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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Demonic Deceivers Exposed

"If Satan himself, with all of his super-human genius and diabolical ingenuity at his command, had tried to create a permanent disintegration and force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews."
--Willis Carto
The American Free Press (AFP) is a publication launched by Willis Carto, who previously published Spotlight magazine through his now-defunct Liberty Lobby, an organization worked with racist anti-segregationists and neo-Nazi holocaust deniers. AFP was launched by Carto in August 2001 following the court-ordered closure of Spotlight. Many of the staff of Spotlight continued on with American Free Press.

Carto continues to publish deceptive materials in which history is treated as a huge Jewish conspiracy. During the war with Iraq, for example, his Barnes Review attempted to exploit anti-war sentiment by publishing fake whistleblower memos on media bias in the Iraq war, which cast the Iraq war as a conspiracy by "Jews who run the media and government."

The American Free Press publishes "The Barnes Review," a neo-Nazi holocaust denial site that shares the same mailing address as AFP. The "Barnes Review" page. 

included this gem:

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize

If anyone deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, it was Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not want war. World War II was forced on Germany.

Ted Gunderson is not only acknowledged in many public articles as "AFP correspondent", but his name appears on the paper's hardcopy masthead in an official capacity. 

Longtime Gunderson crony (and Jew-hater) Anthony Hilder, has also been a "correspondent" for AFP.

To say this newspaper is racist is an understatement.  It is also a CIA  disinformation publication extraordinaire.

Excerpt from Hartwell report:

[The Spotlight magazine mentioned here (which has since become the American Free Press) claims Gunderson as a CEO (or something along those lines). But that fact is not promoted; nor do most of the readers know that COINTELPRO  Ted Gunderson is responsible for much of the disinformation disseminated in the newspaper.
Personally, I don't read it, and never have done. But I have seen copies, left with me by friends who thought it was a respectable newspaper. And although I tried to persuade them otherwise, they didn't listen and continue to subscribe.

What I find most disturbing about American Free Press (formerly the Spotlight) is the Jew-bashing that is the trademark of the paper. I hate Zionism as much as the next person. I hate the ADL and I hate the abominations to God which are condoned by the Talmud. I also hate the political atrocities committed by the Mossad and the Zionist state of Israel.

But I do not approve of any sort of generic hatred and demonizing of Jews; nor can I condone the holocaust deniers who claim that the Jews were never persecuted; and who try to minimize the atrocities of the holocaust.
Ted Gunderson, when I was still his friend and colleague, tried to get me involved with the Spotlight, but I refused.]
NOTE: A hardcopy edition of American Free Press was unfortunately sent to the prison where whistleblower Sherry Jackson was wrongfully incarcerated as a political prisoner, and caused prison officials to place her in solitary confinement for a period of months, falsely claiming that Sherry "may have contacted the media."
Sherry's photo was on the front page, along with an article. The subscription had been purchased in Sherry's name by a supporter who had been warned several times (over a period of years) about AFP and its agenda, but who chose to disregard the warnings.  This is just one example of how many ignorant people can be fooled,  and the ensuing damages.
A. True Ott, another Gunderson crony (and Jew-hater) is exposed in the latest report by Sherri Kane and Dr. Len Horowitz:
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In summary, these racists, misogynists (they call women whores and sluts, if they can find nothing else to say against them) and demonic deceivers are fomenting mayhem in the Patriot and Truth Movements. Most of them claim to be "Bible believers", and "Christians", but they clearly disregard Christ's true message, which is to love God and love one another.
There is no love in them, and no truth --only hatred and bigotry. True Christians do not bear false witness against others. They do not make threats, including to people's lives. They do not harass, stalk and demonize others.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 8, 2011
Barbara Hartwell Percival
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