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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Note: I've taken this commentary by John Perna from a message board. John's analysis is right on the money. I am so very tired of hearing the lies promoted by so-called "holocaust deniers".

Some of these same people promote hatred for "The Jews", constantly scapegoating entire groups of people, simply by virtue of their genetic/racial/ethnic origin.

Some examples of this Hate-The-Jews mentality are also given below.

The "No Holocaust" Hoax

By John Perna

How many people does someone have to murder, before he is evil ?

What is the relevance of pondering if it was one million, two million or six million?

If someone killed your whole family, wouldn't that be too many?

It was more than Charles Manson Killed.

It was more than Richard Speck Killed.

It was more than John Wayne Geise Killed.

It was more than Jack the Ripper Killed.

It was more than The Boston Strangler Killed.

I have a film, which was made by the U. S. army, after we marched into Germany.

It was made one of the SMALLER concentration camps.

It is interesting to me that the only people, who say the holocaust did not happen, are the same people who say that everything, that is wrong in the world, is the fault of "The Jews".

When they quibble about the NUMBER of people murdered, they demonstrate that they do not accept the idea that ANY NUMBER of murders is an abomination.

I am sure that if THEY were to be the intended victims, ONE would be too many.

All this debate about "how many" shows one more thing quite clearly:


Holocaust evidence includes:

Hundreds of motion pictures, including some made by the U. S. Army, on VE day.

Hundreds of confessions from actual participants.

Thousands of photographs.

Physical evidence by the truck load.

Mountains of corpses, both buried and unburied

Hundreds of thousands of eye witnesses, including American and British soldiers.

Reams of recorded court transcripts.

"Facilities" that still exist, including gas chambers and crematoriums..

Thousands of tattooed survivors.

Hitler's own ministry of propaganda would not have imagined that they could make this crime disappear.


Also interesting is that anyone who steps forward to denounce the disgraceful bigotry, or to point out that the holocaust in fact DID happen, that the murders and atrocities WERE committed, are immediately labeled as "Zionists".

For example, John Kaminski (2003) called Barbara Hartwell a " mainstream Republican Zionist demogogue", and also accused me of "endorsing" Bush's war."

John Kaminski wrote: [From an "exclusive" to Rumor Mill News]

"Barbara Hartwell is a small-minded, pre-programmed intellectual whore who obviously endorses savage American soldiers putting bullets in the heads of innocent Iraqi children and the U.S. government spreading fatal depleted uranium poison even among its own troops."

"My friends in the Patriot movement would probably regard Hartwell as a mainstream Republican Zionist demagogue on the order to Tom Delay who would not speak the unvarnished truth about her country even if she were able to perceive it, which she clearly does not."

Barbara Hartwell wrote [From Open Letter to John Kaminski]:

I have no idea WHY you would believe this; nor who/what your "intelligence" sources are. I have never made any statement, publicly, nor privately, that could possibly lead anyone to form such a conclusion.

But I will share with you something I DID write, taken from the archives of my website. It is a short preface to an article by Carl F. Worden, relating to what I would call the "actions other than war" in Iraq.

[Note from Babs: When I think of the fifty (50) Marine casualties Carl mentions here, what comes to my mind is 50 soldiers, 50 INDIVIDUAL human beings whose families and loved ones will never see them again. Not in this material world, anyway. How many more of our troops will have to die before this is over?

Can the deaths of these good men and women possibly be justified, in any way shape or form?


At least that's the answer any spirit-filled person (no matter what their religion or lack thereof) knows to be true. I, like many others, am sick at heart at the senseless slaughter of innocents, both our own soldiers and the Iraqi civilians (many of whom, it must be remembered, are children.)

I am disgusted, beyond any disgust I have ever felt before, that these warmongers and traitors who are running this unconstitutional, illegal, inexcusable, insufferable action are receiving ANY support whatsoever from the flag-waving masses of asses that claim to be 'patriots'. It boggles my mind. It's enough to make the angels weep. I can hear them. Can you?]

So, Mr. Kaminski, I am hard pressed to understand how you arrived at the "obvious" conclusion that I would "endorse" such war crimes. End quote.

Some time later, Kaminski made blanket statements denouncing "the Jews", including: "Never trust a Jew" and "all Jews are liars" when addressing "Jewish" issues.

Next example: Peter Kawaja. [From The Scapegoat Syndrome: Editorial Commentary on the Politics of Injustice, by Barbara Hartwell.]

Peter Kawaja wrote:

"Suddenly when the Zionist enemy [Barbara Hartwell and John Quinn] saw Peter Kawaja's information being read, they FEARED the truth will out, as people across the world are reading the DSWCC."

"NewsHawk HAD TO issue HATE EMAIL and drag the JEWISH ISSUE and USE THAT old worn out MENUSHA about Anti-Jewish Yada Yada to TRY to discredit TRUTH....."

In his introductory paragraph Kawaja states that : "The following are just a few more excerpts of exchanges of OTHERS (not Peter Kawaja) and NewsHawk ZIONIST LACKEYS."

Here then, are some comments from Mark Harp's letter to Kawaja. Mark Harp wrote:

"It's truly amazing how many compromise truth organizations are out there. It's the same old malarky. Continually criticize Hitler, who correctly hated Stalin's Communism."

"It is a fully documented fact that Communism is Jewish."

"Invariably, all of the people who disparagingly use the terms "anti-semitism" and "Nazi" never mention the existence of the official Jewish rule book called the Talmud. The last thing in the world these charactors [sic] want is for we "goyim" to read their exceedingly corrupt holy book."

"The deaths of approximately 400,000 persons in German POW camps, primarily from disease, is altered to "Hitler killed six million Jews" by the government approved media. It is to be described as the "Holocaust".

Here then, in The World According to Harp, we have "German POW camps", NOT Nazi Concentration Camps.

Harp further informs us that the "400,000" souls interred in the camps, (courtesy of the Neo-Nazi number-crunchers from whom Harp has derived his altered figures) were NOT victims of cold-blooded and premeditated murder...No, they died of "disease".

I won't argue that they didn't die of a disease: The fatal disease called FASCISM.

But I do have a question for Mr. Harp: Number crunching aside, whether they numbered 6 million or 400,000.... WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE DOING IN THE SO-CALLED "GERMAN POW CAMPS" TO BEGIN WITH?

HOW did they get there? WHO placed them there? And WHY?

According to Harp, "criticism" of Hitler is just more of that old "malarky". Malarky?

And what other possible way except "disparagingly" could any decent human being EVER use the terms "anti-semite" or "Nazi"?

Good God, how can I possibly express the uncompromised stupidity of these statements?

I don't think I need to. These statements do a great job screaming STUPIDITY! --all by themselves.

Peter Kawaja, Stephen Maye and their cronies sound a call to "FACE FACTS."

Okay. Great idea! Let's do that. Let's face facts: Adolph Hitler was a psychopath; a narcissist; a megalomaniac; a liar; a demogogue; a murderer; and a tyrant.

Hitler was a madman and a literal incarnation of evil. He and his Nazi compatriots were directly responsible for the deaths of untold millions of people, Jews and non-Jews alike.

And the Nazi legacy of hatred, intolerance and mass destruction lives on right up to the present day in our country. They are still killing millions: the methods may have changed but the end results are the same.

Now, there are some FACTS all sane and ethical people can certainly agree upon.

Now to supplement the facts, here's my personal opinion: Those who endorse even ONE IOTA..ONE SCINTILLA of Hitler's philosophy or try in any way to defend or justify the actions of the Nazis --past, present or future-- are committing an inexcusable sin against humanity and against God.

They are defending the indefensible.

Anyone who KNOWS God --Whomever, Whatever you consider Him or Her or It to be-- will understand exactly what I am saying.

It doesn't matter whether or not you are a practicing member of any religion or what your spiritual focus may be. If you KNOW God then you will have access to the gift of spiritual discernment.

God will live in your heart and you will know the difference between good and evil: in stark black-and-white terms. There is no gray area.

You may not always follow what you know in your heart. But the Divine guidance, or spirit-filled intuition will always be there whenever you truly seek for it, to guide you to the truth, no matter how many propagandists surround you and try to poison your mind with lies and slander.

And you will never fall prey to the Scapegoat Syndrome.

Barbara Hartwell, 2000

And lastly, an excerpt from an article by Carl F.Worden, titled, Why the Jews?

Why the Jews?

I have never understood why anyone would spend any time at all trying to prove Jews are behind every bad thing that ever happens on this globe. I think all of us have read some long diatribes written by these Christian Identity freaks and Jew-bashers that obviously took a great deal of time and effort to put together. One recent example is the effort to prove Flight 77 never hit the Pentagon on 9/11/01, and that it was all a Jew-inspired conspiracy to form a one-world government.

Hey, who needs the Jews when you've got George W. Bush and his pals at the United Nations doing it anyway?

But when you think about how much time it takes for one of these twisted freaks to put all these lies together and present them, you also must wonder what kind of good might have come from these people using the same amount of time to provide better for their families or to go to night classes at college to earn a higher education.

That's the thing that puzzles me: How did these people ever arrive at this psychological condition where they are so consumed with white-hot hatred for Jews, and so convinced of a worldwide Jew conspiracy, that they devote all their spare time to promulgating it?