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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ken Adachi-Tim White-Todd Fahey Freak Show

Three Stooges Redux

Refuting yet another pack of lies...

New Age/government disinfo shill Ken Adachi has been so desperate to discredit Barbara Hartwell (since March, 2001, when he was tasked with his "mission" by COINTELPRO operative Ted L. Gunderson), that he resorts to using ANY "sources" willing to come forward with their purported "important inside information" on Barbara Hartwell.

No matter that these "sources" are unrepentant criminals. No matter that they are stalkers and sex-predators. No matter that they are porno freaks (including using, collecting child pornography --what could be more despicable, more utterly diabolical?)

No matter that they are psychopaths and pathological liars. No matter that the "sources" often hide behind various aliases, a mark of their abject cowardice.

No matter that they are blackmailers, extortionists, grifters, scamsters, identity thieves/forgers, in collusion with others of their ilk to destroy the reputations and very lives of anyone who has exposed the truth about their criminal government overlords, for whom they are nothing more than stooges, shills, flunkies and toadies.

Who could ever attribute "credibility" to such individuals? Clearly, Ken Adachi, for one.

Who are Adachi's sources? For this brief report I will focus on just two. Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey.

Here is an "Editor's Note" (chock-full of the usual lies) published by Ken Adachi. The two "sources" are the above named individuals. My rebuttal follows.

Published on Educate-Yourself by Ken Adachi (April, 2005)

"Editor's Note: Update, April 14, 2005. Tim White sent me an email copy of Barbara Hartwell's response to the following statements by Todd Fahey. As usual, she responded with a mini-novel where a few paragraphs would have sufficed. I'm not going to use up bandwidth on my web site to provide the Crimson Viper an opportunity to pummel my readers with her rants. If you want the shortened version, it goes something like this:Barbara Hartwell is as pure and innocent as the driven snow (and would never tell a lie) and Todd Fahey is the brother of Satan himself. If you are still interested in reading her garbage, do a search on .Ken Adachi"

Refuting the falsehoods of the three stooges, Adachi, White, Fahey (once again) for the public record.

The "...following statements by Todd Fahey..." refer to an article written by Todd Fahey and published by Ken Adachi. I have seen the title on Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself: "Questions for Barbara Hartwell from Todd B. Fahey." But I have NOT read the article.

Since Todd Fahey began his own malicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, in July 2004, I have, as a matter of policy and principle, refused to read most of the defamatory garbage (much of which is laced with obscenity and pornographic filth, along with the outrageous lies) written or posted by this psychopath/stalker/pathological liar, Todd Fahey.

In fact, my loathing of pornography (personally, and also spiritually, as an abomination to God) is such that I refuse to subject myself to any of the hideous writings of individuals such as Todd Brendan Fahey.

I repeat: I have not read Fahey's article, nor his "questions" directed at Barbara Hartwell; passed along (and also posted on many message boards) by Tim White; and posted by Ken Adachi on Educate-Yourself, where it was added to Adachi's storehouse of defamatory material, and became part and parcel of his own malicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell.

I do not answer "questions", nor engage in any arguments, debates, etc, with psychopaths, stalkers, criminals, liars. And I do not "respond" to attempts by the same individuals to bait me into engaging them, no matter what tactics they use, including public hostile interrogations.

I simply write reports exposing their crimes and lies. Period.

So much for Adachi's false claim (also as promoted by Tim White) that there was a "response" to Fahey's "questions".

And since I have written quite a few reports exposing the lies and crimes of Todd Fahey, I have no idea which report (falsely cited by Adachi and White as a "response") they refer to.

[See the reports on this website --there are many to choose from which expose the three stooges (Adachi, White, Fahey) and their criminal accomplices.]

3) In point of fact, the last "response" I made to Todd Fahey (and his malicious lunacy/harassment) was a call to the police (the second such call) to have him removed from my property for stalking (July, 2004.)

At that time, Fahey was issued a directive by police (based on precisely the same directive, via the testimony of Barbara Hartwell) NEVER to attempt any contact of any kind --telephone, e-mail, stalking on foot, etc. etc. This was deemed criminal harassment, by both myself and the police.

Of course, the obsessive psychopath Fahey has continued to violate these directives with impunity. What does Fahey care? Fahey hides out in Southeast Asia, where he is beyond the reach of justice for his crimes. (Same as Tim White, the stalker who's hiding out in Canada, just another cowardly little fugitive from justice.)

In fact, Fahey's criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell has continued to the present time (October, 2008.) Just this week I deleted and marked as SPAM (without opening or reading, as is my policy) more harassing e-mails from this lunatic, Todd Fahey.

So much for Ken Adachi's claim of a purported "response" to "questions" from Todd Fahey.

Again. Again. Again....Who in hell does Ken Adachi think he is? The Grand Inquisitor?

He defends, supports and promotes the pathological lies (in the form of libel/character assassination) of psychopaths and criminal stalkers. In fact, he promotes the criminals themselves, including (but certainly not limited to) Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey.

What does this say about the "credibility" of Ken Adachi and his website, Educate-Yourself?

What does this say about Ken Adachi's presumption that he is "educating" the readers with his sensationalist, scandal-mongering smear pieces?

What it says to me (and many others who have seen through Ken Adachi's malicious libel campaigns against genuine, defenders of Liberty and messengers of Truth) is that Ken Adachi is just another "bird of a feather" (a scavenger, that is) whose close association with known liars, lunatics, G-Man wannabes and freaks like Tim White and Todd Fahey speaks for itself.

The freak show continues.....

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 25, 2008