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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
--A Roman legal principle indicating that a witness who willfully falsifies one matter is not credible on any matter. The underlying motive for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: the principle discredits the rest of their testimony if it is without corroboration.


Ken Adachi, the editor of a website called "Educate-Yourself", has targeted Barbara Hartwell for a massive libel campaign, beginning in March, 2001. Since that time, over the past seven (7) years, Adachi has dedicated much of the space on his website --including a special permanent section, titled, "Barbara Hartwell: CEO of Liars, Inc." (how very ironic!)-- to disseminating lies; character assassination; defamation; black propaganda and disinformation against me and several of my friends/professional colleagues.

I had never heard of Adachi (nor seen his website) until one of my colleagues alerted me that there was, on this website, an open letter to Barbara Hartwell from Ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson; as well as a preface in the form of an "editor's note" written by Adachi himself.

It was this "editor's note" which first identified Adachi as a shill for COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson; and which displayed Adachi's boundless ignorance on the subject of one of Gunderson's targets for neutralization, namely Barbara Hartwell.

It not only marked Adachi as an ignoramus, but as a belligerent ignoramus, considering the fact that he presumed to speak with authority on --and launched an attack against-- a person he knew absolutely NOTHING about. It is seven years later, and nothing has changed. Adachi still knows nothing. And he is still out there (in left field) launching his ignorant, moronic, belligerent attacks.

But before I get into Adachi's M.O., furnishing some FACTS would be certainly be helpful.

Ken Adachi does not know Barbara Hartwell.

Ken Adachi has never had any form of contact, nor communication, with Barbara Hartwell.

Ken Adachi has never attempted to ascertain the ACTUAL truth (or any facts) about Barbara Hartwell's background, bona fides, credentials. He has done NO legitimate research whatsoever on Barbara Hartwell.

Ken Adachi possesses NO accurate/factual documentation of ANY kind, nor even a shred of evidence, to support the many allegations which comprise his smear pieces about Barbara Hartwell. The dearth of the testimonies of reliable, truthful, trustworthy sources/witnesses also clearly negates the credibility of Adachi himself, as well as the entire content of his website. (Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.)

Ken Adachi is operating out of complete and total ignorance about any and all issues, subjects, situations, etc. which relate to Barbara Hartwell. 

Adachi knows NOTHING which is accurate, real, factual or truthful about Barbara Hartwell.

All statements (allegations, claims, comments, opinions) written and/or published by Ken Adachi about Barbara Hartwell are derived from: a) hearsay; b) rumors/gossip; c) unfounded speculation/surmises/assumptions/suppositions/conjectures; d) outright fabrications by malicious liars who work for the government and/or are stooges of/controlled by, same --in other words, BLACK PROPAGANDA and DISINFORMATION disseminated for the purposes of discrediting Barbara Hartwell and destroying the personal/professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell.

Considering these facts, Adachi's arrogance in appointing himself as an "expositor" on the subject of Barbara Hartwell; publishing outrageous lies AS IF they were uncontested facts; presuming to "set the record straight" (his own words) on Barbara Hartwell --a person he does NOT know; on the subject of whom he possesses NO factual/truthful information, should be cause for astonishment!

But no, I've never been astonished, nor even surprised, by Ken Adachi's outrageous libel and character assassination against Barbara Hartwell. That's because I've seen it all before. Government stooges like Ken Adachi are a dime-a-dozen. They're often called useful idiots, but I see them rather as USELESS idiots --useless, anyway, to the causes of Liberty, Justice, and especially TRUTH.

Now let's take a look at Adachi's most recent pack of outrageous lies, published on August 14.

[My comments are interspersed within the main body of text, in brackets.]
August 14, 2008

----- Original Message -----
From: Thomas Watts
To: Editor [Ken Adachi]
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2008
Subject: Barbara Hartwell

"Do you have any information on this creep?

Please Forward All Articles!"

[BH: First, this "Thomas Watts" is likely an alias for one of the government provocateurs/stooges who is hiding behind another name. These "non-persons" (and their idiotic comments re Barbara Hartwell) are regularly featured on Adachi's site. Or possibly, Adachi makes up these characters himself, and claims he has received "letters to the editor" from them, in order to create a window of opportunity to (once again) present his outrageous libel against Barbara Hartwell.]

"Hello Thomas,
A few years ago, I devoted a number of articles to countering Barbara Hartwell's mind control programming directed against Ted Gunderson."

[BH: Adachi is at it again, with the "mind-control programming" gobbeledygook. Since he lacks facts and evidence, he paints a false picture of Barbara Hartwell as someone who has been "programmed" to act "against" Ted Gunderson.

The simple truth of the matter is this: I broke off my professional relationship and personal friendship (1997-2000) with TG after I discovered that he had been involved (and was STILL involved) in numerous crimes and cover-ups, some of which he and his cronies were purporting to "expose". (See my reports on Ted Gunderson.)

Furthermore, I drew my conclusions about TG from a body of solid evidence gleaned from my own investigations, NOT from hearsay; and certainly NOT from information furnished by the purported "enemies" of Ted Gunderson. And certainly NOT from CIA. In fact, I'm sure CIA is thankful to Ted Gunderson for promoting the disinformation about Barbara Hartwell--saves them at least some of the trouble of doing it themselves.]

"At the time, she still had a fair number of web sites who ran her garbage, but has since fallen into disfavor with most of them and gets little coverage beyond Gerald Sosbee or Stew Webb or other government-controlled "whistleblower" flunkies."

[BH: Certain websites who formerly published my work stopped doing so not because I personally "fell into disfavor", but because the editors were too cowardly to publish the truth, including about Ted Gunderson and the rest of his criminal cabal.

They were afraid of being sued and/or that the criminal cabal would retaliate against them. One such website is Rumor Mill News. The editor, Rayelan Allen had a lot to say about Ted Gunderson --none of it good. She actually claimed that Ted Gunderson was sent to put a hit on her! 

[See: Assessing Barbara Hartwell and Ted Gunderson (?)]

But Rayelan caved like the coward she is when she started receiving threats of a lawsuit by phone from Gunderson and his lackey, predicate felon and criminal stalker, Tim White. And for the record, regarding Rumor Mill News, I RESIGNED my posting privileges because of selective censorship by Rayelan; and regular harassment by New Age busybodies who disagreed with my viewpoints-- defending Liberty and the Constitution, mostly. What did Rayelan do? Accused me of working for CIA (just like Ken Adachi) and used that as an excuse to cover up the truth.

As for Geral Sosbee, he has been my good friend and professional colleague for over seven years. Yes, he publishes some of my reports, and features my work on his website, but there's no mystery there -- My reports are truthful, based on FACTS. Geral knows that. TRUTH is what Geral Sosbee is interested in, NOT the rumors, wild speculation and malicious disinformation which comprise Adachi's writings, as well as that of his lowlife cohorts.

Adachi calls Geral Sosbee a "government-controlled 'whistleblower' flunky". I wonder, what exactly does that mean? Very, very ironic, considering the fact that Adachi himself is a flunky for corrupt government operatives. And an amateur at that.

Geral, on the other hand, is a REAL FBI whistleblower, unlike Adachi's overlord, Ted Gunderson.]

"You can find most of my articles exposing her outrageous mendacity on my Ted Gunderson page:"

[BH: "Outrageous mendacity"? False again, Adachi! Try looking closer to home.

What readers will in fact find in Adachi's storehouse of government-sponsored black propaganda are the most OUTRAGEOUS LIES imaginable about Barbara Hartwell.]

"If you decide to waste your time wallowing through her swamp land rhetoric, you will eventually come to the conclusion that she's a bubbling fount of disinformation whose job it is to smear and discredit genuine muckrakers of government involvement in mind control operations, satanism, and child kidnapping--such as former FBI Bureau Chief Ted L. Gunderson.

She's been trained to capture the attention of the unweary by playing the role of CIA victim and "whistleblower" (her description) of inside secrets about "double agents" like Ted Gunderson! She's the perfect disinformation tool. The CIA doesn't pay her a dime, they make her life miserable, and yet she serves them to the nth degree by trying to discredit the reputation of genuine patriots who expose the government's closer-held secrets How much more can you ask of an MK Ultra slave?"

[BH: Ted Gunderson, again? Adachi really needs to find some new material. This stuff is getting old. Contrary to Adachi's foolish beliefs, Ted Gunderson is not "genuine", any more than his "intelligence reports" about "mind control operations, satanism and child kidnapping" are genuine.

Adachi lacks ANY factual information about Barbara Hartwell, so he substitutes the same-old, same-old: Barbara Hartwell plans all her activities around discrediting the TRUTH that Ted Gunderson is exposing!

Unlike Ken Adachi and his ilk, I am not playing any "role". My reports are based on facts. And furthermore, Adachi has NO IDEA about the types of "training" I had. Again, the outright fabrications. But because of his unadulterated stupidity, I'll take pity on him and give him a hint: My training was not in any way, shape or form geared toward discrediting genuine patriots.

As for genuine patriots, I support them in all that they do. A number of them (including ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee) are featured on my website. And no, Ted Gunderson is not among them.

As for Adachi's repeated (and very tiresome) claim that Barbara Hartwell is an "MK Ultra slave"? Nothing could be further from the truth, but I don't have to wonder where that particular piece of outrageous disinfo came from: Ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson, of course!

Re CIA, no, they're NOT paying me a penny. And they haven't, not since 1993. Because...(listen carefully, Adachi)...I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM anymore. And although CIA has certainly created a lot of misery in my life, lowlifes like Ken Adachi, who LIE TO THE PUBLIC FOR A LIVING, ON BEHALF OF GOVERNMENT DISINFORMATION SPECIALISTS and COINTELPRO operatives like Ted Gunderson and his cabal, are making my life no less miserable.

Ken Adachi: Government-sponsored Liar-for Hire. 

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 4, 2008