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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ted Gunderson: The 'Satanist Defense'

From the Hartwell Files
July, 2003

Satanist Denounces Ted Gunderson's 'Satanist Defense'

Jackie McGauley's observation that Ted inserts himself into every high profile case, is right on the money.

And I had no doubt it was bound to happen, as surely as the sun rises in the east: That former FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge, Ted L. Gunderson would find some way to place himself in the middle of the Laci Peterson murder case.

According to Ted Gunderson, it seems EVERY high-profile murder case boils down to this: It was committed by a Satanic Cult!

While traveling to conferences and working with Gunderson, between 1997-2000, I had the opportunity (if you could call it that) to meet some of the many kooks and weirdos Ted surrounds himself with. People like presidential 'hopeful' and UFO nut Heather Harder; scamster and Hatonn Cult proponent George Green. And many others....

Ted's newest mouthpiece and stooge is Ken Adachi, editor of a New Age disinfo website called Educate- Yourself. Adachi has been libeling me for the past two years [since 2001] ever since I exposed the truth about Ted Gunderson.
And I had to wonder: Where does Ted FIND these people?

But then, that is the nature of the operations run by COINTELPRO: To muddy the waters; to throw up smokescreens; to create a side show around every case, so that people's attention is distracted and they are unlikely to see the truth.

And to discredit REAL witnesses and survivors by surrounding their testimony with sensationalism and Mickey Mouse Metaphysics. [See Ken Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself, for Mickey Mouse Metaphysics galore!]

I have not researched the Peterson case, and know very little about it. But I do know one thing: When Ted says, "It was the SATANISTS!"...that's when I can be almost one hundred percent positive that something fishy is going on.

[Note, Sept. 2008: And then, there's the fact that Ted Gunderson married Diana Rively, the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, in 1998. The marriage was annulled and Gunderson has since REPEATEDLY DENIED that he ever married Diana Rively, both publicly and privately, to various witnesses.
The most recent of such public denials, to my knowledge, was on a radio show hosted by D'Anne Burley (RBN.) Ted was a guest, along with his newest sidekick, Clarence Malcolm. Ted Gunderson announced to the radio audience that Barbara Hartwell is a guessed it..."CIA disinfo agent".

In response, someone called in and asked Ted, Were you ever married to the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan?

Of course, Ted completely denied it. And, as usual, blamed Barbara Hartwell for spreading " CIA disinfo"!

However, I received a phone call in the same year (1998) from Ted, telling me all about the marriage. I also have evidence, a note from TG himself, mailed to me, stating, after the fact, that "the marriage did not work out." And, I spent hours on the phone with Diana Rively (during the short time they were married) discussing, among other topics, her marriage to Ted Gunderson.

So, if Ted was never married to Diana, why would I have received phone calls and a note from Ted, regarding the "marriage"? Was he lying to me in 1998? Was Diana also lying to me? If so, for what possible purpose? To what end?
Or, is Ted Gunderson lying to the public, trying to cover up his marriage to the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, because it compromises his credibility?

And shame on you, D'Anne Burley, for allowing Gunderson and his new flunky to slander Barbara Hartwell! In the past, I refused all D'Anne's invitations to be a guest on her radio program. Now, I fully understand why I got bad vibes about D'Anne.]

But anyway, here's a letter written by a member of the Church of Satan in reference to Gunderson's latest antics, his attempt to infiltrate the Laci Peterson case with the old standby, the Satanist Defense. So now, we have a Satanist defending Satanism, while expressing outrage over Ted Gunderson's Satanist Defense. (Are you confused yet?......)

[I have edited slightly for paragraph structure and clarity, but have not 
changed any of the content.]

Barbara Hartwell
July, 2003

From: Lucinda Furness
To all who are concerned.

This letter will be FAXed to as many newspapers, tabloids, magazines, and TV stations as I can get it to. The documents that are linked to it will be accompanying the FAX. It will also be e-mailed to as many reporters and "Letter to the Editor" e-mails as I can get my hands on. I will most likely be picketing the Modesto Bee next week.

Please feel free to cut, paste, adapt, any of what you want, to make your OWN letter to your local papers. This is license to plagiarize to your content.

Ms Luci Fur

(on another of her rants)

Scott Peterson, a Cult of One.

The recent attempts by the Scott Peterson defense team to blame the death of his wife and son on a Satanic cult are completely absurd. Their lies are nothing more than an underhanded ploy to deflect attention from the defendant, and to inflame and confuse the possible jury pool.

There is no “Satanic cult” in Modesto. There may be Satanists there. If they are Church of Satan members, or otherwise, they are law abiding members of that city. They are living their lives, raising their children, going to work, and enjoying their freedoms, just like you are. Satanists firmly stand WITH law and order, and we respect the laws of the land. No real Satanist would risk incarceration, and thus, the loss of his/her autonomy, by committing the heinous crime that has been perpetrated against Laci Peterson and her child.

I am in close geographical proximity to Modesto and the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a mother. I am a Satanist. I am a member of the Church of Satan. One of our “11 Rules of the Earth” is: IX Do not harm little children.

A Satanist believes that a child is the most uncorrupted being on the planet, and the human closest to nature. The younger the child, the more magical he/she is. Satanists listen to little children. We do not kill them. We hold them in awe.

The birth of a child to a Satanist is a wonder to us all, and is celebrated as a great occasion. Anton LaVey, the founder of The Church of Satan, always stressed the importance of our children being of “quality” rather than of quantity. Therefore, each and every one of our children is a very precious treasure to the entire Satanic community. No true Satanist would EVER harm a child.

A woman who has the time to raise a child in the Satanic manner is honored and respected, as such women are very rare. She would be lauded, loved, and honored, rather than murdered.

I am thoroughly disgusted with seeing my religion being associated with this despicable crime, by people who have absolutely no idea about what a Satanist is, or what a Satanist believes. The Church of Satan is a legally recognized religion. It is listed with the California Secretary of State Board of Corporations: and enter: Church of Satan

The Church of Satan is listed in the US Government’s Army Chaplain’s Handbook, and is accurately described:

The Church of Satan is also recognized by the IRS. If that doesn’t make something legitimate, I don’t know what else does.

The suggestion, by Ted Gunderson, that Laci Peterson was murdered on Dec 24th, for some nefarious “Satanic ritual” is patently absurd. As to Dec 24th being “important to the Satanic Cult”, nothing could be further from the truth. Dec 24th has absolutely no meaning to us, other than that some of us might get a day off from work. There is no such “celebration” known as the “Demon Revels” practiced by members of The Church of Satan, or by any Satanists that I know.

The REAL people who celebrate the significance of December 24th are those of the Christian faith. I don’t see Scott Peterson’s team pointing a finger at the Christians in his area. Let’s talk about the “sacrifice” of a SON here. Which religion worships a figure whose FATHER allowed his son to be crucified? Which religion is it that practices the RITUAL of drinking blood and eating the flesh of his son?

It isn’t the Satanists. It’s the Christians.

Look to your own before you go accusing people who practice other religions, of committing horrendous crimes. If the newspapers replaced “Satanic cult” with “Jews”, there would be an outrage from the Jewish community. The Jews were once accused of the same horrific activities. We all know that Jews do not kill women and sacrifice babies. Neither do Satanists.

Let’s stop casting these religious aspersions, and continue with the business of prosecuting the REAL killer of Laci Peterson and her son.

PO BOX 299
HANFORD CA 93232-0299


Please note: The views expressed in this letter are mine. I am not an authorized spokesperson for The Church of Satan, just a member.

GLOBE 6-3-03
By David Thompson and Dawna Kaufmann


In a desperate effort to save Scott Peterson's neck, his attorneys are building a defense that his innocent wife Laci was killed by a satanic cult.

They say that Laci and her unborn child Connor were probably murdered by devil worshippers who sacrificed them Dec. 24, hailed by satanists asthe celebration of Demon Revels.

Former FBI special-agent in charge Ted Gunderson, an expert in devil cults, tells GLOBE that the Peterson home in Modesto, Calif., is in an area noted for satanic activity, which often reaches a crescendo in the final days of December.

"If Laci and Connor were targeted for sacrifice, this would be the time of the year they'd be in danger," he says.

Within days of signing on, members of [S.Peterson's] team began to investigate the theory that Laci died at the hands of a devil cult. They leaked stories that her headless body was "carved up" and that her wounds were "awful and horrendous."

The possibility of satanic involvement was raised after an investigator learned of a strange attack that occurred close to Laci's home in Modesto, 10 days before she disappeared.

A woman was allegedly abducted by four men -- one of them called Donnie -- and driven away in a brown van. According to a source close to the defense team, she then was subjected to a violent rape.

"Strange rituals were performed during the attack that had definite satanic overtones," says the source.

The woman sought medical help before disappearing --and no one has been able to trace her.

[defense insider:] "...we have people who saw her on Dec. 24. That's a key day in the satanic calendar --and Laci went missing then."

The satanic defense though cuts no ice with famed forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who is studying the case. He tells GLOBE, "I am willing to bet there was no mutilation of Laci's body, by Satanists or anybody else. Her head and limbs were probably sawn from the trunk by the action of chains or ropes around those parts and attached to weights to anchor her to the bottom. The natural turbulence of the water caused it to happen."

Anybody know who Ted Gunderson is?