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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jeff Rense: “Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy”

NOTE: Based on my own observations and experiences, I have come to the conclusion, arrived at many years ago, that Jeff Rense is operating under certain parameters, based not on open-minded truth seeking and willingness to go where the facts, evidence and testimony of credible witnesses lead, but rather that certain persons and subjects have been deemed taboo for coverage on his program.

I don't know Rense personally and have never had any contact with him. But over the years, many of my friends and associates have appeared as guests on his program, and have had their articles published on his website. There is no doubt that Rense has interviewed and published the work of many great investigators, journalists and activists.

However, there is clearly an agenda operating which precludes certain topics from being addressed. Recently, for example, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane were informed by Rense that he would not cover their reports on the COINTELPRO which they have been investigating and exposing for at least the past year. This, despite the fact that Horowitz and Rense had been friends and colleagues for the past decade.

Rense's position seemed to be, "Don't go there", when it came to confronting criminal perpetrators involved in child-trafficking and satanism, connected directly to the COINTELPRO targeting American dissidents, journalists and whistleblowers.

Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, who have both been exposed as running cover-ups related to satanism, child-trafficking and pedophile rings, have been promoted by Rense, while those who have exposed Gunderson and DeCamp as controlled opposition, running a containment operation and protection racket, have been ignored or dismissed by Rense.

This is reminiscent of Alex Jones, who has actually censored those (including Barbara Hartwell and talk show host Jeremy Floyd, formerly of GCN) who exposed factual information about the criminal network which includes Gunderson, DeCamp and others. Rense has also promoted Ken Adachi, a propagandist and PR shill for Ted Gunderson, who is notorious for massive libel campaigns against any and all of those exposing this COINTELPRO criminal cabal.

I think any reasonable person would have to ask: Why?

Who is deciding who shall --and who shall not-- be approved for coverage?

And why can't both sides of an issue be aired?

This article by Janet Phelan served as the last straw for me.  Anyone defending Adolf Hitler, even in the slightest, is a scumbag, plain and simple. 

There is simply no excuse!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 23, 2011

Jeff Rense: “Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy”

By Janet C. Phelan

Concerns are swirling around the conspiracy circuit as to who Jeff Rense really is and what his real agenda might be.  Allegations of neo Nazi affiliations have followed Rense since he first began to host a radio show, back in the nineties.  

These are the facts:

When approached to run a story on the guardianship crisis, which has been likened to the T-4 program in Hitler’s Germany, Rense responded with an apologia for the Nazis:  “It would have moderated after awhile.”  When the retort was that it would have “moderated” when Hitler murdered all the people he wanted to, Rense responded in defense of Adolph Hitler. “He wasn’t such a bad guy,” volunteered Rense.

The guardianship crisis has cut a  deep slash into the civil rights of an entire generation.  Given the brutal disregard evinced for the wards, it has become a given in the guardianship reform movement that the guardians are actually killing many of their wards, through medical neglect and worse.   Assets have been plundered and a subsequent generation, who might stand to inherit, has been impoverished through the actions of unscrupulous guardians. 

But Jeff Rense thinks this is a “Jewish conspiracy.”  Forget the fact that a disproportionately large number of the victims are Jewish. Forget the fact that a large number of the perpetrators are not. Rense sees a Jew behind every issue and damn the facts!!  Full speed ahead…

Radio talk show host and journalist  Marti Oakley was recently invited by Rense to come onto the show. Oakley had picked up on the guardianship story and had been running  interviews and articles concerning this issue. Rense, however, “forbade” Oakley from discussing this on his show. When it appeared that Oakley would then not appear, he relented and told her she could discuss this in the second half.

According to Oakley, when the commercial break came he asked her if she could continue on with the other issues she was discussing and come back on at a later date to discuss guardianship. She agreed but Rense never got back to her as he had promised.

Nice trick. Oakley was fuming after the show.

Up close and personal, Rense attracts a large audience, hungry for the truth .  But in typical counterintelligence fashion, he slides in the poison and those feasting on his anti-government rhetoric may not even notice that they are being fed hate speech. The fact is that the U.S. government is now engaged in killing off its own citizens in a multitude of ways, guardianship  being one of the most “unmentionable.”  

This reporter contacted Rense a few years back, attempting to get him to cover guardianship. “Be careful, Janet, “ he warned, inexplicably.

Careful? People are being killed in these guardianships. When did careful ever have anything to do with saving lives?

For a short period of time, while Rense was opining to get Oakley on his show, his website,, carried a few stories about guardianship.  He subsequently removed all the links to these stories.

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