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Monday, November 5, 2012

'Educate Yourself' About Ken Adachi: Coward, Charlatan, Hypocrite, Malicious Liar

Following are comments written by Ken Presner, excerpts which I have taken from an article on his website, exposing Ken Adachi as a malicious liar, a coward, a hypocrite and charlatan.

Thanks to my friend Sherri Kane for providing the link. Sherri Kane and Dr. Len Horowitz have also been targeted by Ken Adachi for one of his massive libel campaigns, as have Barbara Hartwell, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee and other legitimate journalists and whistleblowers.

Ken Adachi has wreaked havoc in the lives of many decent people. His outrageous fabrications about his Targets have resulted in extreme damages. "Ken Adachi" is using a false name, just as he posts false information galore on his website. Those who have tried to file a lawsuit against this  criminal charlatan have found themselves at a dead end.

Ken Adachi has been cited by many watchdog organizations for "health fraud", "mail fraud", and for ripping off the public with his scams.

Have YOU been victimized by Ken Adachi? Have YOU been targeted for his defamation campaigns?

Have YOU been ripped off, paying hundreds of dollars (in the form of a "donation") for his bogus gadgets?




It's way past time to put this criminal charlatan, Ken Adachi, OUT OF BUSINESS, once and for all!

Thanks to Ken Presner for corroborating the grievances of many of Adachi's Targets and for telling it like it is!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Target of Malicious Liar Ken Adachi since 2000
November 5, 2012


NOTE: Comments are excerpts taken from the article by Ken Presner. See full article here:

Educate yourself about Ken Adachi. On his "Educate-Yourself" site Ken Adachi distorts statements on my site and attacks me personally. Let's examine Ken Adachi's diatribe line by line. Once you walk through this with me it will be hard not to come to the same conclusion as many others, that Ken Adachi's so-called "educational site" is produced by a "malicious liar" to promote the sale of his Silver Terminator and a myriad of other products. I will soon be posting more information regarding others who have strongly rebutted Ken Adachi.

Ken Adachi states "there are many things he [Ken Presner] says on his web site that are either not true, or are distortions of the truth, or are misleading." So, where are the details to back up these serious accusations? Nowhere to be found. If you make serious accusations either back them up or shut up. He does neither. He simply slings mud over the fence and runs for cover. My site comprises nearly 20 megabytes. It is the largest zapper website in the world, a work in progress that I have maintained since 1996. I document my site meticulously, especially the statements I make about The Ultimate Zapper for visitors to my site. Ken Adachi is a purveyor of deliberate misinformation. He is a malicious liar. He has a large ax to grind and he is very serious about grinding it. His so-called educational site is a front for selling his own Terminator Imitator zapper "offered" by Don Croft who created the Terminator.

After calling me a liar Ken Adachi then gives me credit for telling the truth but, in typical fashion, refuses to provide any details or specifics. So, the reader is left to imagine what I am telling the truth about, according to the authoritative Ken Adachi, and what exactly are those alleged "distortions", those statements that are "not true", those statements that are "not accurate", those statements that are "specious", those "misleading statements" and those statements "designed to make you believe that his zapper is the Be All and End All of zappers". 
Ken Adachi tops it all off by stating that I am a "hype-ster of the First Magnitude". Well, let me say this about Ken Adachi. He has the courage to sling mud at many people on his website, including me, and then runs for cover like the coward that he is without providing any details, any proof or any evidence whatsoever for the preposterous accusations that are obviously self-serving. As I pointed out, above, his so-called educational site is a front for selling his own Terminator Imitator zapper "offered" by Don Croft who created the Terminator. Ken Adachi is a malicious liar.

He first creates a completely false issue then takes the opportunity to exploit it to his advantage. A typical tactic of a complete coward.

Next, he purports to know what I am "mainly interested in". Which is nothing good, of course. According to Ken Adachi I am mainly interested in, "MARKETING". Who is not interested in marketing who has a product to sell? Is marketing a crime? It sounds like it when you read Ken Adachi's authoritative "educational" site. My site comprises nearly 20 megabytes with over 30 pages (many of which run to over 200 book pages) devoted exclusively to health-related matters. It seems that Ken Adachis is implying that I should have an "educational" website like he has and pretend I am not using my site to sell my zapper, like he does with his Mini Silver Terminator, the Terminator Imitator. 
On my site I market (OK, I have admitted it) The Ultimate Zapper, footpads, a universal AC adapter for overseas orders, 3 e-books and one e-booklet. Ken Adachi's "improved" Terminator is a 3-feature zapper that costs over $100 more than The Ultimate Zapper. He markets his zapper and dozens of "packages" and add-ons on his site, many of which run into the hundreds of dollars for a single item. Ken Adachi wants us to believe that he is not "interested in" marketing, it is Ken Presner who has acquired this awful "interest". After looking at the matter, who does it appear is more "interested in" marketing, Ken Presner or Ken Adachi? You be the judge. 

Caveat emptor, indeed. Yes, the buyer should be well aware Ken Adachi maintains a false "educational" site that he uses to denigrate others in order to "educate" his readers while encouraging them to purchase his products. Educate yourself about Ken Adachi. At the core of Ken Adachi's "Educate-Yourself" site is conflict of interest. No, Ken Adachi is not performing a public service as he wants everyone to believe. He creates the impression or being an educator to hide the fact that he is really a salesman.

Oh, by the way, before I forget to mention it, a small detail regarding the tax status of Ken Adachi. Ken Adachi pays no income tax on the revenue he receives from the sale of his products. He says on his site that he does not do "commerce". Selling Terminator Imitators is not a commercial enterprise, according to Ken Adachi, because he does not charge for his zappers. This is very nice of him, as well as very convenient. Are his zappers and other products free? Well, not exactly. He demands "minimum donations" for them. Donations are not subject to income tax. This may be to the chagrin of Uncle Sam and many people who visit his site to become "educated" and who who pay income tax on their own earnings, including the money they earned to purchase his Silver Terminator. Ken Adachi's deceptive business practices are typical of the way Ken Adachi runs his website. In the real world this practice is known as tax evasion because the intent is clearly to evade paying taxes using a false "educational" site as a front, not to run a legitimately educational non-profit enterprise. But in Ken Adachi's world tax evasion is business, as usual. Or should I say non-business as usual. Caveat emptor, indeed.

Ken Adachi's site, as has been noted by others, is comprised of pages taken from other websites to create the impression of an "educational" site. The only pages that are not plagiarized from others are those disinformation pages where he attacks others, including me, and the pages that market his zapper. Caveat emptor, indeed.

Dear Ken,

You are as insulting and as negative as you wish to be about those you talk about on your site but your "forum" instructions specify that "Insulting or negative email is not welcome." I find it very interesting that you do not abide by the same rules that you demand others abide by on your so-called forum. I think you should look up the definition of the word hypocrite.

Ken Presner

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA