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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snake Oil Salesmen Stew Webb & Glenn Canady "Join Forces" for "SOLUTIONS"

Agenda Politics, Religious Zealotry, False Witness, Libel/Slander, Threats of Lawsuits
"Stew Webb and Glenn Canady joined forces. To Bring the truth and change to America. Here is how you can help and increase your Business Sales....
--Advertisement from Stew Webb's site
"Between you and me, Stew Webb is seriously unbalanced and extremely unreliable. I had to threaten legal action to stop him from clogging my fax machine about a year ago. He is frequently wrong in what he publishes. Brenda [Negri] also has serious problems. Now, rather than living in a world where someone is either an ally or a government agent, I live in a world where there are government agents, allies, people who are really perceptive with good intentions, people who are inexperienced with good intentions, and people who are just plain fucking nuts! Stew Webb is just plain fucking nuts!"
--Mike Ruppert comments on Stew Webb from letter to Barbara Hartwell, 2003
In 2011 I was a guest on Late Night in the Midlands, hosted by Michael Vara. I was invited along with Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane for a discussion of COINTELPRO.
The information we exposed on this radio program included an overview of the workings of counterintelligence operations; the pivotal role of FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson and his entourage of minions and stooges in targeting high profile whistleblowers and journalists for neutralization campaigns.
One of the individuals we exposed was Alex Jones, all of us having been targeted by Jones for various offenses, including censorship, intimidation tactics, libel/slander, and scams designed by Jones to line his own pockets by stealing and/or exploiting the work and/or accomplishments of his Targets.
As we pointed out, Jones was a major promoter and supporter of the late Ted Gunderson, whom he frequently had as a guest on his radio/TV programs, along with Ted's longtime crony and accomplice in crimes and coverups, former senator and CIA operative John DeCamp, whom Jones held aloft as "great Americans".
I find it important to state that I enjoyed talking with Michael Vara; he was courteous and professional. But his co-host, Glenn Canady? I didn't like the smarmy vibes from minute one.  (Snake oil, anyone?)
At the end of the broadcast, after we the guests had gone off the air, a discussion ensued between Michael Vara and Glenn Canady. Canady appeared outraged that we had exposed Alex Jones as a shill, as controlled opposition, as no friend of "truth" and no true patriot. In fact, Canady stopped just short of openly  denigrating Michael's guests, though he certainly did just that by innuendo and implication.
Actually, I just shook my head and laughed, listening to this buffoon, Canady, hold forth in defense of Alex Jones, as it was clear to me that he had no clue whatsoever what he was talking about. Another day, another pretentious fool, boasting of "knowledge" he does not possess --rather than being willing to even open his mind far enough to consider that the information exposed about Jones by those who had actual experience in connection with Jones, who had investigated and documented the irrefutable facts about Alex Jones, might have veracity.
Now, moving along to more recent events. A couple weeks ago, Michael Vara posted an article which documented the unscrupulous, manipulative and extremely aggressive behavior of Glenn Canady, after finally breaking off his association and partnership with Canady and his Project NSearch radio network.
I first read the article (in its original form) on Truth Broadcast Network, where it had been posted by Harry Link in support of Michael Vara.
The Truth About Project Nsearch & Glenn Canady
It is also reposted (in a slightly edited form) on Late Night in the Midlands:
Opening paragraphs:
"I first would like to say it pains me deeply to have to go public with this but I was left with no choice. I had this up once & removed it due to threats of lawsuits & out of respect for a couple friends of mine who thought it was better to make peace than fight with the same team but then as I gave it more thought & spoke with an attorney & as long as what im saying is true & can be proven [ and it is & it can be ] then I am in the clear.  Glenn & I are not on the same team.
Glenn has an agenda & If my friends are really my friends then they will understand this is not about psychics being on the show & this is not about me not getting my way! this is about being honest and true to you and more important to myself. If I ignore what has happened & what is happening then I am no better than the bought & paid for you hear on some of these big shows for the most part."
Michael Vara included numerous messages written by Glenn Canady, demonstrating that Canady had tried to take over Michael's program, Late Night in the Midlands; that he was applying pressure tactics in attempts to determine the content of the program; that he was using "religion" as a club to bludgeon Michael into compliance with his authoritative edicts; and that Canady made false promises about financial remuneration for Michael --which of course, never materialized.
Canady even had the arrogance and audacity to comment negatively on Michael's wife, stating that if she was not willing to get into lockstep with Canady's Godly principles (read: freakish religious fanaticism), that she was not "right" for Michael and would only make him unhappy. Trying to break up a man's marriage, for his own self-serving agenda? Absolutely despicable and appalling!
But along with all this, there was another issue: Glenn Canady was aggressively promoting "Super Patriot" Stew Webb, trying to shove Webb's agenda politics (masked as "solutions" for America) down the throats of anyone who would lend an ear --and more pointedly, especially those who would not. Canady's Targets for these harassing (and at times, threatening) messages were well-known talk show hosts with a large following in the "patriot" community. The fact that most of these individuals are shills for the controlled opposition is notable, and yet Canady was eager to compromise with their various agendas -- as long as they would welcome Stew Webb and give him some air time.  Glenn Canady thus clearly established himself as a PR shill for Stew Webb.
But before I get into the Stew Webb scenario, it should be mentioned that some time back, Canady had been on a self-appointed and clearly obsessive mission to promote Alex Jones. Canady was posting a plethora of pro-Jones comments all over the Internet, on various social networks, touting Jones as if he were the ultimate yardstick by which patriotism and truth were measured.
Here, some samples (taken from Michael Vara's report exposing Glenn Canady).
January 18, 2012
"This is why I unfriend all Alex Jones HATERS. In my experience if you are a Alex Jones HATER then you are either a FED (99% of the time) or a FOOL. Alex Jones has SAVED a lot of lives with his warnings about vaccines. Anybody that says Alex Jones is a bad man is a FRAUD and doing NOTHING themselves against the new world order. Do I have any Alex Jones hater scum on my friend list? lol"
January 19, 2012
"Anybody on my friend list that doesn't respect what Alex Jones has done in waking up hundreds of MILLIONS to the satanic new world order that Bush and Obama serve then UNFRIEND me now! I don't need demons on my list that bitch about AJ but have done NOTHING themselves. You're FRAUDS!"
But as Michael Vara aptly demonstrated by including these messages written by Glenn Canady,  there came a time when Canady made a 180 degree turn and began to aggressively attack Alex Jones.
Here, a sample (one of many) in which Canady now accuses Jones of all kinds of dastardly deeds, including of being a murderer!
"No telling how many thousands of people Alex Jones is directly responsible for killing with cancer because this evil selfish man won't let Dr. Coldwell get access to his listeners!   If Alex Jones censoring Dr. Coldwell doesn't prove to you that Alex Jones has an AGENDA then nothing else will! You're hopelessly brainwashed!  You should start writing your checks of support for Alex directly to the FBI and cut out the middleman because Stew Webb says he can prove in court that Alex Jones is working for FBI #5 and has taken money from them."
Very interesting. Enter "Super Patriot" Stew Webb and suddenly, lo and behold! Glenn Canady has switched his position to becoming one of the very naysayers against Alex Jones, whom he called "FRAUDS" and "FOOLS" ...and I'll get to that in a moment.
After reading Michael Vara's report on Glenn Canady, and naturally being outraged by the machinations of this snake oil salesman, I wrote an e-mail  message to Michael.
Hi Michael,
I read your article on Truth Broadcast Network re Project NSearch and Glenn Canady. I was appalled by Canady's behavior.
I wanted to let you know that when I was on your show (I think it was 2011, with Len and Sherri) I enjoyed talking with you, but my impression of Glenn Canady was not good. He seemed very pushy and obnoxious, as well as lacking discretion and discernment.
Then sometime earlier this year, I read an article written by Canady re Alex Jones. If you remember, I'm no fan of Alex Jones, but that's not the point. Canady's article was ridiculous, in that instead of simply exposing facts about Alex Jones, he used the article to promote his own agenda, to promote certain individuals, and even claiming that because Jones REFUSED to have one such person on his show (a doctor who treats cancer), that Jones was RESPONSIBLE for deaths of cancer patients! How utterly absurd.
No matter what anyone thinks of Alex Jones, it is still his right to interview whom he chooses (or not), same as applies to any talk show host.
Then in another part of the article Canady identified Tim White as being CIA! Nothing could be further from the truth. Tim White is only a stooge, a career criminal and fed snitch who made a deal with feds in Denver to reduce his prison time by stalking, threatening, harassing patriots/whistleblowers.
I should know better than anyone, since I have thoroughly investigated White since he targeted me in 2001 for criminal harassment, and I exposed him (with FACTS) in many reports for over a decade, including with evidence such as court documents, rap sheet, etc.
To promote false information like that only muddies the waters and confuses the readers who are seeking the truth. I don't know what/who Canady's "sources" are, but they are either ignorant or are liars with an agenda, one of the two.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I support you in your right to run your own show, choose your own topics and guests, and that from all I've seen, Glenn Canady is some sort of aggressive scam artist, looking for money and fame at the expense of the truth. Some "Christian"...NOT!
Shame on him!
God bless you,
Barbara Hartwell
Shortly after I wrote my letter in support of Michael Vara, I had a lengthy conversation with him via skype, in which we discussed a number of topics related to the two snake oil salesmen, Glenn Canady and Stew Webb.
Michael told me that Glenn Canady had told him --in no uncertain terms-- that he should NOT have Barbara Hartwell on the program ever again! (Maybe it was because I exposed his "hero", Alex Jones, as a shill?)
What I told Michael was that I am in complete support of his position in EXPOSING THE TRUTH, and STANDING ON PRINCIPLE, no matter what the consequences. I also expressed my agreement that Glenn Canady is most certainly NOT "on the same team" as Michael Vara, and that Michael did the right and honorable thing by refusing to sweep this issue under the carpet, for the sake of "keeping the peace".
I have heard many people talk of "divisiveness" or "infighting" in the so-called "truth" movement.
They seem to think that it's better to "stick together" against a "common enemy", no matter how extreme the disagreements, no matter how unscrupulous the behavior of one of your "team mates".
But the way I see it, there can be no "divisiveness" or "infighting" among persons who are NOT on the same side, no matter what their claims of seeking "truth" or pursuing "justice". Talk is cheap, especially for snake oil salesmen. But their actions tell the real story, and sure enough, their words will (sooner or later)  come back to haunt them. It's called hypocrisy, in service not to "truth", but rather agenda politics. And from my point of view, anyone who is willing to sacrifice truth, for any reason, is most certainly the "enemy".
Now, some samples of Glenn Canady's promotion of Stew Webb. It seems that, according to Canady, Stew Webb has supplanted Alex Jones as the new "Super Patriot" and Crusader for Truth.
Glenn Canady wrote:
"All these websites and people are complete FRAUDS for their censorship of Stew Webb!  They have all been made aware of the situation of Stew Webb by me.  Most played the ignore game .  They are either directly Cointel or they are supporting Cointel that much is certain.  Stew Webb is a Cointel Stooge Detector!"
"George Noory Proves He's a Stooge on October 28th, 2012!"

"On October 28th, I got a super snarky email directly from George Noory in response my email that he put on Stew Webb on his program for the American people!  What I got back was a very snarky email that said, "We aren't interested in your diatribe".  LOL  I told him this has nothing to do with me!  It's about a Patriot named Stew Webb getting justice which you WOULD be HAPPY report on IF YOU WERE REAL!
If they run away from Stew Webb's story, they're either a Cointel STOOGE or working for a Cointel Stooge GUARANTEED!  You don't censor a Marine Federal Whistle Blower with a $30 Trillion plus lawsuit against the banksters if you are REAL!  LOL    Since all Patriots know that you don't censor true patriots like Stew Webb, more people are waking up every day to the above people and websites every day!   Remember, they wouldn't be censoring Stew Webb if they were REAL!  :)"

And there is plenty more of this idiotic hype where that came from...just do a search and it will all be revealed.

But here's the icing on the cake:

"Stew Webb Challenges Anybody to Call him a Liar On the Air!  If you decide to lie about Stew Webb though you will be added to his Federal lawsuit!"

....Which brings me to Stew Webb and his "Halloween Special", hosted by none other than Glenn Canady on Project NSearch Radio.
Stew Webb Halloween Special
I was informed of this "Halloween Special" courtesy of Michael Vara, who e-mailed me the link, saying that Stew Webb was trashing my name on the air.
And yes, Stew Webb was most definitely LYING, in a most outrageous manner. So, I am calling Stew Webb a LIAR.  Go ahead, Stew Webb, be my guest, and add me to your "Federal lawsuit"!
Now to the content of this "Halloween Special" and the nature of the lies told by Stew Webb about Barbara Hartwell.
The lies (at least those specifically about Barbara Hartwell) started at about the 100 minute mark, which spared me from listening to the entire broadcast (Thank you Jesus!...and also Michael Vara, who kindly apprised me where to begin).
It all started when a very stupid woman, identified only as "Remmic", called in to the show. She began by babbling away, a mile a minute, about the issues addressed by Glenn Canady and Stew Webb. She was clearly trying to show off her "knowledge", which was mainly limited to parroting the pronouncements of Stew Webb, about "effective solutions" for America.
This bootlicking lackey, Remmic Lewis (as I later was able to identify her by name), then brought up the subject of Barbara Hartwell. She stated, in a tone of outrage and disbelief, that Truth Broadcast Network had been PROMOTING Barbara Hartwell! if this were some sort of heinous crime.
Remmic Lewis blathered on, shooting off her loud and ignorant mouth about Barbara Hartwell, a person she admitted she "does not know".  Included in her idiotic ramblings was that Barbara Hartwell was accusing people of being COINTELPRO, when she had no evidence, and "can't prove it".
This low-grade moron, Remmic Lewis, then accused Barbara Hartwell of  "ad hominem" attacks. What ad hominem attacks? Against whom? Naturally, she didn't say.
For her "closing argument", Remmic Lewis announced, in the breathless, conspiratorial voice of one who is proudly revealing a little known secret (hush hush!), that Barbara Hartwell was on a video with TED GUNDERSON! Bingo! And that Barbara Hartwell talked about mind control, and having an implant...."and she's STILL ALIVE?? HELLOOOO?"
And more such nonsense...
So now, this Remmic Lewis (whom nobody has ever heard of, outside the little circle of radio groupies who slavishly follow Stew Webb) has become the Town Crier about the Life and Times of Barbara Hartwell?
And it is a "news flash" that Barbara Hartwell was a former colleague of Ted Gunderson?
Mind your own damned business, Busybody Remmic Lewis! Who in hell do you think you are? Fool! You know nothing at all about Barbara Hartwell, nor do you know anything about COINTELPRO.  From listening to your unmitigated idiocy, it is abundantly clear that you could only be described as a belligerent ignoramus, attacking people you do not know, and exposing yourself as a bubble-headed buffoon. 
And considering some of the shills you promote (aside from Stew Webb and Glenn Canady, that is) such as Gordon Duff of Veterans Today (a glowing promotion of same was part of the "news flashes" revealed), you really need to pull your head out of your sorry ass and make a reality check, before it's too late.
And by the way, for your service to liars, shills and mountebanks, at the expense of Barbara Hartwell, your name has been added to my HALL OF SHAME. Enjoy it, you'll be in "good company", among kindred spirits (including Stew Webb, Glenn Canady, Tom Heneghan) I'm sure.
Aside from the fact that this Remmic Lewis is a flaming imbecile, it was clear that her calling in was no coincidence. No, it was clear to me (and to several others who listened) that she was a planted  shill for Stew Webb, used to bring up the name of Barbara Hartwell, creating a window of opportunity so that Stew could attack me by spewing out his outrageous lies.
Once Remmic Lewis got off the line, Stew Webb conveniently wasted no time in getting to the point.
"Let me tell you about Barbara Hartwell".
Where to begin? Which lie first?
Let's start with the most outrageous lie, shall we? That Barbara Hartwell was a "hit man for the CIA". Yes, Stew Webb accused me of being a murderer!
He also claimed that Barbara Hartwell was "setting up" people, in connection with George Bush money laundering and drug running.
Stew Webb claimed that Barbara Hartwell "came out of nowhere", wanting to be his "buddy".
So before I get to refuting his other lies, let me begin at the beginning. With the FACTS, that is.
The first contact between me and Stew Webb was in 2001. No, I did not "come out of nowhere", wanting to be his "buddy", nor had I even heard of Stew Webb at that time. But Stew Webb had heard of me. At that time, I was a regular columnist on a site called Conspiracy Planet, published by Uri Dowbenko. One day I got a call from Uri, saying that Stew Webb, another 'whistleblower' featured on his site, wanted to make contact with me. Stew had read my reports exposing Ted Gunderson, Tim White and others. And that, in fact, was how my association with Stew Webb began.
Since Stew Webb claims otherwise, HE IS A LIAR.
Next item: Stew Webb claimed that I was approaching all kinds of people, looking for "attention". According to Stew Webb, I was aggressively pursuing others (including him) in connection with some self-serving agenda. In point of fact, nothing could possibly be further from the truth. The truth being that I am extremely reclusive, as anyone who knows me well can attest. I keep to myself and am extremely selective about my associates. And the only "attention" I have ever been concerned with is exposing the truth for anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear. That obviously excludes Stew Webb, in spades.
Of all the people whom I have ever had contact with, developed a professional association and/or friendship, almost without exception, THEY were the ones who initiated contact with me. The one exception I can think of is my best friend, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (whose testimony is included in this report).
So, for Stew to accuse me of the very tactics he himself employs (aggression for a self-serving agenda) is to project his own character flaws and modus operandi onto me.
Again, Stew Webb is a LIAR.
Now, we come to the issue of Karl Schwarz, accused by Stew Webb of all kinds of evil agendas. Stew Webb claimed that Barbara Hartwell was "taking money from Karl Schwarz". FACT: I never took one red cent from Karl Schwarz, nor did he offer me any "bribes" to "slander Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan."
In fact, the issues which came up in connection with Karl Schwarz were directly related to Tom Heneghan (a former campaign manager for Al Gore) and Stew Webb's anger at Barbara Hartwell and Karl Schwarz because we refused to support Al Gore, just another New World Order Puppet, and instead EXPOSED Al Gore for what he is --in service to the truth, that is. Karl and I wanted no part of Heneghan and Webb's agenda politics, or of their "hero", Al Gore.
That, and another issue, that being that Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan were pushing bogus documents to run "news stories" . Karl Schwarz and I wanted no part of that either. And so rather than traffick with liars and scamsters, again, for 'agenda politics', we exposed the FACT that the documents were bogus and the "sources" were untrustworthy. So, that's a crime? I guess, according to Stew Webb, the man with "solutions", bringing "truth" to America.
What's more, it was Stew Webb who first introduced me to Karl Schwarz. And having much in common with Karl, we became friends. But never was any money given to me, or promised to me by Karl Schwarz.
And I certainly never "told" Stew Webb any such thing, yet another false claim he made.
Stew Webb is a LIAR.
Next item: Stew Webb announced on Glenn Canady's program that I "told" him that I had been "injected with two strands of DNA". He claimed it was "alien" DNA. But again, I never told Stew Webb any such thing.
And whatever I may have discussed with Stew Webb, such as "eugenics" programs run by CIA, at no time did I make such statements as reported by him. And, anything I did tell him was IN CONFIDENCE, not for public fare. So Stew Webb betrayed my trust, in addition to twisting anything I did tell him for his own agenda.
Once again, Stew Webb is a LIAR.
Now, getting back to Stew's claim that I was a "hit man". Where he came up with such an outrageous lie, I have no idea. But let me set the record straight right now.
Everyone I know who was involved in CIA, FBI, police, the military, special forces, black operations, etc. ALL had certain types of training. Yes, we were "trained to kill". Does this mean we are "hit men" or murderers?
That's like saying if you own a gun, watch out, you're going to go out and shoot somebody!
So Stew Webb is accusing me of being a murderer? Why? Because I have certain types of training?
Of all the lies told by Stew Webb over the years (of which there have been many), this has to be the most bizarre. What? He needs to embellish his fabrications to be more and more lurid, in his attempts to discredit me?
For the record, I have never been a murderer, nor any kind of "hit man". Nor have I ever told Stew Webb any such thing.
So, let's repeat the chorus of this song once again: Stew Webb is a LIAR.
But there's more.  A few months ago, a mutual acquaintance had told me that Stew Webb wanted a "truce". I was told that Stew would "take down" the lies about Barbara Hartwell, which have been on his website since 2006, if I would "take down" my reports which related to him.
Here was my answer: First of all, I don't need a "truce" with Stew Webb, as I am not "at war" with him. Secondly, every report I had written (since 2006, when I broke off my association with Stew), was truthful, accurate documentation of FACTS, backed by evidence and testimony of witnesses. There were no lies, no libel, no falsehoods. And in each report, I refuted the lies and stood up in my own defense. At no time did I seek out "reasons" to even address the subject of Stew Webb. I had no contact with him at all, and he was a non-issue to me.
The fact is, Stew had LIED and posted extremely libelous comments about Barbara Hartwell on his website, and elsewhere, as well as slandering me with his pal, Tom Heneghan, on many radio shows.
The only honorable thing Stew could have done was apologize and publicly retract his lies. Which he refused to do. I was not about to just sweep all this under the carpet and pretend it never happened. I was not about to sacrifice the truth to "make peace" with Stew Webb, nor would I do that in any situation. For me, as always, it was a matter of PRINCIPLE. 
On the "Halloween Special" radio show, Stew mentioned this, albeit in a twisted manner. He said that if I had been willing to take down "the garbage" about him, that he would do the same. Which means, I guess, that he considers his libel about me "garbage". Well, of course it is, because it's based on lies! Whereas, my reports are based on truth. They are not garbage. But it shows the mentality of Stew Webb: tit for tat, but no concern whatsoever for truth.
And lastly, Stew Webb has the audacity to call Barbara Hartwell a "stooge"? Take a closer look in the mirror, Stew Webb, if you want to see a stooge! Are there no limits to your insults?
But back to Glenn Canady, PR shill for Stew Webb and his agenda politics.

Why Am I Exposing the Cointel Shills?

"Before any of you Koolaid drinkers tell me that I'm a shill that is only tearing down others to get famous please be prepared to defend yourself against what I've done so far for the truth movement compared to YOU!  I'm not jealous of Alex or anybody because I'm not in this for ego.  I don't want to even be doing this stuff long term - I want to get back into Engineering and produce Free Energy devices in the future when we defeat these new world order pigs!  I wanted Alex Jones to be real!  I bought stuff from him and supported him!  But when I discovered he was Cointel and was intentionally misleading people and censoring important information like cancer cures and Stew Webb suing the banksters and the Cointel operatives then I knew that this FBI Cointel Stooge must be exposed and stopped or we will FAIL against the NWO!  We LOSE to the new world order if we keep giving our money to an FBI #5 Stooge like Alex Jones that censors the real whistleblowers and those with SOLUTIONS!
I've built a website with over 11,00 members at with absolutely no money behind me and we have thousands of listeners per day on Nsearch Radio.  We have guests on this show that NONE of these Cointel Stooges will EVER have on their programs or websites!  I've had death threats doing what I do so don't you DARE call me a fake unless YOU are doing more and I can guarantee you right now that there's not one naysayer out there that has built a bigger website for the truth movement!" 

Call Stew Webb a liar or Cointel publicly and he will add you to his federal lawsuit!

And of course, Canady promotes (drum roll, please!):

Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

"Tom Heneghan explosive intelligence briefings ALL patriot Americans MUST know, with sources inside American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL, reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly propaganda U.S. media’s massive deceptions."

And, for the record, please see this report, which includes links to related reports on Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan et al.
The Truth: A Matter of Principle (June 2012)
From Karl Schwarz's Report, Outing A Liar Named Stew Webb
"Former CIA Barbara Hartwell is one of the people that cut off Stew Webb due to his trying to use lies to get his way and get Al Gore into the White House. She recently wrote the following and I have included it in its entirety."
Karl Schwarz wrote:

"When Barbara Hartwell cut him off, they [Webb and Heneghan] then alleged that I bribed her to cut Stew off. No, actually Barbara is a lot like me in that lies have no place in her life, or liars, and she severed ties with Stew Webb on her own and at no cost to me. He even called and threatened her to stay in line with him, or else. He threatened other people as well when Barbara Hartwell and I put Tom Flocco on notice that he had been fed false information by Stew Webb. 
Then Stew tried to ingratiate himself with a wide range of people trying to find more suckers that would send him money every month for his “important work”. Most people that go to Stew’s website walk away thinking it is a menagerie of a lunatic and they are not far off in that assessment. He commingles issues that are not related in the least bit and tries to spin them into a story that attempts to make him important. If the dots do not connect, he and Heneghan just create a new fictitious dot and keep babbling."
This message is in support of my very best friend in this life, the splendid Barbara Hartwell, and against Stew Webb who is our former mutual friend.
I first met Barbara on line when I was being tortured by psyops, various bio/viral assaults, and other assaults and battery on my person by fbi street thugs in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the fbi was to drive me insane, or to kill me. Barbara and I immediately became friends, more than a decade ago, and our close professional association has increased every day since then.
Briefly stated, Barbara stayed a constant and loyal ally during the worst time in my life when the fbi was trying to harm me and when everyone else abandoned me. Further, she helped me through the crisis that I was facing in my efforts to grasp the horrors confronting me by the fbi's 24/7 campaign of terror which continues today. For that and for her superb support of me (at her own great personal risk and cost) and of others who are similarly being tortured and murdered by the United States of America's intelligence community, she is truly a heroine & a liberator of mankind by showing all the world the cruel methods and murderous objectives of the fbi/cia/dod, etc.  I believe that history records Barbara Hartwell as one of the bravest and most spiritually blessed leaders of our time and that her service to humanity is beyond compare.
Now when a one time friend of Barbara attacks her, as Stew Webb recently did on a radio show, as documented by Barbara, I am reminded of the many instances when Barbara came to my defense (and to the defense of many others) under attack by so-called friends. One such example in my life was the psyop campaign run against me by one Charles Bruce Stewart who pretended to befriend me at a time when I needed a friend, then abruptly turned against me for no apparent reason and attacked me in a most vile manner. Barbara addressed the fraud of Charles Stewart and suggested to him that he has no right to attack me and no legitimate basis to do so.
The recent claim on air by Stew Webb that Barbara engaged in certain criminal conduct [including murder] when she was associated with the CIA is one of the most blasphemous lies I have ever witnessed and I cannot withhold my contempt for Webb's low verbal assault on Barbara Hartwell.
I first met Stew Webb through  my contact with Barbara; I drove from my residence in LA to Las Vegas to meet Webb in person because I felt that he was a bright and promising figure in the resistance efforts against the fbi/cia assassins (including the Bush clan mafia group which underpinned the presidencies of both Bush men). I found Stew Webb to be very knowledgeable on numerous issues and to possess a wealth of information on corruption in government.
I also learned to my dismay that Stew Webb is arrogant and self possessed beyond reason. For example, at one point during my visit with Webb, he interrupted the dialogue by invoking the name of God to chastise me for my language. In doing so, he displayed a disrespect for my personal boundaries that all civil men should honor and I felt that I was in the wrong place in his company. I cut short my visit with Webb, but I remained friendly with him until he turned against Barbara.
I point out parenthetically that a verbal attack by a former friend hurts a great deal, and Webb knows that he inflicted pain on Barbara by his lies against her on the air. His complete disrespect for the personal boundaries of Barbara Hartwell, as shown in the radio show referenced above, is as despicable as it is unforgiveable; for what can motivate a man to try to destroy a former friend with lies and contrived calumny by association.
Stew Webb should apologize and retract his absurd, libelous lies against Barbara and he should get in closer touch with the God on whose behalf he pretends to speak from time to time. God is never a party to evil and Stew Webb has crossed into that domain (absent God's company) by his gratuitous lies against one of America's national treasures & spiritual giants, Barbara Hartwell. 
It's an old saying that "The truth hurts". Yes, it does, especially when you find that in order to follow the truth, you need to change your view of the world, or perhaps break off associations with those who you consider friends or allies. I've had to do that more times than I care to remember, and it always hurts, but for me, it remains a matter of principle.
But even so, I think the lies hurt more. Especially when the lies are told by those who were once your friends. People you trusted, confided in, and supported.
I don't understand why Stew Webb would consider me such a threat that he would fabricate these lies. Why he feels the need to discredit me, when I have never done anything to harm him. But by engaging in agenda politics, and leaving truth by the wayside, he is only harming himself.
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By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 7, 2012
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