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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Comments from Don Hakman, 2002

Saying no takes more guts than yes

I was hounded in my 20's by the CIA. They came to my office to recruit me. The diagnostic test labeled Treasury dept. on the cover was about 1 inch thick. Upon my 4th or 5th interview a lady subjected me to a verbal questionaire. Finally we came to the first question involving the potential use of violence.

The scenario was I was at the top of the stairs with a briefcase full of sensitive information. An individual coming up the stairs attempts to take the briefcase. What do you do? - I asked for more information but was told that is the entire question.

(I had been trying to get out of an obligation I felt I would probably regret for some time.) First a kind and smiling officer from naval intel came to question me about my knowledge of people that may have remote viewing skills. I lied and said "no I did not know". An arrogant guy came later and used threatening rhetoric. But this lady was cunning and pushy.

I said, "I would give him the briefcase". She scowled and packed up her materials and left immediately. Later the test that I had hidden inside the paneling was taken along with my car being ransacked. Three more unpleasant episodes followed. Recruiting turned into investigations by 3 more agencies but I will delete those stories at this time. Having a number of research scientists as clients didn't help any.

Saying "no" heaped a great deal of suspicion and retribution on me. Saying no is not taken lightly by those people so heaven knows what saying no too late would have been like.

I know some people think saying no to a branch of our shadow government might be a cowardly unpatriotic thing to do but I am proud of my decision. These people do not take no lightly. Nor do I take their unethical manipulations lightly. Other people in the field of hypnosis, programming, subliminal and electronic applications surely came forward to do their bidding.

Some professors in town that went to work for them yet tried to keep an ethical control of their work but were compartmentalized and sold out by combining the work of several people to help produce a poison weapon. They serendipidously got together , found out what was done to them and successfully sued.

Saying "no" worked out for them but the government still got their weapon.

These agencies are filled with yes men, and that is not a good or effective thing to do.

Saying no takes more guts than yes.

I've read first-hand accounts of these interactions on other websites.

Barbara Hartwell is another one who said 'no':