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Sunday, March 6, 2011

CIA/FBI Film-faker and Famous Church of Satan Agents Exposed in Mind Control Black-Op to Neutralize "Dissidents"

He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.
Proverbs 6:14-19

Last month an article written by Sherri Kane exposed a criminal cabal comprised of  COINTELPRO operatives and their cronies and minions.

Those named as the perps are some of the very same characters I have been exposing in my reports for the past decade. Most notorious among these criminals are former FBI chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson and one of his lackeys, predicate felon, fed snitch Timothy Patrick White.

What impressed me about this article was that Sherri Kane independently  came to the same conclusions --from her own experiences of being targeted by this criminal network, and from her own investigations-- as the ones I had drawn from my own intensive investigations over a period of years.

For me personally, it is a much welcomed corroboration of my own work, to which Sherri Kane has added a whole new dimension, of which I had barely scratched the surface. 

The only point with which I would take issue (and it a minor one) is that Tim White is not any sort of  "operative" or "agent", at least not of the professional variety, but rather a rank amateur, a lowlife career criminal who was recruited into Gunderson's operation after he was convicted of a felony in 2001. White was sentenced to four (4) years, but served only five (5) months.

White made a deal with corrupt feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, in return for becoming a stool pigeon/snitch. White has been harassing, stalking, slandering/libeling and threatening a designated 'hit list' of legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and genuine patriots ever since --specifically, those the government wants silenced and neutralized.  Could anything possibly be more despicable? Not in my book.

Because Sherri's article is designed to include quite a number of photos and graphics which would be difficult for me to reproduce on this site, rather than posting the article here, I have instead provided the link to the original website.

Great job, Sherri Kane!

CIA/FBI Film-faker and Famous Church of Satan Agents Exposed in Mind Control Black-Op to Neutralize "Dissidents" 

The article begins:

Los Angeles--In the "War on Terror," dark forces in the media control the masses by spreading fear, and this article exposes a C-grade filmmaker with ties to the CIA/FBI and Church of Satan advancing a mind-control operation to neutralize opposition. 

On Sunday, February 13th, at the "Conscious Life Expo, 2011," Church of Satan-linked CIA/FBI child molestation specialist, Ted Gunderson, working with fellow journalist and filmmaker, Anthony Hilder, exposed themselves during a failed attempt to extend a sting against celebrity doctor, Leonard G. Horowitz, in front of witnesses.

Read the entire article here:

Sherri Kane also presents evidence against some of these perps and their accomplices on another website:

To demonstrate the mentality of these lowlife freaks, and for some brief background, I have copied some of the material here. Most of it is self-explanatory. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP 

Sherri Kane wrote:

 On March 10, 2010 at 10:15 pm, after Dr. Horowitz and I got done with our BBS radio show, where we discussed this conspiracy, I received a phone call from True Ott’s associate and “barking dog”, Tim White. 

On the phone call, White referred to me as “Lenny’s Whore” and told me he was going to expose Dr. Horowitz and I, as lovers, in a sexual transcript, he was creating. I laughed loudly into the phone, and told him, he didn’t scare me. I told him he was desperate and grasping for straws. And I also told him that If anyone was a “whore,” it was him, since he was known to cross dress, as reported by the ex-CIA [Barbara Hartwell] reporter mentioned in my blog. He had many people listening in to the phone conversation, so he quickly hung up, embarrassed.

The very next morning at 6:37 AM on March 11th, I received this email [not given, see link] from Dr. True Ott, who in a Post Script, includes a similar libelous accusation, using it as a scare tactic. Apparently Tim White, was not able to scare me, so then True Ott is called to attempt to do the job.

In these emails from True Ott, he exposes himself as being a racist. True Ott’s group are a bunch of ignorant people that hide behind the Christian bible to discredit, degrade and divide, for the illuminati agenda.

This was a taped message created by the Agent Provocateurs to impersonate Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane:

From: Friend Liberty [Todd Fahey] <>
Date: Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 11:29 PMSubject: Dr. Len Horowitz got a pottie mouthTo: Tim White

"Funny. Apparently Dr. Len and his co-host Sherry Kane forgot to hang up the line, preventing another radio host (Don Nicoloff) from being able to get on-air.  The ensuing near-hour offers all manner of nastiness...   {Chuckle}  

about a 57 minute long rant [13mb to download] of all sorts of vain garbage not to mentioned veiled elimination threats. My email commentary of this audio made Horowitz go on a rampage with name calling, police threats and even threatening to sue me for voicing my opinion. And just for that I will publish my commentary [and another email comment that Horrorditz didn't like] and Horrorditz can take his threats and blow them out of his new age butt..."

[BHP: This so-called "friend of liberty" is Todd Brendan Fahey, an accomplice of Tim White since 2004, in criminal harassment and stalking of targets, especially Barbara Hartwell. This cowardly little government stooge, Fahey, hides behind many aliases and pseudonyms and rarely uses his real name. He  regularly engages in forgery and identity theft (as well as blackmail) so it comes as no surprise that he was involved in the engineering of this bogus "tape", in collusion with Tim White. Fahey is also the source of many of the libelous falsehoods and character assassination against those targeted by corrupt government agents and officials.

And given that Todd Fahey and his cohort, Tim White are by far the most fouled-mouthed individuals and most loathsome smut-mongers I've ever encountered, anywhere (the filth just oozes from their mouths and their keyboards like a tide of raw sewage --and they give a whole new meaning to the word "vulgarian"!) it is idiotic that they would try to plant this label on Dr. Leonard Horowitz.]

From: Donald Newsom <>Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:06 PM
Subject: Re: Dr. Len Horowitz got a pottie mouthTo: Friend Liberty <>Cc: Tim White <>

"Dear Friend of Liberty,

After listening to this audio file, I can say it doesn't sound like anyone I know.  It certainly doesn't sound like Dr. Horowitz or Sherri Kane.
And that lady who was talking doesn't work at this station.  We don't have a female engineer at this network.

I am sorry to burst your bubble here, but that's the truth of the matter.

BBS Network, Inc.
530-876-9146 direct line

Sherri Kane wrote:

In this email, Tim White searches out my residence, and then announces it in this mass emailing as threat. And he he CC’s me to makes sure I receive the “message.”

From: Tim White <>Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 9:10 AMSubject: CORRECTED RE-send // TIM WHITE EXPOSES HOROWITZ and KANE//Re: Conspiracy-Researchers Divided in Hostile-Factions.....

[BHP: I have copied Tim White's large e-mail list at the bottom of the page.]

ORIGINAL EMAIL HEADER...Subject: Re: Conspiracy-Researchers Divided in Hostile-Factions over "World Health Organization" & CIA Officials Assassinating Whistleblowers.

"hey Chuck - THANKS for defending the FACTUAL TRUTH here about ME and others - the FACTUAL TRUTH is what escapes TIE DYED PHONEY "Christian" KNIGHT of MALTA LOVEBOAT 528hz Lenny WHOREwitz and his PHONEY "investigative journalist NEVER with FOXNEWS in Los Angeles" LYING KNOBBING FLUFFER WHORE Sherri Kane aka CHERIE CAINE who lives in Torrance California (yea- I've GOT her home address - INTELIUS is GREAT for reverse phone number searches)....I have ALL of the original and UNALTERED email threads that PROVE HORRORwitz and his LYING SLUT "Sherri Kane" are LYING and now THEY WILL BE EXPOSED WORLDWIDE FOR WHAT THEY ARE...DECEIVING SATAN'S SNAKES BENEATH THE APPLE TREE OF EDEN....the PROOF BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT will be provided that HORRORwitz and CAINE are NOT "pacifists" and are NOT TRUTHFUL "truthseekers" when they USE THE VICIOUS LIES of KNOWN PROVEN LIARS and MAKE UP THEIR OWN VICIOUS LIES FOR GOOD MEASURE to HIDE WHAT THEY ARE....look at what I attached below your last comment Chuck - LOOK for this header below the double dotted RED LINE."

[BHP: Tim White and his fellow minions/stooges of Gunderson et al perpetrate monstrous  invasions of privacy against targets on a regular basis. White and his "other half" of the demonic duo, Todd Fahey, have published the UNLISTED, PRIVATE street addresses of Barbara Hartwell and many others, including talk show host Michael Herzog. Now (naturally) they're doing the same thing to Sherri Kane.

This pair of psycho stalkers, White and Fahey, use various websites to harass, invade privacy, and libel the targets, most notably a moronic disinfo site named "Xena Carpenter" (a pseuodnym used regularly by Todd Fahey) and the 'Unived Mind' owned and operated by another belligerent ignoramus and psycho, Craig Oxley. Then there is 'Friends of Liberty' (otherwise known as Friends of Obscenity) owned by Todd Fahey. These sites are rife with malicious gossip, outrageous libel and wild speculation against targets, as well as unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, but offer nothing whatsoever in the way of facts, evidence or even the slightest semblance of truth.]

From Tim White: 

dateThu, Aug 12, 2010 at 11:42 PM
11:42 PM (8 minutes ago)

"hey WHOREwitz...guess WHO a VERY good and VERY close friend of mine is in Los Angeles ?...why none other than TED GUNDERSON who has been FULLY informed of what YOU have been doing and today, I called the FBI to report what YOU and that VICIOUS LYING SLUT of yours did Tuesaday night ON AIR...GEEE....I'll BET you IDIOTS don't realize that you committed a VERY SERIOUS FELONY -actually running your LYING ASS MOUTHS ON AIR CALLING FOR MY MURDER and now I have an attorney in Long Beach who is also in receipt of the information he needs to file the FELONY charges on BOTH of you...another attorney in Lincoln Nebraska who is ALSO a friend of mine will also be brought into this and WHO is he you ask ?...well none other than JOHN DeCAMP...and there are MORE -MANY MORE people who are NOW AWARE of the LIES that you are passing along from a KNOWN LIAR such as PHONEY BarbaraHartwell....and did you KNOW that CHRISTOPHER STORY was a FRIEND OF MINE who I had been in contact with for the past 5 YEARS and that I was the one to FIRST warn him AWAY from that BUSH CRIME FAMILY PSYOP known as LEE EMIL WANTA aka LEO WANTA ? YOUR BIG PROBLEM is just beginning....I'll be in touch - ER - I mean the FBI will be in touch WITH BOTH OF YOU....BTW...I have the audio file from Tuesday night and so WILL the FBI and OTHER pertinent law enforcement will BOTH find out soon that the FACTS and the TRUTH are FAR different than the VICIOUS SLIME you BOTH put out....

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"

[BHP: Here, busybody, Town Crier and name-dropper Tim White  (who pretentiously touts himself as "Concerned Citizen, Researcher, Investigator, Whistleblower" --none of which "credentials" he comes even close to possessing) does his usual boasting about the IMPORTANT PEOPLE (at least in his view) he knows. "....why none other than TED GUNDERSON" ..."well none other than JOHN DeCAMP."

Who exactly is White trying to impress?  

It is really laughable that White is nothing but a little messenger boy, stooge and lackey for these criminal government operatives, but, G-Man wannabe that he is, he struts around dropping names as if he is some sort of "player", rather than the lowly pawn he actually is.

As usual, White makes impotent threats of legal action...and this entirely bogus 'solicitation of murder' charge is wearing thin...

He's used this ploy again and again and again...including against Barbara Hartwell. The irony here is that Tim White himself is notorious for felony threatening (death threats, that is) against many, many people. In conjunction with his criminal stalking activities, any number of restraining orders have been filed against him, including by Doreen Bishop and Janet Phelan.

And despite numerous legitimate criminal complaints filed against Tim White, and phone calls to various police agencies and FBI Field Offices all over the country (some of them by me personally)....guess what? This predicate felon and psycho stalker is still on the loose! Now, what does that tell you?

(I can't say I'd be disappointed, or shed any tears, were Tim White to be brought to room temperature, after he makes someone's day....I'd be popping the champagne cork! But no one I know of would participate in this kind of evil...except of  course White's criminal government masters and his fellow stooges. May they all reap what they have sown...)]

Tim White wrote:

"I DON'T "make things up" LIKE YOU AND YOUR PHONEY "investigative journalist" LYING WHORE ya got working with you - IN BED too it turns out and someone sent me THAT AUDIO FILE which PROVES THIS beyond a shadow of doubt....apparently - YOU LYING PHONEY WHOREwitz... you are NOT aware that I HAVE THE AUDIO FILE of that show and that YOU IN FACT WHERE CALLING FOR MY ELIMINATION(MURDER) ON AIR...perhaps you don't know WHO writer/author TODD BRENDAN FAHEY is - MORON...he's ANOTHER TARGET of the SAME HARTWELL'S LIES AND SLANDER AND LIBEL THAT YOU 2 LIARS ARE PASSING AROUND - DUMBASSES THAT YOU BOTH ARE...and I KNOW all about that THREATENING PHONE CALL YOU MADE JUST THE OTHER DAY TO TRUE OTT'S BUSINESS AND THREATENED HIS WIFE Joan...yea...a REAL"pacifist" and "LOVE/528" you are - LYING PHONEY FRAUD...I think that there's a few people with the BONNER COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT who need to get an email from me and I personally know a Lieutenant there with the BCSD...

Tim White."

[BHP: Tim White must really be getting desperate (and more delusional than ever) if he drops the name of his fellow stooge and whackjob,"TODD BRENDAN FAHEY", in hopes of impressing someone. As for Fahey being a "TARGET" of Barbara Hartwell? No more ludicrous statement has ever been made! In truth, this odious perp, this raving lunatic, Todd Fahey, has been relentlessly and obsessively stalking and harassing Barbara Hartwell for the past SEVEN YEARS. And as for his massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell? It is second to none (even you lose on that score, White Trash.)

Tim White's delusions are truly astounding!]

Sherry Kane wrote:

In this link the Agent Provocateurs are spreading disinformation about my name:

My name has never been Tamken-Kanzelberg.

Racist, Racist, Racist!  Character assassinating the messenger rather than refute the message, shows gross malice and divisiveness consistent with their knowledge of church of Satan, also known as the “Church of Stupid!”

They did a google search for “Sheri Kane” (spelled incorrectly; my first name is spelled with two “r’s”) (Sherri) They got their fake information from this site:

Note: This person is 53 years old, and I am not.
(Shows what shoddy researchers they are)

[BHP: Naturally, these pathological liars, Fahey and White, use the "Xena Carpenter" website to spew out their trash. Of course, they've done the same thing to me. Claiming that "Barbara Hartwell" is not my "real name", along with countless other lies and slurs, ad infinitum...

And yes, they are most certainly shoddy researchers. But then, their "work" is not about research at all, any more than it is about facts, or truth. It's all about misdirection, disinformation, character assassination and endless black propaganda against targets of the government and COINTELPRO.

What amazes me is that these Hotshot COINTELPRO perps can't get anyone better than these rank amateurs and criminal whackjobs like Fahey and White to do their dirty work...I guess since times are hard, they just don't have the budget for it...]

Next item: See this report for a comprehensive overview of Tim White

A True (But Stranger-than-Fiction) Crime Case: Tim White, the Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist


I first learned of a very strange and sinister character named Tim White in August 2001. Mr. White is a study in aberrant psychology and sexual perversion. He is also a convicted felon, now on probation in Denver Colorado.
But White's REAL claim to notoriety is promoting outlandish conspiracy theories.

In accordance with these conspiracy theories, White adamantly claims that I still work for CIA; that I have been deployed to spy on him --and that the Agency has deemed him a threat to "National Security". As a result of his bizarre beliefs, Mr. White has targeted me for criminal harassment; libel; slander; and even death threats, for all of which I have documented evidence and numerous witnesses.

My reason for writing this report is that I am damn sick and tired of this criminal pervert and his interference in my personal and professional business. I have done nothing whatsoever of a wrongful or unlawful nature that could possibly justify Tim White's continuous malicious harassment of me. I am no longer working for CIA. And any well informed and reasonable person would be hard pressed to understand why on earth CIA would waste its time or resources to deploy a high-level operative (such as the one I used to be) to target an inconsequential amateur like White.

In fact, White does not know me and has never met me. But due to the serious damages I have incurred, resulting from White's strange fixation on me, I have every intention of putting Mr. White and his co-conspirators out of business --at least out of the business of harassing me, my friends, professional colleagues and family members.

As all of us who have been targeted by him agree, Mr. White is a man who needs to learn to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS and to respect the personal boundaries of others. If he wants to promote his wild conspiracy theories, fine --as long as he does so without invading the privacy of innocent people. But apparently he will have to learn the hard way. 

Because I have no doubt there will be some very unpleasant consequences for his relentless, unconscionable interference and his meddling in situations which are NONE of his business. It's called CRIMINAL HARASSMENT and I intend to see to it that Mr. White is prosecuted for his crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

If Mr. White feels it necessary to take on CIA, because he is deluded into believing they are out to get him, then perhaps he should seek treatment for his mental illness. But one way or another, I will make it my business to get him off MY case.

Lastly, I simply must share this gem with the readers. I found it last night, and while reading it I laughed so hard I got a stitch in my side and nearly fell off my chair!  Yet MORE outraged targets of stalking and harassment by Tim White. No additional comments from me are necessary....they've expressed my sentiments exactly.

Public Notice: Tim White, Cointelpro-related agent of disinformation, exposed by organizers of Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference

"To all recipients of the original e-mail sent by the person known as Tim White, forwarded to me by Alfred Webre.

I do not owe Mr Webre any favours of any sort, in fact, I have not talked to him in over a year. Nor, for that matter, do I owe Tim White any explanations nor apologies and nothing contained here should be construed as such.

Nonetheless, I have been drawn into this by an apparent mad man known as Tim White. He has been a pain in the ass from the moment he first announced (about a week before the conference, via telephone) that he would be attending the conference and who has been reporting lies and disinformation to Eric Jon Phelps ever since, and who appears to have soaked these up and perpetuated them widely on the Internet.

Please be informed that I was the organizer and coordinator of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22nd to 24th, 2007 in Vancouver, BC Canada at the Maritime Labour Centre.  I am a concerned citizen activist doing my part to help inform my fellow citizens about what I have discovered about 9/11.  I was, at one time, a Peace Officer. I also worked for many years in Private Security and as a Private Investigator. No Mr. Phelps, I am not even Catholic, much less a friggin Jesuit!  So don't start any of your malicious gossip with me.

The Vancouver conference is widely acclaimed as being the best and most well organized 9/11 conference ever, and the first one to have not lost money. I am damn proud of that!  You have no freaking idea how much time and work I freely put into it (totally unpaid!) and what I endured and sacrificed personally to make that conference happen, and I will not stand for the likes of this lunatic Tim White (nor for that matter, the uninvited infiltrator Mr. Yamamoto) besmirch my reputation, nor the reputation of that conference which served to spawn the 9/11 Truth movement here in Canada.

Mr. Alfred Webre was one of approximately 18 invited speakers / presenters at this conference. Mr. Webre is a Vancouverite with his own local radio show on CoOp Radio. He wrote a paper with David Ray Griffin called the 9/11, called the 9/11 Independent Prosecutors Act, which was the primary reason he was invited. Unlike some others who presenteed there, he was not paid one cent to speak there. He is friends with Leuren Moret and several others who had been speaking out about Depleted Uranium. After some negotiation with him, it was agreed that we would include a symposium on the topic of DU. A number of people in the Vancover group were interested in this. So it came to pass.

Dennis Kyne was then added to the speakers list.  Dr. Bill Deagle, who was already invited to speak about 9/11 and the NWO, was also asked to speak about DU, which he did. This symposium and the speakers I just mentioned is apparently what caught Mr. White`s attention. Mr. Webre did assist me in communications with Ms. Moret and helped to insure that she would attend, as I am sure she willl attest to. Together they sent out several press releases announcing that they would be speaking at the conference. Mr. Webre also interviewed me on his radio show. That was the extent of his involvement in the conference, and anyone who says otherwise is a lying sack of shit.

A person calling himself Tim White left several messages on the answering machine that he was planning on attending the conference and was concerned with a number of disinformation agents (or words to that effect). We did not reply to him. I did, however, do some checking on him and found that he was a public menace, has been charged with harassment and had restraining orders against him, and that he was probably in Canada illegally.  I queried a number of speakers about him and found that he had been harassing them for some time. I obtained a picture of him and advised my fellow volunteer staff members to watch out for him and not allow him in. It appears, however, that we had an infiltrator working as a volunteer, and so he was allowed in. Once in, he headed straight for a number of our speakers, who were visibly uncomfortable with him being there.

I personally told him that he was unwelcome and asked him to leave and to not return. He left, but he did later return. I observed him for a while and asked Dennis Kyne, who happened to be outside, if he knew the man. Kyne, as I recall (it was almost a year and half ago) indicated that he had been stalked and harassed by White for several years. I then went inside and called the VPD, not RCMP, with a description of White and asked them to remove him from the premises. White saw me on the phone and left promptly. Why? I wonder, eh. The police did attend, they took a statement from me and gave me a file number, in case White returned. To my knowledge he did not.

For about a year after that, I was harassed on the telephone and with text messages. I have no other enemies. I have friends all across Canada and the USA, including present and former Peace Officers and Private Investigators. Not enemies!

READ CAREFULLY: If I, or any member of my family, or anyone close to me becomes the subject of stalking or harassment in any form whatsoever, I will presume that Tim White is the culprit or instigator and will take legal action against him. I am forwarding a copy of this e-mail to the VPD along with the file number of the incident with Mr. White in 2007. I will also reference the name Eric Jon Phelps as a possible suspect and give my reasons therefore.

All receiving this e-mail should consider themselves as witnesses. You have been warned Mr. White and Mr. Phelps - leave me, my family and friends alone. Go back to your asylum or whatever rock it is that you crawled out underneath from, take your meds and ....Get a life!

This is the ONE and ONLY statement I shall make publicly on this matter. NO REPLY from ANYONE mentioned above, nor any recipient of this is welcome.

Nor do I give ANYONE permission to use my name in anyway, shape or form in regard to this or anything else. I am a private person, not a public official, nor on anyone`s payroll, nor did I profit in any way from that conference, nor from anything I am doing presently as an activist ...unlike many of you.

Cease an desist immediately! Or I will see you in court.

Wayne Prante"

CAMPAIGN <> wrote:
"Tim White - Hi! I have no idea why - other than to call attention to yourself - you are continuing to beat this dead horse. I had no authority to ban you from the v9/11 conference and did not request to do so.  My attention at that conference was focused on my talk and on my message.

If Wayne Prante did call the RCMP, it was at his own initiative, not at mine.  I was a speaker, not one of the organizers.  This is the first notice I have that the RCMP were called to the v9/11 conference, and I am copying Wayne Prante, organizer of the v9/11 Conference,  on this email so that he may verify if that is true.

If you have any witnesses to the contrary I request to confront them face to face in Vancouver, B.C. under oath.  Otherwise, I request that you stop harassing me.  Your use of profanities and foul language demeans our cause and my colleagues and underscores the malignancy behind your continued harassment and verbal threats.

Thank you for your attention.

Alfred Webre
Vancouver, BC
Oct. 4, 2008"
TIM WHITE'S LIST OF E-MAIL RECIPIENTS (harassing e-mails to Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz)
To: LENNY'S WHORE <>, LOVEBOAT 528hz LENNY WHOREwitz <>, Benjamin Fulford <>, David Icke <>, Doug Newsom <>, Eric Jon Phelps <>, Greg Szymanski <>, Henry Makow <>, Henry Makow <>, Jane Burgermeister <>, Ken Vardon <>, Ken Adachi <>, Lenny Bloom <>, Lenny Bloom <>, Rayelan <>, Rayelan <>, Rayelan <>,,, Don Newsom <>
Cc:,, Sherri Kane <>, Robert Millegan <>, Jonathan Mark <>,,,, Xena Carpenter <>, Deon Masker <>,, Anthony Hilder <>, Bobby Garner <>,, CLAY DOUGLASS <>, Craig Roberts <>,, David Hawkins <>, David Martin <>, David Smith <>,,,, Field McConnell <>, George Hunt <>, Gianni D Hayes <>, Gordon DuffUSMC-ret <>, Greg Farber <>, Greg Evensen <>, H Michael Sweeney <>, Ingri Cassel <>, J Strider <>, "J. Speer-Williams" <>, "J. Striderus" <>, Jim Rothstein <>, Jim Dierbeck <>, Joe Calhoun <>, Joe McNeil <>, John DeCamp <>, joseph derer <>, MICHELLE RAY <>, Michelle Ray <>, Peter Tscherneff <>, polly cady <>, Robert Reagan <>, Robert Hender Jr <>, Sherry Shriner <>, Smokey Belveal <>, Tim Hagiwara <>, Tobias Davidson <>, Todd Brendan Fahey <>, Tom Reisinger <>, Yolanda Gibson-Michaels <>, George Karavelis <>
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA