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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Battle for Truth Vs. The "Stooge" Webb Disinfo Campaign

This I know to be true:  one cannot beat a liar with a lie.  Only the truth will win against a liar.  Said another way, Al Gore cannot get into the White House based on a lie and George W. Bush will never be defeated by a liar.  The only weapon needed is the truth.  The only people I have met who do not seem to get that are Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and a few others that like to spread malicious false allegations.

--Karl Schwarz, from his report, Outing a Liar Named Stew Webb (2006)

On October 31, 2012 Stew Webb appeared on Project NSearch Radio, hosted by Glenn Canady, broadcasting his "Stew Webb Halloween Special". Why he decided to use this show as a platform for a vile attack on Barbara Hartwell, out of the blue, I can't be certain, but it appeared to be a desperate attempt to undermine my work and destroy my credibility.

I don't know what Stew expected me to do in response to this no-holds-barred assault of slander and extreme provocation. Did he expect me to just stand idly by while he trashed my name, brazenly insulted me, and accused me of the worst sort of criminality? (like murder, for one). And did he expect that my supporters and friends would not come to my defense? Did he expect that his outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell would win the support of those who were mutual acquaintances, colleagues or friends, and influence them to desert me and pledge their support, their loyalty, to him and his agenda politics?

Fortunately for me, those I call friends are persons of honor and integrity. Like me, they pledge their first loyalty to the truth, rather than to persons, politics, or agendas. They don't turn a blind eye to the truth, even when it requires them to reassess their views of the world, or of individuals who have proven by their actions that they don't serve the truth.

Stew Webb's latest disinformation campaign (helped along by his new PR shill, Glenn Canady) seems to be about calling people "stooges". But he uses the term "stooge" wantonly and inappropriately, slapping it on anyone and everyone, until it entirely loses its meaning. Suddenly, anyone who does not agree with Stew Webb; anyone who does not support Stew Webb; anyone who questions his motives or challenges his credibility --that person is a STOOGE!

And God forbid you should "slander" Stew Webb or call him a "liar": You are not only a STOOGE, but you will be SUED, your name added to his Federal Lawsuit!

To hear Stew Webb tell it, EVERYONE and his brother is nothing but a stooge, excepting of course those who have become his blindly loyal allies, his sycophants, his promoters, his groupies, his camp-followers, his good soldiers.

He has recently called Barbara Hartwell a "stooge" --an unprecedented (and ludicrous) accusation. Similarly, according to Stew Webb, Harry Link (Truth Broadcast Network) is a "stooge". I've no doubt that many other names will soon be added to the Stew Webb Stooge List. Glenn Canady touts Stew Webb as: "A Cointel Stooge Detector!", and boasts, "Stew Webb is Kryptonite to Stooges!"

Even Ted Gunderson is called a "stooge".  Ted Gunderson, whatever else he may have been, was no stooge. Rather, he was a master manipulator, a super spook, a counterintelligence prodigy. His entourage was certainly chock-full of stooges --criminals and pathological liars, like Ken Adachi, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey and their ilk.

But back to the real world, and some facts, for a change.


I have been exposing the Gunderson Criminal Cabal, Containment Operation and Protection Racket since 2000, when I broke off a three year professional association and personal friendship with FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson, for cause.

Gunderson was planted on me in 1997, but by early 2000 I had all the evidence I needed to know that he was running an operation; had been involved in numerous criminal activities (while inside the FBI and afterward, some of which were ongoing); was engaged in massive coverups for his fellow criminals and cronies (drug & weapons running, child sex trafficking, espionage, etc.); was the primary engineer of a plethora of black propaganda and disinformation  campaigns; and was acting as a "bounty hunter" against former intelligence professionals/military/law enforcement (especially whistleblowers) on behalf of the shadow government who wanted us all neutralized, one way or another.

The late Ted Gunderson, ex-officio COINTELPRO, who for many years, was working directly under J. Edgar Hoover, "retired" from the FBI in 1979, but continued his counterintelligence operations as de facto COINTELPRO until the time of his death in July 2011.

Gunderson had ties to a large network of corrupt former and current government officials, military personnel, and intelligence agents, especially those connected to CIA (including Domestic Contact Services), as well as the FBI "Joint Terrorism Task Force", run mainly out of Denver Colorado.

Ted Gunderson exploited a large, but loosely organized network of minions, lackeys and stooges, most of whom are amateurs, to do his dirty work of harassing, threatening, stalking high-profile Targets; and in running massive libel/slander campaigns for the purpose of discrediting Targets.

It is important to make it clear that these are statements of fact, based on decades of  personal/professional experience, thorough and exhaustive investigations, and testimony of numerous trustworthy sources and credible witnesses, and many years of documented evidence.

I have written hundreds of detailed reports which expose numerous perpetrators of these counterintelligence operations by name, along with their minions (and yes, stooges). All reports are dated and perhaps most important, they are CONSISTENT, without contradictions, and without any form of speculation. Anyone who takes the time to read my reports may verify at least this much, whether they choose to believe they have merit, or not.

In fact, those who have become my colleagues have all said the same thing: They award credibility to me, and consider me a trustworthy source of information, simply because it is all there, documented for the record, in black and white. And in many cases, they were able to corroborate my reports after doing their own research and investigations, and/or through their own personal experience with the same cabal of government criminals, and their minions.


Stew Webb first contacted me in 2001, through Uri Dowbenko, publisher of Conspiracy Planet. The initial contact was made at Stew's request, not mine, as Stew falsely claimed ("She came out of nowhere, wanting to be my buddy"...) in his rampage of slander on his "Stew Webb Halloween Special", aired October 31, on Project NSearch Radio, hosted by Glenn Canady.

In the early period of time when I was first associated with Stew Webb, I believed him to be a person who held the same principles as I do: Defending Liberty and God-given unalienable rights.

I quickly understood that Stew was in possession of much factual information regarding corruption in government, and that he had been persecuted for taking a stand against criminal government officials and their crime syndicate cronies.

Like me, Stew had been targeted by Ted Gunderson, whom he had known well, and Stew even lived in Ted's home in Las Vegas for a time. Like me, Stew broke off his association with Gunderson when he learned of his criminal activities. Like me, Stew wanted justice to be done, the bad guys taken down and put out of business. Of all this, I never had any doubt, and so I worked with Stew for what I believed were the same objectives.

It was only when Tom Heneghan came into the picture that the troubles began. As I've exposed many times in my reports, Heneghan had an agenda --one that had nothing to do with Liberty, or defending God-given unalienable rights-- but everything to do with Al Gore and his New Age/leftist camp of the NWO.

Then, Heneghan and Webb began to plant "news stories" in the alternative media, exploiting the talents of investigative journalist Tom Flocco to write the stories for which they served as "sources". But many of the stories were not factual, but rather fictional --fabrications and bald-faced lies, concocted by Heneghan and Webb, even using bogus "documents".

I confronted Stew Webb about all this, making it clear that I would not involve myself in this agenda with Tom Heneghan. I refused to support or promote Al Gore; I refused to contribute to reports based on false intelligence, which came from untrustworthy sources. Refused to engage in dishonesty and manipulation, where 'the end justifies the means'.  I even warned Tom Flocco that he was being used by Webb and Heneghan for an agenda, as did Karl Schwarz, at one time a mutual associate of mine and Stew Webb's.

Finally, Karl Schwarz and I walked away, in disgust and outrage, not willing to be a part of the Webb-Heneghan disinformation debacle.

Immediately upon my breaking off my association with Stew Webb, I became the Target of libel and slander from Heneghan and Webb, most notably on the Cloak and Dagger radio show, hosted by Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall, and on the racist Hal Turner Network, where I was accused of all sorts of dastardly deeds, including of "taking bribes" from Karl Schwarz; and of being part of an "Israeli Spy Network", again with Karl Schwarz. They claimed I was a "fallen angel", and as for the rest of their ludicrous assertions, I don't recall all of them --only that it seemed they thought, in painting me as a villain, the more sensational the stories, the better!

Heneghan and Webb surpassed even Ken Adachi and Tim White in their lurid tales about Barbara Hartwell, and I must say, that's quite a feat! More recently, they have been putting out the outrageous lie that I am "working with" or "operating" with White and Adachi, two of my worst enemies...and even had the audacity to concoct a lie using my name about some "sex scandal" involving cross-dressing child porno freak Tim White!

And speaking of Karl Schwarz, Webb and Heneghan have resurrected their libel/slander campaign against him as well. On the "Stew Webb Halloween Special", Stew wasted no time after the bubble-headed bimbo, Remmic Lewis, called in, bringing up my name with her moronic comments, to begin the slander fest against Barbara Hartwell, to once again try to incriminate Karl Schwarz as an accomplice.

Here, some excerpts from Karl Schwarz's report: Outing a Liar Named Stew Webb (2006)

When I drew the line on the DU matter and went public, our resident wannabe physicist Stew Webb proclaimed that DU is not harmful, not radioactive and only nukes do that, so therefore Bush nuked Iraq.  The problem with circular flawed logic is that it is still flawed logic when one finishes the circle one time or a hundred times.

When I started laying out what I know to be true (my office was in DC from 1989 to 1996), Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb started bashing me on the air on Cloak and Dagger and on the Hal Turner Show with completely made up on the fly lies.

When this happened many of the people supporting Stew Webb with money pulled out on him and cut him off.  What was his response to that?  He proceeded to get even more absurd in his lies and running off at the mouth and fingertips.

For example, I have been labeled a “Bush Nazi Goon”, but most people even with low two-digit IQs know that Bush and I are not aligned in any manner whatsoever. 

I have been labeled “Mega Mossad”, which is totally absurd for I am German descent and have never had any ties to Mossad or Israel.  I have been a very outspoken critic of Israeli policy and US policy based on Israeli desired objectives such as Iraq and Iran.The proverbial bottom line is that I am not aligend with Al Gore and never will be. Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan are Gore sycophants that fail to see that Gore is the answer to nothing.

Listen to Stew Webb, if he is ever on the air again, and you will now know why he talks so loud. 

He too pretends to be a Christian just like George Bush, a man of God that receives revelations, but listen to the profanity and you decide.  Listen to the sheer hate that comes out of his mouth and see if you can detect even an ounce of Christian goodness.

This I know to be true:  one cannot beat a liar with a lie.  Only the truth will win against a liar.  Said another way, Al Gore cannot get into the White House based on a lie and George W. Bush will never be defeated by a liar.  The only weapon needed is the truth.  The only people I have met who do not seem to get that are Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and a few others that like to spread malicious false allegations.

Every time he opens his mouth or sits at a computer, Stew Webb comes up with more totally absurd statements and representations from America’s Number One Portrait of an Idiot in Action.

I severed ties with Stew Webb when he made it clear to me, with his own mouth on a telephone call, that he thinks it is OK to tell any lie he wishes to achieve his agenda.  I told him that such was unacceptable conduct to me and that was our last conversation.  He then started calling a list of people and threatening them.  He then started spreading lies about me all over the place with his lunatic rantings.

I will never support Al Gore and that is the end of the discussion, nor will I resort to using lies to beat liars.  The truth has always worked just fine to expose liars, except in the modus operandi of Stew Webb or others like him.

Now, let's take a look at some comments from a facebook page, an exchange among Stew Webb and his supporters, and the one voice of reason, Sherri Kane. This conversation was in reference to Barbara Hartwell and my report exposing Glenn Canady and Stew Webb as snake oil salesmen and his subsequent false allegations that I am part of a "Good Cop/Bad Cop Stooge Game" with Ken Adachi.

Remmic Lewis: "May the wicked be undone by their own wickedness."

Glenn Canady: "They will, don't worry. Stew Webb is going viral!"

Sherri Kane: "Please don't include us in your lies! Barbara is not working with Ken Adachi. She exposes him! You have no evidence but spurt lies! Please do not tag me or Len anymore! We don't want to be part of groups that badmouth people who are trying to do good in the world."

Stew Webb: "sherri barbara is going to be sued do not call me a liar or say i lie"

Remmic Lewis: "Barbara is a fucking liar who dedicated way too much time on her bullshit blog post about me and it was completely false, unnecessarily derogatory and arrogant beyond belief."

Remmic Lewis: "I love it when my intuition proves to be correct. I never trusted Kane or Horowitz from the start."

Sherri Kane: "Remove mine and Dr. Horowitz's names from your publications! We want no part of this! If you continue to use our names without authorization you will regret it! It is an infringement and violation!"

Remmic Lewis: "Tell Babs to remove my name would 'ya Sherri?"

[Message to Remmic Lewis: How dare you call me Babs, you trashy little bimbo! Mind your manners and mind your own stupid business, and stop sticking your nose into mine!]
Here, an e-mail message written by Sherri Kane to Stew Webb:

"Stew, why are you stating these lies on Facebook? (see attached) Where did Barbara ever slander you? She has only written reports describing the malicious attacks made against her, which is not libel. She is exposing Ken Adachi on the link you provided. and now you are just helping Adachi by attempting to discredit Barbara."

"Educator" Ken Adachi: Stooge and Apologist for Crooks, Liars, Whackjobs & Porno Mongers

"Isn't your goal to expose bastards like Adachi who you claim wrote lies about you?

You are behaving just like the COINTELPRO and Len and I want no part of these games.

It seems you are the one playing the "Good Cop, Bad Cop" here.

P.S. I can assure that Barbara does not work with Adachi. This is a lie!

In fact she despises his lies about her, us and his crimes against "We The People," just like we do.  You discredit all of the truth that you and we all are putting out, by putting out stuff like this with no evidence to support your claims! You are helping no one but the COINTELPRO agent provocateurs that have attacked you.

Please remove us from your mailing list and Facebook, as we are not interested in badmouthing good people!

Sherri Kane"

Next, an e-mail exchange between Glenn Canady & Sherri Kane:

"Glenn Canady: "Barbara put out all kinds of lies about me and Stew in that hit piece she wrote on me also.  I'm sorry that you think this is okay.  She made a BIG deal that I got fooled by Alex Jones at first - WOW!  Like I'm not allowed to change my mind about him just like you have changed your mind about people!  Everybody got fooled by Alex by one including YOU and Len!" 

Sherri Kane to Glenn Canady: "You are taking what she wrote out of context here. She was pointing out that you protected Jones vehemently and kissed his butt, without knowing Jones personally, and even with our documented evidence to prove otherwise.

The question is what prompted Barbara to write that blog piece? Both you and Stew went on a radio program "The Halloween Special" and started badmouthing her with lies. You also both had a stooge groupie right out of rehab, that doesn't even know Barbara, call in and start badmouthing Barbara.
Your radio show was broadcast on Oct 31st. Her blog articles were written on Nov. 7th and 9th.

Glenn Canady: "There were countless other lies in that hit piece about me and Stew." 

Sherri Kane: "What are the specific COUNTLESS lies?"

Glenn Canady: "It's sad and pathetic that you are now calling Stew cointel.  Yea right!  Yeah he has played interviews with top level whistleblowers that have shot down Senator's planes, gave drugs to the Bushes and ripped off the American people with fraudulent mortgages and he's Cointel?   lol"

Sherri Kane: "What Len and I said is that he is behaving like COINTELPRO! And you are now, playing into their divide and conquer games."

Glenn Canady: "You KNOW Stew is not Cointel so if you say he is then you're a liar also!"

Sherri Kane:  "You don't know who is COINTELPRO and who is not, for certain.

Ask him about Tom Heneghan?  Who does Heneghan work for? We are interested to know who is behind this smear campaign! You would have defended Alex Jones at one time like this too! 

For people that claim to love Jesus, you sure don't seem like it! Jesus would never approve of this!"

Glenn Canady: "Since when does Cointel have murder attempts on them and people watching their every move in their neighborhood."

Sherri Kane: "There are COINTELPRO stooges that make these claims.  And even if they are true, it seems like Stew wants to make more enemies, not friends, which for someone who claims to have murder attempts made on their life, I would want more friends."

Glenn Canady: "This loony said I was a "snake oil salesman"  I'm not selling ANYTHING!  Wake up this woman is a LIAR!"

Sherri Kane: "A snake oil salesman is someone who sells fraudulent goods or who is a fraud himself. You are selling advertising and selling a show that is fraudulently claiming it's hosts believe in Jesus, when in fact your actions prove otherwise. Your actions prove that you guys are involved with hate and attacking people out of the blue.

Doesn't Stew have bigger fish to fry than to attack a poor woman? Is it out of jealousy that we support her, that he is doing this?

Before you guys came out with that radio show, she said she felt love in her heart for Stew. She felt he was just being influenced by some bad guys. She never said he was COINTELPRO and never said one bad thing about Stew to me. But then you guys had to go and provoke something with that darn radio show where you badmouthed her!

You can't stand the peace, and the Millmans, Gunderson, and Adachi are enough of a battle! You need to stir up some trouble with a woman who has not spoken to Stew in years because he expected her to support Al Gore and she refused. And because Stew wrote reports that were untrue, and she refused to be involved with it. Just like we now are refusing to be involved in your lies about her."
Glenn Canady: "This woman LIED about Stew sending her faxes!  He hasn't called her in 6 years since he cut her off!"
Sherri Kane:" This is a lie! It was a quote from Mike Ruppert in 2003, who said that, not Barbara! Read her report again!"

"Between you and me, Stew Webb is seriously unbalanced and extremely unreliable. I had to threaten legal action to stop him from clogging my fax machine about a year ago. He is frequently wrong in what he publishes. Brenda [Negri] also has serious problems. Now, rather than living in a world where someone is either an ally or a government agent, I live in a world where there are government agents, allies, people who are really perceptive with good intentions, people who are inexperienced with good intentions, and people who are just plain fucking nuts! Stew Webb is just plain fucking nuts!"

--Mike Ruppert comments on Stew Webb from letter to Barbara Hartwell, 2003  

Glenn Canady: "The Devil LIES!" 

Sherri Kane: "You guys lied and claimed she was a hitman for CIA, involved in money laundering, drug running, etc. Where is your proof of these claims? This is libel. You can't just go around making up lies about people!"

Glenn Canady: "I just proved 2 things she lied about concerning me and Stew and there were FAR more things in that ridiculous ranting hit piece."

Sherri Kane: "What 2 things did you prove? What are the "FAR more things" you reference here?"

Glenn Canady: "Once a person is a liar nothing they say can be trusted."

Sherri Kane: "So that means we cannot trust you or Stew?"

Glenn Canady: "Barbara cannot be trusted - she is being paid now to attack me and stew and ANYBODY else trying to help Stew get justice." 

Sherri Kane: "She is not being paid. Where is your proof? This is libel. You and Stew first attacked her on your radio show and she wrote an article in her own defense."

Glenn Canady: "I can't believe that YOU and Len don't support Stew getting justice and are now saying Stew is Cointel!"

Sherri Kane: "Len and I have supported Stew. We just don't want to be involved in your attacks against a woman who came out in her own defense, after you lied about her on your radio program. This is injustice and we will not support this."

Glenn Canady: "What a pathetic joke!  Very disappointed in both of you for now attacking us!" 

Sherri Kane: "We have not attacked you. We simply let you know that we do now want to be involved in lies and attacks against good people."

Glenn Canady: "Stew even tried to help you before and you guys talked all the time but now you  have a new PAID CIA friend now that is lying about me and him, me and anybody else that supports Stew getting justice!"

Sherri Kane: "Barbara is not a NEW friend. I knew her way before I ever heard of Stew. This is not about Stew getting justice. We believe he should get justice, but not by attacking a poor woman alone. That is bullying behavior! And she is certainly not PAID! Who are you and Stew being paid by, to come out on that radio show and start attacking her out of the blue?"

Glenn Canady: "Wake up!  You're being played!  Liars are under demonic control.  I have PROOF that Barbara has lied so if you continue to follow her you are following a DEMON.  Good luck with that.  I hope you both wake up someday about me and Stew."   

Sherri Kane:  "You need to wake up and grow up! Unless you stop with this manipulative behavior and threats, we cannot be aligned with you. You need to come clean and admit that you guys started attacking Barbara out of the blue on your radio show before she wrote her blog article.
Remember you can't sue people for writing the truth, who have evidence to back it up!

Also Stew owes both Len and me an apology after he hung up on us yesterday, when we phoned him to speak about this.

Please immediately remove both mine and Dr. Horowitz's names from all of your FB tags and in any other ways you promote your shows."


[NOTE for clarification: ALL of what is given here is written solely by Glenn Canady, from e-mails he sent to Sherri Kane, included to show Canady's libel of Barbara Hartwell.]

"I never said anything about Barbara during that show!  She wasn't on my radar until she lied about me and Stew and Remmic on her blog.  That blog was full of lies about all 3 of us.  I'm not going to go over them all now.  That will be done later in court should I choose to do that.  Stew knew about Barbara's evil long before so he and Remmic might have said something but I Hartwell was never mentioned in the advertising etc.  I can't believe Mike has nothing better to do than listen to our show.  I don't talk about Mike.  I don't listen to his show and haven't listened one minute since he did his evil to us.  

I haven't said one bad thing about Mike because God will deal with Mike and you and Len if you keep attacking me, Stew and Nsearch.  He'll also deal with YOU and Mike and whoever else calls me or Stew Cointel or even actiing like Cointel because that's implying something that's not true and you KNOW it!  God really doesn't like liars.

We play "Thank You Jesus" on our show every break and that's the song that Mike refused to play and quit over!  Don't ever question my faith.  I've known that Jesus was the true son of God a lot longer than you have by your own admission!  I'm not perfect as you are not but I'm going to do evertyhing in my power for Jesus Christ.

Don't write to me again Sherri unless it's to apologize and work together.  I'm done wasting time with your attacks on me and Stew  It's truly pathetic.  It's not a scam to sell advertising either so you're a liar about that too!  The advertising is a bonus to all those that support  Stew which I thought you and Len would love to do.  Stew and I have done things for you and Len, we though you were our friends.  But I guess your LIAR CIA friend that does evil is more important to you now.

Stew has done a hell of a lot more in fighting evil than your LIAR CIA friend.  I proved she was a LIAR in my last email but I guess you and Len are okay with that

I'm going to expose all those that attack or censor Stew Webb because that shows they are Cointel.  Your CIA friend says his cases aren't real!  lol  You say Heneghan isn't real!  lol

You KNOW Stews' cases are real so once again you are choosing to buddy up to a known CIA liar and slanderer and stab Stew and I in the back.

God sees that you are supporting a liar CIA agent that's done MUCH evil over a super Patriot that loves Jesus.  You will answer to him for this unless you repent someday.

This is the last time I'm wasting time with you until you admit you were wrong about me and Stew.  If Hartwell says Stew lies then SUE him and we'll see who wins in court!
There's nothing to talk about.  As long as you have a shill in your camp.  As long as you two haven't figured out that she's played both sides and that she has lied, slandered and defamed our characters intentionally under RICO

Liars are demon controlled.  You guys are now hooked up with a BIG LIAR that has done MUCH evil out there and will be put into court at some time by Stew when he gets time.  She made a big mistake by such outrageous lies about all of us. 

I'm done talking with your unless you both wake up.  Don't contact me again unless you have ejected your lying CIA friend and are apologizing and ready to support Stew Webb.  I don't have time for anything else.
If it's libel have Barbara sue Stew!  

Good luck with your lying CIA friend.  The Devil is a liar!  If you or Len EVER call Stew or myself Cointel agents then YOU will both be liars also!  Because I know Stew isn't because Cointel doesn't sue the FBI lol and I sure know that I'm not!  I've never worked as a Cointel agent!   Wake up Sherri.  I'm not the bad guy.  Stew isn't the bad guy!  If you or Len actually think that Stew is cointel then I really feel sorry for both of you because that makes absolutely no sense logically and you have no evidence.  Stew has gone after this criminal government with lawsuits, he helped build groups for states rights and militias!  What EXACTLY has Barbara done regarding legal actions against the bad guys or organizing for solutions?  Oh that's right!  NOTHING!   But now you state that Stew is acting like Cointel?  lol  YOu better seriously wake up before you go down that road to nowhere but hell."



These are outrageous, transparent, and laughable indictments coming from you and Stew Webb, especially after you mailed me weeks ago to come to your aid against Michael Vara as an act of "Christian brotherly love" pursuing peace in the wake of your "holy war."

The only mistake I am guilty of making during the past few weeks is going to bat for you as a peace-maker, foolishly believing in your "Christianity," and attempting to work out a solution to your problems with Michael.

Sherri Kane did the same as a peace-maker for Stew Webb with Barbara Hartwell at my prodding. How foolish I was, as evidenced by your mail, your instant abuse of my friendship, and increasing abuse of my name by your allies on the Internet; instigated by you and Stew, abuse simply reinforced by your malicious mail below.

You called me by phone several weeks ago, and I responded with kindness and empathy in your and Stew's service.

Yesterday, I called you, and you didn't even give me the courtesy of a minute of your time. That says it all!

Any reasonable person would simply consider your behavior and mail as childish and malicious.

Stew Webb, likewise.

I received multiple calls from Stew over the past year, each responded to in friendship. Stew literally hung up on me yesterday when I called to demand my right to be left out of your wars.

I simply demanded my personal identity be removed from any association with you and Stew, who choose to abuse my name and reputation to attack Hartwell, who in my opinion, does not deserve your trashing.

Moreover, Hartwell is extremely capable of very effectively responding to the challenges forced upon her, damaging to her integrity, and that is what is obviously upsetting you and Stew to the point of making me, your friend, an enemy. God bless you, Glenn. You really need some Divine intervention!

It is also noteworthy that you and Stew would instantly choose to abuse my name, friendship, and collaboration within two weeks of my declining Stew Webb's solicitation to have me leave Michael Vara's LNM Network, to host "The HOROKANE HOUR" on Stew's alleged forthcoming network that no doubt involves your knowledge and interests.

You can fool some of the people a lot of the time, but Sherri and I have watched this outrageous manipulation unfold from your camp.

We have the series of e-mails to prove our goodwill, and the messages from you and Stew that would serve as adequate defense against your frivolous and fraudulent claim of defamation in your threatened "RICO" suit that you stupidly threaten Hartwell with.

In fact, look it up, Glenn, and wake up.  Hartwell is indemnified against you and Webb under qualified privilege doctrine. You show your gross ignorance in the law, and foolish favor of Stew Webb's malicious propaganda, writing me about a defamation claim under "RICO."

Your allegation is, in fact, hilarious, and shameful. 


for the legal definition of  "racketeering activities." Defamation/libel are not actionable under Federal RICO, and civil RICO requires far more serious multiple causes of action.

Webb would be liable for counterclaims, libel, and filing frivolously given Hartwell's qualified privilege, and the fact that she was attacked by Stew and you FIRST.

Sherri and I can't wait to see Stew's RICO lawsuit naming Hartwell. We'll post it immediately for a good laugh.

Attached below is a copy of my Publicity (Name) Rights Registration with which I demand compliance from you and Stew Webb as per this Notice to Cease and Desist abusing my name, and Sherri Kane's name, regarding our very reasonable objections to the use of our names by you, Stew Webb, and others associated with your conduct of a "holy war" with Hartwell fouling the Internet. This official Notice makes you liable for any violations by Internet publication of our names without expressed written permissions.
No need to reply. Like you, I no longer have any more time for your "friendship."

Sincerely yours,
Leonard G. Horowitz


In this report (as well as others) Glenn Canady and Stew Webb (along with Stew's cohort, Tom Heneghan) have been well and truly exposed by a number of those targeted for their manipulation, their malicious lies, their propaganda, their mind-games, their agenda politics --seeking fame and fortune at the expense of those they would exploit to achieve their own ends, their own material and ego gratification.

Their attempts to use their purported religion, Christianity, as a weapon to attack God's children, sincere and devout believers in Christ (however we choose to worship God or testify to His Glory) is despicable and loathsome; they are false accusers, false witnesses, and their behavior is as antithetical to the message and teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as any true Christian could possibly imagine.

They claim to speak from revelations from God? They have the hubris to tell others what "God" wants them to do? They dare to call us liars and threaten lawsuits, when all any of us has done is tell the TRUTH and stick to our principles, when refusing to participate in, or support their aggressive gate-crashing, their attempts to intimidate and strong-arm others into doing their will...or else!

Get behind me, Satan!   

Perhaps the most ludicrous part of all this is that in support of his "hero", Stew Webb, this buffoon, Glenn Canady, loudly and authoritatively boasts of his knowledge of issues, persons and operations he knows absolutely NOTHING about.

Glenn Canady, I can guarantee, knows nothing about COINTELPRO. He is a rank amateur, with no training, no background whatsoever in any kind of intelligence work. Nor is he even any kind of journalist. He is simply a parrot who repeats anything that is spewed out by Stew Webb, and of course, let's not forget the "International Intelligence Expert", (Mr. Double-oh-Seven) Tom Heneghan. For that matter, Stew Webb himself is not any kind of "intelligence expert", contrary to his boasts of same.

So what are we really dealing with here?

In my estimation, and in my considered professional opinion, in the areas where I DO have expertise, and many years of experience, such as psychological operations and counterintelligence, Glenn Canady and Stew Webb, aside from being mountebanks and snake oil salesmen, are a couple of STOOGES, the very label they have tried to slap on the rest of us.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 13, 2012

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA