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Sunday, September 21, 2008

THEATER OF THE ABSURD: Government Stooges Speak Out!

COINTELPRO recruits mentally unbalanced amateurs, intelligence/law enforcement groupies, G-Man-wannabes and miscreants with "legal problems" to do the dirty work for government operatives.
Some have "made a deal" to get out of jail or avoid jail time altogether.

These useful idiots are deployed and sicced on genuine, sincere patriots, whistleblowers and expositors of government corruption to libel, stalk and harass.

Here are some exchanges of "information" and opinions from some of the government stooges, all of which has been previously published.

You couldn't make this stuff up! Your government and tax dollars at work, in the interest of Liberty and Justice for All....

But I don't think I need to say anything more. Read their comments and decide for yourself who and what they are --and what they're really up to.
[From Ted Gunderson dot com, link defunct]

First and foremost, we solicit your prayers. Pray for God's hand of protection to cover those exposing these attrocities, pray for God's guidence upon those pursuing the information, and pray for God's mercy upon the innocent who have been ensnared by these evil men.

We need financial support. Although a lot has been accomplished, financial constraints continue to limit the speed at which new leads are pursued. We gladly accept donations, but usually ask that you support us through purchasing the products. The dissemination of known information is just as important as the accumulation of new information. So get the products and spread the word!

We are seeking episodes of America's Most Wanted that deal with the Johnny Gosch kidnapping. There were six episodes total that aired in the early through mid-90's; we are in need of the last three. If you know of anyone who may have recorded these episodes, please contact us.

And, of course, anyone who has inside information on Kidnappings, cover-ups, Satanic activity, or the New World Order itinerary!"


Shirley Anderson Speaks Out

Public Letter from Shirley Anderson to Larry Lawson, 2003 [excerpts]

"Dear Mr. Larry Lawson,

Perhaps a better title for this email to you would be "the terrors of Internet (and other) informants regarding life's most precious: children." In reference to the Stew Webb and gang, it is appropriate that I flatly assert him to be accurate about Bushreich goffer Ted Gunderson, no matter what we think of his methodology.

Gunderson's a killer/informant. I cannot be more emphatic when stating that parents of abducted children who contact Gunderson will suffer consequences within hours. Their "red list" status is immediately upgraded. What happens next? Local landlord terror, phone disconnects, cop terror, put in streets, Vehicles sabotaged, employment taken. In effect, the locals rapidly begin devastation while the hitmen are en route. Think I am joking? I am not. [NOTE: Consider Ruby Ridge: After Satanists performed the initial assault and botched the total kill, HRT was sent in to "clean" the scene completely with a fuel cell to be dropped from a helicopter. Also, Paul Harvey was recruited as an unwitting accomplice to run interference with radio broadcast "spin" to alert the public there was a nut case man up on that mountain. That man in reality had just held his murdered wife and thirteen year old murdered son for the final time. Murdered by government Satanist with our tax dollars]

Why do you think Ted's phone and address are so easily accessible? Why would anyone call Ted? He has no resources; the man does not even own a home. When his pension is wasted on alcohol, gambling and travel, he must embezzle from unwitting hurting parents to perpetuate his addictive patterns. This main tains his champagne tastes on a beer budget. This (retired/past) senior supervisory special agent in charge of one of the world's most powerful cop shops---the Los Angeles office of the FBI, becomes creative. He embezzles; he shuts off phone bells at night to avoid creditors according to Lori, his daughter in a phone conversation. 


Whistleblower John DeCamp is as dirty and remember that, when Paul Bonacci was awarded his one million dollars, it was attorney Decamp who received the lion's share after all these years. I don't have to tell you how they play their games; you have seen the films of these victim children. Perchance, you may even have encountered some of the yet living parents.---every facet of their lives destroyed---real estate, career, possessions, credit-rating, vehicles, fabricated dossiers. They have nowhere to turn and the "WWW"---worldwide"web" is filled with deceit, ignorance and sorry ass loser informant wannabes wanting to make a buck off the backs of hurting parents and children, mind controlled and with bleeding rectums.

These children are not numbers; these are human children. And, if alive at all, are thge parents that government Satanists and their informants, (accessories to attempted murder) have beaten down. People like Gunderson and DeCamp should not run part of a race and then change sides because it's safer and more lucrative."

[See Honey Trap Trickster? Or CIA Assassin? on this site.]

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick Speaks Out

"The mutual back patters club: Ed Schooling, Babs Hartwell, Stew Webb, all peas in a pod. And who else knows that Shirley Anderson has been targeted by Barbara Hartwell? Another perp, like "ex FBI Agent" Gerald Sosbee, sent out there to do in the real good guys.

We don't particularly agree with this person's assessment of Ted Gunderson. The rest? .....?????

Where screaming Speed Yellow Porsche Boxters are the preferred means of transportation.... We NAME NAMES....and make the spooks sweat. If you are as tired as we are of The Webfairy's rehashed takes on the JFK hit and Wackenslut Barbara Hartwell's regurgitated conspiracy glue, then please, come inside, and join us if you we upset the spook apple cart and take these schleps on a spin in Ol' Yeller they'll not soon forget. "And the truth shall set you free."

We have a direct line to someone [Tim White] who has all the goods on Doreen Bishop and her cronies and how they tie into the NWO. This source has all the dirt on Al Martin and Stew Webb and Blabs Wackenslut Hartwell and Rayelan. They've been feeding us a lot of good stuff and we'll be dropping it up here as time goes by.

Meanwhile Dorothy, where's Toto?

Have another sip of Canadian Club, Al.

One time Stew Webb was ranting to me on the phone how Hartwell would go into these "high level government meetings" and she'd KILL PEOPLE with her mind!
I swear to ya!

Webb believed it, too. Said a guy just dropped dead at the table! Killed by Barbara's "mind rays"! He said that was what the CIA used her for!

Uh, right. More like they used her for some honey traps."

Tim White Speaks Out

"Funny thing happened last night. Was listening to Bab's radio show to see what kind of web she was weaving and after her stilted outline of her super psychic kung-fu powers my internet connection died and I was unable to hook back up for over an hour. This never happens, and I've never seen that particular error before, rebooting did not help and I got a groovy new data miner cookie to show for it.

Well,what would this indicate of our fellow "Christian,Patriot,true defender of the Constitution and "former deep cover CIA asset" Babbles Barfwell? With her latest "revelations" does anybody really think she is NOT still an "asset"-able to have these "abilities" outside of "THEIR" control? With the stated ability to "throw energy"-does Congressman Sonny Bono skiing into a tree come to mind? He was an expert at skiing in the trees but he was posing a real problem for the NWO Satanic Traitors;same as Louis McFadden,Larry McDonald,James Trafficant,And lately Ron Paul-may God bless and protect him. Babbles is a vicious,vitriolic,vindictive,mind controlled pusillanimous and vituperative sycophant of the highest(lowest)order and she IS being exposed for what she is along with the other minions that she sucks up with that we all know.More to follow soon. Please post far and wide. Tim White"

"Note: forwarded message attached. Heads up to Babbles Barfwell-YOU and YOUR CROWD OF OTHER DISFUNCTIONAL ALTERS have now put YOURSELVES into LEGAL waters that YOU WILL drown in-you just keep on underestimating all of us, all of YOU will now be looked at as LIABILITIES by YOUR CONTROLLERS and THEY will CUT YOU LOOSE because THEIR names will now be drawn out. BIG,VERY BIG mistake to put very provable lies in print as you did-ya know,BABBLES,you really should have more control of the ALTER that wrote this diatribe,what's her name,BABBLES???? Tim White"

[See A True (But-Stranger-Than-Fiction) Crime Case: The Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist on this site.]
From Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick 

"Ya know, the last time she [Barbara Hartwell] did this "lawsuit threat" thing to me,nothing happened in the legal department...other than Stew Webb and Al Martin calling me at work and threatening my employer's life if they didn't fire me. So....let's see Al Martin call up Tom Ridge. Let's see the papers get served, the lawsuit. Let's see her fish or cut bait. Make our day...

Formal Warning Hartwell is on the loose again.... I say hit her with both barrels and give her back all the crap she's dished out in spades.Let's all gang up on this nut and take her off the web for once and for all...

tell Larry [Lawson] to let it rip. I'll let her have it. YOU [Tim White] let her have it. Gunderson can let her have it. She wants to play dirty, she picked on Dirty Harry...biiiiiiggggg mistake....

Have fun, will travel.... RR" [Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick]


"...the Mexican Mafia, the gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers. They'll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to, and thats only if you're lucky. If you're not, they'll just flat kill ya......they'll slit your throat just as soon as say fuck you."

[See reports titled Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri, and Criminal Harassment, Death Threats and Foul Play on this site.]

From APFN, Tim White
Brenda Negri
Thu Mar 17, 2005 13:40

"Anything that gets posted by Brenda Negri-regardless of what current bogus ID that she uses,and now it's anonymous like the true lying coward that she is,it will be and that is the home computer IP of former California State Assemblyman,Gerald Felando,at whose home she lives.Brenda can't attack the message but will resort to nutcases Stew Webb/Barbara Hartwell tactics to attack the messinger-typical of those DISINFO SLIMES to shut people up.Know what,blondspook,it AIN'T WORKIN',NOT with YOU,NOT with ANYONE else.Brenda thinks that she's a spook alright and her addy,, was derived from one of her heroes,the BLOND GHOST-TED SHACKLEY-one of the MOST evil organisms to come out of the CIA.Just WHAT does THAT tell you about what kind of ...ed up head SHE has??

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(Air Force),Concerned Citizen"