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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau: For Whom Truth = Libel and Slander

Ken Adachi, editor of the New Age, government disinfo website called 'Educate-Yourself' continues to libel and slander anyone who exposes the truth about former FBI chief, CONTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson.

Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau (evidence shows this is most likely his actual name), like his fellow liars, criminals and demonic deceivers, uses multiple aliases to promote his many scams and hoaxes. Adachi engages in health fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud ( see links to reports below), and even presumes to offer medical advice to the readers of his website, though Adachi, like his fellow government stooges and provocateurs, is a rank amateur with no credentials, no bona fides, in any professional field or discipline.

Worse yet, Adachi is part of a criminal conspiracy, which involves racketeering, blackmail, identity theft, extortion, and murder-for-hire plots. And by far the worst of all, the damage he has done to countless innocent children by defending and promoting their criminal abusers is obscene, despicable and loathsome beyond words. 

The main focus of Adachi's website is promoting government-sponsored disinformation (and  the liars, scamsters, criminals and shills responsible), as well as libel/slander campaigns against legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and activists, most notably Barbara Hartwell, whom he has been viciously attacking for over a decade.

I have news for Ken Adachi and his criminal cohorts: There are some people who DO CARE about the sex crimes against children, and who want to see justice done by putting the perpetrators behind bars, where they can never harm another child again. We who care have done everything in our power to stop this trafficking in children, including risk our lives to stop the horrors. But Ken Adachi, the government-sponsored liar-for-hire, is not one of them. 

Most recently, Adachi has been on a libelous/slanderous rampage against investigative journalists Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, simply because their investigations brought forth incriminating evidence against Ted Gunderson and some of his accomplices, including Adachi himself. Len and Sherri (and many others) care about those children, just like I do.

Here, Adachi's latest, his Open Letter to George Noory. My comments, refuting the libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz, are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

Subject: From Ken Adachi in defence of Ted Gunderson
From: Ken Adachi
Date: Mon, June 6, 2011
To: Geroge Noory

"Hello George,

I just heard a recording of your June 2 show with Len Horowitz. Len Horowitz's slanderous statements about Ted Gunderson are more than defamatory, they are outrageous and disgusting."


"Len's "outstanding investigative reporter", Sharri Kane, an ex-FOX News reporter, is as loose an uninformed canon as you can possibly get since she bases her entire "investigative research" on the utter fabrications and fantasies of one Barbara Hartwell, well known CIA mind controlled slanderer and character assassin of both Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, (among others)."

[BHP: As always, Adachi lies...and lies...and lies... 

And as always, Barbara Hartwell is the designated scapegoat each time an independent researcher/journalist exposes factual/truthful information about Ted Gunderson. No problem for Adachi,  just blame Barbara Hartwell!

No, Sherri Kane (whose name Adachi purposely misspells as "Sharri") did not base her "entire" research on the work of Barbara Hartwell. Not by a longshot. Sherri Kane discovered on her own that Ted Gunderson is the head honcho of a group of COINTELPRO provocateurs, after she herself was targeted by some of Gunderson's minions, namely Timothy Patrick White (aka Tim White, the "barking dog" and child pornography collector), True Ott, Todd Brendan Fahey (another pervert who targets children) aka "Xena Carpenter" (aka Todd Fahey), just to name a few.

There are no "fabrications" or "fantasies" in my reports; on the contrary, they are based on hard facts, with evidence to support the information. Something that certainly can't be said for Ken Adachi.  Adachi himself is totally and completely FACT-FREE, a FACT he has demonstrated numerous times by never, ever including any FACTS in his "reports" --they are limited to wild speculation, malicious gossip, hearsay from his fellow stooges and the government-sponsored black propaganda fabricated for the purpose of discrediting Barbara Hartwell, and any others whopose a threat to the criminal network of which Adachi is a part.

The exposes on Ted Gunderson, Tim White and co. published by Barbara Hartwell, merely provided corroboration of Sherri Kane's own investigations. And I must say, she has done an excellent job exposing this cadre of  COINTELPRO provocateurs. 

Great work, Sherri Kane!

As for Len Horowitz, he didn't want to believe that Ted Gunderson was behind any of this -- he believed it only when the facts and the evidence left him no choice. And once he saw the truth, he did the only right and honorable thing, by exposing it himself.]

"I exposed Hartwell's lies about Gunderson in a series of rebuttal articles I wrote between 2000 and 2008 to counter the unbelievable torrent of lying swill that flows from the poison pen hand of CIA- sponsored Character Assassin, Barbara Hartwell."

[BHP: Adachi has "exposed" nothing whatsoever regarding Barbara Hartwell. He has simply labeled me: "Barbara Hartwell, Founder and CEO of Liars, Inc." (a section of his website dedicated to libeling Barbara Hartwell); a "CIA disinfo agent"; and promoted the outrageous lies of his government overlords and his fellow stooges and minions. The only thing he has "exposed" is his own gross ignorance, stupidity and malice.]

"Almost everything that Horowitz and Kane are accusing Ted Gunderson of being "dirty" about such as satanism, involvement with Michael Aquino, kidnapping of children for pornography, white slavery, snuff films, satanic sacrifice, with CIA/FBI involvement and protection of these abusers, have in most instances, been a description of the individuals and scandals that Ted Gunderson EXPOSED....ALONE in the 1980s and 1990s before you ever heard of Sharri Kane, or Len Horowitz, or Barbara Hartwell."

[BHP: Most of the information Ted Gunderson "exposed" came either from what he poached from others (such as McMartin Preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley, whom he infiltrated) or, those crimes his cronies (including John DeCamp) were engaged in, and/or in which Gunderson was part of the cover-up. 

And speaking of people who were "never heard of", a much more fitting example would be Ken Adachi himself, a nobody who never did an honest day's work in his life, and who couldn't write a credible piece of journalism if his sorry ass depended on it.  The only reason I ever heard of him was because this government stooge took it upon himself to run an outrageous libel campaign against me.]

"This putrid slander against Ted Gunderson will not stand and Horowitz, his girlfriend, Sharri Kane, and Hartwell are priming themselves for a libel lawsuit."

[BHP: More empty threats of lawsuits by this buffoon, Ken Adachi. He's already boasted, and threatened (in conjunction with his pal, Tim White) of the lawsuit he claimed would be filed by John DeCamp, in 2005. 

I was harassed and threatened after DeCamp sicced his lackey, Tim White on me, and DeCamp not only libeled and slandered me, but also solicited crimes of additional stalking and harassment against Barbara Hartwell by soliciting the "HELP" of a known predicate felon and psycho stalker, Tim White.  Adachi posted all these threats on his website, as well as posting my PRIVATE UNLISTED street address, thus making himself an accomplice to Tim Whte and Todd Fahey (the demonic duo), soliciting crimes against me, a crime in and of itself. 

And if Ted Gunderson wants to sue me, as I've already told him years ago, Be my guest!  As for the cowardly minions like Adachi and White, they simply make impotent threats on behalf of their government masters. How utterly loathsome and despicable.
"Horowitz's slanders against Dr A True Ott are equally mind boggling and outrageous. I cannot believe what I'm hearing from Horowitz. Horowitz has simply lost him mind."

[BHP: No, Horowitz has not lost his mind. He has simply found out, and exposed the truth about another charlatan, "doctor" True Ott. This man is no doctor, and he has no more right to dispense medical advice than does Ken Adachi. I can't say Adachi has lost his mind --there's no evidence he ever had one. Except of course, the mind of Satan, who controls his every move.]

"Ted Gunderson is 81 years old and currently suffering from 4th stage liver and bladder cancer. He's being treated at a clinic in Costa Mesa, California. He doesn't have two nickels to rub together and can't even pay for the treatment. To be saddled with this outrageous assault by Horowitz and Kane--now-- is beyond the pale."

[BHP: Ted Gunderson was born on November 7, 1928. He will be 83 this year, 2011. Adachi, as usual, can never get his facts straight. But Ted Gunderson's illness is not a reason for anyone to refrain from exposing the truth about his criminal activities. ]

"Horowitz's reckless disregard for investigating the accuracy and truthfulness of Hartwell's galling lies and his willingness to jump in with both feet to so maliciously slander Ted Gunderson, or True Ott, will come to bear in a court of law, I think, where wild accusations will not hold water against cold, hard facts. Lies and liars will be exposed to the judgment of a jury and a price will be paid for those who possess such a reckless contempt for truthfulness."

[BHP: Cold hard facts?  It is Ken Adachi, not Len Horowitz, who has never bothered to investigate the truth and who has a complete disregard for any facts. But Adachi's ignorance and stupidity  pales beside his evil nature, which will certainly and irrevocably be judged by God Almighty, even if not in any court of law.]

"Anyone who is aware of the reputation and accomplishments of Ted Gunderson or John DeCamp or Dr. True Ott knows full well that Horowitz is virtually destroying his career and any remaining integrity that the public has invested in his character.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi, Editor"


For those seeking the truth about Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, please see these reports, and also others exposing him on this website.  The titles alone describe him for who and what he is, which is exactly the point.
Ken Adachi: By his fruits shall you know him.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 6, 2011


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There is one last issue which I find it of utmost importance to address. Anyone who PROMOTES Ken Adachi and his website (and/or links to it from their website) is culpable, is aiding and abetting, in disseminating the outrageous lies of Ken Adachi and the criminal network to which he belongs, and is thereby participating in destroying the lives of legitimate whistleblowers and  journalists, as well as contributing to the crimes of abusing and murdering  children, worldwide.
For those promoting this despicable website (only a partial list, and I will add others as I locate them), I can only say, shame on you! 
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