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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


In June, 2004, I wrote a report about my experiences with a local JBS chapter in Maine, and in particular a person by the name of Lee Bouton, whose intrusive, unprofessional and inappropriate behavior was the sole reason I left that local chapter after only a few months of membership.

The report was originally posted on my (now defunct) website and has been reposted on this site, as part of my archives.

JBS leader John Perna, whom I know to be a sincere patriot, a genuine Liberty activist and whose legitimacy I have never found a reason to question, sent me his comments re some statements in my report.

John's comments were also posted on Vietnam Veterans on the Net [a yahoo group, now defunct] in response to a post by predicate felon Tim White, a letter to White from Todd Brendan Fahey.

White titled the post: 

Fahey's subject line read: 
 "Blabbles is likely to receive some heat"

But before I address the idiocy of the two government stooges, Fahey and White, I will respond to John Perna's comments, for the public record.

John Perna wrote:  "Lee Bouton is not now, and never has been, a Coordinator for the John Birch Society. No chapter leader has even been paid "a stipend" for serving as a Chapter leader.Whether these charges about Bouton have any validity or not, they are no reflection on the John Birch Society, but on Mr. Bouton only.

The John Birch Society Coordinator for Maine is Hal Shurtleff."

1) I based my statement that Lee Bouton was the JBS chapter leader on a hardcopy form letter, sent by post, from Mr. Bouton, dated June 1, 2004. In that letter he stated that he had taken this position re the Biddeford-Saco, Maine chapter of the JBS. I have retained the letter for my files.

Upon receipt of this letter, I wrote to Mr. Bouton (an open letter posted on this site) telling him that I no longer wanted to be a part of the local JBS chapter, specifically because of his "takeover" of the local chapter. I sent copies by e-mail to Frank Nulton and Harold Shurtleff, the Northeast Field Director, apprising them of my decision, as a professional courtesy.

I had never been treated with anything but kindness and respect by Frank Nulton or Harold Shurtleff, and have never stated otherwise, privately or publicly. In fact, I expressed my thanks to both of them in my subsequent report exposing Mr. Bouton.

I had no further contact with anyone from the local JBS chapter after that time, June 2004. The last I heard (via the letter from Mr. Bouton), Mr. Bouton had become the "leader" of the local chapter. So, if Bouton was NOT in actuality installed as the chapter leader, as per his claim, I would not have learned of it.

2) As for the "stipend", I based this statement ONLY on what was told to me by Frank Nulton, who was my only source for this information. When Frank suggested to me that I might take on such a position, he explained that there was a stipend involved and I would have had no reason to doubt what he told me, accurate or not. I don't know the policies of JBS, as I was never involved in any administrative aspects of the organization.

As the person who recruited me into JBS, Frank Nulton was my source for most of the information re JBS policies, protocols, etc.

3) The charges I made regarding Lee Bouton DO have validity. His behavior was completely inappropriate and unprofessional, as described in detail in my report. As to whether or not his behavior reflects on the JBS, that would only be true if he were a de facto representative of JBS.

The JBS states that members accepted are "men and women of good moral character." This certainly is not true of Lee Bouton. But all organizations have "bad apples", so I can agree with John Perna that Mr. Bouton's unscrupulous behavior need not reflect on the entire JBS.

4) The last information I had on Harold Shurtleff was that he was the Northeast Field Director for JBS, also stated on his business card. As mentioned, I have had no contact with anyone from JBS in the greater Maine, N.H., Mass. area since June, 2004.

I'm sure John Perna's information is more accurate and up to date than mine, as I am no longer involved with JBS, while John has been a JBS leader for many years.

All statements made in my report were made according to information which was given to me or made available to me at the time, by several JBS members, including Frank Nulton, Harold Shurtleff and Lee Bouton. Any factual errors I may have made were also based on this information.

In summary, I will say that I have no reason to want to discredit the John Birch Society. As stated in my public reports, I stand in solidarity with the stated purposes and intents of the JBS.

Most of the JBS people I have ever known have been decent, legitimate individuals. This includes John Perna, Harold Shurtleff, Frank Nulton and many others.

I had a bad experience with one local chapter, due to the behavior of one individual. But not being a team player or "joiner" by nature, I'm better off working outside of any group endeavors (including JBS) while still offering what support I can to their efforts, assuming they are hard-core, uncompromising Liberty activists who defend individual rights as bestowed by God, as protected by the U.S. Constitution. Case closed.

A TALE OF TWO PSYCHO-STALKERS: Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White

As it happens, these two criminal government stooges are in collusion to destroy Barbara Hartwell. Their malicious, obsessive, pathological behavior is displayed in such acts as stalking; harassment; identity theft; plagiarism; forgery; solicitation of crimes of stalking and harassment against Barbara Hartwell; threats of violence; fabrication of outrageous lies, posted in numerous locations on the World Wide Web as libel against Barbara Hartwell and friends, associates et al.

Both stooges are notorious pathological liars. Both are drug abusers/traffickers. Both are known to be sexual perverts with a penchant for pornographic filth.

Here, the letter from Todd Fahey, posted on Vietnam Veterans on the Net, by Tim White.

Original message: 

Friend Liberty [Todd Fahey] wrote: Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007
From: Friend Liberty

Subject: Blabbles is likely to receive some heat
To: Tim White phantom.469366@

"Yo, Tim,

Um...a friend of a friend just sent to John F. "Jack" McManus, President of the John Birch Society, an article that Blabbles has on her new Blog site, and a link to it. The article suggests that the Southern Maine JBS coordinator Lee Bouton "made sexual advances" toward fair Blabbles, and then goes on to say all kinds of nutty things, as she usually does.

This...friend of a friend has Jack McManus's e-addy, and is still on pretty good terms with him (at least an e-mail a year, between the two gentlemen, since 1994). I know you're not a big fan of the JBS--and this friend of a friend ain't much any longer, either. But said friend of a friend thought that Jack McManus should know the e-address and physical street address of Blabs, and be appraised of what she is writing on her Web site about the JBS.

The JBS has some good attorneys. FYI.

Hope you're doing well.


Psycho-stalker Todd Brendan Fahey has been engaging in criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell since July, 2004.

He has since become one half of a Psycho-Stalker-Tag-Team-Freak-Show with predicate felon Tim White, to whom he regularly sends libelous messages about Barbara Hartwell, in the knowledge that his fellow freak Tim White will be more than happy to post them far and wide.

I receive harassing e-mails from this obsessive stalker, Todd Fahey, on a regular basis, the last received on this day, April 4, 2007.

Fahey uses many, many aliases and screen names, which the little coward hides behind to post his malicious lies about Barbara Hartwell, as well as to engage in cyber-stalking. I do not open Fahey's obscene, harassing messages. I simply delete them unopened and report them as SPAM.

It never fails, as soon as one address is blocked and reported as SPAM, this idiot gets another, for the sole purpose of harassing and stalking.

Here, just a partial list of e-mail addresses being used by psycho-stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey.
[NOTE: I have added an asterisk in each address to prevent e-mail from being sent from this report.]

More will be added to the list, for the public record, as the Fahey-White-Psycho-Stalker Freak Show continues......

Meanwhile DISREGARD all that is written by these liars. They are government stooges, nothing more.