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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Stalker: A Tale of Demonic Persecution

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
John 8:44
Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski. Here are some irrefutable facts, all of which are a matter of public record. Tim White is a career criminal and predicate felon who made a deal with corrupt feds/cops to get out of jail, for what was supposed to be a four (4) year sentence, but of which he only served five (5) months.

The nature of the deal? White became a fed snitch and provocateur, tasked with harassing, stalking, threatening and libeling/slandering anyone who is deemed a "problem" for the government, as well as their friends, family and associates.

Given the fact that Tim White is an aggressive, loudmouthed, meddlesome  busybody by nature; as well as a delusional psychopath and G-Man wannabe, White took to his role as a rabid hyena takes to attacking any creature who crosses his path. 

However, there is another felony crime for which White was never charged: possession of child pornography, which was a part of White's large collection of vile pornographic paraphernalia, including clothing worn by female prostitutes, in which Tim White dressed as a transvestite/drag queen.

No, it is not a crime to be a transvestite, nor a sex pervert, as long as your activities do not harm others or violate their rights.  In my opinion, it is utterly loathsome to use any kind of  pornography. Others may not agree; however,  CHILD PORNOGRAPHY is another story altogether. Not only is it among the worst possible abominations to God, it is also a felony crime, and for good reason. And who, but an evildoer of the lowest order, a scum criminal, could  possibly have any part of targeting innocent children for sex-slavery and sexual assaults, which ruin a child's life forever, even if he or she survives such hideous abuse and torture.

When White was released from prison in 2002, he began stalking, harassing and threatening   people whom, for one reason or another, the government deemed to be "subversives", "enemies of the state", "dissidents". Who are these individuals?  They are legitimate whistleblowers (mostly former intelligence/law enforcement), journalists, expositors of government corruption. They are patriots, people who love this country and are willing to fight to the death against the tyrants who are destroying this nation from within.

But even before this time, Tim White began his criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell, in August 2001. White relayed a bogus death threat against an innocent man (Jeff Swedenburg, whom White claimed was a "CIA assassin" who had threatened to kill me), shortly before his arrest on the drug-trafficking charge. In fact,  Swedenburg was no "CIA assassin", but rather former Special Forces, whom the government also wanted to neutralize. At no time had he threatened to kill Barbara Hartwell. Ironically, Jeff later became my bodyguard. 

Tim White, from Day One, proved himself a malicious and despicable liar who had sold out to save his own sorry hide at any price.

But unfortunately for me and numerous others, there were many, many more lies to come...

Tim White, on orders from his government controllers, later targeted a designated list of such individuals, who were to be neutralized.  White also targeted ANYONE who had any connection to Barbara Hartwell. My friends, family, professional colleagues, talk show hosts who interviewed me on their programs, editors of websites who published my material.

But it isn't only harassment, stalking (including cyber-stalking) and threats. White also promotes his outlandish conspiracy theories against targets, in massive libel/slander campaigns, accusing us of being government agents (most often CIA/FBI), "FRAUDS", "LIARS", and slinging around  obscene language, especially against any woman, whom he calls "SLUT", "WHORE", "TROLLOP" and much worse.

White's loathsome handiwork (and that of his accomplices) can be found on literally hundreds of websites and message boards all over the World Wide Web. (Especially see these government disinfo sites: the Unhived Mind, owned by Craig Oxley; Educate-Yourself, owned by Ken Adachi; Friends of Liberty, owned by Todd Brendan Fahey; Rumor Mill News, owned by Rayelan Allan; Lab Virus, owned by Alex McGowin Studer; 9-11 Mother of All Black Operations, owned by James F. Marino.)

Tim White also perpetrates monstrous invasions of privacy, posting the UNLISTED, PRIVATE street addresses of targets, for the express purpose of soliciting additional crimes of stalking and harassment against targets. Soliciting a crime IS A CRIME, in and of itself. What's worse, White publishes outrageous lies against targets, which accompany their street addresses, and even photos of the targets' homes.

I do not know how many people White has targeted, over a period of years, and I am certain there are many more than I know of.  Some have not addressed the issue publicly; some, using screen  names, cannot be identified; some are deceased.

Here I give just a short list of the targets of Tim White.  There are some whom I do not know personally; and a few whom I do not endorse or support. However, most of the individuals White has targeted are people I do know, a number of whom are my friends, family or colleagues. But no matter who they are, there is simply NO EXCUSE for stalking, harassment, threats or bearing false witness against them --Tim White's behavior constitutes naked aggression of the worst kind!

For the purposes of this report, I have given a list of names only. I have not detailed White's specific offenses against the targets. Anyone who wants details or more information/evidence may check the reports on this site, or conduct a search for further information. 


Geral Sosbee
Barbara Hartwell and Family
Andrew Jackson Percival Jr. and Family (includes Barbara Hartwell)
Al Martin
Stew Webb
Doreen Bishop
Jackie McGauley
Jeff Swedenburg and Family
Jon Morrow  
Ellen Mariani
Karl Schwarz 
Janet Phelan
James Phelan 
Michael Herzog and Family 
Keith Hansen and Family
Thomas Richards and Family
Roy Stewart and Family 
Joe Lanier
John Perna
Rick Biesada
Frank Nulton 
Rick Stanley and Family 
John Stadtmiller
Ray Fernandez
Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Sherri Kane
Jenny Hatch
Wayne Prante
Alfred Webre
Eric May
Christopher Bollyn
Jeremy Floyd
Ed Schooling
Carl F. Worden
Charles Giuliani
John F. McManus
Harold Shurtleff
Mark Gutglueck
Tim King
Jason Houk

David Hinkson

The crimes against persons and civil offenses of Tim White include: stalking on foot/in vehicles; cyber-stalking; felony threatening (threats of violence and death); criminal menacing; aggravated harassment; blackmail; extortion; vehicular hit and run, leaving injured parties at the scene of the crime; road rage; harassment by telephone; harassment by e-mail; outrageous libel and slander.   

As for Tim White's accomplices, these include those who have been complicit in White's criminal harassment of journalists/whistleblowers, and/or who have, at any time, endorsed, supported, defended or promoted him, and/or disseminated his outrageous lies about targets.

When I use the word "accomplice", I include anyone and everyone who has ever, to my knowledge, in any way, aided and abetted the criminal and civil offenses of Tim White.  Again, there are many 'anonymous cowards' in addition to those listed here (all of whom I consider 'known cowards')  whose names I may never know. Who, but a contemptible spineless coward would ever aid and abet an evildoer like Tim White?

Todd Brendan Fahey
"Xena Carpenter" (aka Todd Fahey)
Ted Gunderson
Clarence Malcolm
John DeCamp
Doug Millar
Daryl Sturgis (aka Tim Hall)
Rayelan Allan
Charles Bruce Stewart
Eric Jon Phelps
Greg Syzmanski
Craig Oxley
Alex McGowin Studer
A. True Ott
James Rothstein
Ken Adachi
Don Nicoloff
Pamela Schuffert
Larry Lawson
Lenny Bloom (aka Martin Thall)
Brenda Negri
'James L. Choron" (aka Brenda Negri)
Sherry Shriner
Aaron James
James F. Marino
Michelle Ray
Marie Buchanan
Christina Kanas
Marilyn Guinnane
Francine Kelly
Shirley Anderson
Vanessa Davis
Gerry Donaldson
Stephen Calkins
Mike Eggleston
Drew Raines
Dennis Slatton
Rosalee Grable (aka Webfairy)
David Horspool
Thomas Reisinger
Virginia McCollough
Marsha McClelland

Now, let's hear from one of Tim White's targets, investigative journalist Sherri Kane.  Sherri wrote some excellent articles exposing Tim White and accomplices, after White began to attack her with harassment, libel, threats and cyber-stalking.

Sherri Kane wrote:

"White similarly harassed ex-CIA agent, Barbara Hartwell, who reported, "White made a deal with criminal government operatives and law enforcement personnel, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002. . . . [He] seeks out any and every high profile whistleblower, patriot or investigator he hears about, reads about, or otherwise learns about.""

For several articles by Sherri Kane, which expose Tim White, Ted Gunderson and accomplices, see:
Latest Threats

One of Tim White's longtime accomplices is Charles Bruce Stewart , who calls himself "Brother Chuck", one of the fraudulent "Christian Brothers" who attack legitimate whistleblowers and journalists on a regular basis. Stewart read Sherri's article and as usual, decided to chime in, in defense of his pal, Tim White. 

CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

"Tim White is a hothead; but he is also one of the most advanced conspiracy-researchers & confronters of evil on the planet. Tim White sometimes does attack people who do not deserve it, but most of the time he is "Right On the Money". I have not seen the evidence in this controversy between Ms Kane & Mr White, but I know Mr White very well, & I do not know Ms Kane at all, & I am inclined to believe that Ms Kane is in error in her accusation against Mr White here."

CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

"Ms Hartwell is a devil-worshiping forked-tongued lair [liar]. I have had many interactions with Ms Hartwell over the years, & she has consistently been on the side of disinformation, subversion, & evil.  Giving credit where it is due, much of her general account about the evils of the present government are true, but remember that the most skilled disinformation artists know well how to fold fatal lies in between numerous truths, & this is Ms Hartwell's modus-operandi, & anyone who says different is a liar. Conflicts between Mr White & Ms Hartwell have been on-going for decades, & each have their own camps of supporters, & I am in Mr White's camp of supporters. If Ms Kane is really pure of heart in her composition of this article, then she has made a fatal-error in supporting the position of Ms Hartwell in her article here."

CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

"Un-biased reviews of the available Evidence indicates that Ms Hartwell is much more closely linked to the CIA than is Mr White.  Greg Szymanski & True Ott are both profoundly-advanced conspiracy-researchers, as is Eric John Phelps. These are the "two camps" of conspiracy researchers & whistleblowers which I mentioned above; & one of these camps is definitely controlled by the forces of the darkest evil. Readers, & Ms Kane, choose your positions carefully; an apocalyptic end-game battle is looming, & there will be no chance to take your words back & change the camp to which you have declared your loyalties."

CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

"Tim White was forced to flee to Vancouver BC from Colorado a few years back(2006) because of threats against his life. All of Ms Kane's whining for persecuted patriots is slanted here in the directly on of the Hartwell camp, & it gives no recognition for the similar persecutions suffered in the White/Phelps camp. That is "Biased Reporting", Ms Kane, aka "Propaganda", Ms Kane."

The first I ever heard of Charles Stewart was when he contacted my friend, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee.  At first, CBS presented himself as a "supporter" of Sosbee, promoting his website, Sosbee vs. FBI, and calling him "FBI Hero".

Shortly thereafter, however, CBS launched a vicious attack on Geral, claiming he was "mind-controlled from birth", impugning his sanity, and trying to draw Geral into his little clique of "mind-control conspiracy theorists", which included a number of government stooges, shills and provocateurs, all of whom I consider false Christians, including Larry Lawson, Tim White, Shirley Anderson (White's then "girlfriend") Pam Schuffert et al. Stewart was also heavily into promoting the "Monarch" mind control cult of criminal and charlatan Fritz Springmeier and his associate, Cisco Wheeler.

Outraged at Stewart's unwarranted attack on Geral Sosbee, I wrote an open letter, defending my friend and colleague, Sosbee, and exposing Stewart for the ignorant and arrogant fool that he is.

See: Ex-FBI Whistleblower Attacked by Former Supporter

Mr. Stewart then began attacking Barbara Hartwell by spreading the outrageous lies fabricated by Tim White, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, Ken Adachi, Brenda Negri and their ilk, all of whom happen to be the minions and stooges of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson.

CBS: "Tim White is a hothead; but he is also one of the most advanced conspiracy-researchers & confronters of evil on the planet."

Mr. Stewart is a loudmouthed, aggressive busybody and ignoramus. He has no idea what he is talking about. White is not any kind of "researcher", much less an "investigator" or "whistleblower, as he ludicrously boasts when signing his name to the trash he posts.  He's an uneducated rank amateur, a G-Man wannabe with an axe to grind. If Stewart's idea of a "hothead" is a predicate felon and career criminal who THREATENS and STALKS targets on behalf of the government, then he is  far more stupid or far more evil (possibly both) than I have previously given him credit for.  

CBS: "I have had many interactions with Ms Hartwell over the years..."

FACT: This is a bald-faced lie.  There have been NO "interactions" whatsoever between myself and Charles Stewart. Stewart does not know me. I have had no direct contact with Stewart, but rather have exposed Stewart on various occasions in my reports, along with his cohorts, accomplices and supporters, including Tim White.

I do not "interact" with government stooges and malicious liars like CB Stewart. It is my policy that I do not engage in conversations, arguments or debates with my adversaries. I simply investigate them, refute their lies, and expose them for the public record.

CBS: "Conflicts between Mr White & Ms Hartwell have been on-going for decades, & each have their own camps of supporters, & I am in Mr White's camp of supporters."

FACT: Tim White began his criminal harassment of me in August 2001 (before which time I had never heard of him), by promoting a bogus death threat, claiming that a "CIA assassin" was planning to murder me. The person White accused was an innocent party.

I investigated the situation, investigated White himself and then exposed Tim White as the criminal stalker , malicious liar and fed snitch he is.

If the time period between August 2001 and August 2010 (nine years, to be exact) is considered by Stewart to be "decades", then maybe he should do the math for himself-- that is, assuming he is capable, which I doubt.

And for Stewart's edification, it is not a matter of "conflicts" between Barbara Hartwell and Tim White.  In reality, there is a criminal stalker (Tim White) who has harassed and threatened a target (Barbara Hartwell.) The target has thoroughly exposed the criminal stalker, for felony threats, criminal menacing, monstrous invasions of privacy, outrageous libel and slander, as have a number of other targets of this psychopath, Tim White.

In summary, Mr. Charles Stewart is a just another government stooge, a  pompous ass who knows nothing about any of the subjects (or persons) he addresses. Geral Sosbee has referred to Stewart as a "mental dwarf", and I couldn't agree more. 

CBS: "I have had much respect for Mr Horowitz, & Ms Burgermeister, but i have been out of deep conspiracy research for a while, & i was unaware that they were in the camp of Ms Hartwell."

FACT: I do not know any of these individuals personally or professionally. There is no "camp" in support of Barbara Hartwell, not among these people.  So why is Mr. Stewart making this out to be "all about Barbara Hartwell"? I'm sure my reports were cited by other journalists simply because they corroborated the experiences of the writers in relation to the criminal activities of Tim White.

CBS: "Tim White was forced to flee to Vancouver BC from Colorado a few years back(2006) because of threats against his life. All of Ms Kane's whining for persecuted patriots is slanted here in the directly on of the Hartwell camp, & it gives no recognition for the similar persecutions suffered in the White/Phelps camp. That is "Biased Reporting", Ms Kane, aka "Propaganda", Ms Kane."

Tim White, forced to flee? Maybe, but if so, the little punk was "forced to flee" out of sheer cowardice. He's a fugitive from JUSTICE, as a result of his many crimes against persons, over many years.  How many people have filed restraining orders against him, with no satisfaction? How many restraining orders has White violated?  There is no "persecution" against Tim White. White is himself the persecutor. But I must say, I wouldn't blame anyone who wanted to punch his one-way ticket to Hell. In fact, I'd call it vigilante justice.

Get off my case, Mr. Stewart. You only continue to expose yourself as a bumbling idiot and your "support" of this career criminal Tim White leaves no doubt as to your allegiance to the "evil" of which you accuse others, most notably Barbara Hartwell.

Now, let's move on to yet another supporter, promoter and accomplice of Tim White. His name is Alex McGowin Studer. I had never heard of this lowlife character until he started posting Tim White's libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell on his moronic website, 'Lab Virus'.

I countered Studer's idiocy by exposing him in a report, which refuted the lies of Tim White and accomplices, including White's "other half" of the demonic duo, Todd Brendan Fahey (another malicious liar and criminal psycho stalker) and "Xena Carpenter" (one of many pseudonyms used by Todd Fahey).

Studer then began to attack me in several moronic articles, accusing me of being "CIA" (how very tiresome it gets...); and of "attacking" his "respected" friends (including Tim White, Ted Gunderson), along with slinging vulgar epithets, which, lacking any knowledge, facts or evidence, was clearly the best he could do. Studer is yet another belligerent ignoramus, aggressive busybody  and government stooge, a rank amateur of the ilk of his pals, most notably Tim White.

But I'll let Alex McGowin Studer speak for himself. Here is an excerpt from his website, Lab Virus. I have included all the names on his so-called "mega-douche" list.  As for the names of his heroes, "patriots" and "saints", I have included only the names relevant to this report.  Note, though, that  Studer did not include Tim White on his list of "patriots"....what's up with that?

You may see the entire article on Lab Virus.


"My personal mega-douche list. Separating wheat from chaff

Len Horowitz – Knight of Malta, zionist/disinformation agent-provocateur
Sherri Kane (Caen): female slut version of the above.
Julian Assange – MKultra CIA-mossad puppet ultra-douche.
Jane Burgermeister – female version of Assange.
Barbara Hartwell – slut version of Burgermeister.
Lady Gaga – Male version of Burgermeister.
Alex Jones – zionist/neocon disinformation agent-provocateur
George Noory – this guy is just a douche, period.
Hal Turner – in federal prison – zionist/neocon disinformation agent-provocateur
Michael Moore – big fat twinkie-eating lying super-mega-douchebag zionist/neocon disinformation agent-provocateur, filmmaker.

For the rest, just visit the PSYOP wall of shame    

And who are the REAL patriots defending our Constitution and freedoms?

Ted Gunderson– retired Los Angeles FBI Station Chief
Dr A True Ott PhD -a true, gifted, SAINT
Doug Millar – relentlessly pursuing the satanists behind trauma-based mind control
Jim Rothstein
John DeCamp"

Note that Studer identifies two of the women on his "mega-douche" list, Sherri Kane and Barbara Hartwell as "sluts".

Alex Studer is so very typical of the "penis-envy eunuchs" (Tim White, Todd Fahey et al), ignorant loudmouthed vulgarians whose white-hot hatred of women compels them to attack us by calling  us "sluts", rather than address ISSUES or provide any facts to substantiate their unwarranted allegations against their targets.

Fool! How dare you call me or Sherri Kane a slut? You only further expose yourself as a parading idiot, a misogynist, a spineless coward and a government dupe who, in your absolute dearth of perception, discretion, discernment, facts or evidence, needs to resort to gross insults to fill the void.

Studer, like your cohorts, you are not a man, but a poor excuse for one.  And your obvious case of  "penis envy" is your problem, so don't attack others (including women) just because we have the courage and integrity you and your fellow stooges lack. 

As for some of those (listed above) whom you call "SAINTS" and "REAL PATRIOTS"?

Your ignorance is truly astounding!

They are the worst criminal scum on the face of the earth. These government-sponsored perps are liars, satanists, blackmailers and much worse. With "patriots" and "saints" like these, God help us all!

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 26, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA