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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Note, April, 2007: Here are two letters I received (2003) from people interested in my assessment of Project Monarch, an alleged government mind control project some claim is connected to CIA's MK Ultra.

The first comes from researcher Ron Patton. The second is from a reader of my former website and Rumor Mill News, another government disinfo/New Age website from which I dissociated myself in November 2003, due to selective censorship by the editor, Rayelan Allan.

My responses follow each letter.

June, 2003
Subject: Project Monarch Revisited

After writing an article seven years ago titled, Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control, I gradually came to realize some of my sources were less than credible. In the early 90's, the primary source of an alleged subproject of MKULTRA, code-named Project Monarch, came from Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien, Fritz Springmeier, and Cisco Wheeler.

Although many in the mind control research community agree that the government was/is involved in a form of trauma-based mind control, there has yet to be any verifiable proof of a Project Monarch. I'm  in the process of revising my original article and would very much like to solicit the feedback from those who have objective information to share.

Especially of interest would be:

1) When did the phrase "Project Monarch" first appear?

2) Besides the above mentioned individuals who disseminated such information (or disinformation), who were the others eluding to "Monarch"? Look forward to your replies.

Ron Patton

Barbara Hartwell to Ron Patton

Dear Mr. Patton:

I received the message you wrote, from Jackie McGauley. I tried to look at the website, mkzine, but could not get access.

I don't have time to write a comprehensive analysis re "Project Monarch" and the individuals you've mentioned here. However, because I find it important that these government disinfo and containment agents (especially Ted Gunderson!) be exposed for what they are, here are my comments, for what they're worth. Feel free to use any quotes from me, should you find them of value.

Project Monarch: There are NO official records anywhere of a project by this name. I challenge anyone to find them and make them public. They can't; they won't, simply because they don't exist. Project Monarch never existed.

It is my considered professional opinion that CIA operative Mark Phillips came up with this name in order to create a smokescreen/diversion which would deflect attention from the REAL mind control operations, sub-projects of MK ULTRA and the CIA black operations (Manchurian Candidates, military applications/assassinations) connected to them, such as Operation Phoenix, Gladio etc.

Mark Phillips tried to discredit me several years ago, once I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson. Phillips is, and always has been, the handler for Cathy O'Brien, NOT her 'rescuer' as he presents himself in the media. I told Mark Phillips to mind his own damn business, as he does not know me, nor anything about me. I have never met him, nor have been involved in ANY of the operations he claims to have 'exposed'.

In addition to Phillips, there are other individuals in collusion with Ted Gunderson, who have tried to discredit me. All are spreading lies and disinfo about me and others. All are friendly with Gunderson, some with Phillips as well.

Clay Douglas: Of The Free American, set me up by having me as a guest on his radio show a few years ago. He tried to discredit me by accusing me of being a "CIA disinfo agent", then cut me off in the middle of the program. I've no doubt Gunderson and Phillips sent him after me for that purpose.

Ken Adachi: Runs a website featuring Ted Gunderson and a bunch of New Age garbage/Space Brother cults, etc. Adachi has written much nasty, libelous disinfo about me. His source? Ted Gunderson.

Fritz Springmeier: In my opinion, is a charlatan. I've seen documents proving that his real name is Arthur Alexander Jr. He has a shady history of fraud and scams. He's currently in jail for bank robbery.

Cisco Wheeler: I believe her to have been "coached" by her handlers (including Springmeier) to put forth the stories she tells and writes about. This is not to say that NONE of what they say is true; only that the spin put on it is for disinfo purposes.

Doug Millar: Sidekick of Gunderson. Gov't penetration agent. Name taker, infiltrates mind control support groups. Spreads disinfo re CIA mind control. (See my website, Denver Connection articles, esp. Part 3)

Tim White: Predicate felon, handled by Gunderson. For a report on White, see my website, article May 6: A True (But Stranger-than Fiction) Crime Case.

Brenda Negri: In collusion with Gunderson, writes much malicious, libelous disinfo about me and others. Report on Negri available on my website, May 25. Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri.

Others who disseminate disinfo re Monarch:

Stewart and Janet Swerdlow. On their website there is a so-called "Monarch Survivor" who writes an anonymous "diary". The woman is clearly under mind control and has many false notions. This woman tried to discredit me (not publicly, that I know of) by writing some nonsense about me to one of my associates. Typical, since she does not know me, nor has ever had contact with me. [The woman's name is Polly Cunningham, may go under the pseudonym "Natalie". May also be posting on Rumor Mill News under the screen name 'Intuit'.]

Brice Taylor aka Sue Ford, "Monarch sex-slave", long-time friend of Gunderson.

Kurt Billings, MK ULTRA "researcher" (CIA uses him to spread disinfo and as provocateur).

I have more names (mostly CIA operatives) but I have not made them public yet, can't expose them now...pending court cases, etc.

There are also two articles I wrote in 2001, which address issues re MK ULTRA, CIA black ops, disinfo, "Monarch" etc. The focus also on Gunderson, Phillips, et al.

Time To Set The Record Straight Part 1, and Part 2, posted on Conspiracy Planet, Barbara Hartwell Channel, under Whistleblower section.

[Note: Hartwell articles and channel have been removed. Find articles on this site.]

Perhaps you'll find some points of interest pertinent to your research in these articles. Permission to use quotes from these articles, as long as the source is given.

I wish you the best in finding and exposing the truth about MK ULTRA.


PS: Please do not give my e-mail address out to anyone. I recently changed it, and removed access to an e-mail address from my website, due to large volume of unsolicited e-mail and harassment.

Letter from a reader.

Dear Barbara Hartwell,

This past Spring some friends and I went to a 20-day seminar with Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. Admittedly, the small group of 50 or so attendees were not very aware of much, but it still seemed to us that Phillips was peddling really old 'news' about CIA techniques, and that Cathy had become some kind of mouthpiece for New Age religion as the answer to it all.

Anyway, Mark announced then that HBO had signed them to do a docudrama which would air in the Fall of 2002, and that the film company's p.r. department was going to handle their public appearances, etc. for a while.

At any rate, I see they're still speaking at 'patriot expos'. I see that in spite of the controversy about what Mark has really been up to all these years, these 'patriots' don't question his legitimacy at all.

And now - what's happened to the HBO film?

Of course, it would seem that the Bush family would hardly allow a high profile television version of Cathy's story at this point in time. But somehow, when Phillips was questioned about that at the seminar, he seemed oblivious to any difficulties.

I don't keep up with TV - Has this been on the air yet? Was the program cancelled? Was the whole story a set-up, and why?

Most strange of all, I remember Mark saying at the seminar that there was some kind of subliminal message throughout the book "Tranceformation of America" to the effect that everyone reading it should love people. Right. And that the sexual violence in the content was not his and Cathy's idea.

More and more weird.

I'd be really happy if you could comment on this, Barbara - What's more, maybe you could post something on Rumor Mill. I think I heard once that you yourself had gone for Phillips for counselling help, and then discovered he was only in it for the money -- or appeared to be, after getting several thousand dollars from you. Was that indeed you, or another mind control victim I read about?

Thanks a lot. I know this is not a pleasant topic for you. But a whole lot of new people are now giving them credibility again.


C.D. Thomson

Barbara Hartwell Responds:

I have never had any contact with Mark Phillips. I recieved a few e-mails from him, signed "Mark and Cathy" sometime in 2000, after I had broken off contact with Ted Gunderson (a crony of Phillips). It was clear the messages were written by Phillips, not O'Brien.

At first, the messages seemed cordial, but obviously trying to draw me in by offering "support" --which I had no need of, at least not from these two, as I saw no common ground on which to base an association. I also knew Phillips to be CIA, though I never knew him from my past dealings with the agency.

When I responded briefly, explaining that I knew exactly what I was doing --that is, exposing the facts about my own case, including the persecution I had been subjected to-- and was not interested in getting involved with them or their little 'mind control survivors' clique, Phillips started publicly trying to discredit me by claiming I "should not" be talking about the harassment I was targeted for.

He also taunted me by trying to compare me unfavorably to Cathy, which I found ludicrous, as there are no similarities between her experiences or her background and mine. She was a "sex slave", bascially just a mind controlled prostitute.

And although I am a survivor of MK Ultra, I was an intelligence operative utilized in Psy Ops under Non Official Cover. And I was never involved in any project called "Monarch". Furthermore, I've seen no evidence that such a project existed. I've never heard a credible witness talk about it, nor seen any documentation regarding it.

It is my belief, and considered professional opinion, based on my own research and case investigations, that 'Monarch' is a sort of side show to divert attention from the REAL black ops run by CIA, also involving mind control programming. It is a containment operation. Anyone who writes about Monarch would have nothing but hearsay (from dubious witnesses) on which to base their reports/books, etc.

I told Phillips in no uncertain terms, in a PUBLIC statement, to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS and that I considered him a charlatan. As is usual with these dsinfo/containment agents, he became more aggressive in libeling me. Mostly, I simply ignored him, as is my usual policy. True, he did a lot of damage to my reputation by spreading his lies, but then, that's what CIA is all about: LYING.

So no, I never sought out Phillips for any sort of "counselling", nor for any other reason. Unfortunately, this is typical of the type of disinfo that is out there.....

On the contrary, Phillips sought me out and his advances were rebuffed.

However, Brice Taylor aka Sue Ford DID seek out Phillips for such "counselling." Ford later claimed (and told me personally, in 1998) that she had paid him a lot of money, and that he had ripped her off for many thousands of dollars. Probably, the rumor you "heard somewhere" was about Ford aka Taylor.

No similarities between myself and Sue Ford either....and yet useful idiots like Ken Adachi (Educate-Yourself website) continue to publish many lies and disinfo about Barbara Hartwell, for the purpose of discrediting my LEGITIMATE testimony about CIA, MK Ultra mind control operations; as well as my expose's of Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp and others running cover ups of government mind control operations, human trafficking/slavery and much more.....

Volumes of disinformation have been disseminated about me ever since I went public with my case on the Internet in 1995-96. But it got worse after I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson in 2000.

I have refuted much of this disinformation in reports which may be found on this site.

Some of the more aggressive disinfo-mongers and liars I have exposed:

Ted Gunderson; Mark Phillips; Ken Adachi; Tim White; John DeCamp; Todd Brendan Fahey; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Doug Millar; Jon Gentry; Fintan Dunne; Rayelan Allan; Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Sherry Shriner; Rosalee Grable aka 'The Webfairy'; Dennis Bossack; Pam Schuffert.