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Friday, November 16, 2012

EXPOSED: Glenn Canady, Useful Idiot, "Patriot" Propaganda Pimp

I don't know Glenn Canady, and he sure as hell doesn't know me. I had never heard of him until 2011, when he was a co-host with Michael Vara on Late Night in the Midlands, where I appeared as a guest, with Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, for a discussion of COINTELPRO and controlled opposition. That was the only contact I ever had, the one time I ever spoke with Canady --but my first impression was far from favorable.
After that, I never gave him a second thought, not until I later ran across his sensationalistic articles pimping for "Super Patriot" Stew Webb in the summer of 2012.
In one such article, among the other nuggets of false information, Canady claimed that Timothy Patrick White was "CIA". Now, that has got to be one of the most preposterous statements ever made! In point of fact, Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski, etc. is a lowly career criminal, a predicate felon, who made a deal with corrupt feds in 2002 for a get-out-of-jail free card, in exchange for doing the dirty work of harassing, threatening, stalking patriots, journalists, whistleblowers, former intelligence/law enforcement/military personnel, who had been targeted for neutralization. I should know, as I was (and still am) one of their primary Targets, and have thus far suffered twelve (12) years of criminal harassment, cyber-stalking and outrageous libel/slander, courtesy of this loathsome psycho-freak, Tim White.
Tim White is a fed snitch, a stooge (I know Canady LOVES that word!), nothing more, and has never had any training or background in any kind of intelligence work. And I can absolutely guarantee that Tim White is a rank amateur (like most COINTELPRO provocateurs and minions) --NOT CIA.
So why would Canady make the blatantly false statement that Tim White is "CIA"? Because he doesn't know any better, that's why. He's a credulous fool, who believes everything that issues from the mouth of Stew Webb, as if it is the gospel truth.  Because Stew Webb, in his quest to sensationalize everything and everyone through false representations, told him so.
Consider this: According to Stew Webb and his pal, Tom Heneghan, who claims to be an "International Intelligence Expert" (what a joke), Barbara Hartwell is part of an "Israeli Spy Ring"; is a "fallen angel"; is a "CIA hit man" (or "hit woman", depending, perhaps, on Stew's state of sobriety, or lack thereof); and as for COINTELPRO Kingpin, FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson, he was nothing but a "stooge".
Furthermore, according to the Webb-Heneghan Black Propaganda Team, Barbara Hartwell is "operating with" Tim White --and most recently has been accused of being part of some "Good Cop/Bad Cop Stooge Game" with Ken Adachi.
No intelligent, discerning person could possibly believe these outlandish statements. The problem is, many of the people who read the nonsense being promoted by Webb and Heneghan are either NOT intelligent and discerning, or are simply not educated or knowlegable on these issues, and so, in their ignorance, may believe what they read, or hear --just like Glenn Canady himself.
Glenn Canady is what I would call a "belligerent ignoramus" (there are a lot of them out there, many of whom I have exposed as such), someone who, rather than admit to his own ignorance, and do something to rectify it (like, maybe, being willing to learn, from those who DO know, and/or have expertise in intelligence operations), pretends to know far more than he does.
But it doesn't stop there. The pretentious and boastful Mr. Canady aggressively promotes the false information (which he apparently foolishly believes to be true --just as he did, as a self-appointed PR shill for Alex Jones), and goes so far as to attack anyone who refutes the false information, even when presented with substantive evidence which verifies their claims.
Glenn Canady is a typical "know it all", who in fact knows nothing at all --at least nothing that is real, true, factual or accurate. To slap his own much-touted label on him --he's a STOOGE.  And none too bright, either.
When I read Canady's "intelligence" about Tim White, I knew right then and there that this guy spelled trouble, and I made a mental note to address this issue at some future time.
When it later came to my attention that Michael Vara had exposed Glenn Canady and Project Nsearch in a report posted on Truth Broadcast Network by Harry Link, in support of Michael Vara, I was not in the least surprised. I immediately contacted Michael and wrote him my own letter of support. I support Michael Vara because in my estimation, he is a truthful, honorable person, as well as a true patriot. He had the courage to stand up to the liars and shills and to expose them, rather than allowing them to continue with their manipulation, or be intimidated by their threats.
Then, there was the infamous "Stew Webb Halloween Special", hosted by Glenn Canady, on which my name was viciously trashed by Stew Webb, Glenn Canady and one of Stew's groupies, a bimbo/groupie named Remmic Lewis. Which led to me writing several reports in my own defense, refuting the lies with facts, and exposing the truth about Stew Webb's agenda politics, aggressive gate-crashing and outrageous lies.
In my last report, I presented some writings of Glenn Canady, in the form of messages he wrote to my friend Sherri Kane. These messages were filled with libel, character assassination and extreme defamation of Barbara Hartwell. Naturally, Canady's statements consisted of the pronouncements of Stew Webb, which he was simply parroting, and vehemently and authoritatively defending --while typically, knowing nothing about Barbara Hartwell. 
I also included some of Sherri's responses to Canady, in which she refuted the defamatory lies promoted by him and Stew Webb.
Sherri did a great job in defending me, but more importantly, in standing up for the truth, and I thank her for that.
Considering the length of my last report, I didn't get around to addressing Canady's libel myself. But I am not one to allow liars and shills to get the last word --no, I will make it a priority to issue a rebuttal, for the record, one based on facts, that is. 
That is the purpose of this report.
My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Glenn Canady: "Barbara put out all kinds of lies about me and Stew in that hit piece she wrote on me also.  I'm sorry that you think this is okay.  She made a BIG deal that I got fooled by Alex Jones at first - WOW!  Like I'm not allowed to change my mind about him just like you have changed your mind about people!  Everybody got fooled by Alex by one including YOU and Len!" 
Sherri Kane to Glenn Canady: "You are taking what she wrote out of context here. She was pointing out that you protected Jones vehemently and kissed his butt, without knowing Jones personally, and even with our documented evidence to prove otherwise.

The question is what prompted Barbara to write that blog piece? Both you and Stew went on a radio program "The Halloween Special" and started badmouthing her with lies. You also both had a stooge groupie right out of rehab, that doesn't even know Barbara, call in and start badmouthing Barbara."
[BHP: First of all, "everybody", as Canady claims, was NOT at some time fooled by Alex Jones. I do not attach fault to those who DID at one time buy into Alex Jones; some of them eventually saw the truth, others did not. However, in certain cases I lost friends over the "Alex Jones" issue, considering that I had been personally targeted by Alex Jones, who protected criminals like Ted Gunderson and former senator John DeCamp at my expense. Alex Jones is COINTELPRO, plain and simple, a fact I have always known. Jones was part of the cover-up related to the so-called "Franklin Coverup", which in fact was a coverup of a coverup, a double coverup, by Gunderson, DeCamp and their cronies --including Alex Jones.
At no time was I "fooled" by Alex Jones. I knew all about Jones before his name ever became  "celebrated" by the so-called "patriot community". Bill Cooper, whom I had known since the late 1980s (and interviewed on my radio program), exposed Alex Jones on his radio programs as a shill, liar and disinformation specialist. Of course, Bill Cooper, a true patriot, whistleblower and a man who told the truth, no matter the consequences, was murdered. And to this day, Alex Jones is trashing Cooper's name.  Bill Cooper is one of my personal heroes, while Alex Jones is deserving only of the contempt of any real American Patriot.
Canady exposes himself once again as a pretentious ignoramus who does not know what he is talking about.]
Sherri Kane: "Your radio show was broadcast on Oct 31st. Her blog articles were written on Nov. 7th and 9th."
Glenn Canady: "There were countless other lies in that hit piece about me and Stew." 
Sherri Kane: "What are the specific COUNTLESS lies?"
Glenn Canady: "It's sad and pathetic that you are now calling Stew cointel.  Yea right!  Yeah he has played interviews with top level whistleblowers that have shot down Senator's planes, gave drugs to the Bushes and ripped off the American people with fraudulent mortgages and he's Cointel?   lol"
[BHP: First of all, Sherri is correct in stating that the "Halloween Special" was broadcast FIRST (October 31), and my reports in my own defense were written a week later (November 7 and 9).
Stew Webb and Glenn Canady drew "first blood".  And by my standards, that matters a great deal.
Note that Glenn Canady evades the question asked by Sherri Kane:  "What are the specific COUNTLESS lies?" Instead of enumerating the "countless lies", Canady goes on the defensive and brings up irrelevant issues which have nothing to do with the "lies" he claims were told by Barbara Hartwell. He drags in third parties, evading the question altogether. But does he mention even ONE specific "lie" to support his claims? No.]
Sherri Kane: "What Len and I said is that he is behaving like COINTELPRO! And you are now, playing into their divide and conquer games."
Glenn Canady: "You KNOW Stew is not Cointel so if you say he is then you're a liar also!"
Sherri Kane:  "You don't know who is COINTELPRO and who is not, for certain.

Ask him about Tom Heneghan?  Who does Heneghan work for? We are interested to know who is behind this smear campaign! You would have defended Alex Jones at one time like this too! 

For people that claim to love Jesus, you sure don't seem like it! Jesus would never approve of this!"

Glenn Canady: "Since when does Cointel have murder attempts on them and people watching their every move in their neighborhood."
Sherri Kane: "There are COINTELPRO stooges that make these claims.  And even if they are true, it seems like Stew wants to make more enemies, not friends, which for someone who claims to have murder attempts made on their life, I would want more friends."
Glenn Canady: "This loony said I was a "snake oil salesman"  I'm not selling ANYTHING!  Wake up this woman is a LIAR!"
[BHP: Glenn Canady, in his vehement defense of Stew Webb, is obviously a "blind believer" and exhibits blind loyalty. (Just as he did previously with Alex Jones...) STEW WEBB SAID SO, SO IT MUST BE TRUE! As for Tom Heneghan, Canady once again ignores the question altogether, and answers with one of his exclamatory accusations against Barbara Hartwell: 
  "Wake up this woman is a LIAR!"
Why does Canady not answer the questions? Because he has no answers. Because he has no facts. Because he has no evidence, that's why. His only defense is to call Barbara Hartwell a "liar!"]
Sherri Kane: "A snake oil salesman is someone who sells fraudulent goods or who is a fraud himself. You are selling advertising and selling a show that is fraudulently claiming it's hosts believe in Jesus, when in fact your actions prove otherwise. Your actions prove that you guys are involved with hate and attacking people out of the blue.

Doesn't Stew have bigger fish to fry than to attack a poor woman? Is it out of jealousy that we support her, that he is doing this?

Before you guys came out with that radio show, she said she felt love in her heart for Stew. She felt he was just being influenced by some bad guys. She never said he was COINTELPRO and never said one bad thing about Stew to me. But then you guys had to go and provoke something with that darn radio show where you badmouthed her!

You can't stand the peace, and the Millmans, Gunderson, and Adachi are enough of a battle! You need to stir up some trouble with a woman who has not spoken to Stew in years because he expected her to support Al Gore and she refused. And because Stew wrote reports that were untrue, and she refused to be involved with it. Just like we now are refusing to be involved in your lies about her."
Glenn Canady: "This woman LIED about Stew sending her faxes!  He hasn't called her in 6 years since he cut her off!"
Sherri Kane: "This is a lie! It was a quote from Mike Ruppert in 2003, who said that, not Barbara! Read her report again!"
"Between you and me, Stew Webb is seriously unbalanced and extremely unreliable. I had to threaten legal action to stop him from clogging my fax machine about a year ago. He is frequently wrong in what he publishes. Brenda [Negri] also has serious problems. Now, rather than living in a world where someone is either an ally or a government agent, I live in a world where there are government agents, allies, people who are really perceptive with good intentions, people who are inexperienced with good intentions, and people who are just plain fucking nuts! Stew Webb is just plain fucking nuts!"

--Mike Ruppert comments on Stew Webb from letter to Barbara Hartwell, 2003  

Glenn Canady: "The Devil LIES!"
[BHP: Here, Glenn Canady again makes a false accusation against Barbara Hartwell: 
"This woman LIED about Stew sending her faxes!  He hasn't called her in 6 years since he cut her off!"
But this time Sherri Kane points out what anyone with half a brain could see, had they actually READ what was right there in front of their eyes, in my report: The statement was made NOT by Barbara Hartwell, but by Mike Ruppert. And for this, I am again called a "LIAR" (!!!)
Canady's answer to this statement of fact? 
 "The Devil LIES!"
So, according to Glenn Canady, no logic is needed, no concern with facts, even when he is proved to be incorrect in his accusations. He has decided that Barbara Hartwell is "The Devil". He has appointed himself Judge, Jury and Executioner against the "evil" Barbara Hartwell.]
Sherri Kane: "You guys lied and claimed she was a hitman for CIA, involved in money laundering, drug running, etc. Where is your proof of these claims? This is libel. You can't just go around making up lies about people!"
Glenn Canady: "I just proved 2 things she lied about concerning me and Stew and there were FAR more things in that ridiculous ranting hit piece."

Sherri Kane: "What 2 things did you prove? What are the "FAR more things" you reference here?"
Glenn Canady: "Once a person is a liar nothing they say can be trusted."
[BHP: Again, Canady dodges the question. He claims he has "proved" 2 things I lied about. So, where is his "proof"? And what, specifically are the "lies"?  Let's have an answer, Canady! WHAT are the "lies"? and WHAT exactly have you "proved"?
But the only thing Canady has to say about that is:
 "Once a person is a liar nothing they say can be trusted."
Well, gee whiz, Canady, thanks for the pearls of folk wisdom, but you still haven't answered the question. WHAT are the "lies" and WHERE may we find your supposed "proof"? Nowhere to be found, for the simple fact that there were no "lies" told by Barbara Hartwell, and therefore he can't "prove"  a damned thing.]
Glenn Canady: "Once a person is a liar nothing they say can be trusted."

Sherri Kane: "So that means we cannot trust you or Stew?"
[BHP: Great answer, Sherri Kane! Amen and amen!]
 Glenn Canady: "Barbara cannot be trusted - she is being paid now to attack me and stew and ANYBODY else trying to help Stew get justice." 
Sherri Kane: "She is not being paid. Where is your proof? This is libel. You and Stew first attacked her on your radio show and she wrote an article in her own defense."
Glenn Canady: "I can't believe that YOU and Len don't support Stew getting justice and are now saying Stew is Cointel!"
Sherri Kane: "Len and I have supported Stew. We just don't want to be involved in your attacks against a woman who came out in her own defense, after you lied about her on your radio program. This is injustice and we will not support this."
Glenn Canady: "What a pathetic joke!  Very disappointed in both of you for now attacking us!" 
Sherri Kane: "We have not attacked you. We simply let you know that we do now want to be involved in lies and attacks against good people."
Glenn Canady: "Stew even tried to help you before and you guys talked all the time but now you  have a new PAID CIA friend now that is lying about me and him, me and anybody else that supports Stew getting justice!"
Sherri Kane: "Barbara is not a NEW friend. I knew her way before I ever heard of Stew. This is not about Stew getting justice. We believe he should get justice, but not by attacking a poor woman alone. That is bullying behavior! And she is certainly not PAID! Who are you and Stew being paid by, to come out on that radio show and start attacking her out of the blue?"
Glenn Canady: "Wake up!  You're being played!  Liars are under demonic control.  I have PROOF that Barbara has lied so if you continue to follow her you are following a DEMON.  Good luck with that.  I hope you both wake up someday about me and Stew."
[BHP: Now, Canady ramps up his attack by accusing Barbara Hartwell of being a "DEMON", and under "demonic control". Again, he exclaims that he has "PROOF". But proof of what? I guess we'll be wondering until Hell freezes over....]
Sherri Kane: "You need to wake up and grow up! Unless you stop with this manipulative behavior and threats, we cannot be aligned with you. You need to come clean and admit that you guys started attacking Barbara out of the blue on your radio show before she wrote her blog article.

Remember you can't sue people for writing the truth, who have evidence to back it up!

Also Stew owes both Len and me an apology after he hung up on us yesterday, when we phoned him to speak about this.

Please immediately remove both mine and Dr. Horowitz's names from all of your FB tags and in any other ways you promote your shows."

[NOTE for clarification:  ALL of what is given here is written solely by Glenn Canady, from e-mails he sent to Sherri Kane, included to show Canady's libel of Barbara Hartwell.]
"I never said anything about Barbara during that show!  She wasn't on my radar until she lied about me and Stew and Remmic on her blog.  That blog was full of lies about all 3 of us.  I'm not going to go over them all now.  That will be done later in court should I choose to do that.  Stew knew about Barbara's evil long before so he and Remmic might have said something but I Hartwell was never mentioned in the advertising etc.  I can't believe Mike has nothing better to do than listen to our show.  I don't talk about Mike.  I don't listen to his show and haven't listened one minute since he did his evil to us."
[BHP: Canady never said anything about Barbara Hartwell? Maybe not much, but so what? He was certainly there behind the scenes, a co-conspirator in hatching the plot to defame me.  And let's look at the facts; It was CANADY who hosted the show. It was CANADY who provided the platform. It was CANADY who sponsored everything connected to the slander fest against Barbara Hartwell. But according to this manipulative little bastard, I guess that is fine and dandy, no problem. He's innocent! He's in the clear!
And of course he is "not going to go over them all now", the "lies", that is. Again, because there were no lies, and he has not the slightest shred of evidence, much less the "proof" he boasts of. 
And Canady displays the fathomless ignorance, the unmitigated stupidity, to claim "that will be done later in court"? Please. I've rarely heard anything so laughable and absurd. But typical stooge-like bluster and bravado, to threaten a lawsuit against a person who is simply defending herself against vicious attacks. (Like being accused of  murder, drug-running, etc.) I guess he's been taking lessons from his mentor, Stew Webb...
As for this bubble-headed bimbo, Remmic Lewis, whom Canady claims I "lied" about? Let's take a look at what I actually said. Here, from my report, is the section on Remmic Lewis.
It all started when a very stupid woman, identified only as "Remmic", called in to the show. She began by babbling away, a mile a minute, about the issues addressed by Glenn Canady and Stew Webb. She was clearly trying to show off her "knowledge", which was mainly limited to parroting the pronouncements of Stew Webb, about "effective solutions" for America.
This bootlicking lackey, Remmic Lewis (as I later was able to identify her by name), then brought up the subject of Barbara Hartwell. She stated, in a tone of outrage and disbelief, that Truth Broadcast Network had been PROMOTING Barbara Hartwell! if this were some sort of heinous crime.
Remmic Lewis blathered on, shooting off her loud and ignorant mouth about Barbara Hartwell, a person she admitted she "does not know".  Included in her idiotic ramblings was that Barbara Hartwell was accusing people of being COINTELPRO, when she had no evidence, and "can't prove it".
This low-grade moron, Remmic Lewis, then accused Barbara Hartwell of  "ad hominem" attacks. What ad hominem attacks? Against whom? Naturally, she didn't say.
For her "closing argument", Remmic Lewis announced, in the breathless, conspiratorial voice of one who is proudly revealing a little known secret (hush hush!), that Barbara Hartwell was on a video with TED GUNDERSON! Bingo! And that Barbara Hartwell talked about mind control, and having an implant...."and she's STILL ALIVE?? HELLOOOO?"
And more such nonsense...
So now, this Remmic Lewis (whom nobody has ever heard of, outside the little circle of radio groupies who slavishly follow Stew Webb) has become the Town Crier about the Life and Times of Barbara Hartwell?
And it is a "news flash" that Barbara Hartwell was a former colleague of Ted Gunderson?
Mind your own damned business, Busybody Remmic Lewis! Who in hell do you think you are? Fool! You know nothing at all about Barbara Hartwell, nor do you know anything about COINTELPRO.  From listening to your unmitigated idiocy, it is abundantly clear that you could only be described as a belligerent ignoramus, attacking people you do not know, and exposing yourself as a bubble-headed buffoon. 
And considering some of the shills you promote (aside from Stew Webb and Glenn Canady, that is) such as Gordon Duff of Veterans Today (a glowing promotion of same was part of the "news flashes" revealed), you really need to pull your head out of your sorry ass and make a reality check, before it's too late.
And by the way, for your service to liars, shills and mountebanks, at the expense of Barbara Hartwell, your name has been added to my HALL OF SHAME. Enjoy it, you'll be in "good company", among kindred spirits (including Stew Webb, Glenn Canady, Tom Heneghan) I'm sure.
So where, pray tell, are the "lies"? According to the illustrious Glenn Canady, these are "lies"? I don't know this Remmic Lewis, but anyone with an ounce of discernment who heard her idiotic little performance on the "Stew Webb Halloween Special" would see her for exactly what she is: A trashy little bimbo, a vacuous half-wit groupie, seeking public attention by attaching herself  to "Federal Whistleblower" Stew Webb. Those of her ilk are a dime-a-dozen, foolishly hoping to hitch their wagon to a Star!
I have every right to state my opinion, to exercise my freedom of speech, about this aggressive busybody, Remmic Lewis, who thinks she can stick her nose into MY business, parroting the outrageous lies and slander of Stew Webb, and making wild accusations against Barbara Hartwell, a person she knows absolutely nothing about.
I think it would behoove Stew Webb in future to be a bit more selective in choosing his shills. He must be really desperate to scrape the bottom of the barrel, and dredge up this skank, Remmic Lewis. But then, it should be obvious that anyone with any class or intelligence would not engage in such offensive behavior, such flagrant buffoonery.  As always, you get what you pay for.
Just a note to any other aspiring radio groupies out there, chomping at the bit to shill for their "Super Patriot Heroes":  If you are foolish enough to attack Barbara Hartwell, be prepared to take the consequences.  Remmic Lewis was looking for attention? Well, she got it, in spades!
"I haven't said one bad thing about Mike because God will deal with Mike and you and Len if you keep attacking me, Stew and Nsearch.  He'll also deal with YOU and Mike and whoever else calls me or Stew Cointel or even actiing like Cointel because that's implying something that's not true and you KNOW it!  God really doesn't like liars."
[BHP: So, the presumptuous fool, Glenn Canady, is clearly operating under the delusion that "God" will serve justice on the "liars", if they dare to defend themselves, or to suggest that Stew Webb, Glenn Canady et al, and their silly little groupies and cheerleaders (Heaven forbid!) might be up to no good?
No, God doesn't like liars at all. If Canady knows that much, maybe it would behoove him to repent, to stop promoting and supporting liars, and stop his attacks on those who are telling the truth, in their own defense.] 
"We play "Thank You Jesus" on our show every break and that's the song that Mike refused to play and quit over!  Don't ever question my faith.  I've known that Jesus was the true son of God a lot longer than you have by your own admission!  I'm not perfect as you are not but I'm going to do evertyhing in my power for Jesus Christ."
[BHP: Sounds like little Mr. Canady is just bursting with spiritual pride. He boasts that HE "knows" Jesus longer than others! HE needs to ADVERTISE and boast, in the delusional belief that playing "Thank you Jesus" will win him a place in God's Kingdom.
I have news for Mr. Canady: Only God knows what is in the hearts of His children. I would not presume to make that judgement, but apparently Glenn Canady thinks he is qualified to do just that.]
"Don't write to me again Sherri unless it's to apologize and work together.  I'm done wasting time with your attacks on me and Stew  It's truly pathetic.  It's not a scam to sell advertising either so you're a liar about that too!  The advertising is a bonus to all those that support  Stew which I thought you and Len would love to do.  Stew and I have done things for you and Len, we though you were our friends.  But I guess your LIAR CIA friend that does evil is more important to you now."
[BHP: At no time have I seen any "attacks" by Sherri Kane against Glenn Canady or Stew Webb. All Sherri has done is question Canady's statements and those of Stew Webb, about the purported "lies" from the "DEMON" Barbara Hartwell.
Barbara Hartwell is a DEMON! Barbara Hartwell is a LIAR CIA friend! Barbara Hartwell does evil!
These hysterical claims by Glenn Canady have absolutely no basis in fact. Nor does Glenn Candy furnish even one iota of evidence to support his claims. But then, Glenn Canady has no use for facts. 
We don't need no stinkin' facts! Barbara Hartwell is an evil lying DEMON and that is the end of it! Thus spake Glenn Canady.]

"Stew has done a hell of a lot more in fighting evil than your LIAR CIA friend.  I proved she was a LIAR in my last email but I guess you and Len are okay with that

I'm going to expose all those that attack or censor Stew Webb because that shows they are Cointel.  Your CIA friend says his cases aren't real!  lol  You say Heneghan isn't real!  lol

You KNOW Stews' cases are real so once again you are choosing to buddy up to a known CIA liar and slanderer and stab Stew and I in the back.

God sees that you are supporting a liar CIA agent that's done MUCH evil over a super Patriot that loves Jesus.  You will answer to him for this unless you repent someday."
[BHP:  Again, Glenn Canady claims he has "proved" that Barbara Hartwell is a "LIAR". But not a shred of such "proof" has been furnished.
And Canady says he's going to "expose all those that attack or censor Stew Webb because it shows that they are Cointel"?
How does that work, Mr. Canady? How does it "show" that they are "Cointel"? Apparently he is so stupid, so deluded, as to believe that anyone who does not support Stew Webb MUST be "Cointel"? For Canady, it is clear, believes that everything revolves around Stew Webb. How utterly ridiculous, and how profoundly he has been deceived!]
"This is the last time I'm wasting time with you until you admit you were wrong about me and Stew.  If Hartwell says Stew lies then SUE him and we'll see who wins in court!
There's nothing to talk about.  As long as you have a shill in your camp.  As long as you two haven't figured out that she's played both sides and that she has lied, slandered and defamed our characters intentionally under RICO

Liars are demon controlled.  You guys are now hooked up with a BIG LIAR that has done MUCH evil out there and will be put into court at some time by Stew when he gets time.  She made a big mistake by such outrageous lies about all of us."
[BHP: Again, Glenn Canady, the parrot, slavishly recites the lies of Stew Webb: She's played both sides (squawk! squawk!) She's a slanderer (squawk! squawk!) She's  a shill (squawk! squawk!)   She's a BIG Liar (squawk! squawk!)
As for his idiotic comment about RICO, it speaks for itself.]

"I'm done talking with your unless you both wake up.  Don't contact me again unless you have ejected your lying CIA friend and are apologizing and ready to support Stew Webb.  I don't have time for anything else.
If it's libel have Barbara sue Stew!"
[BHP: "Have" Barbara Hartwell sue Stew Webb?  Nobody is going to "have" me do anything, you lowlife moron!  I have no interest in suing Stew Webb. I don't waste my time with lawsuits, when I can easily just EXPOSE the liars, shills, mountebanks --and let them hang themselves with their OWN WORDS.]
"Good luck with your lying CIA friend.  The Devil is a liar!  If you or Len EVER call Stew or myself Cointel agents then YOU will both be liars also!  Because I know Stew isn't because Cointel doesn't sue the FBI lol and I sure know that I'm not!  I've never worked as a Cointel agent!   Wake up Sherri.  I'm not the bad guy.  Stew isn't the bad guy!  If you or Len actually think that Stew is cointel then I really feel sorry for both of you because that makes absolutely no sense logically and you have no evidence.  Stew has gone after this criminal government with lawsuits, he helped build groups for states rights and militias!  What EXACTLY has Barbara done regarding legal actions against the bad guys or organizing for solutions?  Oh that's right!  NOTHING!   But now you state that Stew is acting like Cointel?  lol  YOu better seriously wake up before you go down that road to nowhere but hell."
Glenn Canady, Judge, Jury and Executioner, now passes sentence on all of us, who, he warns, will "go down that road to nowhere but hell".  Very dramatic, Canady, but ludicrous, especially coming from the likes of you.
For the record, I have never called Stew Webb  a "Cointel agent", nor Glenn Canady. To my knowledge, neither has Sherri Kane or Len Horowitz. 
As I've said, speaking strictly for myself, in my considered professional opinion, Canady and Webb are stooges. To call Glenn Canady an "agent" would be as ludicrous as his claim that Tim White is  "CIA"! 
From what I have observed, they are certainly being exploited by COINTELPRO, as are all stooges. That is their choice, and no doubt, they will live with the consequences of their own actions.
As for what Barbara Hartwell "has done", he has no knowledge of this, nor is it any of Glenn Canady's business. It is not my concern what this stooge, this useful idiot, this Pimp for "Patriot" Propaganda, believes.
My only concern, as regards Glenn Canady, is that he has attacked me with libel and slander, in the form of outrageous lies, and with threats of lawsuits.
And I can promise you, Mr. Canady, that there will be consequences, perhaps those you least expect, and when you least expect them.
Begone, fool! Go back to your cheap seat in the Peanut Gallery, and get the hell off my case --and get the hell out of the crossfire, if you know what's good for you.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 16, 2012
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA