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Friday, October 10, 2008

PANDEMONIUM...Brought to You by Tim White

Pandemonium is the capitol of Hell in Milton's Paradise Lost. The root of the word is: many (pan) demons (demonium). Now emerges a hideous tableau, as once again, Tim White foments an uproar, yet another firestorm of controversy, laced with spite and the ubiquitous paranoia, as he points the finger at Barbara Hartwell.

But before the readers are graced with the latest pearls of wisdom from Mr. Timothy Patrick White, the Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist himself, here are the comments of two gentlemen who actually know me; whose spiritual and intellectual discernment (along with the facts and a plethora of evidence) have led them to a clear perception of the truth.

Michael Herzog (radio talk show host; private investigator; Pilots for 9-11 Truth):

Michael Herzog to Aaron James:

"Aaron.....I assure you....Barbara Hartwell had nothing to do with the shutting down of your website."

Michael Herzog to Barbara Hartwell re the sabotage of the Aaron James Story website:

"I have full faith in what you say (always have). I never thought for a second that you had anything to do with this....."

Michael Herzog re Tim White:

".......obviously Tim White is wallowing joyously in it like the maggot he proves to be."

Michael Herzog's e-mail message re Barbara Hartwell, Tim White and the CC list of White's proclamation (below):

"Ever see the movie 'The Outlaw Josie Wales?'......there was a classic line in that movie from one of the 'redlegs' when he was referring to Josie (Clint Eastwood).....The line went something like: "He's not a hard man to track, he leaves dead men wherever he goes.........That line sort of reminds me of you.......only I have to change the lines a bit:

She's not a hard woman to know.......she leads a trail of cockroaches wherever she


Geral Sosbee (Ex-FBI agent, attorney, Vietnam veteran, whistleblower)

"To Tim White-

Well timothie you just can't shut up; all of your libelous statements against my greatest friend and ally-the splendid Barbara Hartwell- reflect at once your own despicable and lying character and your hopelessly warped view of reality.

Barbara is far out your league, little man, so best communicate with your fellow drunks and low life street thugs on subjects of your mutual crime sprees, because you are truly unworthy to play the role of miniature pseudo-critic regarding one of the world's true great heroines and writers, Barbara Hartwell.

Geral Sosbee
October 8, 2008"

Now let's hear from Tim White. I received this message, forwarded to me by Michael Herzog. My comments follow.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Tim White
To: Aaron James
; Tim Wingate ; Michael Herzog
Cc: "Pam Schuffert "Truth 4 All""
; Lenny Bloom ; Lenny Bloom ;; Polly Cady ; Xena Carpenter ; Alex Christopher ; Ojos Criollos ; John DeCamp ; Todd Brendan Fahey ; Ted Gunderson ; Ted Gunderson ; Ted GundersonFBI-SAC ret ; Gianni D Hayes ; Clarence Malcolm ; Paul Andrew Mitchell ; Eric Jon Phelps ; Tom Reisinger ; Jim Rothstein
Sent: Wednesday, October 8, 2008 11:44:25 AM


"I have been doing YEOMAN duty to HELP Aaron since August of 2007--about 1 month after I first became aware of him from another friend of mine,Mitch Yamamoto,who I met at the Vancouver 9-11 "truth" conference,June 22-24,2007....I have spent MANY hours on the phone with Aaron since then(at least 100 hours--much of that time I PAID FOR with a calling card I use) and this also includes dozens and dozens of emails going back and forth between Aaron and myself since then and several others too..I have spent AT LEAST 150-175 HOURS of MY TIME to HELP Aaron anyway I have been able to and this despite the FACT that I am FLAT BROKE,as I have been a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL(TI) for many years and as a result of this targeting,not only am I BROKE,but I have had at least 11 attempts on MY LIFE as well going back to 1995 with 3 of those attempts in 2006 alone..this is all DOCUMENTED and is WELL KNOWN by many and just a partial list of those people who know me WELL is represented in the CC header of this email...I'm the one to put Aaron in touch with Lenny Bloom of CLOAK&DAGGER (Lenny never heard of Aaron till I contacted Lenny by phone)..I also put Aaron in touch with my good friend Eric Jon Phelps,who just had Aaron on his radio program on Monday of this week...I have caught A LOT of attention(SURVEILLANCE) and FLAK(RETRIBUTIONS) because of my activism on MANY things and this includes my HELPING Aaron James....I was just on the phone with Aaron to tell him of this LIAR Hartwell wrapping herself around Aaron James for a PATHETIC GRAB for "credibility",which is her well established M.O., and Aaron will be writing his own report to VERIFY what I am saying here..Eric Phelps is now aware of this too and Eric will also being VERIFYING what I write...BARBARA HARTWELL is a VICIOUS LIAR,LIBELER,and SLANDERER and I am THE TARGET--NOT this LYING-STILL-A-CIA-ASSET who has ATTACKED the REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS and this is also indicated of WHO they are by the many of the names in the CC header...
Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"

Comments from Barbara Hartwell Percival

All we have here is the defense of his indefensible position (attacking, libeling, threatening, harassing, committing crimes against legitimate persons, all of whom oppose totalitarianism) --the boasting of Tim White about his many associates, cohorts, accomplices, supporters and personal friends whom he deems "the REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS".

As if association with these individuals determines Tim White's "credibility".

I would say without reservation that most of these individuals, rather than exposing Truth, or defending Liberty, are in fact, diametrically opposed to Truth and Liberty. By their fruits shall you know them.

If Tim White considers this veritable nest of vipers and FBI/CIA shills good company, and since he is clearly bursting with pride at his association with them, then I guess he's found some kindred spirits --but I truly pity anyone else who would believe, or be duped into supporting or promoting this cabal of criminal conspiracy and cover-ups; this web of corruption; this miasma of evil --this one of many tentacles of the Octopus.

Tim White now boasts of being a "YEOMAN"; yet another fancy title he has attributed to himself. We hear his sob stories of being driven into poverty, being harassed, being under surveillance, etc., as a "Targeted Individual."

Targeted for what? And by Whom?

Tim White has claimed, for over seven years, that Barbara Hartwell, "that CIA BITCH", was sent by CIA to "target" him. This claim is not only delusional, but ludicrous in the extreme. Why would CIA (with or without Barbara Hartwell) bother to "target" a noxious little gadfly and G-Man wannabe like Tim White?

Tim White boasts about his prowess at matchmaking: He put Aaron James in touch with this so-and-so...and that so-and-so...just more name-dropping here. Tim White wants to be sure everyone knows that his "friends" are IMPORTANT PEOPLE.

But as usual, regarding Barbara Hartwell, since he has no facts or evidence at his disposal, nor even the testimony of ANY reliable, trustworthy or credible witnesses against Barbara Hartwell, all he can do is repeat, like a broken record, the same tiresome fabrications (which have been fed to him by those Barbara Hartwell has exposed as criminals, liars, government shills):

That Barbara Hartwell is a "LIAR, LIBELER, SLANDERER, CIA LIBEL/ DISINFO MACHINE"...etc. etc....

Tim White states: "I was just on the phone with Aaron to tell him of this LIAR Hartwell wrapping herself around Aaron James for a PATHETIC GRAB for "credibility",which is her well established M.O..."

It is clear to me that any belief held by Aaron James that Barbara Hartwell is a "CIA agent" --responsible in some way for the taking down of his website, comes primarily from the YEOMAN, Tim White. And I'm very sorry that Aaron apparently cannot see beyond the web of lies being promoted by my enemies, because ultimately, no good will come of holding this false belief. That is out of my hands; all I can do is pray that God will give him a Love of the Truth.

PATHETIC GRAB FOR CREDIBILITY? The whole of my involvement with the Aaron James case was making a total of three (3) phone calls to RBN and WTPN radio stations. In fact, I rarely call in to any radio shows, unless I am invited to be a guest by the host of the show.

And for this, I am accused of being a "CIA agent", who is responsible for the sabotage of Aaron James's website!

And I don't see how Tim White thinks my credibility could possibly be enhanced in any way by making a few calls, for the simple purpose of offering support to a man who has been targeted for political persecution. I regularly publicize the cases of targets of political persecution on my website, and on radio programs, something I have been doing for many years.

In summary, Tim White's outlandish conspiracy theories don't begin to hold water. And I have no doubt that the reason he is living in Canada is NOT because he is a "targeted individual"; a "TARGET of the government"; or "a refugee from the Bush reich" (or some such nonsense), as he vociferously claims --but because he is on the run (like the little coward he is) in a desperate attempt to avoid the consequences of the many crimes he has committed against innocent people, at the behest of his government masters.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 10, 2008