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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OFF THE DEEP END! Stew Webb's Bizarre Rampage of Libel, Slander & Threats of RICO Lawsuits

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!"

--Samuel Adams

Stew Webb has been described by his latest PR shill, a sleazy useful idiot named Glenn Canady, as a "Super Patriot." Canady has been aggressively touting Stew Webb, all over the World Wide Web, with his sensationalistic claims that Stew Webb has "effective solutions" for America! Stew Webb has a "$30 Trillion Federal Lawsuit" against the "Banksters"! Stew Webb NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to "fix America"!

To hear Canady tell it, Stew Webb is the Be All and End All of American  Patriotism -- and anyone who dares to even question Webb's "credentials", much less stand up in their own defense (or in the defense of friends and allies) to  refute his voluminous lies against those he has targeted for libel, slander and threats of lawsuits, is deemed a "stooge", a "FED" a "FRAUD", a "LIAR" a "DEMON", a "CIA PAID shill", "FBI Division 5"....and on and on it goes....

Yes indeed, according to the "Christian" evangelist Glenn Canady, we are all "on the road to nowhere but Hell" --if we don't straighten up, fly right and SUPPORT STEW WEBB!


This notice appears on Canady's Project Nsearch website, as well as on the site of Stew Webb.

What kind of "support" are they looking for? MONEY, of course. YOUR hard-earned money.

What will they do with this money? That's anyone's guess, but if the "past performances" of Stew Webb are any indication, it just might disappear down into the black hole of riotous living, never to be seen or heard of again. Or maybe, it might be used for repairs to Stew's latest vehicle, smashed up in a drunk-driving incident?

Be that as it may, Stew Webb and his cohorts, Glenn Canady and Tom Heneghan, "International Intelligence Expert" WANT YOUR MONEY, and they want it NOW.

As for anyone they deem a threat to their schemes, anyone who might stand in the way of their quest for ill-gotten wealth, that person will be libeled, slandered and threatened --that person will be SUED; that person will be added to the Federal Lawsuit, under RICO!

And what, you may ask, designates a person as such a threat? It is all very simple: A person who TELLS THE TRUTH, that is what they are afraid of.

And that is the reason for their vicious attacks against Barbara Hartwell.

Here is Stew Webb's "response" to Barbara Hartwell, after I stepped forward in my own defense, to refute the outrageous lies told by Webb, Canady and their shill/groupie, Remmic Lewis, on the "Stew Webb Halloween Special" radio program.
"Barbra Hartwell and Ken Adachi FBI CIA Stooge Game
The Good Cop Bad Cop Continues

Breaking News November 8, 2012


Breaking News November 8, 2012

Barbra Hartwell and Ken Adachi the Good Cop Bad Cop Stooge Game Continues

How deep are their pockets we all will find out very soon.

This is the first time in a long time I have updated the Bush Crime Family Stooges Alert:

CIA Barbra Hartwell must be back on Bush Payroll she soon will be sued by me Stew Webb

It seems that the Bush Crime Syndicate has an Old Stooge Barbara Hartwell back in action doing slanderous statements against those who are exposing them and have filed suit against them."
Now, here's just one of many libelous statements, an excerpt from a 2006 posting by Stew Webb:

Breaking News February 18, 2006 

"Schwarz has been promoting Depleted Uranium as what our Military suffers from in Iraq. Depleted Uranium does not cause radiation poisoning. Only live Nukes will cause the Radiation Poisoning which is what Bush dropped on Iraq.  Schwarz has now become nothing more than a liar and promoter of lies. Among those being promised money by Schwarz is Barbara Hartwell who suddenly promotes Schwarz lies. Hartwell is now working with the Tim White-Schwarz crowd her so called enemy."
And now, November 2012, this statement:

"Barabara Hartwell’s outrage lies and slander, Defamtion of Character and RICO Acts about Stew Webb Glen Canady and Remmic Lewis."

(link Omitted) "There will be a suit against Hartwell in the near future"


"Sherri Kane Friend Barbara Hartwell"

Bush Nazi Goons News November 9, 2012
By Stew Webb

"The below are emails sent to me after CIA Cointel Pro Barbara Hartwell lied about me, slandered and defamed my character and the same of Glenn Canady and Remmic Lewis.

I have warned Sherri Kane and Dr. Len Horowitz to stay away from Barbara Hartwell I even explained to them how and why I cut off all ties with Barbara Hartwell in 2006 and have had no communications with her since.

They even told me several months ago if I remove the links on my site about Barbara she would remove her previous slander and lies about myself and Tom Heneghan from her site. I waited of course for Barbara Hartwell to do just that and it never happed.

But as I explained to Sherri Kane I want nothing to do with Barbara Hartwell who had lied about me and Tom Heneghan in the past.

But we must all go through these lessons before we learn the truth about Barbara Hartwell and how she will side with anyone who gives her money even her ex or current employer the CIA.

Ask a simple question what has Barbara Hartwell ever exposed other than what she did as a shill for the CIA disinformation and attacking others credibility with massive lies as she has done once again and we cannot forget about her secret CIA activity she did or her blood line.

I will not even answer such outrageous lies except now through lawsuits see; suits against Illuminati Bankers, a US District Court Judge the FBI and my ex witch Dr and ex-in-laws for attempted murder one of the Illuminati Bankers who looted America.

There will be 6-7 total suits files in these inter-related cases.

Thank you
 s/Stew Webb
28 Years a Federal Whistleblower

Barbara Hartwell’s link to her slander and lies I will not even post here when I file suit soon then she will get real headlines on

My Breaking News page."


"They even told me several months ago if I remove the links on my site about Barbara she would remove her previous slander and lies about myself and Tom Heneghan from her site. I waited of course for Barbara Hartwell to do just that and it never happed.

But as I explained to Sherri Kane I want nothing to do with Barbara Hartwell who had lied about me and Tom Heneghan in the past.

But we must all go through these lessons before we learn the truth about Barbara Hartwell and how she will side with anyone who gives her money even her ex or current employer the CIA."
Now, for the FACTS.

Here is what actually happened. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, who are my friends, thought they might try to "make peace" between me and Stew Webb. I did not at any time request this, nor was I involved in their communications with Stew.

When they first asked me about my experiences with Stew Webb, I told them the truth, nothing  more. I also sent them a number of my reports about Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan which outlined the facts and which refuted the lies of Webb and Heneghan, for the record. (See reports listed at bottom of page.)

"They even told me several months ago if I remove the links on my site about Barbara she would remove her previous slander and lies about myself and Tom Heneghan from her site. I waited of course for Barbara Hartwell to do just that and it never happed."

This is a false statement. At no time did I tell Len or Sherri that I would "remove" my reports about Webb and Heneghan. In fact, quite the contrary --I explained clearly to Len and Sherri that I would NOT remove my reports, and I explained WHY.

I do not ever "make deals" with liars in order to "make peace". Stew Webb is no exception to my hard and fast rule.

Here, as evidence, are some e-mails I sent to Len and Sherri, in regard to this issue with Stew Webb.

I listened to the show with Stew. [referring to the interview Stew did with Len and Sherri on their radio program]
As I already explained, if you and Sherri want to work with him, that's up to you, it doesn't bother me, and it's not my place to make any objection. I have already forgiven Stew in my heart long ago; however, for me it is not a matter of "challenges" re Stew it is a matter of principle. Stew broke off his association with me (2006) because I refused to be a part of his Al Gore support (Al Gore is NOT a good guy, by any stretch), because I refused to get involved with Tom Heneghan's "agenda", because I refused to promote FALSE documents in a bogus story on JFK  Jr. murder, etc...
As a matter of principle, I had to stick to what I know to be the truth, and I exposed that the document was bogus, though I did not reveal the source who forged it (at the time, a friend), as I did not want to damage him, though I did break off my association with him as well, again, on principle.
Stew, instead of just "agreeing to disagree" falsely accused me of all sorts of things PUBLICLY and some of it is still on his site to this day.
See this page which falsely accuses Barbara Hartwell of:
1) Taking money from Karl Schwarz
2) Promoting Schwarz lies
3) Working with the "enemy" Tim White
(scroll down to find my name smeared)
These outrageous lies have been on Stew's site since 2006. I have publicly refuted the lies and asked Stew to REMOVE them. He has not.
In addition he and Tom Heneghan accused me ON THE RACIST HAL TURNER NETWORK of being "part of an Israeli spy ring", and of being a "fallen angel".
But worst of all, his pal, Tom Heneghan, put out a filthy story, accusing me of having some "sexual incident" with Tim White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is an outrage!
I have never even met Tim White (thank God!)  I will not forgive this liar, Tom Heneghan, ever. He was never my friend and never will be. His manipulations were the main reason that caused my friendship with Stew to end.
I don't know what Stew told you about his association with me, but if it's anything other than what I have explained, then it's not the truth.
As far as Stew goes, he owes me an apology and he needs to RETRACT all the lies publicly, before I would have anything to do with him. It is a matter of honor and principle. I have never done ANY wrong to Stew, all I did was tell the truth and stick to my principles.
If Stew really does hold me in "high regard" as he said on the show, then if he knows in his heart that what he did was wrong, to PUBLICLY falsely accuse me, then it is up to him to apologize and retract all the lies.
All this has been documented by me, nothing but the truth, and I have refuted all the lies in my reports. I have never said anything false about Stew, NOT ONE WORD, and have been very charitable, considering the circumstances. I have always wished him well, despite everything and have publicly said so.
If Stew makes a public retraction, then I will give him credit for doing the right thing. But I will never compromise my principles for any agenda, which is what started all the trouble with Stew to begin with.
 Sherri Kane to Barbara Hartwell:
"I spoke to Stew and he said he would remove the stuff he has about you if you remove the stuff you have up about him. He said he would like a truce."
Barbara Hartwell to Sherri Kane:

It really is not that simple. I appreciate your efforts, but for me this is a matter of principle. Stew lied and lied and lied...
All I ever did was tell the truth, refute the lies and defend myself. There is not even one lie anywhere about Stew on my website, nor have I spoken any lies. No libel, no slander.
I am not going to remove all my reports, because they are complex documentation of many things, involving other people, other cases, and the damage to me is already done.
I do not need a truce, because I am not at war with Stew. He owes me an apology, plain and simple. I don't expect it, never did. But Stew obviously doesn't care about me, or about doing the right thing, because if he had, he would have apologized long ago.
I must hold my ground, because I can't pretend to be someone I am not. If Stew were to apologize and publicly retract all the lies, it would different.
Re the outrageous lie of the "sex incident" with Tim White (whom I've never even met!) that was that scumbag Tom Heneghan, on his own website, and I would not know where to find it. I will not "make a deal" with Stew, just because he thinks it would be convenient.
Stew has wronged me greatly, he probably does not understand how much I was hurt by it --not just by the outrageous PUBLIC lies, but also on a personal level.
So, best to just let it go, but thanks for trying. If Stew is a "man" he will do the right thing. If not, then I will not compromise my principles just to make peace.
I am in a very bad situation, financially, and being abandoned left and right by my family and others with whom I had long-term friendships, much of it because of the lies being published on the Internet. For the time being, I need to focus all my energies on solving problems of survival.
I spent the afternoon crying to the Priest from my church, who is one of only a few people who still supports me.
Stew Webb claims he broke off his association with me because of "lies" I told about him and Tom Heneghan. The truth is, he "cut me off" because I adamantly refused to join in his agenda to promote Al Gore, the New Age/lefist gun-grabber and NWO puppet. I also refused to promote the false documents and lies they were pushing in their bogus "intelligence reports".
As for me, I broke off my association with Stew, ON PRINCIPLE. It was made very clear to me that Stew Webb has no use for "principles", nor for the truth. How sad, and how shameful, but the true nonetheless. Stew falsely accuses me of "playing both sides", and of taking "bribes" from anyone who will pay me. But I have to wonder why HE suddenly switched sides, as soon as he was offered the resources of Tom Heneghan, former campaign manager for Al Gore?
Stew Webb has now made it abundantly clear that he will continue his rampage of bizarre and sensationalistic libel, slander and threats of lawsuits against Barbara Hartwell.
I can't stop him, nor would want to try. I can only continue to refute the lies and document the facts, the truth and the evidence, tiresome and time-consuming as it may be.
For those interested in the truth, please see my detailed reports (list given below). Names, dates, facts, evidence, testimony of witnesses, and most importantly, completely CONSISTENT. But then, the truth is always consistent, whereas lies will always change from time to time, to suit the convenience and expediency of the liar.
Like all liars with an agenda, Stew Webb will surely discredit himself --I don't think he really needs too much help from Barbara Hartwell, the purported "CIA" employee, the "CIA hit man", the "fallen angel", who "plays both sides", who is "PAID" by "Daddy Bush" and "CIA" to "lie" about "Super Patriot" Stew Webb.
Thankfully though, there are friends and allies who do support me, who hold the same principles as I do. These individuals are Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, those who stand up for God-given Unalienable Individual Rights, as protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.
They have no use for the "agenda politics", bogus documents or false "news stories" promoted by Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and their cohorts. They are not false Christians who use religion as a club to bludgeon their Targets into doing their will --or else!
But most importantly, their support of Barbara Hartwell comes not from "blind loyalty" to a person, it comes from their far greater concern and support for TRUTH.
As for "effective solutions" for America? ONLY THE TRUTH is needed for that.  And any decent, honorable person who really wants to "fix America" will know that ONLY THE TRUTH will do that.
And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.
John 8:32
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, to my friends and supporters, for standing in my defense, and for standing up for the TRUTH.
Former FBI agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee; Talk Show Host Michael Vara; ; Investigative Journalist Joe Lanier; Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane; Medical Mafia/Big Pharma Whistleblower Dr. Leonard Horowitz; Dr. Antonella Carpenter (Lase Med Inc.) Host of The Medical Conspiracy,  Whistleblower; Randy Simmons (The Medical Conspiracy, Lase Med Inc.); Investigator/Author Karl Schwarz
As for Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Glenn Canady and their shills, groupies, camp followers and hangers-on:
May we forget you were our countrymen.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 20, 2012
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