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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Case of Stooge vs. Stooge: Alex Studer & Tim White


Alex Studer, who runs a website called Lab Virus, is a government stooge, and most notably, a shill for charlatan A. (Alma) True Ott. Ott himself is an accomplice and promoter of COINTELPRO Kingpin (former FBI chief) Ted Gunderson, former senator and CIA/Phoenix operative/assassin John DeCamp, and low-level penetration agent Doug Millar, who is Gunderson's longtime lackey and factotum.

This COINTELPRO operation, which spreads disinformation and targets legitimate journalists and government  whistleblowers, is also part of a criminal network which includes racketeering, and a combination containment operation/protection racket. Among the criminal and civil offenses perpetrated by this conspiracy are: monstrous invasions of privacy; libel and slander campaigns; forgery; identity theft; blackmail; extortion; criminal harassment/felony threatening/criminal menacing; murder-for-hire plots; attempted murder of Targets; sex offenses (including targeting children).

Others involved in the criminal network include Ken Adachi, the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson (just as Alex Studer is the shill for Ott), Don Nicoloff, Craig Oxley (The Unhived Mind), who has been for years the primary PR shill for Eric Jon Phelps, yet another conspirator.

And then, there is predicate felon Timothy Patrick White, aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski (who also hides behind many e-mail addresses and screen names), a lackey for Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, who have exploited White as a messenger boy, town crier and provocateur for the past decade, to target the journalists and whistleblowers who are exposing the unvarnished truth about government tyranny and crimes against humanity, especially innocent children.

The truth of this arrangement is very simple: Tim White made a deal with corrupt cops and feds in Denver, Colorado, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002, in return for perpetrating the criminal activities of stalking, harassing and threatening (including death threats, which is felony threatening and criminal menacing), those designated on a 'hit list' to be neutralized.  

Sentenced to four (4) years, White served only five (5) months, and was then set loose upon the Patriot/Truth Movements, where he has wreaked havoc ever since.

Tim White is a notorious public menace who has targeted many people, some of whom have made criminal complaints, which resulted in restraining orders against Tim White -- all of which White has violated with impunity. And yet, nothing has ever been done to apprehend or prosecute this career criminal, Tim White, for his many criminal offenses and crimes against persons. He is currently a fugitive from justice, livng in Canada, where he continues his crime spree with impunity.

Yet another criminal perpetrator, Todd Brendan Fahey, has been acting in collusion with the above-named criminals, since 2004, and in particular, Tim White, to harass, stalk and threaten designated Targets, especially Barbara Hartwell; and using the alias (among many other aliases and screen names, some of  which involve criminal offenses of identity theft) and website of "Xena Carpenter" to libel, harass  stalk and threaten Targets.

Alex Studer (who does not use his name on his website, but typically, hides behind the screen name 'Lab Virus'), has been foolishly using Tim White as a "source" for "information" about certain targeted whistleblowers and journalists, including Barbara Hartwell, and more recently, Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane.

The latest libelous article is here:

Included in Studer's commentary, accompanying the article, was this piece of idiocy:

[And a comment from a friend: It seems that the Handler, Barbara Hartwell of the Central Intelligence Agency has her puppet, Leonard Horowitz creating phony domain names so he can then spread MI6 Sherri Kane’s libel venomous spew based on Hartwell’s work for the CIA in trying to attack people giving out real knowledge. A lot of this backing behind Len Horowitz will be tied to the murdering black operative Otis Johnson a Ret USAF Lieutenant General who kills enemies of the State for a living like the Jackal he is.]

A few days later, after I had exposed and refuted the stupidity promoted by Alex Studer, by the anonymous "friend", Studer removed that from his website, but instead substituted this:

[thank you to Tim White who originally sent me the email containing some of the comments and research posted below] Lenny boy certainly has upped the stakes with this one.  He went on GoDaddy and got himself the domain and has created a site of nothing but complete falsehoods, aimed at discrediting research of Dr A. True Ott PhD and slandering him professionally.  I can only imagine that Dr Ott’s legal team is busy getting court orders to have the site removed and retaliatory actions being prepared in the form of lawsuits for damages.  The accusations that Dr Ott has made death threats to anyone is just humorous.  Lenny boy, you really should consider stopping smoking crystal meth.  Just look at what it’s done for Charlie Sheen.

But here's the latest from government stooge and moron, Alex Studer, now reversing his position and attacking his "source", Tim White (whom he defended and promoted, at the expense of Targets, libeled, slandered and harassed). This is the same old story repeated, that of Ken Adachi, who promoted, supported (including financially) and endorsed Tim White for years, using him as a "source" fr his libel and slander of Targets, and recently has actually denied that Tim White is "working" with Gunderson and DeCamp, a fact for which I (and others) have produced voluminous evidence. [See numerous reports on this website.]

My comments follow Studer's  moronic post.

Tim White lashes out yet again after sending along friendly info; is he MK?

Posted by labvirus on June 14, 2011

This Tim White character is really bumming me out yet again.  I first heard of him years ago when I first was researching chemtrails and through a post of his I came to be aware of the Pinal airstrip, one of the homes to Evergreen Air, a CIA front, in Marana, AZ (very easy to find and examine in Google Earth).  More recently I have heard I think two appearances of his on TSBST with Dr Ott, and somehow, I don’t remember exactly how, he now has one of the email addresses which I use for day-to-day correspondence.  Maybe a year or so ago I had to block him after he began lashing out at me, hurling insults and epithets meanwhile CCing his emails to a fairly long list of people Ive never heard of before.  This- after I told him perhaps not everything he alleges about a particular MC is true, nor does the action of one person imply the complicit activities of a large group.  This caused him to have a divide-by-zero moment, and he seriously began flipping out, sending ranting email after another, laden with TEXT THAT WENT in and OUT OF being ALLCAPS and lacking grammar.  This weekend, after I had sent an olive branch email in hopes that he had grown up, and his email being unblocked, he chose yet again to lash out at me in the exact same manner, after days before sending me the original info that Lenny had created a slanderous site aimed at attacking A. True Ott PhD – getting upset that I did not include his name as credit for the post, and instead of politely addressing me personally choosing to lambast me with epithets yet again while CCing to still yet a list of people I have never met, including someone named Xena Carpenter.  I have since updated the post to credit him for the email he sent me, and I have asked him never to email me again, along with this Xena person.  It is my humble and educated opinion that Tim White is likely an MKultra/Monarch subject and is befriending then lambasting those who may be friends or associated with Dr Ott – this is just a feeling I get from once again dealing with the exact same irrational and emotionally unstable behavior from this person I have never met and who does not know one molecule about me, who I am or what I stand for.  It is my advice to all: DNEDo Not Engage.

Meanwhile, Dr Ott is taking a week off from his radio show to meet with his legal team and deal with the slanderous attacks coming from Lenny boy and his slut sidekick.  Clint Richardson is guest-hosting, and from what I’ve heard so far doing quite well with the topics and guests he has had on so far.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr Ott and I hope he ends up slapping Lenny boy so hard with lawsuits that he won’t be able to walk for weeks.  Apparently these two are also attacking Ted Gunderson who is in poor health – a real pity to see, as Ted in my opinion is one of the most patriotic truth researchers, with an impeccable track record.

Alex Studer now advises people re Tim White: "Do Not Engage." But he himself has been "engaging" and using this criminal psychopath as his source for libeling Targets, never understanding who/what he was dealing with, despite voluminous evidence available, had he chosen to consider it. Studer, it is clear, is not very bright (certainly true of all government stooges), and his parroting of the libelous falsehoods of "sources" like Tim White has now backfired, as it always does.

Studer then accuses White of being "MK Ultra/Monarch", yet another subject he knows absolutely nothing about. Studer has pontificated on Psy Ops in the same manner, exposing himself as an ignoramus who is merely parroting what others are saying, having no knowledge whatsoever of what he is talking about.

Alex Studer (Mr. "NUKE ISRAEL"), a Jew-hater and misogynist (parroting his fellow bigots and racists), again assaults Sherri Kane by callng her a "slut sidekick." He has also called Barbara Hartwell a "slut", claiming I am "CIA". His unidentified "friend" and source, claimed, idiotically, that Sherri Kane is "MI6". 

Ironically, Alex Studer's primary source for these smears against Hartwell and Kane was Tim White, his fellow misogynist, Jew-hater and stooge.

Who in their right mind could possibly attribute any credibility to this belligerent ignoramus, Alex Studer, or his former "friend" and "source", Tim White?

Government stooges: By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 15, 2011


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