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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bigotry, Racism, Misogyny: By Their Evil Fruits Shall You Know Them

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
Matthew 7:16-20
Alex Studer, who runs a website called Lab Virus, is an advocate and defender of a criminal network, one of the specialties of which is disseminating  COINTELPRO disinformation about legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and activists who are exposing the truth about government corruption, crimes and coverups.
Studer, aside from being a Jew-hater (he sells NUKE ISRAEL Tee shirts on his website -- can you imagine anything so disgusting?), is clearly just a stooge and useful idiot, who parrots the libelous falsehoods of those feeding him the disinformation. I never heard of him until I found the outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell (repeated from the same old sources) posted on his website.
Among the criminals and demonic liars being promoted by Studer are the same old disinfo crowd: A. True Ott (the primary charlatan for whom Studer is the shill), and his buddies, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Timothy Patrick White, Doug Millar, Todd Brendan Fahey aka "Xena Carpenter".
Here is the latest idiocy from Lab Virus.
[Note that Studer does not use his name up front when posting his commentaries. He simply says, 'posted by Lab Virus'.  This is just one of the earmarks of the dupes, cowards and liars doing the dirty work of their government overlords.  Some use many aliases (a ploy to conceal their identities, which also gives the impression that there are many more such idiots, when in fact there may be only the same few); some use "anonymous" and some (like Alex Studer) simply omit their names altogether, which is foolish, considering that anyone who bothers can easily find their names.]
My comments follow.

Knight of Malta, Dentist, and LIAR Lenny Horowitz creates libelous site thru godaddy: TRUEOTT.COM

"Lenny boy certainly has upped the stakes with this one.  He went on GoDaddy and got himself the domain and has created a site of nothing but complete falsehoods, aimed at discrediting research of Dr A. True Ott PhD and slandering him professionally.  I can only imagine that Dr Ott’s legal team is busy getting court orders to have the site removed and retaliatory actions being prepared in the form of lawsuits for damages.  The accusations that Dr Ott has made death threats to anyone is just humorous.  Lenny boy, you really should consider stopping smoking crystal meth.  Just look at what it’s done for Charlie Sheen."

"And a comment from a friend: 'It seems that the Handler, Barbara Hartwell of the Central Intelligence Agency has her puppet, Leonard Horowitz creating phony domain names so he can then spread MI6 Sherri Kane’s libel venomous spew based on Hartwell’s work for the CIA in trying to attack people giving out real knowledge. A lot of this backing behind Len Horowitz will be tied to the murdering black operative Otis Johnson a Ret USAF Lieutenant General who kills enemies of the State for a living like the Jackal he is.'"

Here, Alex Studer serves as the barking dog for True Ott,  just like his fellow stooge, Tim White. He slings insults against Horowitz which have no basis in fact, simply because, like his accomplices and other stooges of his ilk, he is in possession of no facts. He simply parrots what he's read, or heard, or has been told to say.  

Why doesn't Alex Studer name the "friend" who libels Barbara Hartwell? He is obviously trying to hide this person's identity, otherwise why not be up front about it? No credibility can possibly be attributed to a statement from a source without a name.

In his past moronic commentaries, Studer has repeatedly labeled Barbara Hartwell as CIA. He has also called me (as well as Sherri Kane) a "slut". How very typical, for him and his brotherhood of misogynists, whose libelous falsehoods he parrots. If you can't find anything relevant or factual to say, just malign any woman by calling her a slut.

But now, there's a new twist to the story. Suddenly, Barbara Hartwell is accused of being the "Handler" for Leonard Horowitz. No more ludicrous statement has ever been made. I have only met Len Horowtiz once, and that was in 1998 in Daytona Beach Florida, at the Global Sciences Congress where we were both speakers.

In all the intervening years, I have not travelled in the same circles, and I have had no contact whatsoever with Len Horowitz. Not until May of 2011, when I was invited by Len and Sherri as a guest on their radio program, The Insight Hour.  Some "Handler" I must be!

This idiot "friend" of Alex Studer also describes Sherri Kane as "MI6". What the hell is he talking about?  Sherri Kane, I can guarantee, is not any kind of intelligence operative, but an investigative journalist.  I would know that as well as anyone possibly could, especially after getting to know her, since she and I were both targeted by the same government-sponsored liars. I've spent enough time talking to her to know who she is --and more to the point-- who she is not.

But then, these government stooges all seem to enjoy being part of some cloak-and-dagger intrigue. They generate melodrama, since it makes them feel like "players", rather than the lowly pawns they actually are.

But interestingly enough, Jew-hater A. True Ott has called Sherri Kane "Ms. Mossad", in an e-mail exchange (2010) involving "Xena Carpenter".  Ott compliments "Xena" (aka Todd Brendan Fahey, one of the demonic duo --the other half being Tim White-- using the "Xena Carpenter" alias and website to post libelous trash against Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz and others), calling her "Xena the Warrior Princess" (what a sick joke); and praising her purported "knowledge" of occultism (which from what I could see, was nonexistent.) There are no warriors among this crowd, guaranteed --only demonic liars and stooges, all with an axe to grind against the legitimate people they target.

As for Otis Johnson, I don't know him. But I have seen many attacks on him (whoever he may be) by Timothy Patrick White, who claims that Otis Johnson is some CIA black ops guy. And for the record, I have never met, spoken to, nor had any dealings with this Otis Johnson, with whom I am being accused of collusion in reference to backing Len Horowitz.  But this does make me suspect that the "friend" Studer quotes here is none other than Tim White.

The bizarre stories these idiots come up with never cease to amaze me, but they keep at it, year after year, apparently hoping that if they sling enough mud, some of it will stick.

But since Alex Studer apparently thinks he can bolster his case against Len Horowitz by posting a video made by another government-sponsored liar and stooge, one Craig Oxley, who runs a website called The Unhived Mind, let me take this opportunity to comment (once tiresome it gets...) on Oxley and his crowd of racist, misogynist disinformers.

On the Unhived Mind, there are a number of forums purporting to address various topics.

These are in addition to the main focus of the website, which is Catholic-bashing. Everyone and his brother (or sister) whom these idiots don't like (for whatever reason) is called a "Jesuit Coadjutor", and/or a Knight of Malta. I, Barbara Hartwell, have been accused of being part of the Knights of Malta, by Craig Oxley, as well as any number of other things, but always, always, first and foremost, "CIA".

This crowd also includes Tim White, naturally, along with other racists and white supremacists like Eric Phelps. Most of the idiots posting there use silly screen names, but they are definitely all on the same page --hatred, malice and flagrant bigotry.

In a forum called "Agents of Deception", Barbara Hartwell has been regularly libeled for years, along with others, including (surprise, surprise) Len Horowitz, and more recently, Sherri Kane.

Agents of Deception 

"You should be aware that the Intelligence agencies controlled by the Knights of Malta try to control both sides of the coin. They know some people will wake up and therefore need to be put back asleep or diverted. At the same time they enjoy promoting self helplessness to awakening people. F.B.I Division #5 are one of the worse out there for trying to control and guide truth seekers. This technique is also used to see what people are wanting and will fall for in the future. They also like to find out how we're countering them so they can counter back by for instance banning a herb which aids reversing Cancer."
Here are just some of the names listed under "Agents of Deception":

Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Barbara Hartwell, Ron Paul, Ed Brown, Christopher Bollyn, Alfred Webre, Roy Francis Stewart, Charles Giuliani, Jim Marrs, Keith Hansen aka Vyzygoth, Jane Burgermeister, Stew Webb, Al Martin, John Perna, Michael Herzog.

It is interesting that a few of the names which appear here are individuals who have apparently  been placed on the list simply because of some connection (past or current) to Barbara Hartwell, especially Keith Hansen and Michael Herzog, who were both targeted, harassed, threatened, cyber-stalked and attacked, by mad dog Tim White, after having me as a guest on their radio shows.

Some of the same names also appear as targets of a smear campaign on the "Xena Carpenter" website, which actually was the original source of the libelous articles, written by forger and identity thief, Todd Brendan Fahey (using the alias "Xena Carpenter"), along with contributing "source", Tim White.

Also interesting is that at least a few bad guys and actual "agents of deception", appear on the list as well, most notably Ted Gunderson, Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi and Alex Jones.

But the idiocy of the Unhived Mind doesn't stop at labeling people as Knights of Malta, Jesuit Coadjutors and Agents of Deception.

There's another category for one of the forums, called, "The Lower Races", which is dedicated to denigrating black people (or seemingly any persons who are not Caucasian.)

In fact, the same forum used to have a different name:
"Black Crime and Grime". (How's that for a filthy racist statement?)
Here, a link to The Lower Races:

According to the white supremacist, racist idiots at the Unhived Mind (of whom there are quite a few) here's their ideology about black people:

"The destruction of the white nations via the immigration of black foreign beings into our once great Nations. Crime rates rocketing whilst our Countries get Africanized, meaning violence and sexed up with disrespect and zero order and morality."

What I wonder is how anyone could possibly take any of the people exposed in this report seriously --considering their unadulterated malice and bigotry, and their outright  ignorance and stupidity. The only people to whom this garbage could possibly appeal would be those as malicious, ignorant and stupid as themselves.

And strangest of all, most of them claim to be "Christians."

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 11, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
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