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Monday, March 14, 2011

Refuting Malicious Lies from Useless Idiots: Spotlight on Unhived Mind

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Matthew 7:16 

This report exposes some of the "useless idiots" (I see no reason to call them "useful") and  provocateurs whose focus (among other offenses such as criminal harassment, stalking, etc.) is on scandal-mongering, targeting a designated 'hit list' of  legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and patriots the government is hell-bent on neutralizing.
The Unhived Mind, owned by Craig Oxley, is one of the primary sites where malicious liars and scandal-mongers congregate to peddle their wares. One of their primary targets? Barbara Hartwell
Here, I will refute just a fraction of the many, many outrageous lies disseminated by these government-sponsored shills.
These "men" (and I use the term loosely) are misogynists and male-supremacists, who feel the need to denigrate women collectively, as well as individually. Note that they call women "sluts", "whores" and much worse.
Note also that they fabricate lurid 'sex scandals' against their targets as one form of assault. They've used this ploy against Barbara Hartwell, numerous times, as well as against Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
Rather than address ISSUES, they attack the messengers, and if those messengers happen to be women, all the better for them to have an excuse to spew out their filth.
It is my belief that such "men" are afflicted not so much with 'testosterone poisoning', but rather with a severe case of 'penis-envy'. They behave like eunuchs, in their spineless cowardice, hiding behind pseudonyms (including those of women), all the while boasting how much they "know"  (most of which is false) about their targets, and exhibiting their ludicrous tough-guy pretentions.
But consider the fact that some of these "men" (including Tim White and Todd Fahey) are known sex perverts, porno-mongers, even child porno freaks, sexual predators who will stop at nothing, not even at targeting innocent children!
What's more, they support, promote and endorse a cabal of "men" who are involved in child prostitution, pornography and satanism. They are in fact doing the bidding of these criminals, these vile assailants of children.
Make no mistake: Only a lowlife eunuch with a case of 'penis envy' would target a child!
Consider also, that most of these "men" pose as "Christian Brothers", when they are actually involved in satanic activities. From my observations, at least two of them (Fahey and White) are possessed by demons. Yes, I mean that literally and I have observed it personally. That's why I call them the demonic duo. 
Here, a link to Sherri Kane's website, where she exposes some of these criminals. Under Latest Threats is her report on Craig Oxley/Erik Jon Phelps.
Now, on to some articles posted on the Unhived Mind. My comments, refuting the lies, are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Posted by Craig Oxley
Why is Barbara Hartwell going around attacking Seventh-day Adventist Hospitals trying to have the Department of Justice in on the act? Well she promotes the Universal Healthcare you see, now does it make sense? Remember you were always told she was an active agent and now we see it clearly. One of her handles used in this latest attack is 'Barb Clark'. Beware of these agents working for the Government. Please take note of the use of Hartwell's face on this 'Bakerboyz' account on you tube; LINK please note the background of the Channel attacking the SDA healt system. Finally check out theis website; LINK You may also be interested to check out this LINK
[BHP: This Craig Oxley must certainly be a low grade moron. His ignorance is apparently superseded only by his flagrant stupidity. What other explanation could there be for Oxley's asinine "analysis" of Barbara Hartwell?
FYI, Mr. Oxley, here are the facts.
1) I had never even heard of any 'Bakerboyz' you tube channel until I went to the link to see what all the hubbub was about.
2) There, in living color, some useless idiot had posted a photo of Barbara Hartwell. In case you are not aware, Mr. Oxley, I have no control over what your fellow government stooges and provocateurs post on the Internet for the obvious purpose of spreading disinformation about Barbara Hartwell.
3) I have never used the name 'Barb Clark'. Nor have I ever used any pseudonym or alias for posting my material, not anywhere, not at any time.  No, hiding behind pseudonyms is the province of your lowlife pals, spineless cowards like Tim White, Todd Fahey and others of their ilk.
4) And no, I have not been "going around attacking Seventh-day Adventist Hospitals", nor do I have any involvement with the Department of Justice. (True, I consider the Seventh Day Adventists just another lunatic-fringe  religious cult to which no true Christian would belong, but I have not bothered to publicly comment on it, and I have far better uses for my time.)
5) I have never "promoted Universal Healthcare".  And, considering the fact that this is an unconstitutional, communist abomination, I never will.
Have you ever tried using reason or logic, Mr. Oxley? Or perhaps checking  FACTS before spouting off your garbage? No, I suppose not, given that you and your male supremacist "Christian brothers" would rather just dish out any sort of outlandish nonsense, as long as you think the readers of your website will be stupid enough to swallow it. Unfortunately for those of us being libeled, it appears that your readers are as intellectually challenged as you are.]
Now, let's hear from another of the notable "intelligence analysts" posting on the Unhived Mind forum. This one is called "Anonymous User".   
"Now as for that one report who said that people are claiming Horowitz was not involved because Horowitz and that one lady he is partnered with (whom you caught making gestures with their hands and made a photo of it and placed it atop your site a few days ago recently) are supposedly getting too close to the truth about certain things, such as this supposed holy, healing frequency nonsense, could be a genuine mistake. But when they tie in Timothy White and say he is working to attack Horowitz, it makes me think that this one site is an intelligence operation. Look at how they also throw in Eric Jon Phelps as part of the mixture and attack his religion. PROTESTANTISM. This can't be a coindicence in my view. When they attack Tim White, they mention how he 'attacked' Barbara Hartwell, when White in fact exposed her. You do recall don't you Craig that Hartwell attacked you personally, right? And she also attacked Fritz Springmeier, I recall that. In fact I mentioned it on this board. I think I also caught her defending Michael Aquino. So we have a site that is making Horowitz and Hartwell out to be the good guys and out to make Phelps (and I guess White) look bad. That's why I think that's an intelligence operation."
 "....Alex Jones and the CIA are in panic mode as your work spreads."

[BHP: First of all, Eric Phelps needs no help from anyone to look "bad". Phelps is not only a racist, but a despicable misogynist whose views on women come straight from the Dark Ages.  The fact of his longtime association with Tim White speaks volumes about his complete lack of moral  character, and only a credulous fool would believe and disseminate the outrageous lies of Tim White, whom Phelps has publicly endorsed, and often openly stated is one of his "sources". Phelps has in fact libeled Barbara Hartwell, parroting his "source", Tim White.
What's all this nonsense about people "attacking" Tim White? Exposing a criminal is NOT an "attack".  Tim White is a career criminal, plain and simple, who "earns" his keep by stalking, harassing and threatening targets (legitimate journalists and whistleblowers) of the government.  When the targets become outraged (and there are many who have done) we rightfully expose White's criminal offenses. 
We want justice done! We intend to put this perp out of business, and what's more, we have the duty to warn others about him. This predicate felon, psycho stalker, Tim White, belongs behind bars, for his many, many crimes against persons. So why in hell is he still on the loose? Because his criminal government masters, exploiting him to do their dirty work, will do nothing to stop him, that's why!
As for Craig Oxley, if he and his fellow stooges had not been posting their idiotic comments and malicious lies about Barbara Hartwell on a regular basis, for years, I would not even have known they existed. These fools apparently consider defending one's good name, refuting libelous falsehoods and  outrageous lies, and exposing criminals and charlatans (such as Fritz Springmeier)  as an "attack".
This 'Anonymous User' "caught" Barbara Hartwell "defending Michael Aquino"? No, you blithering idiot, I simply EXPOSED Ted Gunderson for fabricating lies about Michael Aquino (as he has about many others, whether good guys or bad guys). Refuting the lies of Ted Gunderson does not equate to any sort of "defense" of Michael Aquino.
No wonder he calls himself 'Anonymous User'. The pretentious little coward can spew out his trash with impunity and when his ignorance and stupidity are exposed, he can simply crawl back into his hole in the wall. Stand up and tell us your name, coward!  Identify yourself...or shut the hell up.
(This also goes for the rest of the crowd at Unhived Mind, all hiding behind silly screen names.)
Re CIA being "in panic mode" over the so-called "work" of Craig Oxley et al? Please. No more ludicrous statement has ever been made. If anything, CIA agents would be rolling in the aisles with hilarity reading the idiocy promoted by these stooges.
This 'Unhived Mind' site is nothing more than a bunch of ignorant, pretentious fools, Intel groupies and wannabes engaging in wild speculation and spreading  malicious gossip.]
"Beware of attempts to start infighting amongst truth seekers who share the common goal of the greatest good for the greatest number."
[BHP: The greatest good for the greatest number? That sounds like communist ideology, but not surprising coming from Craig Oxley, who clearly has ZERO respect for INDIVIDUAL rights, including the RIGHT TO PRVACY. Oxley regularly posts pseudo reports on individuals, which include publishing  PRIVATE UNLISTED street addresses, courtesy of his criminal accomplices, most notably Tim White and Todd Fahey, the demonic duo. 
These monstrous invasions of privacy are perpetrated with the malicious intent to solicit additional crimes of stalking and harassment against targets by like-minded scum criminals. You can shove your "common goals", Mr. Oxley, you despicable fool.
And FYI, Oxley, the only "infighting" taking place is among your little gaggle of useless idiots. Legitimate people operate ON PRINCIPLE; thus, there is nothing to fight over.]
"...are you AWARE that LYING CUNT Barbara Hartwell is now ATTACKING YOU ?..just wait till I and 2 others are done EXPOSING Hartwell even further....[She was] born and raised in MAHOPAC New York...and I have her ENTIRE GENEAOLOGY.....not to mention her 1st cousin...ANDREW JACKSON PERCIVAL Jr--who is an ATTORNEY/AGENT for the CIA....also not to mention that her...relatives are also IN WATERBURY--my hometown..."
[BHP: Tim White (along with Todd Fahey and "Xena Carpenter"  --one of many pseudonyms used by Todd Fahey) have been, for years, posting disinformation about Barbara Hartwell, as well as in reference to some of my relatives, all over the World Wide Web. They write up pseudo "reports", comprised of outright fabrications as well as their own idiotic speculation, which have absolutely no basis in fact.
I haven't even read most of the trash they have posted, primarily because it enrages me to see their filthy lies.  I will not allow these malicious liars to bait me into providing personal/private  information which I have not previously  chosen to make public -- and which is NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS, just to refute their lies.
As for my relatives, whom they have also libeled and slandered, most of them  have absolutely nothing to do with my professional affairs or my work as a journalist; and aside from those relatives I have mentioned, for cause, I refuse to comment on any others. My relatives are not criminals, they are entitled to their privacy, and I refuse to be drawn into commenting on the malicious gossip these lowlife scandal-mongers are disseminating. 
But I  will take this opportunity to refute certain lies about Barbara Hartwell, promoted here by Tim White.
1) "....born and raised in MAHOPAC New York". FALSE. Neither "born" nor "raised" in such a place.
FACT: As I have publicly stated, I was born on Manhattan Island, NYC.  At the time of my birth my parents lived on Central Park West. 
2)  As usual, Tim White boasts of what he thinks he "knows".  I can guarantee that Tim White knows nothing whatsoever about the geneaology of Barbara Hartwell or my family. 
And by the way, White Trash, here's another FACT: Andrew Jackson Percival Jr. is NOT my first cousin. He was my uncle. He was a CIA agent, also an  attorney, but NOT an "attorney for CIA".  And my uncle was deceased by the time White posted his "report". Shows how much he "knows".
3) FACT:  I have NO relatives in Waterbury, CT, White Trash's "hometown", nor have any of my relatives ever lived in such a place. God forbid!]
MORE than just interesting is the FACT that her 1st cousin...ANDREW JACKSON PERCIVAL Jr--who is 71 and lives in OCALA Florida--just so happens to be an attorney for the CIA...I have more info to PROVE this since I have this CIA bitch's entire genealogy now....I also have the home address,home phone number,and satellite photo of AJP Jr along with the Google Maps street view of his gated estate in Ocala.
[BHP: I've already refuted some of White's many falsehoods re my uncle, Andrew Jackson Percival Jr. But now White typically boasts that he has ALL this information re his residence. So what? What, exactly, is Tim White trying to "PROVE"? That he, like anyone else with access to a computer, can look something up on a Google map?
And what could my uncle's address possibly have to do with me? Does White believe that posting  irrelevant information about the address of one of my relatives will somehow incriminate me?
It seems Tim White is just trying to stir up trouble for my family (the ones who are still living)  fueled by his white-hot hatred and spite against Barbara Hartwell.
We all know that Tim White is not only a criminal and fed snitch, but also an aggressive, loud-mouthed busybody who thinks he's the Omniscient Town Crier for the Internet. He wants everyone to think he KNOWS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS. But again, what exactly is White trying to "PROVE"?]
Does Perna (known in a number of Yahoo groups as PernASS) look like a FAG to you ?..what about looking like a PEDOPHILE ?...
[BHP: Well, here's an odd statment, coming from Tim White. Tim White is himself a transvestite, by his own admission. He's a drag queen who dresses up in sleazy women's clothes, those worn by prostitutes. 

True Confession of Transvestite, Sex Pervert, Porno Collector Tim White

White is a sex pervert who collects not only a large assortment of pornographic paraphernalia, but also CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! Which is a felony crime, one for which he was never charged by the corrupt cops and feds with whom he made deal to get out of jail, so he could harass, stalk and libel whistleblowers and patriots.
And White supports, promotes and endorses a criminal cabal who are running cover-ups on child prostitution and pornography --in fact, the very corrupt government operatives who exploit White as their stooge, shill and messenger boy! 
So why would he attack John Perna, calling him a "FAG" and a  "PEDOHILE"?
Maybe Tim White should take a long hard look in the mirror before falsely  accusing someone else of his own crimes and perversions.]
Here, excerpts from another "report", originally posted on the "Xena Carpenter" website, written by Todd Brendan Fahey, another scum criminal, and Tim White's "other half" of the demonic duo. Todd Fahey has a pathological obsession with Barbara Hartwell and has been criminally harassing, stalking and threatening Barbara Hartwell since 2004.
Fahey is a forger and identity thief who hides behind numerous aliases and pseudonyms, in this case, "Xena Carpenter".
This is just one of several of Fahey's "Who is Barbara Hartwell?" smear pieces for the purpose of discrediting Barbara Hartwell. In each "report" (with no author cited) Fahey changes the lies, after they are disproven, or refuted by me.
"Fact: The Central Intelligence Agency "does not admit or deny" the existence of its agents. Once in a blue moon, a Valerie Plame is "outed" and the nature of ones employment becomes known; or, in the case of disaffected spook Phil Agee, he himself defected to Cuba and is now a vigorous critic of his former employer. Barbara Hartwell has, in her voluminous Web-screeds, not offered a single detail about where she has worked or the names of her employers. A "persecuted" CIA/NOC who wished to spill the often ugly truth of their assignments and missions would necessarily drop names, dates and locations. Hartwell has done none of the above.
Counterclaim: "For many years I was utilized as a mind controlled operative and professional CIA asset"

Fact: A CIA agent under no official cover (NOC) is a fully-trained graduate of Camp Peary. An "asset" is a tool used by a fully-trained NOC or case officer. One cannot be both: Unless one has never been either, and is using this "claim" to con the public for cash.
[BHP: Todd Fahey is a government stooge of the same ilk as Tim White, a rank amateur and a CIA-wannabe. He is clearly envious of anyone with a genuine intelligence background, as he has tried for years to pass himself off as some sort of "spook" in his delusional and self-aggrandizing writings. He also often writes pieces promoting himself, with no author credited, to create the false  impression that he is some sort of 'intelligence insider.' 
Any professional reading Fahey's "report" will see that Fahey knows nothing about CIA's operations. Nor does he know anything about Barbara Hartwell, nor my history with the Agency.
What information I have exposed is my own choice and for my own reasons, and I am not required to provide an explanation to anyone. My reports are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY and the readers may make of them what they will, including this whackjob, Todd Fahey.
In his gross ignorance, Fahey makes pretentious blanket statements which he tries to pass off as some sort of 'insider knowledge' which he does not possess.
There has never been any "counterclaim" made by me.  And Fahey's ignorance shows here, even in his definition of NOC. NOC stands for NON OFFICIAL COVER, NOT "no official cover".
Of course, I was trained at Camp Peary (aka The Farm), and at no time have I ever stated otherwise.
But what an amateur like Fahey does not begin to understand is that CIA can (and does) do anything they damn well please with their agents, especially when it comes to black operations, not under any Congressional oversight. They are illegal by their very nature. That's why they're called black ops. Duh.
It is my considered professional opinion, based on information from reliable sources, as well as my assessment of Fahey's behavior, that Fahey is a CIA-reject. He was briefly exploited in his youth by a couple of CIA-connected criminals, one of which is General John K. Singlaub, whom Fahey, in his gross ignorance, actually believes is a "good guy". Fahey was desperate to get inside, but lacking the required talent, and given his degenerate alcoholism and prodigal drug abuse, he was seen as a liability. With good reason.]
Claim: Doctor of Divinity degree, Universalist Church (supposed date unknown); licensed as Minister of said Church, state of New York, 1979.

Fact: No such record could be found in the state of New York. Most probably Ms. Hartwell gained a mail-order "diploma"; but without date and references, the entire claim is possibly wholesale hokum.
[BHP: Just because Fahey and his fellow stooges connected to the moronic  "Xena Carpenter" website, could not "find" any record is meaningless. So what? These "researchers" have proven themselves to be bumbling idiots, given all the false information they have posted on various websites dedicated to libeling legitimate journalists and whistleblowers. And his "mail order diploma" theory is parroted from his lying lowlife pal, Ken Adachi, who announced this on his website AS IF it were a fact.]
Additional fact: Grew up in New York City. Attended New York University (did not graduate), circa 1971. Prior residence, 57 Thompson Street, NYC.
[BHP: Fahey's so-called "facts" leave much to be desired. No, I "did not graduate" from New York University. But then, that is very simply because I NEVER ATTENDED NYU in the first place. Where Fahey picked up this piece of "information", I have no idea.
And no, there was no "residence" at 57 Thompson Street. Wrong again. 
As usual, Fahey is dead wrong about everything.] 
Claim: Owner, 17 Oceana Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064

Fact: 17 Oceana Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, owned by [name removed] Current occupant: Barbara Hartwell.
[BHP: At one time I did indeed own a house at 17 Oceana Ave, located in Ocean Park, ME, NOT Old Orchard Beach. In fact, Fahey has posted any number of lies about the ownership of my former home. "Owned by an old man"..."owned by a member of the JBS"..."owned by Jack Knowles"... "owned by Frank Nulton"....and on and on....
None of whom EVER "owned" my home.
Fahey and his accomplice, Tim White, then started libeling another individual, in connection with Barbara Hartwell, whose name I have removed, now stating that he was the "owner" of my home. Wrong again. This individual has also  been criminally harassed for years by the demonic duo, Fahey and White. 
But the fact of the matter is that the ownership of my home is NONE OF FAHEY'S DAMN BUSINESS, nor is it the business of the general public.
Fahey and White plastered my UNLISTED PRIVATE  street address all over the Internet, along with photos of my house. Why? To solicit additional crimes of stalking and harassment by like-minded scum criminals.  As a result, I had thieves trespass on my property, stealing thousands of dollars worth of my possessions.
Then, their accomplices (other government stooges fueled by their malice against Barbara Hartwell), also jumped on the bandwagon and chimed in with their idiotic comments. These include Pamela Schuffert, Ken Adachi, James F. Marino, Craig Oxley.]
One of the idiots posting regularly on the "Unhived Mind" site chimes in:
[Barbara Hartwell] Isn't that the one that's always attacking Pam Schuffert?

We can't afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It's a do-or-die situation
We will be invincible
--Pat Benatar, "Invincible"
[BHP: So now, we have a bored "housewife" (as defined in a profile of "Alexandra") commenting on Barbara Hartwell, as she has done on numerous occasions. In her photo (which she has since replaced with an idiotic cartoon character) she appeared as a fat cow...and now she quotes some nonsense from Pat Benatar (as if this has some deep meaning) at the end of every stupid statement she makes.
Gee whiz, this moronic character really adds credibility to the Unhived Mind!]
Now, here's something interesting. This, posted on the Unhived Mind, claims to be from "Xena Carpenter". But it is the EXACT e-mail message sent by Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "friend of liberty")  from his own e-mail address, to Leonard Horowitz and posted on Sherri Kane's website.

"about a 57 minute long rant [13mb to download] of all sorts of vain garbage not to mentioned veiled elimination threats. My email commentary of this audio made Horowitz go on a rampage with name calling, police threats and even threatening to sue me for voicing my opinion. And just for that I will publish my commentary [and another email comment that Horrorditz didn't like] and Horrorditz can take his threats and blow them out of his new age butt…"
[BHP: I've often said that the bubble-headed buffoon, "Xena Carpenter" is an alias used by Todd Fahey. The above serves as evidence.]
Lastly, here is Todd Brendan Fahey, posting on another site "Freedom Underground", using one of his many screen names, "obvious". These lies also later appeared on the Unhived Mind site.

Todd Brendan Fahey [obvious] wrote:


Fuckin' finally.

Posted 08/07/2009 03:08:26 am EDT by obvious

To: obvious

Damn.. You are obsessed with this woman.

1   Posted 2009-08-08 23:13:12 by Jhoffa_

To: Jhoffa_

lulz. That's funny, coming from you.

I was happy, tho, upon finding out that her long-time boy-toy (owner of that house, [name removed]--after the cunt claimed for five years that she, herself, was the legal owner of the abode)--has cast her to the hard curb. Most importantly, Blabbles wrote on her Blabspot on June 12 that her days of posting are finis.

Sans computer, and absent a residence in which to hook it up, and deficient in $jacks$ with which to pay the bill...and with a dwindled number of persons who are today interested in lapping up her vomit, well, she's kinda rendered herself unnecessary.


2   Posted 2009-08-12 00:06:30 by obvious

[BHP: I had seen several of Fahey's libelous posts titled, 'Barbara Hartwell Homeless', which he plastered all over the Internet, during 2009; none of which I bothered to read. I recently  saw this one, posted on 'Freedom Underground', a site frequented by yet more useless idiots and scandal mongers; and on which Fahey has posted many, many outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, since 2004. 

1) FACT:  First of all, I was never "homeless".  At the time this was posted, I was living in the home I still OWNED.

2) FACT:  The person Fahey has been libeling (whose name I have removed), whom he idiotically describes as a "long-time boy-toy", was never any such thing in connection with Barbara Hartwell.

3) FACT: At no time was there any such situation as Fahey describes, as being "cast to the hard curb" by this individual.

As he has done many times, Fahey is merely fabricating lurid stories which he apparently thinks will discredit Barbara Hartwell.

The same lies about a so-called "long-time boy-toy" have been spread by the demonic duo, Todd  Fahey and Tim White, all over the Internet, including on the moronic "Xena Carpenter" site.

As for the Unhived Mind, Craig Oxley has memorialized Fahey's lies by posting one of these bogus "reports" (straight from the "Xena Carpenter" site) under the title CIA HARTWELL & [name removed]/LOVERS, in one of his forums, "AGENTS OF DECEPTION".

The individual referred to, and who is being viciously libeled by these slugs, is in fact a former professional associate, and has been a family friend for decades. I have never been "cast to the hard curb" by this person, and he has absolutely NOTHING to do with my current work. 

These useless idiots and scandal-mongers, as usual, have targeted another innocent person, harassing him and also spreading outrageous lies, even falsely accusing him of crimes.

Useless idiots: By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 14, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA