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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

James Rothstein Endorses Predicate Felon & Stalker Tim White

NOTE: Shortly after I published this report (2007) I received an e-mail from James Rothstein. The subject line (in the unopened e-mail) was "Thank you". The e-mail address was: boots@meltel.

At the time, I did not know if the e-mail was actually from James Rothstein, or from one of the liars/ identity thieves (such as Todd Brendan Fahey or Tim White), so I simply deleted the e-mail without opening it and blocked the e-mail address.

However, it is my policy NOT to open or respond to unsolicited e-mail from strangers, as I have made it VERY CLEAR that I do NOT have a public e-mail address, and that I do NOT welcome unsolicited e-mail.
Clearly, the demon, Tim White, gave this e-mail address to James Rothstein. 

But anyway, I don't know what Rothstein had to say, nor do I care. Anyone who endorses this freak, Tim White, is persona non gratis to me!

I have since gotten rid of this Yahoo account, as the harassment from Tim White, his accomplice, Todd Fahey (the demonic duo) and others, was relentless.

January, 2010

Here is a letter written by James Rothstein, a glowing accolade endorsing Tim White.

March 16, 2007

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this for Tim White. Tim White has been a true Patriot and has gone beyond what is expected of any citizen. Tim realized the danger of his actions and the personal attacks that would be made against him. He did not hesitate to disclose the photos of Johnny Gosch. These heroic efforts have revived the interest into the disappearance of Johnny Gosch.This action was the biggest break I have seen in many years.

Tim White was and has always been honest and forthright in any dealings I have had with him.

I have worked with Noreen Gosch for the last 10 years in trying to locate her son, Johnny Gosch.

James Rothstein 

Ret.NYCPD Det."

Now, back to reality.

Is Mr. Rothstein living in the Twilight Zone?

Or maybe in a parallel universe?

As a retired detective, would he not be interested in EVIDENCE and FACTS?

Or, is Mr. Rothstein part of the criminal conspiracy and government cover-ups being run by Tim White's corrupt fed "supporters"?

How could Mr. Rothstein possibly describe Tim White as "heroic"?

Tim White, a "true Patriot"?

For those interested, here are some FACTS.

1) Tim White is a career criminal with a rap sheet going back many years. [See the actual rap sheet on this site.]

2) Tim White is a predicate felon.

3) Tim White is a psycho-stalker who travels the country with intent of malice to stalk, harass and threaten patriots who have been targeted by his corrupt fed overlords.

4) Tim White engages in criminal harassment of targets by phone, e-mail and in person.

5) Tim White "made a deal" with corrupt feds in 2002 to get out of doing his jail time on a drug-trafficking charge.

6) Tim White disseminates outrageous lies about patriots, Liberty activists and government whistleblowers --lies which are furnished by his corrupt fed overlords. Tim White is a participant in massive libel and slander campaigns against legitimate people the feds have targeted for neutralization.

7) Tim White is a collector of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY --a crime for which he was never charged, although the evidence was found at his warehouse after his arrest in August, 2001.

8) Tim White is a sexual pervert and transvestite who, according to law enforcement in Denver, "cross-dresses and looks like a female sometimes". [From a Sheriff Department report re a restraining order for stalking Denver resident Doreen Bishop.]

9) Tim White has made numerous threats, including DEATH THREATS, against patriots, whistleblowers and others, as well as promoting bogus death threats and "murder-for-hire" schemes in attempts to set up patriots for false arrests.

10) Tim White is a government stooge, in collusion with other such criminal perpetrators (Todd Brendan Fahey, Pam Schuffert, Brenda Negri, Ken Adachi, Larry Lawson) being exploited in the COINTELPRO-style operations run by corrupt feds and former feds.

11) Tim White has proven by his many crimes (including felonies for which he has not even been arrested) that he is a menace to society.

12) Tim White does the bidding (and the "plausibly deniable" dirty work) for CRIMINALS IN GOVERNMENT by targeting legitimate patriots, Liberty activists and whistleblowers.

Yet, despite all this, all the criminal harassment, stalking, drug trafficking, possession of child pornography; his collusion with other criminals who are involved in blackmail, extortion, identity theft, solicitation of crimes against targets, Tim White is STILL ON THE LOOSE.


WHO is financially supporting Tim White?

WHO is funding his living and travel expenses, his phone bills, for his crimes of stalking and threatening people?

WHY doesn't law enforcement APPREHEND this criminal?

How many restraining orders must there be?

How many phone calls to law enforcement by the injured parties and victims of these crimes?

Why are the "services" and "help" of Tim White solicited on a regular basis by people like ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and former senator John DeCamp?

Why has Tim White teamed up with other criminals and government stooges to harass, stalk, threaten, libel and slander decent, legitimate people?

The facts speak for themselves.

Barbara Hartwell
April 3, 2007