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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tyranny, Treachery, Terrorism & Trauma: The Formula

Note: On the seventh anniversary of 'Operation 9-11', I have decided to repost my report, written in October, 2001. In the years since the terrorist attacks, I myself have not pursued this topic in my reports --except for the general ramifications re the demise of Individual Liberty in America.

But there are others whose excellent and dedicated efforts on exposing the truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001, have provided the facts, evidence and personal testimony which are so very necessary in allowing anyone and everyone with eyes to see, ears to hear, to KNOW that the government has betrayed us all with their outrageous LIES.

I would like to acknowledge just a few of these courageous researchers/investigators whose work has had special meaning to me personally, especially from a spiritual perspective, and as revealed to me by the Holy Spirit.

I thank them, from the bottom of my heart --for Standing Up for Truth, for Righteousness and for We The People, of America.

May God richly bless them.

9-11 Widow, Ellen Mariani and Karl Schwarz, Author of One Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas.

Tyranny, Treachery, Terrorism and Trauma: The Formula
Original Report (October 2001)

PREFACE (republished, 2005)

I wrote this article in October 2001, less than one month after the terrorist attack on the WTC. Something I didn't say in the article: I knew, beyond any doubt, the minute I saw it unfolding on TV, that it was an Inside Job.

Since I do not watch television and have not had any cable hook-up for many years, I had to go to a neighbor's house to watch the news reports, after receiving a phone call from my niece in Colorado.

Call it Spirit-filled intuition (clairvoyance), one of the gifts of the spirit God has bestowed on me. Call it reason or logic, based on my many years of direct experience working for the criminals in the U.S. Government. Call it anything you like. All I can say is that I immediately knew it to be true: It was an Inside Job.

I have never personally investigated 9-11, at least not the nuts-and-bolts variety of forensic investigation. I did not have that opportunity, lacking the resources and having lost most of my professional contacts in law enforcement and the intelligence community by that time.

In fact, many years ago, I had worked on a somewhat regular basis with various police departments, including NYPD, as an "independent consultant" (though I was often "sent" by CIA); where I worked with detectives in investigations of murder and other criminal cases, missing persons, etc.

Though I was born on Manhattan Island and lived there for many years, on and off, from early childhood until I was in my mid-twenties; attended college and seminary school there, I moved from that place for good in 1975 and have only gone back infrequently over the years since then. After 9-11, I have refused to go there at all. Just my choice and for personal reasons.

But since so many people in the general public now (finally!) believe that 9-11 was an Inside Job, as a result of the many reports based on real forensic investigations by professionals since that time, I thought it might be interesting to repost this article.

It was originally published by Conspiracy Planet and subsequently made its way onto many other sites. None of those sites will publish my work anymore, as a result of the libel and disinfo campaigns being waged by my enemies in the U.S. Government and their stooges, toadies and minions.

I should add that this article is an editorial. It is based on my opinions (as a former intelligence operative, a Jungian analyst and Christian minister); considered professional opinions though those may be.

Though there are many facts included, those facts do not in any way substantiate my opinion that 9-11 was an Inside Job. So please, as always, I ask that you read it with an open mind, a compassionate heart, and make of it what you will.

One more thing you need to know: Included in this article is a transcript of the "deathbed confession", a videotape which was later revealed to be a hoax. The hoax was perpetrated by filmmaker, Mike Z.

When I first found out about the hoax, I was furious, to the blood-boiling point. I called Mike Z a "scumbag" in public reports and generally gave him hell. You see, I was the only person (or at least the first) who actually made a written transcript from the video and incorporated it into a widely published article.

But it is important to say that the deathbed confession itself was in no way the pivotal issue in writing the article. I had begun the article before I got the video by e-mail from Mike Z. I included it because it seemed to fit so well into everything I believed (and still do, to this day) about the 9-11 Terrorist Attack. And about the satanists who run the U.S. Government. So please keep this in mind when reading the article.

Lastly, Mike Z apologized to me some time later. Below, find his e-mail to me. I did forgive him, after speaking to him on the phone. He admitted his ploy was wrongful, seemed truly repentant and I accepted his apology, though as I told him, I don't condone what he did.

He is certainly a talented artist, and if he would use his talents to make "protest" films without promoting them as the real deal, he could be doing a great service to the skeptics who do not believe the government is capable of such things as terrorist acts of mass murder, all the while blaming the scapegoat du jour, which in the case of 9-11 happened to be Osama bin Laden (a long time CIA asset.)

Mike Zieper's Letter to Barbara Hartwell:

Dear Barbara,

I owe you an apology. I used you to expose my tape to the world. And I should have thanked you for your help.

I believe that there are very simple reasons why things are the way they are. I made the DEATHBED CONFESSION tape to communicate some of these ideas.

At the time, I wanted to avoid a flame war so I accepted the criticism and abuse that I received. I understand that I was muddying already murky waters.

But you should know that I read the article you wrote (TYRANNY, TREACHERY, TERRORISM & TRAUMA) and agreed with your analysis of the situation completely.

I can't begin to understand what you have personally been through. I've had my share of weirdness since the FBI took an interest in me.

But, as one person whose email is being read to another, I want to say that you have done great work.

Don't give up the fight,

Mike Z


No doubt about it, there was a formula utilized by the perpetrators of Nine-One-One. No matter whodunit --it was a well and precisely planned operation.

From Webster's Dictionary, a definition of 'formula': "A set form of words for use in a ceremony or ritual".

The formula can best be described in four simple words:


TYRANNY: Absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly.

TREACHERY: Willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence or trust; perfidy.

TERRORISM: The systematic use of terror, violence and intimidation to achieve an end.

TRAUMA: An emotional shock that creates substantial and lasting damage to the psychological development of the individual, generally leading to neurosis.
Which leads us to.....

TOTALITARIANISM: A form of government in which one person or party exercises absolute control over all spheres of human life and opposing parties are not permitted to exist.

Sound familiar? Where have we heard this before? Has our government betrayed us? Are we being ushered into the Fourth Reich? couldn't happen here...Or could it?


Was the mass murder and mayhem -- the operation code named Nine-One-One -- a ceremony or ritual?

And if so, what kind of ritual? For what purpose?

Was Nine-One-One simply the most extreme 'international incident' to date in a long-term operation of 'trauma-based programming,a part of the 'ritual abuse' of the American public?

Worse yet, was it a 'Satanic Blood Sacrifice'?

Could these sorts of hideous rituals be part and parcel of the programming of the collective American psyche? If so, to what end?

These are not easy questions to answer, much less furnish proof for. Yet the answers leap out in a plethora of dramatic symbols, for those who have eyes to see --and more importantly-- the freedom of mind to perceive.


For centuries, occultists have relied on symbols to harness the power of the human mind for use in rituals.

By far, the greatest creative power resides not in the conscious mind, but in the unconscious, and even more so in the vast reservoir of what Carl Jung termed the Collective Unconscious. The unconscious 'thinks' in symbols (pictures) instead of words. If a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe that's why.

You don't have to believe in Jung's theories to understand the power of symbols. Symbols are all around us; but never more compelling than when they are internalized within the life-force of the mind.

Internalizing a symbol is not hard to do, either by a voluntary act of conscious will, as in prayer or meditation....or by the imposition of someone else's will as in hypnotic suggestion, black magic or mind control.

Once a symbol has been internalized, it takes on a life of its own. And once it digs in and puts down roots, its power over the mind of the host --for good or ill-- grows as it is watered and fed by the conscious mind.

The easiest way to 'feed' a symbol is to use repetition.

Flash that symbol over and over in front of the subject's eyes until the point of saturation and it reaches critical mass.

The perpetrators of mind control have developed this sort of 'ritual' not only as a science, but to a near art form. Dominating the energy --individually or collectively-- in the psyche of the target is the cornerstone of mind control.


Let's consider the most potent symbol flashed into our consciousness by the perps of Nine-One-One.

The World Trade Center towers.

A raging inferno.

People leaping from the windows.

A larger-than-life spectacle of death and destruction.

Many writers have noted that there was an element of unreality in it all --like something you'd see in a movie.

But it wasn't a theatrical production. It was real.

The immediate reaction of most people witnessing this horror was shock, or intense shock and trauma. How could it be otherwise?

When trauma strikes, the boundaries protecting the psyche come crashing down. The ability to think critically and analytically is suspended. Until the shock wears off --if it ever does-- the traumatized mind simply reacts. And it reacts emotionally.

A traumatized mind is vulnerable and therefore far more suggestible. And the suggestions the mind is most willing to accept are those which it believes will ensure its protection and any cost. This the key to "trauma-based programming".  

Read it and weep: It works. 

Could it be that Operation Nine-One-One was planned for this precise purpose? 

Using terrorism to traumatize Americans into a mass panic which the perps knew would lead to their unquestioning and emotionally-based desire for protection and survival... at any cost? 

Have many traumatized Americans been programmed to give up their freedoms in the false, irrational and emotionally-based belief that they can exchange their freedom for protection and thus ensure their survival?

If so, they've made a deal with the devil --and there will be hell to pay.


It is hard to pinpoint with precision the beginning of institutionalized use of mind control in America , but 1947 was certainly a critical year.

In 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency was created from its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services. The agency was staffed predominantly with Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. under an operation code named Project Paperclip.

In 1953, the CIA 'officially' began the MK Ultra mind control program, under the direction of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, incorporating roughly 165 sub-projects.
George Hunter White, colleague of Nazi criminal Sydney Gottlieb, described his involvement in the CIA's infamous MK Ultra project this way:

"I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun.....Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?"

Indeed, where else? Where else, but in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Home of the Criminally Insane Agency.

Does this utterly demented, deranged and demonic mind-set tell you anything about the agency --or the government-- that could implement such a project, at the cost of unimaginable human suffering, while the perpetrators are swept merrily along in the sadistic thrill of it all?

Who can tell us about the depth of such suffering?

Maybe we could ask Eric Olsen. CIA "suicided" his father, Frank Olsen in 1953, connected to the MK Ultra operation, then engaged in a massive cover-up. The real story has only just begun to come out, but the lies and betrayal continue apace.

In 1999 The Expert Witness Show, hosted by Mike Levine, ran a series of programs about CIA mind control. I was one of the guests interviewed, as were Eric Olsen and Martin Lee, author of Acid Dreams, a classic book on CIA and MK Ultra.

I was asked to appear on the program as a survivor of MK Ultra. Yet I was given little opportunity to tell my story. Had I been allowed more air-time, perhaps my testimony would have shed some light not only on the mind control abuses of the past, well-documented and eloquently stated by Olsen and Lee, but on the fact that the atrocities of mind control are still going on to this day in our country.

Sidney Gottlieb, the project's founder, was purportedly ordered by DCI to destroy all MK Ultra documents, circa 1976-77. We know that ALL the documents were not destroyed, as evidenced by those which remain. However it is my belief that there are many more documents in existence which have not yet come to light. I believe this because of my own involvement in MK Ultra and other black projects and also because this has been confirmed to me by insider sources.

Furthermore, I know the project was never abandoned, as the CIA claims. I know this because I myself was still involved long after the program was purportedly "discontinued".

In fact, MK Ultra is still operating today. The names of its sub-projects may have changed and some of the players have passed away. But the game remains the same. It didn't stop. It just went deeper black, that's all.

And what's worse, the scope of mind control has expanded to include not just a small group of "test subjects" but the attempted brainwashing of the entire population.

Witness: HAARP
Witness: EM Frequency Weapons
Witness: Psychotropic Drugs
Witness: Satellite technologies
Witness: Biochip Implants

And these mind control systems are only the tip of the iceberg...   

In the words of the psychopath Jose Delgado: "A psycho-civilized society."




On the evening of October 6, I began writing this article. On the morning of October 7, I received e-mail from an unknown source. Strangely enough, the content of the message fit right in with what I was writing. It may shed some light into the darkest corners of the human psyche, as reflected by the body politic. And, if true, it is chilling to contemplate.


Subject: conspiracy tape?

Message: have you seen this ?

I had not, so I clicked on the URL to a web page which contained one item: a link to a video. The text on the web page: "This is a tape that was made by my father-in-law's client, who was dying of cancer. He left instructions that he wanted it to be seen."

The scene opened on a man in a hospital bed. A full head of white hair and thick black-framed glasses. Tubes ran from a bedside machine into his right arm.

It was the deathbed confession of a man who claimed to have worked for 27 years for "the group with no name". His identity as well, was undetermined.

The man appeared to be addressing his lawyer, "John" making a confession regarding the nefarious activities he had been involved in. He appeared agitated and had some difficulty speaking, so some of his testimony was unintelligible. I've transcribed it to the the best of my ability here:

"John, this is the last time you'll hear from me. Thanks for your friendship, your loyalty, thanks for your hard work. You've been more than just my lawyer, you've been a good friend.

I'm going to ask for one more favor. Do this thing for me. I'm going to tell you....secrets. These things are true. I want to tell people. I want people to confess.....

About the Wall Street that never was.....all lies.

Something else...I've been working for the group with no name....the way things are done.

I, bookkeeping...keeping track of the money. They don't care about money...listen, I can try to explain..but it's difficult...gonna be hard to explain.

I'm not crazy.....You've heard all those conspiracy stories...Jews, Masons, secret societies....some truth in sounds insane.

But I tell you, I've seen terrible things....listen....

The Mayan culture in South America....Mayans were the first ones... no one discusses these things.

They killed....[unintelligible]

Harrington was always talking....he's gone now....leave his name out of it.

They betrayed us.....our era.

This is the way things are done. You must have wondered yourself... what the hell is going on here ? This is the way things are done. Listen to me...try to understand.

The blood sacrifices they did down there...hearts were torn out... thousands of them...their own people. You know why they did it? It's the power...the power created from pain and suffering.

There are those who have ultimate power....who decide how things will go....part of a strategy...part of a plan.

Let me explain....I was programmed in the usual ways... Skull and Bones, the Bohemian Grove....[unintelligible] I could be used....

I don't know all that much....

The reason is the transfer of power...that's why they do what they do....magic...ancient magic....occult practices.

They discovered the transfer of power and energy...know what I'm talking about?

They discovered certain practices. You can't even conceive of. I don't exactly know how it's done. I avoided finding out. I couldn't stomach it.

The reason they create wars, atrocities, murder, assassinations, creates a form of They use that. I don't know how....I know it moves... and it works....I've seen it... horrible things. It's a works.

I wasn't involved in that. It just came into my life...27 goddamn years!

They told me I'd be there to witness the end...I was this close... 27 I won't be there to witness it... to see it coming...and to die now.

You know I never smoked...they do this all the's right to do this to me....

They lied...I kept my end of the bargain...they said there was no problem. They lied....

Listen... May 17...August 9....November 5...November what happens....then you'll know.

I'm speaking the truth.

There is no way to stop them. Both sides know how it works... terrorists in the third world... doing the things we used to do... They've already started killing off the's in the water... it's in the air...

It's the way things are... I can't put it any clearer than that...God help me...

Get this goddamn thing away from me! Turn it off!" [Waving his arms at the camera.]

End transcript.

Was this tape a hoax? I don't believe so. There were too many realistic elements. The hospital setting. The man's obvious distress and difficulty speaking. To me, it comes off as a real deathbed confession.

Of course, it proves nothing. But how much "proof" do we need?

Haven't we heard and read about all of this many times before? Ad nauseum?

How many witnesses do we need? How many confessions? How much testimony?

How many tortured souls?

How much more bloodshed?

When is enough, enough?


Now I have a few questions for all self-respecting, freedom-loving American citizens:

Are you willing to "negotiate" with the powers-that-be for your freedom?

Do you believe that your freedom, like a license to drive or to practice law, is a privilege issued by the state?

Will you let your freedom --or lack thereof-- be determined by the covert agenda of the "group with no name", a cabal of Satanists and Bonesmen perpetrating mind control, fomenting terrorism and engaging in blood sacrifice rituals?

Or is your freedom -- as protected under the U.S. Constitution-- a God-given right?

You decide.

Freedom begins in the mind.

Barbara Hartwell
October, 2001