despicable and appalling that Tim White would target Aaron James --a man who is clearly under siege and has good reason to fear for his life-- with completely bogus "information" about Barbara Hartwell, in attempts to set me up as a scapegoat.


Now, some background on the events (as related to Barbara Hartwell) described by Aaron James.

I first heard the Aaron James story on a radio program hosted by John Stadtmiller (RBN). This was either in December, 2007 or January, 2008; I do not remember the precise date. I called in to the program, and all I said at that time was that I empathize with Aaron James, as I also have been a target of political persecution for many years. (I don't know if that show is archived, but if so would provide corroboration of my statement here.)

Moving forward in time to Wednesday, October 1, 2008. I was listening to Michael Herzog's show, The American Awakening, on WTPN. Aaron James was Michael's guest. I did not tune in until the show was underway, but shortly after, I heard Michael Herzog mention my name. He was saying that I had "disappeared", but that he had recently heard that I had been "located."

I had not been in contact with Michael since the previous winter. In fact, I was not in contact with anyone (except a few family members) for months. To protect my privacy, I will only say that I was forced to leave my home for a period of time and go to a "safe house" in another state due to circumstances of a life-threatening nature; I will not elaborate further.

But since Michael was clearly concerned about me, and since he mentioned my name on the air, I decided to call in to the show. I said hello to Michael and Aaron; expressed my empathy for Aaron James's plight and told him I would pray for him and his mother. I also stated that I would be happy to put a link on my website for his Aaron James Story --which I fully intended to do-- and would have done, except for the fact that the website was taken down before I could post the link.

The next day, Thursday, October 2, 2008, I tuned in to Truth Hertz Radio on RBN, to hear Charles Giuliani's program, which I listen to on a regular basis. The guest, again, was Aaron James. I had no idea who the guest would be until I heard Charlie announce this.

Within a few minutes of the beginning of the show, Aaron James mentioned my name, describing me as "a CIA agent, Barbara Hartwell." He stated that I had called in to Michael Herzog's program the day before on the other network. He then expressed his concern that CIA might be "listening to the radio programs".

From Aaron's comments, it seemed obvious that he believed I am CIA, rather than EX-CIA. Needless to say, I found this distressing, so I called in to Charlie's show to set the record straight. I stated the fact that I am not CIA, and told Aaron I did not blame him for what appeared to be his misunderstanding. I didn't stay on air long, as I didn't want to take up time on the show re Aaron's case. Once again, I expressed my empathy with Aaron James about the injustices and atrocities he has been targeted for.

Subsequently, I sent Charles Giuliani an e-mail, for the purpose of further explanation and clarification.

Given the fact that much disinformation/COINTELPRO black propaganda is being disseminated about me, I was hoping that I might nip this in the bud, at least as regards what I saw as a simple misunderstanding (related to CIA) on the part of Aaron James.

The next thing I know, I received this message (above.)

I e-mailed Michael and Charlie, stating that I was distressed about all this, and stating (once again) for the record: I am not a CIA agent, and had nothing to do with any of this re Aaron James's website, etc.

Michael responded to me, saying:

"I have full faith in what you say (always have). I never thought for a second that you had anything to do with this......"

In summary, both Michael Herzog and Charles Giuliani can corroborate at least this much: That all that I have stated here (in connection to my calls in to their radio shows, respectively) is the truth.

As for Aaron James, I wish him and his mother nothing but the best. I deeply empathize with them and will continue to pray for them to be delivered from the atrocious crimes being perpetrated against them.

And I pray, as always, for God's swift justice against all criminal perpetrators who target innocent people.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
October 8, 2008