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Friday, April 13, 2007


Message to Barbara Hartwell from JBS Leader Harold Shurtleff:


Please be assured that The John Birch Society has nothing but goodwill towards you and wishes you nothing but the best.

Hal Shurtleff

I received this by e-mail yesterday evening, April 12. I wasn't expecting it, but greatly appreciate it. I thank Harold for showing the courtesy to write to me, and for his professionalism.

And it does put the lie to the latest machinations of government stooges Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White, in collusion for nearly three (3) years to stalk, threaten, harass and libel Barbara Hartwell and associates.


Here, an excerpt, the libelous message from Todd Fahey to Tim White re JBS and Barbara Hartwell, posted on several public message boards by Tim White.

JBS leader John Perna called this post by predicate felon, government shill, Tim White, a "hoax post on Barb Hartwell, JBS..." Then, John set the record straight with some comments of his own, which I incorporated into my report. [link given above.]

JBS WILL BE GOING AFTER BARBARA HARTWELL, BET ON IT (Tim White's heading for Fahey's message.)

Subject: Blabbles is likely to receive some heat
To: Tim White phantom.469366@

From: Todd Brendan Fahey

Yo, Tim,

Um...a friend of a friend just sent to John F. "Jack" McManus, President of the John Birch Society, an article that Blabbles has on her new Blog site, and a link to it. The article suggests that the Southern Maine JBS coordinator Lee Bouton "made sexual advances" toward fair Blabbles, and then goes on to say all kinds of nutty things, as she usually does.

This...friend of a friend has Jack McManus's e-addy, and is still on pretty good terms with him (at least an e-mail a year, between the two gentlemen, since 1994). I know you're not a big fan of the JBS--and this friend of a friend ain't much any longer, either. But said friend of a friend thought that Jack McManus should know the e-address and physical street address of Blabs, and be appraised of what she is writing on her Web site about the JBS.

The JBS has some good attorneys. FYI.

Hope you're doing well.


This is just one example of many of the voluminous lies, hoaxes and libelous falsehoods being promoted by Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White.

But there's more. Criminal stalker Todd Fahey took an original report written by Barbara Hartwell (June 2004) off this site and reposted it, adding text that was NOT in the original. Specifically, Fahey added a yahoo e-mail address belonging to me, and a PRIVATE, UNLISTED STREET ADDRESS.

"But said friend of a friend thought that Jack McManus should know the e-address and physical street address of Blabs, and be appraised of what she is writing on her Web site about the JBS."

Since July, 2004, Fahey has been engaging in criminal harassment and stalking of Barbara Hartwell. By publicizing PRIVATE information, Fahey is not only violating my privacy, he is compromising my security and endangering my safety.

Fahey and White are also SOLICITING additional criminal harassment and stalking from like-minded psychopaths by PUBLISHING this PRIVATE information. This is a crime in and of itself.

Among Fahey's many, many libelous falsehoods is that "Barbara Hartwell's house is owned by a member of the JBS." And, "Barbara Hartwell's house is owned by a man named Frank Nulton."

This false information has also been disseminated far and wide, not only by Todd Fahey, but by Tim White. But the information is not only false, it is libelous to Barbara Hartwell, Frank Nulton and the JBS.

1) It is NOBODY'S BUSINESS what my PRIVATE street address is. Also, NOBODY'S BUSINESS what my PRIVATE e-mail addresses are. ALL e-mail addresses I have are PRIVATE. I do not accept, nor open unsolicited e-mail from ANY UNKNOWN PARTIES. I simply delete, report as SPAM and save the addresses as evidence.

2) It is NOBODY'S BUSINESS who owns my PRIVATE home.

3) Fahey and White have NO BUSINESS making themselves mouthpieces for the John Birch Society. Neither is even a member of JBS.

Tim White's extremely presumptuous statement: JBS WILL BE GOING AFTER BARBARA HARTWELL..BET ON IT, is absolutely preposterous. Yet typical of the type of the false statements White makes on a regular basis.

4) Fahey and White have NO BUSINESS threatening Barbara Hartwell by implication, innuendo or dropping names of JBS leaders/members whom they DO NOT speak for.

5) This same ploy was used by Fahey and White in regard to threats of a lawsuit by former senator John DeCamp. Only in that case, DeCamp SOLICITED these two government stooges to do his dirty work.

6) Todd Fahey also acted as a PR shill for John DeCamp, in arranging interviews for him on talk shows, including Alan Stang's program. Alan Stang (a vocal public denouncer and adversary of the entire JBS) is, according to Fahey, a "good friend".

7) Todd Fahey is a known pathological liar and hypocrite who has written privately to a number of JBS members/leaders for the purpose of libeling and demonizing Barbara Hartwell. Fahey himself has boasted for years that he was the "president" of some campus (student) chapter of JBS in Arizona.

Yet Fahey has spoken ill of the JBS many times, but never PUBLICLY, always SECRETLY demonizing the organization when it suits his purposes, and pretending to support them at other times, when he thinks he can use this to his own advantage.

In summary, note that these two government shills and false patriots have stirred up a world of trouble with their lies, hoaxes, stalking, criminal harassment, identity theft, forgery and whatnot.....all against sincere, decent, legitimate individuals who are Liberty activists.

Anything promoted by these two liars is not only suspect, but virtually guaranteed to be a malicious hoax.

Caveat Lector!

Barbara Hartwell

April 13, 2007