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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anthony Hilder and Ted Gunderson: Damage Control Propaganda Video

Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder
Last month Sherri Kane published an article titled CIA/FBI Film-faker and Famous Church of Satan Agents Exposed in Mind Control Black-Op to Neutralize "Dissidents".
Also see my commentary (published on this site) on Sherri's article, in which I further expose some of the criminals connected to the conspiracy, most  notorious among them, predicate felon, psycho stalker Tim White, one of the lackeys and "attack dogs" of Ted Gunderson et al who has been harassing and threatening Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz for at least the past year. 
Sherri Kane's article exposed former FBI chief Ted Gunderson, his longtime crony, Anthony Hilder, and others who are operatives and minions of the COINTELPRO, of which Gunderson has been the Kingpin, going all the way back to his service in the FBI.  As I've often stated, Ted Gunderson: Ex officio COINTELPRO, De facto COINTELPRO.
And although I personally did not participate in the writing of this article, Sherri Kane used some of my material as a source, which happened to corroborate her own conclusions, drawn from her  personal experience and investigations.
For over a decade, Ted Gunderson, my former friend and professional colleague, has been libeling and slandering Barbara Hartwell in both electronic and print media, as well as at public speaking engagements on the lecture circuit. Ted claims I am a "CIA disinfo agent" (among other slurs).
Now, in response to Sherri Kane's article, Gunderson and Hilder have made a video, posted on You Tube. I watched the video twice, and took notes from the audio. Here's my review.
Let the Truth Be Told
Anthony J. Hilder
Hilder's video opens with a voice-over of himself speaking to Ted Gunderson. Next, Gunderson's outraged face appears on the screen, in a dramatic denunciation of poison falling from the skies!
That was "the hook".
The actual topic of the video is the purported "libel and slander" by Sherri Kane against Hilder, Gunderson and their colleagues. But "the hook" is designed to generate outrage in the audience, so that when they hear Hilder's testimony against Kane, they will continue feeling outraged, though there is no connection between the two topics. It's one of the oldest propaganda tricks in the book.
Following Gunderson's speech, this text comes up on the screen:
"Concerning the Attacks Upon my Friends Ted Gunderson, Alex Jones and myself by Dr. Len Horowitz's Lady, Sherri Kane."
The entire video (roughly one half hour) is comprised of a close-up (too close) of Anthony Hilder talking, with occasional still photos of the individuals being discussed, including Ted Gunderson, Alex Jones, Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane.
Near the beginning of the video, Hilder sets the stage with a dramatic announcement: "We're in another war, World War Three --for the minds of America's masses."
Hilder then segues into a glowing report about Ted Gunderson's FBI  credentials, and states that Ted is an old friend who has "joined with me in many ventures". "Air Crap" (what a name!), being one of them.
But as Hilder presses on, he does not really address any of the issues brought up by Sherri Kane in her article. Instead, he attacks the messenger. 
Hilder presumptuously launches off into what seems to be an amateur psychoanalysis of Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, with emphasis on denigrating Sherri Kane. He insults her appearance, her intellect, her character, and uses gratuitous vulgar language to describe her relationship with Horowitz, making her out to be some sort of brainless bimbo out to snare a man, namely Dr. Horowitz. His brazenly misogynistic attitude is absolutely appalling!
In the beginning of the video, Hilder pretends to have forgotten Sherri's name. He calls her "Shelly"..."Shelly, is that her name?... Or is it "Sherri"?  A voice in the background "corrects" him, stating that her name is "Sherri". This was obviously contrived to make it appear that Sherri is so inconsequential that he doesn't even remember her name. But then, why take the time and trouble to make a video denouncing and insulting her?
The video goes on...and on... in this vein (personally, I found it quite tiresome and kept hoping it would end) and contains little more than Hilder's attempts to discredit Sherri Kane, NOT by presenting facts, evidence or even reasonable arguments, but by sensationalizing the issue and trying to turn it into some sort of  'sex scandal'.
Hilder, absurdly, even compares Sherri Kane to Monica Lewinsky! As if Dr. Horowitz were a Bill Clinton, seduced and taken in by a designing woman.
With lots of dramatic affectations (eye-rolling and derisive snorting) Hilder tries to dismiss any allegations made by Sherri Kane, as if they are not worthy of his time to comment upon. In this way, he hopes to marginalize her, without ever really addressing the issues.
Another ploy used by Hilder is to boast of his accomplishments. He boasts that "my films initiated this movement" (presumably the "truth" movement). He also claims that he was the FIRST, "in the history of the world", to expose the existence of the Illuminati, in 1967. Which is laughable to those of us who have known all about them (from personal experience), even since childhood. In 1967, I was 16 years old, and the Illuminati weren't news to me. Nor did I need the likes of Anthony Hilder to "expose" them.
Hilder dramatically states that he and Ted Gunderson are "trying to save this country!"  He says that it's just "crazy" that anyone could believe that he or his buddy Ted, could possibly be "infiltatrators" for the FBI or CIA.
Hilder wraps up by looking directly into the camera, now having dismissed the very idea of what he has tried to represent as the foolishness of Sherri Kane, and intoning: 
"We need your help to change it." "Save the world. Awaken the world. Prepare to win or prepare to die."
My assessment? I wasn't impressed. The hokey propaganda was not even remotely convincing and his ploys were far too transparent to take seriously. 
Maybe Mr. Hilder should stay behind the camera instead of presenting himself as the "talent" in front of it.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 16, 2011
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