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Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Lies and Hypocrisy from Ken Adachi/Educate-Yourself: Promotes Criminal Stalkers Making Death Threats Against Journalists & Whistleblowers

Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, the primary PR shill and lackey for CONTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson, is acting in collusion with a criminal network which includes racketeering.  On his website, he promotes many criminals, including those engaged in criminal harassment/stalking, soliciting crimes against designated targets, blackmail, extortion, gun-and-drug running, child trafficking, child pornography, forgery, identity theft, fraud (of various types) and murder-for-hire plots. (And that's just the short list...)

Adachi is also running massive libel/slander campaigns against designated targets (whistleblowers and journalists) of his criminal government overlords and their minions, of which he himself is just one.

Among the charlatans, scamsters, demonic liars, misogynists, racists, sex predators/perverts  and criminals being promoted (and used as "sources" for his "information") by Adachi on Educate-Yourself are: Brenda Negri; Timothy Patrick White; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Pamela Schuffert; Todd Brendan Fahey; Larry Lawson; A. True Ott; Don Nicoloff; ZS Livingstone; Henry Makow; Alex Jones; Doug Millar; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Marilyn Guinnane, Don Stacey, John Allman; "James L. Choron" aka Brenda Negri; Rayelan Allan (again, only the short list...)

Ken Adachi also promotes a vast range of New Age/occultist ideology and various hoaxes associated with his prolific gobbeldygook. He has also claimed to be a "Christian", but his own words expose him as a liar and a hypocrite. In truth, Adachi contradicts himself and reverses his positions at every turn, like a weathervane, every time the wind blows.

Here, from Adachi's website is just one of many New Age promotions, along with Adachi's "editor's note".  I post this for the purpose of showing that even Adachi's proclaimed beliefs do not comport with his actual behavior, that of bearing false witness against others, attacking targets with malicious and outrageously libelous falsehoods, viciously attacking people he does not know, simply because he has been directed (pawn that he is) to target them by his criminal overlords.

Especially note that Adachi, the pompous ass, while pontificating, minimizes and misquotes Jesus Christ (maybe it's a Freudian slip?):

"Christ was able to distill a fair share of the ideas embraced here when he laid out the principle of Golder Rule: "Do unto others as they would do unto you".

Rules of the Road

13 Principles of Spiritual Activism

"Editor's Note: These 13 suggestions for ethical behavior and spiritual progression are based on principles which operate throughout the universe. Some people call them Universal laws When you reach the point in your life when you begin to take notice of these inviolate rules and consciously apply them, you begin to notice changes in your awareness, in your sense of fulfullment, satisfaction, and peace. You will also notice material and spiritual rewards coming to you in greater abundance. When you follow these spiritual Rules of the Road for Life's Journey, you will find yourself in harmony with the Voice of the Creator and life will flow through you like a river. Christ was able to distill a fair share of the ideas embraced here when he laid out the principle of Golder Rule: "Do unto others as they would do unto you" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Jesus didn't do such a bad job expanding these concepts with the Beatitudes either. Print this list out and tape it to your refrigerator or slip it into a page protector and put it somewhere where you and other people will notice it and read it. Daily reminders are the best way to adopt new patterns of behavior. ..Ken"

Ken Adachi has posted some additional libelous articles on his website, attacking Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and Barbara Hartwell.

As usual, Adachi presents no facts, nor evidence, to support any of his claims. As always, he deals in hearsay, speculation and malicious gossip (from his busybody "sources", like Don Nicoloff) and sticks his nose in other people's business with impunity; and rather than addressing the message, he drags in parties who have no connection to the issues in question, and attacks the messengers.


Here, the first three paragraphs, containing this malicious busybody's "defense" of the criminals and scamsters he promotes and supports. 

June 5, 2011.
"I got a voice mail message from Luke Gatto who was dumbfounded to hear Dr. Len Horowitz on Coast to Coast radio on June 2 slandering and defaming Ted L. Gunderson and Dr. A True Ott, thanks to the "outstanding investigative reporting" of Horowitz's new girlfriend, Sherri Kane, for whom Horowitz apparently left his wife, Jackie, about one year ago. I don't believe that Horowitz has divorced his wife yet, but he has no qualms whatsoever about openly flaunting his relationship with Kane (he says it's that 528 Hz "love" vibration between them, but I somehow think that it must be something else that's " between them" that aroused his interest).

I've recently discovered that Horowitz and Kane have been appearing on dozens of Internet radio shows for the past few months repeatedly slamming Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, and Dr A True Ott (among other individuals, most of whom I have no interest in defending, but more on this later). I've also been reading Horowitz and Kane's recent "newsletters" which are solely devoted to the defaming Ted Gunderson, Don Nicoloff, A True Ott, and other perceived enemies of Kane, Horowitz, and their "smoking gun" Teller-of-Tall-Tales, Barbara Hartwell.

I exposed Hartwell in a series of articles written between 2000 and 2008, as a constant and pathological liar, under CIA mind control, who simply MAKES UP smear stories about Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, or me, and sends it out to every patriot type blog or conspiracy web site who will accept her garbage. It seemed that many web sites that formerly hosted Hartwell's wholesale mendacity began to realize that the woman is a full blown lying robot, and dropped her---until she attached herself to Horowitz and Kane (who apparently view Hartwell as some sort of Joan of Arc figure, despite her long recognized reputation as a MK Ultra programmed liar)."

Note that Adachi repeats, ad infinitum, like a broken record (as he has been doing for more than a decade) the moronic party line (a total fabrication)  against Barbara Hartwell: a "CIA mind controlled robot". No facts, no evidence, nothing at all to support this claim. This is Adachi's convenient explanation for everything involving Barbara Hartwell. Don't bother with facts (We don't need no stinkin facts!); just keep on spewing out the same old pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped, government-sponsored lies...

But since Adachi lacks factual information (or any information at all, except the false information provided by his controllers and fellow stooges), he is stuck in this mindless, self-repeating groove.   Anyone with the slightest intelligence or discernment knows this, and many have commented on it after Adachi has launched one of his brainless assaults on them.  Adachi has zero credibility, a fact that his overblown ego and narcissistic personality disorder prevents him from recognizing.

But let's move on to address more abject hypocrisy by Ken Adachi. He attacks Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane for trying to protect themselves from cyber-stalking and death threats. Yet he himself has promoted on his website the most glaring examples of criminal stalkers, making death threats against targets, most notably Barbara Hartwell.

One of these criminals, Brenda Negri,  a woman posing as a male FBI agent, calling herself "Ranger Rick", "Ace G-Man", and yet another Gunderson minion and stooge, has been featured on Adachi's website for years. (See links below.)

But before taking a look at the half-wit drivel of Brenda Negri, here is a death threat Negri made against Barbara Hartwell (by name) which was published on Larry Lawson News:

"...the Mexican Mafia, the gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers. They'll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to, and thats only if you're lucky. If you're not, they'll just flat kill ya......they'll slit your throat just as soon as say fuck you."

-- ex-TSA employee Brenda Negri's death threat against Barbara Hartwell, posted on Larry Lawson News, 2002


Airport Baggage Search:
A Dog & Pony Show to Intimidate & Harrass the Innocent

"Editor's Note: This e-mail exchange is between two individuals who work for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at US airports. The real purpose behind the long wait and the excessive security gauntlet at airports is to make people frustrated enough that travellers will submit to an in-depth background check with the TSA along with iris ID maping and other Big Brother tracking gambits so that you can get on a flight without the 2 hour hassle. And sure enough, the same day I get this exchange from Brenda Negri, I find a story from the Star Tribune (San Francisco) outlining that very subject...Ken Adachi"

From: Brenda M. Negri
July 10, 2004
Subject: Re: Terrorist Cells Alive and Kickin' in FLORIDA....
From: "Brenda M. Negri"
Date: Sat, July 10, 2004 8:02 pm

"JESUS, Janice! Some story, have you passed it on to the USA News guy, I hope. All smoke and mirrors, most of this. And those at the highest echelons are definitely part of the cover up." wrote:


Thank you for the story. It does not surprise me in the least though. My true concern is that those demi gods at TPA would let something like this slide. Case in point. We had an incident where one of my baggage screeners came up to me and told me a passenger on a NW flight seemed to have fit a BOLO we had. We got the BOLO out and there was a striking resemblance. I went to NW and ask for his ternary. Final Destination Kuwait via Philippines. My partner and I decided to do a bag search on his two bags. Inside the first we found a camo similar to Russian but with a hand stitch US Special Forces patch on it. In his second bag was a brand new US AF flight suit with an Arabic Patch again hand stitched on it. Also the labeling on his bags bore 2 different names then his ticket. Oh a SM was notified.

Whatever happened we do not know. That information is not privy to us ever. But what myself and my CO-Supervisor got for our efforts was a visit from the AFSD Don Kerr the next Morning and an attempt to chew our asses for what he deemed profiling. Only our immediate incidents reports and shift summaries saved us from written reprimands. Makes one think doesn't it.

Warmest regards,

Reader Comment

----- Original Message -----
From: "TSA dude"
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 5:35 AM
Subject: TSA email

"I came across this email exchange( at your website and thought that I might inform you of some real facts. When Psychovida was employed by the TSA, it was very apparent how mentally unstable she was. I worked with her for several months before she was fired for issues she had off the clock that surfaced after a second background investigation.
The incedent that she describes did happen because I witnessed it, BUT she refused to listen to the facts. 

One was that MacDill Air Force Base is 4 miles away which is the homebase for the SPECOPS Command and has several soldiers and officers from the middle east coordinating military operations. What Janice didn't say that is that she conducted tests for chemical residue and found nothing. The screening manager(a retired Air Force pilot) did respond and explained the contents of the bag as a collection of miltary gear that all soldiers collect in their military service. I have dozens of military patches and uniform articles myself.

Janice and Brenda both have a history of integrity issues but it's your website and you can choose to post whatever.




"Tim White cuts loose with the names, Larry Lawson tells Hartwell to go to hell and burn, and the shakedown black ops goons panic...muster the troops...and try to fend us little avail..."

[Tim White is a predicate felon; drug abuser; transvestite; paranoid and delusional; collector of child pornography, in collusion with Negri and others to harass and libel me and my colleagues. For a comprehensive report on Tim White see this article:

A True (But Stranger-Than-Fiction) Crime Case:The Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist

Larry Lawson is another of Negri's unscrupulous cohorts, also engaged in libeling and harassing gov't whistleblowers. Lawson runs his own yahoo group site, similar to that of Negri, called Larry Lawson News.]


"And the coded message for inside folk with the inside dope: the tenacious and ever-true Torrid T Men get the Thumbs Up/Go G Men Go Award..."

[Negri's delusions, once again, of "coded messages"; of being an "insider" and having covert dealings with "G-men".]


"Meanwhile, US? Still moled inside the DHS...spooking on and ratting out the cretin who are up to no good..."

[Here, Negri claims to be a "mole" and "spook". Instead of naming TSA, where she ACTUALLY works as a lowly baggage screener at LAX Airport, she cites the Department of Homeland Security, which sounds more IMPORTANT and OFFICIAL, under the delusion that she could actually impress people with her 'credentials'.

The irony and the unmitigated stupidity of Negri's approach is that NOBODY actually working "undercover" would brag about it on a public message board!

Note that Negri always uses the plural pronouns "we" and "us". She does this in every commentary she writes. Perhaps in addition to her other forms of psychopathology, Negri has multiple personality disorder? She uses many aliases; often appears to be talking to herself; and NEVER uses her real name. But the silly and peculiar writing style, as well as the same malicious lies about her targets, give her away every time.]

Another Threat to National Security


"Grounded: Brenda Negri became an airport screener to serve her country—
For Brenda Negri, becoming an airport screener in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was the culmination of her deeply felt need to serve her country.

“It meant so much for me to work for the government,” says Negri, an airport screener at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). “I cried when I got sworn in.” Because many of her family members served in the military, working for a federal law enforcement agency “epitomized the ultimate in terms of professionalism and integrity.”

“I'm answering the call to civic service and doing something to combat terrorism,” says Negri. But without a voice on the job, airport screeners are powerless to improve TSA or public safety. “Now we're propping up a house of cards,” she says. “That's been the hardest thing for me.”

Well, if Negri REALLY wants to "serve her country" and to "combat terrorism"; why in hell doesn't she start by ceasing her OWN CRIMINAL HARASSMENT AND THREATS against legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of government black operations?

Why does she NOT defend the Constitution, instead of working for an agency which by its very nature, ushered in under the treasonous and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Patriot Act, serves NOT the country and its citizens, but ONLY the Powers-that-Be, headed by tyrant George W. Bush.

I can tell you why: Brenda Negri is NOT a patriot, far from it. Brenda Negri is only a pathetic wannabe, a law enforcement and intelligence groupie --desperate for ANY government job that would hire her.

Since she has been rejected by every other government agency she has applied to; since she has no education; no training and clearly a low intelligence quotient coupled with mental instability, she would be a liability, instead of an asset.

So, Negri claims she wants to "combat terrorism"?

Negri has called me a "terrorist" on more than one occasion in her public commentaries, "Barbara Hartwell and her Terrorist Connections" well as making blatant comments about threats to my life, such as that "Hartwell could be whacked by a Rusky with a silencer". Sounds like a terrorist threat to me.......

Negri has also made threats to both Stew Webb and Al Martin, by phone and in her public commentaries.

As far as "professionalism" goes, Negri lacks any semblance of it.  She has no formal education; no professional training whatsoever in ANY field.

Remember folks, the only job she could get working for the government was as a BAGGAGE SCREENER! And since the newly created TSA was desperate to fill the slots, they hired just about ANY Joe or Jane who came down the pike.

In fact, it was recently exposed in the mainstream press that the TSA has a serious problem on their hands for FAILING to do adequate background checks on their baggage screeners, as many of them (roughly 700 at last count) were later found to have criminal records!

Here are Negri's comments, from 'Flynnsghost' [a defunct website run by Negri], about the fact that baggage screeners with criminal records had been allowed to slip through the shoddy security and background checks at TSA.

Brenda Negri wrote:

"Hey, so what's a few felons here and there, anyhow? I mean, so they let a bomb go through a checkpoint or part of a gun get on a plane, heeeey! It's LA!


And the inevitable question arises: Did WE have something to do with this leak? YOU BETTER BELEIVE IT."

[So now, here is Brenda Negri, ADVOCATING allowing bombs and guns to go through the security checks. Unbelievable!

Not only that, but Negri actually tries to TAKE CREDIT for the "leak"! Again, unbelievable!

Perhaps most unbelievable of all, Negri is ONE of the VERY individuals who LIED on her application to get the job! LIED about her history of mental illness. LIED about her criminal activities. LIED about her employment history.] 

End excerpt.

I called the FBI, relating to criminal harassment, stalking and death threats by Brenda Negri and also her accomplice, Tim White, who had made numerous threats against me, including death threats. When I had previously called the police (in various states) they told me it was a matter for the FBI.

I called the Kingston, New York Field Office in 2003, to report the death threats and criminal harassment/stalking, for which I had witnesses and evidence. I spoke to Special Agent Chris Parker. I gave him the names of the criminal perps (Negri, White, specifically) and told him I had evidence --hardcopy documents of published death threats, as well as court records on Tim White from Denver Colorado, where he was stalking a woman named Doreen Bishop, who was granted a restraining order against White. (I had traveled to Denver twice in 2002, as part of my investigation, and my services were requested by the plaintiff, Doreen Bishop, as well as by others who had been targeted for criminal harassment by Ted Gunderson's minions, including Tim White.)

Guess what? The FBI never called me back, though the agent said he would "get back" to me. They did not take my evidence, nor did they ever even conduct the slightest investigation. (If they did, I certainly was not informed of it.)

Ken Adachi, who was well aware of the criminal activities of Negri, White, Lawson and others, continued to promote these perps on his website, as well as defending them against anyone (especially Barbara Hartwell) who investigated and exposed their many and continuing crimes. 

Instead, Adachi praised Brenda Negri as a "whistleblower" (somebody, hand me a barf bag!) and continued to promote the outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, furnished by Negri (using the alias "James L. Choron) and his regular "source", predicate felon, fed snitch, and Gunderson's minion, Tim White.

Adachi also attacked and libeled Constitutional activist, Rick Stanley (2005), simply because Tim White was stalking and harassing Rick, and having had enough of White, documented the harassment, and named his friend and ally Barbara Hartwell, as a credible source of information regarding the activities of Tim White.

Who was blamed for Rick Stanley exposing the truth about Tim White? Barbara Hartwell, of course.

Now, true to form, Ken Adachi once again blames Barbara Hartwell (the "CIA disinfo agent", etc. etc.) for the fact that Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz have discovered, through their own experience and investigations, that Ted Gunderson, Tim White, True Ott and others are part of a criminal network, which has targeted Len and Sherri for the same kind of threats, harassment, stalking, libel/slander, which has been directed against Barbara Hartwell (and other legitimate whistleblowers and journalists).

Who exactly does Ken Adachi think is going to believe him? I can guarantee one thing: Only his fellow amateurs, government stooges, minions and dupes. The professional bad guys who are directing the show (people like Gunderson and DeCamp) know otherwise --which is why they created this elaborate, long-running  production, and have spent so much time, energy and money persecuting and trying to silence those of us who are exposing the truth.

I challenge everyone reading this report to do your own research, find out the truth, and then expose what you know.

Don't be fooled by useful idiots and PR shills like Ken Adachi and his overlords, posing as "patriot heroes", while doing their damnedest to sabotage truth, destroy lives and trample the unalienable rights and Liberty of We the People, which we have all worked so hard, for so long, to defend.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 9, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA