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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stooge Vs. Stooge: Ken Adachi & Tim White Expose Their Own Duplicity

You've heard the old cold war phrase, Spy vs. Spy?

This one could appropriately be called stooge vs. stooge.

Ken Adachi, the primary PR shill for ex-FBI agent/COINTELPRO operative Ted L. Gunderson vs. Tim White, predicate felon, criminal stalker, who harasses targets of the COINTELPRO.

These two government stooges, Adachi and White, have been working side by side for years: promoting the lies furnished by Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Don Stacey (CIA), Alex Jones, Larry Lawson and others; disseminating each other's lies; purporting to "expose" their "important inside information" (X-tra, X-tra, read all about it!); covering for each other whenever their lies and crimes (or those of their overlords) are exposed.

Both stooges, Ken Adachi and Tim White, are malicious liars. Both stooges have relentlessy libeled and slandered genuine patriots, whistleblowers, defenders of Liberty and messengers of Truth.

Both stooges have endorsed, promoted, defended --and even idolized-- other malicious liars, those whose criminal cabal functions as:

1) The controlled opposition: poseur "patriots", "Christians", "whistleblowers", "alternative media" mouthpieces (shills for CIA, FBI et al.)

2) A containment operation to place the desired spin on any "information" which is "exposed". Blacklisting/conducting their public Inquisition of messengers of Truth; while promoting liars and spin doctors.

3) A protection racket in which the criminals and liars cover for each other; and protect anyone who sells out Truth in order to buy "protection" from the cabal.

But it seems two of the stooges, Ken Adachi and Tim White, have fallen into a trap they have foolishly set for themselves, by their own lies.

The following e-mail exchange, among three individuals, namely Ken Adachi, Tim White and Eric Phelps, was published on Educate-Yourself (March 2008) by Ken Adachi.

"George Mateski" is very obviously the little coward, Tim White, hiding behind an alias. Anyone familiar with the M.O. and writing style of Tim White could see this immediately. Even, in this case, Ken Adachi. Normally, of course, Adachi would let it slide (or even gladly participate in the deception) --that is, as long as it was directed at someone else (one of the COINTELPRO targets.)

Only cowards and liars hide behind an alias. "Anonymous" or alias = coward & liar. Tim White has also used the alias "Patrick Alexander" (among others) to post his libelous falsehoods.

Others among this gaggle of criminal government stooges, liars, G-Man/spook wannabes use the same tactic. Among them are Brenda Negri (too many aliases to count, but inlcluding "Ranger Rick", "James L. Choron"); Todd Brendan Fahey (too many aliases to count, including those stolen by identity theft/forgery.)

And of course, these very same government stooges (along with others such as Pamela Schuffert and Larry Lawson) are the individuals whose outrageous lies and libelous articles are promoted by the government disinfo/New Age PR shill, Ken Adachi on his website, Educate-Yourself. What a coincidence...

But despite their allegiance to lies and other liars, there inevitably comes a time when the stooges' negatively-inflated egos simply cannot withstand the blunt force trauma of being attacked by these other liars, as each attempts to maintain the pretense of his own self-aggrandizement.

Thus, the web of lies starts to unravel...

Tim White attacks Ken Adachi, including accusing him of being a LIAR (sound familiar?)

Ken Adachi attacks Tim White 

" immature and pathetic this individual is..." and "...alias that Tim White needs to hide behind in order to act out his infantile and wasted life..."

Yes indeed, "an infantile and wasted life"...

In point of fact, the same kind of life pursued by Ken Adachi himself...that of a Liar-for-Hire, destroying the reputations of decent people for the aggrandizement of his own ego.

And for once, I actually agree with Ken Adachi: It certainly is pathetic.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 23, 2008

Published by Ken Adachi on Educate-Yourself (March, 2008)

From: George Mateski
To: Ken Adachi
Cc: Eric Jon Phelps ; Greg Szymanski
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Ken Adachi,

For you to outright DENY the FACTS of the Satanic Agenda of the Jesuit controlled Vatican-considering "how well" you may be informed of other NWO agenda-is really most revealing as to just who you really the words of Eric Jon Phelps--and to myself and many other so informed people..a Jesuit Co-adjutor...I'm giving you the chance to defend yourself but I see that you won't be able are INDOCTRINATED and your denials are not of an innocent nature...they are you have a problem with getting this out in the open with the very two people who you SMEAR with LIES ? What I want to see you do is post this on your "Current News" board on your website...but I don't think you have the spine to do would be too exposing of your own lies and deception to your very readers. I know that you don't appreciate being attacked behind your back by other people who are not man (or woman) enough to do that to your face but here you do EXACTLY that so not only are you a slimy are a SLIMY hypocrite as well--I hope I have answered your "curiousity". BTW...I am also a close friend of Eric Phelps...I thought he would want to know how YOU attacked him behind his back.

George Mateski
a born and raised but no longer-Roman Catholic; I know the truth"

From Eric Phelps:

"Dear Brethren and Friends,

Ken Adachi, the Roman Catholic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, attacks both Greg Szymanski and myself as being "anti-Catholic." Adachi rightly attacks Zeitgeist and the denial that Jesus of Nazareth was in fact a bona fide person of history as per the works of Tacitus and Josephus. But he then claims to be a "Christian" which is totally false as no Roman Catholic who believes the Canon Law of the papacy can be considered a Christian in the Biblical Reformation New Testament sense of the word.

Additionally, Adachi attacks me by calling me a "chest-pounding" individual because of the adjectives I use to describe myself. Coadjutor Constance Cumbey did the same exact thing. (See "Coadjutor Cumbey" as posted on my website.) This is nonsense as I have identified myself so as to make it clear just what my position is and who I am as far as race, language and culture is concerned. He further calls me a "Catholic basher" overlooking the fact I spent over 20 years in finding the murderers of our first Roman Catholic president, John F. Kennedy. If I hated the Roman Catholics, I surely wound have delighted in the murder of JFK and would never have attempted to find his damnable assassins.

Ken Adachi is another liar and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor whose mission is to take the attention off the doctrines and deeds of the Vatican ruled by the Black Pope, now Adolfo Nicolas.

Sincerely in faith,
Brother Eric"

Ken Adachi Attacks Tim White

The Ghost of Tim White

"'George Mateski' also sent me another e-mail containing the info seen below. I thought it might be his web site, but I wasn't sure because the only name I see posted there is either that of Tim White or Eric Phelps. I did a Who Is search and found that the domain name was created on March 7, 2008. After looking around a bit, I see that the writer is complaining about "threats and censorship tactics against this site. " It looks like he had another web site called which might have been taken down. With more reading, I see most of the rants about being censored at are written by Tim White. It doesn't make sense that "George Mateski" would first send me an e-mail in which he's anxious to have me read Eric Jon Phelps negative comments about me and then follow that by sending me a web site owned by Tim White unless "George Mateski" is in fact, Tim White. Now, that makes sense to me. So it looks like "George Mateski" is actually Tim White.

A few years back, I posted comments and articles forwarded by Tim White and gave him a separate page on my web site. He decided to forfeit his relationship with me by demanding one day, that I should "apologize" to him for some imagined offense which his fevered brain had concocted. I took him off my web site the same day and I hadn't returned his phone calls since that time. He left phone messages apologizing on two or three occasions, but I don't play kiss & make-up with people who offend and insult me after I've given them my help and financial support. I just end the relationship.

Tim has apparently been fuming about my cutting off communication with him, so he decided to exact some revenge by sending my comments to Phelps and Greg Syzmanski in order to get them to respond. After he encouraged Phelps to write a slam piece about me, Tim then forwards Phelps comments to me posing as "George Mateski", expecting me to react against Phelps with the sort of heated back and forth debate dramas that Tim White seems to groove on.

I'll also post below Tim's latest e-mail to me while posing as "George Mateski", just so you can get an idea of just how immature and pathetic this individual is, and then I will no longer read or posts any e-mails sent by "George Mateski" or any other alias that Tim White needs to hide behind in order to act out his infantile and wasted life. ...Ken Adachi"

From: George Mateski
To: Ken Adachi

"'s YOU who SLANDERED and LIED about Eric Phelps and Greg Szymanski on YOUR PUBLIC WEBSITE in the FIRST don't like it now that YOU are exposed for the LIAR that you are indeed just like I are SLIMY...