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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane...Project Monarch


The delusion of their magic art lay humbled, and their boasted wisdom was scornfully rebuked. For those who promised to drive off the fears and disorders of a sick soul were sick themselves with a ridiculous fear. 


--Wisdom of Solomon


Never speak against the truth, but be ashamed of your ignorance. Do not be ashamed to confess your sins, and do not try to stop the current of a river. Do not subject yourself to a fool or show partiality to a ruler. Fight to the death for truth and the Lord God will fight for you. 


--Ecclesiasticus of Sirach

From the Hartwell Files, January, 2003

The following is a series of e-mails regarding the so-called "Monarch" mind control program. In January, 2003, I posted an e-mail on this topic, from a reader calling herself "Nan", in the Rumor Mill News forum. It was simply a letter from a reader, nothing more. Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, whose names were mentioned, and whose writings endorse the legitimacy of the Monarch project, found the post offensive and wrote a complaint to Rayelan.

I removed the post, as a courtesy to Rayelan. [I did not save the original post after it was deleted.] But the issue did not end there. A woman named Polly Cunningham, an associate of the Swerdlows, and self-proclaimed "Monarch survivor", took it upon herself to write to Rayelan with her ignorant and defamatory comments about Barbara Hartwell. Ms. Cunningham asked Rayelan to keep these comments in confidence, but Rayelan broke that confidence by sending the comments to me.

However, I promised no such confidentiality to anyone. My first priority is truth. I don't care if their comments come from ignorance; from "mind control"; or from malice. It's all the same to me. Anyone who dares to speak falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell will deal with the consequences, especially when they presume to drag my name into their own delusions by making ill-considered and unfounded subjective assumptions.

Considering the fact that Rayelan also violated my confidence, showing herself to be a person of no integrity; and shortly afterwards (November, 2003) created a public spectacle in which she falsely accused me of working for CIA; AND of being in collusion with malicious government stooge, Brenda Negri (a Gunderson minion); AND of running a 'psy op' against Rumor Mill News (which Rayelan claims is the ONE "silver bullet" of TRUTH in all the world), this stunning betrayal will continue to haunt her (through my public reports) unless and until she retracts her lies about Barbara Hartwell.

This whole issue --Barbara Hartwell made a scapegoat, libeled and slandered ad infinitum by COINTELPRO operatives and their party-line government disinformation specialists; by CIA liars whose only interest is CYA; and by
anonymous cowards who claim their lives are in danger, is absolutely sickening and I have had enough!

I am not, and have never been, part and parcel of the controlled-opposition containment and protection racket, in which everyone involved agrees to compromise themselves; to tell half-truths and outright lies; to support and promote liars, con men, scamsters, misogynists and evildoers, "for the cause" or "for the children"; to "band together" in order to "fight the Illuminati and the NWO".

What a pathetic bunch: Let's all spout the party line! hell with Truth, to hell with Principles, to hell with Individual Spiritual Integrity, to hell with Moral Absolutes! We have a war to fight!

In the interest of truth, I have refuted Polly Cunningham's comments about Barbara Hartwell (see below.)

As will become clear, these are precisely the same type of lies being promoted by Ted Gunderson; Ken Adachi; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Pam Schuffert; Mark Phillips; Fritz Springmeier; Charles Bruce Stewart; Tim White; Shirley Anderson; Rayelan Allan and many others who have bought into, been duped into (and/or been programmed into) the pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped disinformation about the Monarch-Totally-Controlled-Illuminati-Slave program.

First, the series of e-mails, which are self-explanatory.

Letter from Stewart Swerdlow to Rayelan Allan

"Dear Rayelan,

Have not communicated with you in a long time and hope that things are well with you. As you may know, we have moved and are enjpying the new location.

I am writing because of a posting on the site that you and Barbara have. It was a scathing criticism about Janet and I, and exposed the writer of our Monarch Diary, which may jeopardize her.

This woman, Nan, whose real name is Natalie, is a very disturbed woman who is a powder keg about to explode. She has issues that she refuses to deal with, and attacks anyone who encourages her to do so.

More than this, I was surprised that you would allow such remarks about us to be posted. You know that they are not true. We have always supported you, and you have done the same for us during very trying times. We are very confused by these latest postings. Can you explain?

I hope that our Monarch person is not in jeaopardy because of this. It was very irresponsible to reveal her identity publicly.

Stewart Swerdlow"

Response from Rayelan

"I was surprised that Barbara posted this -- being she does not know Nan - I know Nan - and know she has her share of problems - I would not term her a powder keg ready to blow.

I will cc this to barbara and ask her why she chose to post someone from someone she doesn't know well enough to know if the person is credible. She may have had other reasons for posting this."

Barbara Hartwell Responds to Rayelan

Dear Rayelan,

I have removed the post on RM News which Janet and Stewart Swerdlow took issue with and found offensive.

I have done this as a professional courtesy to you, as I always try to be considerate of your wishes and have no desire to offend your friends.

I do not know the Swerdlows and I have no issues with them personally, whether or not I am in agreement with their publicly stated opinions or viewpoints. I also do not know Polly Cunningham and had never heard her name prior to the message from the woman calling herself Nan. I had no idea that Polly Cunningham did not want her name disclosed.

When I post comments from a reader, it does not necessarily mean that I agree with their position. As for myself, when someone writes negative, insulting or false comments about me, I usually publish them myself, even if they have not appeared in a public forum; this way I can refute the fallacious statements myself. But that's me, I understand that not everyone feels this way.

I do not know this person Nan, nor is it my policy to reply to most e-mails I receive. I simply don't have time and so I ask people not to send me personal testimony, unless it is in response to an article or report and meant to be published.

My sincere apologies to the Swerdlows for posting the reader's negative comments about them. I will also be happy to post this message as an explanation, if you think it appropriate.

I hope this resolves the matter amicably.


Letter to Rayelan from Polly Cunningham

[My comments are in brackets, interspersed within the main body of text, preceded by my initials, BHP]

"Hi Rayelan,

What I think is happening is that Natalie and Barbara are unknowingly being used to discredit, me, Stewart, Janet as well as the Monarch program--Natalie because she could not handle what Janet told her via consultation and had a falling out with the Swerdlows some time ago, and Barbara because she has been attacking the program as not existing because of the nonsense that has been publicized."

[BHP: I do not know Natalie. I know nothing about the personal affairs of the Swerdlows or their associates. I have never "attacked" the so-called Monarch program. I have simply stated my considered professional opinion, based on years of research, that:

1) I have never seen any evidence to support its existence. To me, Evidence is Paramount.

2) The (many) people I have spoken to/interviewed/debriefed who claimed to be "survivors" or "victims" of this particular program were not deemed credible by me.

3) Most of those who have promoted the existence of the Monarch program are, in my opinion, charlatans with an agenda and/or dupes of those charlatans. Mark Phillips (CIA) is the primary example of such a con man.

As for "nonsense that has been publicized", I do not reach my conclusions on any matter from reading nonsense. Rather, I ignore it, and when necessary expose it as nonsense.]

"Those Monarchs were set up via their programming. Self-sabotage in infinite forms is a major part of programming--this ensures the programming remains intact! I think Barbara is the real McCoy as well, but to put it bluntly, I think she is being used in this instance. Take it from one who has been used plenty."

[BHP: Ms. Cunningham does not know me. She is clearly projecting her own experiences and subjective beliefs on me. To say I am being "used" is absurd, considering her complete ignorance of my background and the lack of any facts about Barbara Hartwell that could possibly lead to such a conclusion.]

"Unfortunately, anyone who has been programmed and thinks they have escaped their handlers and totally de-programmed themselves is very likely going to be in for a sad surprise in the near future. They have big, big plans for me and I, like most programmed people, have "End Times" programming which is deeply buried. The Illuminati cannot be underestimated. The pure Reptilians are extremely intelligent and devious and have left no stone unturned. In fact, it suits their purposes just fine for those who think they have escaped to believe they have escaped. This way, their end times programming remains inaccessible and they shall be activated at the appropriate times, often serving purposes they have no idea they are serving because they seem like good things on the surface! It is mind boggling."

[BHP: I certainly hope Ms. Cunningham is speaking for herself and not presuming to speak for ALL others who have ever been subjected to mind control programming. Unfortunately, it looks that way, as she is typically lumping everyone into the same category.

But let me make one thing clear: She does NOT speak for me. As I have stated many times in my public reports, I was never involved in any way, shape or form in the so-called Monarch program; nor were my experiences similar to those she reports here.]

"I used to correspond with Natalie, though it's been almost a year. The reason I initially wrote to her is because she often promoted the Swerdlows work and I support their work as well. I could no longer correspond with her at one point. She has no power alone but is being given power by Barbara's mistaken assumptions. She (Nan) is a Monarch, as am I, and she could not deal with this which is totally understandable. She has been activated, as are all programmed people being activated by the events in the world. Unfortunately, from a human perspective, her future does not look good. It is not worth it to me to exact revenge on her as this will serve to feed her. If she continues to act in this way though, she will have to deal with the consequences."

[BHP: "Barbara's mistaken assumptions"???? I have made no assumptions. On the contrary, it is Ms. Cunningham who is making assumptions. All I did was post a letter from a person I did not know (Natalie aka Nan.) I had no contact with this person, before or after the fact. For this, I must become a target of amateur psychoanalysis by a deluded woman who admits she is under mind control?]

"The Diary of a Monarch Butterfly, which is a work in progress by both Stewart and I, can be found at Stewart's website. It is a unique, ongoing effort and it's intention is to help me de-program as well as to help the many Monarch's de-program who read the Expansions website. I have been writing it anonymously since September of last year though I knew that Nan would probably recognize my writing. I never suspected she would attack in this way and expose my name. I was rather stunned yesterday to see my name on your website. I am not well known on the Web and prefer to keep it that way for now although it has always been a part of my programming to keep me hidden. Some people are programmed to go public. It all depends.

I will tell you a bit about Monarchs. I am a high status one so I have been involved in things lower status ones have not. The only way the Illuminati can accomplish their goals on earth is by seeking out the demons and gods of the astral realm to do their bidding. They are master occultists as you know. All things that manifest in the physical, good or evil, must first be formed via thought in the astral. Sexual magic, done by those who have the desired genetics, like me, is performed by ritual alters of Monarchs in ceremonies on certain dates and times of the year. This is done on certain energetic points on the globe so that the energy of these rituals is passed through the morphogenetic grid to effect all humans. The blood sacrifices are also a a part of this. Nine-eleven was a huge sacrificial ceremony and ritual, as well as was the DC assassinations. Everything they do is a ritual! There are hidden rituals and public rituals. It's all ritual. The empty chair at the state of the union address last night was a ritual. The Monarchs' ritual functions are kept hidden so that their true function remains secret. Even if I am not being used in a ceremony, my sexual chakra can be opened via ELF and my sexual energy can be drained and used, and I can be manipulated."

[BHP: Yes, it is patently obvious that she can be manipulated! But why must she project her own problems onto others, while having a complete lack of respect for the personal boundaries of others?]

"I alerted Stewart yesterday to what I found on your website. He has come out with a long series of tapes on mind control and de-programming and I am sure the Illuminati are not pleased. They would love to see him discredited. His info cannot be found anywhere else. I have wondered how Al Bielek would feel if he read that post by Barbara. Personally, I do not wish to get involved in public debates or attacks because I don't need to prove who I am to anyone. This wastes my time, ties me up in conflict and is what is expected! I hate doing what I am expected to do because of my programming. My intent is to continue working on de-programming in the hope it will help others to do the same. Stewart offers a unique form of de-programming. If the attack continues via Barbara and Natalie, or anyone else who is triggered to get involved in this, something will have to be done."

[BHP: Again, the "attack" via Barbara and Natalie? There has been no attack, not by me. Again, I DO NOT KNOW Natalie and she does not know me. Neither does Ms. Cunnningham, nor do the Swerdlows. This woman comes off as a moron, making unfounded accusations against a person she does not know; and worse..."something will have to be done"? Like what? Is she so foolish as to believe that anything she or her associates could do would affect me in the slightest? If so, she is deluded, indeed.]

"Right now, I do not wish to fuel the attack and bring attention to my name, though I have thought about writing an anonymous article for you to consider posting on your website at a future date. I know you don't have time to read my diary at Expansions but I know it has effected many people. They do not expect me to de-program. One person who knew me fled because she could not handle what I have written. Another case of not being able to handle one's own programming history. It's not easy.
Of course, this is confidential. Thank you.

[BHP: She just won't let go of that "attack" scenario, will she? And her thanks to Rayelan for "confidentiality" has fallen on deaf ears.]

And there is more...
Polly Cunningham to Rayelan

"Hi Rayelan,
I've had ample time to think about what Natalie and Barbara did, what the possible repercussions might be for me and how I might respond if at all. What I am asking of you is to remove that message from your website and to privately inform Barbara and Natalie that they may have put my life in danger. I am aware that you have known Nan for many years. I do not wish to retaliate in any way towards Barbara or Natalie because what they did was done in ignorance of how clever the Illuminati really are.
I'll wait for your response.
In kindness and respect,

Barbara Hartwell Percival Responds In Summary

I find Polly Cunningham to be typical of those claiming to be involved in Monarch. She operates on subjective opinions, makes erroneous suppositions, jumps to unwarranted conclusions and makes blanket statements about whole groups of people, including those she does not know. In short, she cannot think critically or analytically. She does not own her own mind, and thus depends on others (i.e. self-styled"de-programmers" et al) to determine what is happening to her. It is clear that she also lacks intuition.

How else could she possibly lump Barbara Hartwell in with one of the so-called Monarchs (Natalie), and presume to state that "ignorance" of the Illuminati is the cause of an "attack" which never took place? add insult to injury, she has the audacity to blame me for putting her life in danger? No, Ms. Cunningham, nothing I have done could possibly lead to a threat to your life. Grow a spine, why don't you? And stop blaming others for your own lack of discernment.

For Ms. Cunningham's edification, I have never operated out of ignorance, of the Illuminati, nor any other despicable group of tyrants. And the only "attacks" coming from me are counter-attacks, IN DEFENSE OF TRUTH.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 15, 2008