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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ken Adachi: A Study in Diabolical Calumny

Fight to the death for Truth, and the Lord God will fight for you.
Ecclesiasticus of Sirach

Ex FBI agent Geral Sosbee on Ken Adachi and Ted Gunderson:

"Succinctly, Ken Adachi is a malicious liar and a petty fraudster for writing the following statements about Geral Sosbee (regarding Gunderson, I have reason to believe that all statements written about him by my greatest friend, Barbara Hartwell, are true):

Adachi writes: "...Barbara Hartwell's ... gets little coverage beyond Gerald Sosbee or Stew Webb or other government-controlled "whistleblower" flunkies. ...You can find most of my articles ... on my Ted Gunderson page"

Ken Adachi started his massive and venomous libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell in March, 2001. He arrogantly --and ignorantly-- presumed to write and publish completely false and defamatory statements about Barbara Hartwell, a person he does not know (and never will); a person about whom he knows absolutely nothing (nothing that is factual or truthful) --in his foolish, clearly desperate, and seemingly implacable "defense" of Ted Gunderson.

And Adachi has been at it ever since. Make no mistake: For Ken Adachi, Ted Gunderson is THE issue here, not Barbara Hartwell. And since Adachi has not the slightest bit of truthful or factual information at his disposal, he can only "defend" Ted Gunderson's credibility by attempting to destroy that of Barbara Hartwell, along with any others who have exposed information about Gunderson's crimes and cover-ups.

Ken Adachi has continued relentlessly to promote the many outrageous lies (his own fabrications as well as those of others) which have resulted in extreme damages to my personal and professional reputation.

Adachi and his accomplices have fabricated a totally inaccurate and extremely negative "profile" of Barbara Hartwell, in which he presents me to the public in a blatantly false light which is, in fact, diametrically opposed to the actual truth about my character; the facts about my background (in connection to CIA and otherwise); my formal education and professional credentials; my relationships (personal and professional; past and present); and in fact, any area of my life he thinks he can destroy and sabotage by his libelous falsehoods.

As a direct result of Adachi's long term diabolical calumny, many unwitting souls (at least those who lack spiritual and intellectual discernment) have come to believe these utter falsehoods; and to consider me, as per Adachi's smears, a "CEO of Liars, Inc"; a "robot"; a "CIA disinfo agent"; a "mind-controlled slave"; "the Crimson Viper"; "the Merchant of Venom"; a "psychotic"; a "nutcase"; a "fraud"; a "fake survivor of CIA mind control", etc. etc. etc......

Worse yet, these lies are published, not only on Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself (the name is a bad joke: no "educational" material at all, only attempts to indoctrinate readers with New Age gobbledygook and government disinformation) but have, over the course of more than seven (7) years, been disseminated all over the World Wide Web, some posted by Adachi himself; some by other stooges being exploited by the COINTELPRO; and by numerous other idiots and dupes who have been deceived into believing them.

As well as by those whose personal agenda involves hatred and fear, not only of Barbara Hartwell, but of Truth itself. Because Truth is the enemy which will surely foil their totalitarian agenda and expose them for what they truly are: criminals, liars, cowards and traitors. Shills for the New Age movement and its demonic counterpart, the New World Order.

How disgusting is this? As far as I am concerned, there is nothing --absolutely nothing-- more despicable, more contemptible, than a liar. All liars are cowards, by definition. They may lie for a number of reasons, but the bearing of false witness against another always boils down to cowardice.

Cowards lie first and foremost because they are filled not with the spirit of Truth, nor have a love of the Truth; but rather live in thrall to fear. Fear that the truth about themselves; about their own crimes; their exploitation, abuses, duplicity, deception, etc. --even their own ignorance and stupidity-- will come out into the open and thus stop their political/personal agendas (whatever they may be, but which are, at the very least, narcissistic and unjust) from reaching fruition.

Liars are sociopaths with negatively-inflated egos. They lie not only in attempts to protect themselves from exposure, but with malice, to destroy the lives of their targets and to wittingly deceive anyone who will lend an ear to their falsehoods.

What follows here are excerpts from an article written by malicious liar, Ken Adachi, in 2005. It is titled, "Rick Stanley: Another Patriot Duped by Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb".

This particular article (at least under the original title) appears to have been taken off Adachi's website --and incorporated into other libelous articles, most notably in the special section Adachi has dedicated to libeling Barbara Hartwell, "Barbara Hartwell: CEO of Liars, Inc."

I have saved many of Adachi's smear pieces, over a period of years, because they serve as evidence of the various, ever-proliferating and shifting (and often contradictory) lies which are written, and conveniently edited, from time to time, to better fulfill Adachi's unscrupulous purpose: destroying the reputation of Barbara Hartwell.

As for refuting his many libelous articles, over the years, I have addressed only a fraction of them. Who could find the time? I haven't even read all of them, because it sickens me to have to read --much less address-- Adachi's hideous lies. But in the interest of serving the Truth, I have decided on this day, to make the time.

But before refuting the scurrilous claims of the liar, Ken Adachi, there is one more important issue I should address in the interest of truth. At the time Adachi wrote this particular smear piece, which libels Barbara Hartwell, along with others (including Rick Stanley and Stew Webb) I had a friendship with Stew (had, since early in 2001) which later ended (2006) due to "irreconcilable differences."

Unfortunately, Stew chose to break off his friendship with me due to what I can only describe as "agenda politics". The issues were pretty simple:

1) I refused to join up with Stew's promotion/support of Al Gore (as I've been well aware of who/what Gore really is for many years.)

2) I refused to have any part in the promotion of certain "news stories", some of which were, in part, based on documents/witness testimony I knew to be bogus. In good conscience, I can endorse only information which, to the best of my knowledge, is true, based on facts. I also require evidence to support the facts of the case.

3) I refused to tolerate Stew's libel of Karl Schwarz (who is my good friend), whom he and his associate, Tom Heneghan (the self-proclaimed "international intelligence expert"), falsely accused of all sorts of dastardly deeds, including being part of an "Israeli spy ring" --and in fact I was accused of same by Heneghan and Webb, apparently only due to my association with Karl Schwarz, with whom I was in agreement on the issues stated here.

My primary interests are, and have always been: Seeking and exposing Truth, no matter where my personal experiences/investigations lead; no matter who may exposed as part of a deception, or who may be "offended" by that truth.

Defending Liberty/God-given (natural) Individual Rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution. And, no matter if the Constitution has been shredded by tyrants, God-given Individual Rights are sacred and will be defended by me. That is my position, and will never change.

When other persons try to pull me off that track; or interfere with my personal or professional business in any way (and many have done, for their own agendas) I confront them head on; and if the matter cannot be resolved, meaning that they continue to attempt to impose their will on me and/or try to negate my principles, I simply walk away. Such was the case with Stew Webb.

And I am very sorry that Stew Webb decided to throw away our friendship to follow a self-serving political agenda which disregards Truth as the highest priority.

And lastly, Stew also published some lies about me, both on radio (Hal Turner network and also Cloak and Dagger with Lenny Bloom); and on his website, which remain there (last I looked) to the present time. The worst of which (to me, far worse than any other false accusations) is that "Barbara Hartwell is now working with Tim White." (???!!!)

Let me set that straight (again) right now. At no time have I ever "worked with" predicate felon/criminal stalker, government stooge, Tim White. Perish the thought! Thankfully, I have been spared the displeasure of ever meeting Tim White in person; and the extent of any "communications" I have had with him have been limited to his long-term criminal harassment, libel and slander, stalking and threats against me; and my repeated directives for him to cease and desist all such criminal harassment. Period.

Moreover, the lie that Karl Schwarz was behind a plot against Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan, and that I, Barbara Hartwell, had "taken money" from Karl in connection to this alleged "plot", is nothing, if not absurd.

Karl has no more tolerance for any kind of lies (including those used to promote agenda politics) than I do. Furthermore, Karl's discerning perception of Al Gore (the truth) is the same as mine --in fact, would be that of anyone concerned with the truth, anyone at least, who bothers to seek it out.

And despite the public boasts of the infamous gate-crasher/name-dropper and government stooge, Tim White, that Karl Schwarz is a "personal friend" to whom he has furnished "important inside information" (sound familiar?) nothing could be further from the truth. I have that from the horse's mouth, Karl Schwarz himself.

It's high time --way past time-- to end this whole charade. If certain individuals care nothing for the truth, so be it. But it certainly does not enhance their own credibility when the lies are as transparent, as preposterous and as easily refuted by the simple facts, including the ones I have presented here.

Unfortunately for him, Stew also lost the support of one of the greatest defenders of Liberty, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, when he chose to disregard Truth in favor of a political agenda; and when that agenda blinded him to such an extent that he attacked Barbara Hartwell, simply for my unwillingness to support that agenda.

Geral's spiritual and intellectual integrity will not allow him to support anyone who attacks Barbara Hartwell; nor could I support anyone who attacks Geral. It is not just about being a loyal friend --it goes far beyond that and speaks to defense of the Truth, no matter the consequences to oneself; no matter how many friends and allies are lost. As far as Geral and I are concerned, if they don't have a Love of the Truth --if they are not willing to stand for Truth-- they are not worth being allied with.

And Stew, if by chance you're reading this, whatever you may believe, please at least take those ridiculous allegations about me off your website. I've already forgiven you in my heart; I wish you well and pray for you. And I do know, at least, that you were telling the truth about many other things, including the crimes and cover-ups of Ted Gunderson, Tim White, et al.

Here are some excerpts from the article by liar, Ken Adachi. I have already refuted some of the lies in other reports, and some of what I write here may be redundant. But the lies have become so widespread, over so many years, I find it necessary to (once again) set the record straight.

My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

Published on Educate-Yourself, 2005

Rick Stanley: Another Patriot Duped by Barbara Hartwell & Stew Webb

From Ken Adachi

"I seen this same scene played out many times before. Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb and other MIND CONTROLLED disinformation agents will bombard and focus on an individual like Rick Stanley who already has a sizable internet audience and win him over. Then they use Stanley or others like him, to help broadcast their propaganda and slurs against Ted Gunderson, Tim White, Fritz Springmeier, Ken Adachi, etc. I would have thought Rick to be better read and more discerning-especially when it comes to people as blatantly deceitful and duplicitous as Webb or Hartwell -than to throw his support so easily into the hands of established deceptionists, but such is the nature of government deception robots and their quarry."

[BHP: First of all, Adachi's fatally flawed "thesis" is founded on the very government-sponsored "propaganda" he claims is being disseminated by Barbara Hartwell. COINTELPRO black propaganda, that is.

Who are Adachi's "sources" for these outrageous lies? COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson and his other minions (including Brenda Negri; Tim White; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Larry Lawson; Pamela Schuffert) of whom Adachi is only one.

One example of such a virulent lie is when Ted Gunderson, along with his flunky, Tim White (2003) made harassing phone calls to Rayelan Allan, publisher of Rumor Mill News. Gunderson threatened to sue Rayelan because of the reports by Barbara Hartwell, exposing the crimes of Ted Gunderson and his cronies. Ted Gunderson lied to Rayelan in one such call, claiming that I, Barbara Hartwell, had told Ted that I am a "CIA mind-controlled robot".   

I had never, ever said anything of the kind to Ted Gunderson! Nor does it have a shred of truth to it. But this is just one example of the COINTELPRO tactics: Tell a bald-faced lie to one person about another, in order to threaten and/or divide-and-conquer.

And predictably, COINTELPRO flunky, Ken Adachi, has used this same phrase: "CIA mind-controlled robot" countless times in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell. The same lie has been passed around by word of mouth, on radio shows and on the Internet. And has caused more damages to not only my reputation, but to my very life, than I can possibly explain. Despicable beyond measure.

As for Rick Stanley, here are the facts. I developed a friendship and professional association with him (2005) based on common interests and goals --primarily DEFENDING LIBERTY.

In fact, there was a time when I did not trust Rick Stanley and even said so publicly. This was because I read some lies about myself in one of his newsletters quite a few years ago. The source of these lies? Tim White, naturally. In fact, the lies were written by Tim White, with the help of his one-time girlfriend, Shirley Anderson, another government stooge and nutcase. And the lies were the usual, stating that Barbara Hartwell is CIA...and...a "CIA assassin" whose "injustices" against Tim White and cohorts needed to be "exposed", and so on and so forth...

At the time, I did not know Rick Stanley, and was so outraged about being libeled in his newsletter that I made the mistake of automatically dismissing him as untrustworthy, simply because of what appeared to be an association with Tim White. It was my mistake. I admitted to it and later publicly apologized to Rick for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. He graciously accepted my apology and invited me to join his Revolutionary Coalition, the mission of which was defending Liberty and God-given Individual Rights.   

As regards Tim White? Rick Stanley took a while to see the truth about this criminal government stooge. Tim White approached him (as is his usual M.O.) claiming to have "important inside information"; and presenting himself as a "supporter" of Rick's constitutional activism and his battles with the corrupt government officials in Denver.

But in point of fact, these included some of the very same corrupt FBI agents in Denver who had targeted me as far back as 2000 (and for the same reasons they targeted Stanley: his advocacy and activism in defending God-given rights as protected by the Constitution.) And ironically, some of the very same individuals with whom Tim White "made a deal" to get out of jail, in 2002. What a coincidence.....

Ken Adachi finds it convenient to pin the blame on Barbara Hartwell (and Stew Webb) for Rick Stanley's public exposure of Tim White. But Rick needed no help from me to see the truth about Tim White. By the time he got around to reading just a small fraction of the facts that I had exposed about Tim White in my reports, he had already recognized, from his own experiences, who and what Tim White is. And he simply corroborated those facts in his own reports.
Let me now refute another of Adachi's lies: At no time did I "focus on" or "bombard" Rick Stanley. As for the reports of mine he published, they were chosen by him for content that he felt had merit. Most were about defending Liberty. Period.

And I joined Rick's coalition at HIS specific invitation, and not without reservations. As I clearly explained to him: I am a loner, not a not a "joiner" by nature and do not work well with groups. In fact, after a short time I stopped posting my own reports on the Revolutionary Coalition forum (due to some ignorant and meddlesome busybodies on the forum) and sent them directly to Rick by e-mail, just as I sent them to a small, selected list of others, whom I trusted not to expose my private e-mail address . Rick posted certain reports at his own discretion.

So much for Adachi's lie that Rick Stanley was the "quarry" of a "government deception robot", Barbara Hartwell. (Where does Adachi get this hokey terminology? Never mind...I know where it came from...)

And contrary to Adachi's claim, based on his obsessive focus on the "smearing of Ted Gunderson", MOST of the reports posted by Rick Stanley had nothing to do with Ted Gunderson, whose name was never mentioned. Those who wish to see for themselves may go to the Revolutionary Coalition forum. I was a member from May, 2005 until Rick Stanley was finally wrongfully incarcerated for the "crime" of exercising his God-given rights, as protected under the Constitution, in June, 2007.

As for the commentaries on Tim White? There were quite a few of those during this time period, but most were actually written by Rick Stanley, who often simply posted Tim White's harassing (and often obscene) e-mails (to me, to Stanley and a few others) in which White exposed HIMSELF for what he is! Not much additional explanation by anyone else was necessary.

But the most important question is: WHY has Ken Adachi continued to defend Tim White?

Why, in the face of the clearly established facts about Tim White (and backed by solid evidence) --that he is a predicate felon; that he regularly engages in telephone/e-mail harassment, criminal stalking and making threats (including DEATH THREATS); that he has violated restraining orders with impunity for years-- has Adachi continued to defend, support and even promote Tim White on his website?

Who is Tim White that he should be accorded such attention and endorsement from the editor of a website which claims to publish information with which the readers may "educate" themselves?

Why has Ken Adachi attacked and libeled anyone who has simply exposed the truth about the rampant and unrepentant criminality of Tim White?

Why has Adachi accused Rick Stanley of being the "dupe" of Barbara Hartwell?
Why has Adachi grossly insulted Stanley's intelligence, while libeling him in such a condescending manner, minimizing Stanley's very serious plight (he is now wrongfully imprisoned as a result of it) --and trivializing his stand for Liberty-- with his malicious lies about Stanley being a "dupe"?

How much more despicable could Ken Adachi, and his criminal accomplice, Tim White, possibly be? And how much further from a love of the Truth could they get?

All because Rick Stanley saw the truth about Tim White --a criminal government stooge; stalker, liar and stool pigeon/snitch-- as many others have done.

And knowing Rick Stanley personally, knowing his high level of intelligence, courage and no-compromise stand in defense of Liberty, I find Adachi's allegations to be not only despicable, but nothing short of ludicrous.

Then, there is the fact that Adachi does NOT KNOW Rick Stanley ( just as Adachi does NOT KNOW Barbara Hartwell). Yet just look at the harm his lies (as well as those of his criminal accomplices) have done to us both.

Ken Adachi, a Liar-for-Hire, the little government stooge, sits smugly behind his keyboard, still writing his malicious lies about patriots, while Rick Stanley now languishes in jail and Barbara Hartwell is regarded as a pariah by the dupes of this contemptible liar. There is some Truth for all with eyes to see.
But here's my burning question: Who in hell (and I do mean "in hell") does Ken Adachi think he is? Why has he appointed himself judge, jury and executioner, especially in aggressively gate-crashing (just like his fellow stooge Tim White) into issues he knows virtually nothing about, and in which he has no personal involvement? How dare he presume to judge -- and worse, interfere in-- the cases of others, especially people he does not even know?

Why does this self-righteous New Age busybody, Ken Adachi, not mind his own business, instead of constantly meddling where he is not wanted; where he is flagrantly overstepping his bounds, and publishing his idiotic (and libelous) commentaries on people he does not know?

Ignorance and arrogance --it's a bad combination and Adachi displays the worst of it. But it's oh-so-typical for a government-sponsored shill. And the results (extensive damages to the targets) are clearly demonstrated in Adachi's smear pieces on Barbara Hartwell, Rick Stanley and others.

Could Ken Adachi be so incredibly stupid that he cannot see what is right in front of his eyes? True, I've seen plenty of evidence of Adachi's gross stupidity, even idiocy; but more importantly, I've also seen evidence of his dishonesty.
Adachi has simply ignored all the evidence, all the truthful testimony of witnesses who have been harassed, stalked and threatened by Tim White. He has ignored it, discounted it, disregarded it, refused to comment on it. Instead of conducting a search for Truth, he has repeatedly attacked the messengers of Truth. Why?

Could it be that Ken Adachi defends Tim White, come hell or high water --despite all the evidence of White's criminality, perversions and lowlife pastimes-- because Tim White has been sanctioned as a "protected" minion of Ted Gunderson? It sure looks that way to me. In fact, I can't think of any other reason.

But whatever his reasons, Ken Adachi's actions, as a PR shill for Ted Gunderson and his criminal cabal, a Liar-for-Hire, gleefully engaging in calumny while arrogantly holding a total disregard for Truth, are pure evil. And mark my words: there will be consequences that Ken Adachi cannot even begin to imagine. There will be hell to pay.

Adachi's primary contention is that Barbara Hartwell is a "CIA disinfo agent". And to add insult to injury, he alleges that Barbara Hartwell is "MIND-CONTROLLED".

This is the oft-repeated lie that Adachi has been spreading for over seven years in his libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. Since he lacks any facts; since he lacks any evidence whatsoever to support this lie, he fabricates a scenario in which he thinks he can attribute all the actions (which in reality involve EXPOSING CRIMES AND CORRUPTION, but which Adachi claims are "slander", "mendacity", etc.) of Barbara Hartwell to "mind-control". A handy little phrase which Adachi thinks covers all the bases. What a moron...

But before I continue in refuting Adachi's many falsehoods, let us hear more of Adachi's spurious claims.]

"The most telling trait of mind controlled character assassins like Barbara Hartwell is the continuous repetition of a a stock set of REVERSALS of truth about Ted Gunderson and other targets. It's the same sort of thing you see from national liars like Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, etc. They (and Hartwell) accuse others of the very travesties that they themselves commit. Barbara Hartwell is forever accusing her character assassination targets of being liars, when in fact it is she, Barbara Hartwell, who fabricates lies straight out of thin air and then claims to have indisputable documented proof (which she NEVER produces) to back up her words! It's truly remarkable to read the adroitly written words of an individual (well trained under CIA MK Ultra mind control programming) who engages in such pathological mendacity while maintaining a posture of righteousness, indignation, and abused innocence."

[BHP: Now Adachi compares Barbara Hartwell with the evildoers and tyrants whom, in actuality, I have been personally targeted by (as have my family, friends and professional colleagues); and standing up against for many years.
It would appear, that since once again, Adachi lacks any facts or evidence which could verify his idiotic allegations against me, he just uses the old tactic of sensationalism, hoping the readers will be as outraged as he pretends to be at the dreadful "character assassination" and "lies" of Barbara Hartwell. Bush! Cheney! Hartwell! How terrible are their lies!

And now, the presumptuous fool Adachi goes way off the deep end in his malicious desperation:

"Barbara Hartwell, who fabricates lies straight out of thin air and then claims to have indisputable documented proof (which she NEVER produces) to back up her words!"

I have never, ever, not even ONCE, used the phrase "documented proof" in any of my reports. Never. I have certainly stated that I have "evidence", and "documented evidence" of various crimes and corruption I have exposed.
"Evidence" may consist of various things; "proof" is something else altogether. Adachi, as usual, lies and puts words in my mouth, words never spoken or written by me.

And contrary to Adachi's lie, I certainly have produced some of my evidence. Just because Ken Adachi has not seen it or chosen to acknowledge it, does not mean it does not exist.

Again, who does Ken Adachi think he is?! Does he actually think himself of any importance whatsoever to me; or believe that I am required to "produce" evidence which meets his approval? What a self-important imbecile!

And then, there is the evidence I have not yet made public. I have it, and in spades. I will make it public (or not) and "produce" it as, and when, it suits my purposes. And none of what I choose to do is any of Ken Adachi's business!
Adachi may be such a deluded fool as to believe I would fire all my guns at once, and leave myself without ammunition. But then, Adachi is a rank amateur, nothing more than a flunky of people a hell of a lot smarter than he is. He writes what he is directed to write, nothing more.

And how dare he presume to appoint himself qualified to conduct a public Inquisition of Barbara Hartwell?

And where does this moron, this pompous ass, this pretentious fool, this buffoon, this pathetic government toady, Ken Adachi, get off even commenting on any "evidence" I may have?

It is none of Adachi's business what I have, or don't have, or when, or if, or why, I choose to do what I do.

Truly,truly unbelievable, but so very typical, of Ken Adachi and his ilk.]

"In Barbara's 'Open Letter to Noreen Gosch' seen below, Hartwell accuses Ted Gunderson of covering up crimes against children by government pedophiles when in truth Ted has been exposing crimes against children by government pedophiles. You will see this reversal-of-the-facts psychosis throughout Hartwell's writing. She, of course, believes it I assume, but ALL mind controlled individuals THINK they have a handle on the truth because they have been PROGRAMMED to think that way. Their 'instructions' on how they are going to think and feel is uploaded into their subconscious minds by CIA mind control programmers. Read Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories or Fritz Springmeiers's and Cisco Wheeler's book The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave to get an idea how mind control programmers do it."

[BHP: Here, the ignoramus, Ken Adachi, uses the same old flawed arguments about "mind control", falsely assuming that he knows everything about the personal experiences of Barbara Hartwell. In truth, Adachi knows nothing at all -- at least not about MY life or MY experiences.

Being clueless about the issue of mind control (as he has proved himself to be about much else) he simply lumps Barbara Hartwell into the same category with Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor) AS IF Susan Ford is the "expert" whose claims about mind control define the truth for ALL mind control programs, everywhere, at all times, by all perpetrators.

From what I have read in her books; from speaking to her personally; from hearing her public lectures; and from observing her behavior, it has always been very clear to me that my experiences with "mind control" have almost nothing in common with what Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor) has reported.
And I disassociated myself from her for the same reasons I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson: I want no part of the works of liars and government shills.

Adachi is simply a parrot and a scavenger. He spouts psychobabble, he repeats what he has heard or read (talk about a robot!) from a limited number of individuals who are self-proclaimed "experts" on mind control (or other related subjects) and then believes every word they say.

In fact, I have written very little about my experiences with CIA mind control. And that is my choice, for my own reasons. It is also my prerogative. What I have written is available on my website. Like the content of all my reports, it is FYI, and the readers may make of it what they will.

The issues I choose to publicly address are the issues that concern me most: Defending Individual God-given Rights is certainly the primary issue for me --not mind control.

But the most important point is this: Ken Adachi can believe anything he chooses to believe; he can give credence to charlatans and liars (Brice Taylor, Fritz Springmeier and others); he can slavishly follow everything they say, as if it were the gospel truth.

But I can guarantee that this loud-mouthed, pretentious, obnoxious government stooge, Ken Adachi, has NO IDEA WHAT I think, HOW I think, or WHY. More to the point, IT IS NONE OF HIS DAMNED BUSINESS.

As for Ken Adachi, it would appear that he does not "think" at all; but rather tediously drones on about what others think; those whom in his ignorance and folly, he considers the "experts".

"It is also important to note that Barbara Hartwell is the person who initiated a slander campaign against Ted Gunderson and not the other way around. Hartwell began in earnest in the year 2000 to smear Ted, along with the other members of the Gunderson Character Assassination Team. I had listed Ted's hit Team on Ted's page under the heading of The Smearing of Ted Gunderson. The Team included Virginia McCullough, Kate Dixon, Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Kathy Kasten, Kathleen Sullivan, Cherie Seymour, Jackie McGauley, Mike Ruppert, Robert Ghostwolf, and Kurt Billings."

[BHP: I've addressed all this before, but I will repeat, for the record: I have never initiated any such "slander campaign", against Ted Gunderson, nor anyone else. I simply began by stating the truth and some facts about my association with Ted Gunderson in a public report. The report was titled, Time to Set the Record Straight, and that is exactly what I did.

According to Adachi, that is a "slander campaign"? I call it exposing the truth. Which is my right and my prerogative.

And, as I have stated before (but will repeat here, tiresome as it has become) there was never, at any time any "team" to "smear Ted Gunderson." At least not that I was a member of.

In all these years, I have simply told the truth and stated the facts about my association with Ted Gunderson as well as about crimes and cover-ups I have personally investigated.

If Adachi has his knickers in a twist over that, tough. In my opinion, Ken Adachi is a low-grade moron.]

"It's unfortunate that Rick Stanley has allowed himself to be snookered by the incredible deceptiveness of Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb. I'm happy to report that Alex Jones, however, wasn't duped so handily and quickly fired a young radio host about a year ago who was using Alex's radio platform to promote the lies of Webb, Hartwell, and Linda Newkirk. We can only hope that someday, Rick Stanley will see the light as well...Ken"

BHP: Ken Adachi is not fit to shine Rick Stanley's shoes. As for "seeing the light", Rick Stanley is one of the few who has (about many things) and he is wrongfully imprisoned now because of it.

Typically, Ken Adachi promotes and supports Alex Jones, another liar, grandstander, bully, betrayer of patriots and denier of Truth; government sponsored shill; mouthpiece and defender for the criminal cabal of Ted Gunderson et al. Anyone who "believes in" the veracity or legitimacy of Alex Jones is a damned fool.

Ken Adachi's diabolical calumny knows no bounds. May his lies come back to haunt him and may the Almighty judge him accordingly for his works of iniquity, for all the harm he has done to the defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth.

Amen and Amen!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 19, 2008