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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Busybody: A Tale of "Christian" Warriors and their Valiant Battle Against CIA Satanists

"I am blazing mad over all that dear Irene told me these CIA/Satanist idiots have been constantly pulling on her. Barb...THIS IS WAR! What a terrible situation she has been living in! I am getting prayer across the nation for you ALL at this critical time period. I remain outraged over this. Go have fun kicking in some teeth if they continue to mess with her...or ANY of you!
Much love to You, to Jeff and Irene. I know you are all for real. GUNDERSON is a sick man and a real problem. I am on my vast PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA to meet Christian intecessors and to pray for our nation in this critical hour. I will include prayer for you and Irene too. God bless, Pam"
--E-mail from Pam Schuffert to Barbara Hartwell (2002)
Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.
1 Timothy 5:13
A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.
Proverbs 11:13
A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends.
Proverbs 16:28
This report exposes a "Christian" busybody who has wreaked havoc in the lives of people who are targets of the U.S. government, most notably CIA. But before I get into that, I find it important to comment on the fundamental nature of busybodies. As I'm sure regular readers of my reports are aware, busybodies have in many ways been the bane of my existence.  As I've often said, I am a fierce defender of my privacy and personal boundaries. Privacy is second only to Liberty, by my way of thinking, and an integral part of that Liberty (always with a capital L!) If there's one thing I can't abide, it's a busybody!
Busybodies very simply do not respect the privacy and personal boundaries of others and that is where the trouble always begins. By extension, they do not respect the God-given rights and liberties of others. They are snoops,  gate-crashers, meddlers and gossips. Their mentality is that of the collectivist, rather than the Individualist. Draw your line in the sand and the busybody, guaran-damn-teed, will cross it!
During the course of my life I have known dozens and dozens of busybodies, most of which I have avoided like the plague.  However, some have come into my life offering their 'support' and 'friendship', usually at the times I was most vulnerable (for one reason or another) and because they seemed sincere, I let down my guard. And unfortunately for me, there was always hell to pay.
Because I've been trained to analyze intelligence (as well as people --better known as 'psychological profiling') I have developed a basic profile of busybodies, based on my observations and personal/professional experience, over a period of many years. I call this profile the Archetypal Busybody --and just see if it doesn't fit like a glove in reference to someone you know --a coworker, a friend, even a family member.
Firstly, busybodies lack self-esteem. Consequently, they look to others for validation and ego-gratification; lacking basic personal integrity and healthy ego-strength, they become approval-seekers and people-pleasers.  They are desperately seeking attention from others --in a nutshell, they want to "Be Somebody" in the eyes of the World.
Busybodies often feel 'empty' inside, so they seek to fill their own emptiness by 'vampirizing' the energies and the substance of those around them. For this reason, busybodies are often overweight; food becomes a substitute for the esteem they cannot seem to win from others, no matter how hard they try. This is a futile and self-defeating pattern, but no matter how many times they fail, the busybodies keep running around in circles, hoping something will turn out different, though it never does. Nobody worth their salt can respect a busybody, as they don't respect themselves --and it shows.
Busybodies are envious of others, whose strength, intelligence, talents, or accomplishments they covet. But instead of working to develop these qualities in themselves, they tend to merely imitate those they envy, as well as attaching themselves to these individuals, as supporters or promoters, hoping that by association, they will be noticed and gain the approval they seek. They are coattail riders and name-droppers.
Busybodies, lacking spiritual/intellectual discernment, become followers of prevailing  social/political/religious trends, rather than thinking for themselves or acting on principle. Rather than recognizing the ultimate truth of moral absolutes, busybodies are morally ambiguous and employ various "approaches" such as flattery, manipulation and "social engineering" to achieve their ends. To a busybody, the ends justify the means.
Busybodies traffic in gossip and hearsay (he said, she said...then he said, then she said...blah blah blah....) parroted from others, rather than seeking facts and evidence from which to draw solid conclusions.
Busybodies are ruled predominantly by their emotions, rather than by reason or principle. Because they do not even ACKNOWLEDGE (much less respect) personal boundaries, they tend to project their feelings (good or bad), their shortcomings, their character flaws, onto others. Consequently, they often falsely accuse others of what is true of themselves, and/or falsely assume that the motivations of others are the same as their own. Because they feel empty inside, and live in constant fear of what they lack (which they are looking to others to supply) they become fear-mongers, "Chicken Littles", who glory in being the Town Crier (Look at me! You heard it here first!) whenever they perceive that the sky is falling. And in the twisted psyche of the busybody, the sky is ALWAYS falling.
Because their focus is predominantly on the affairs and business of others, and "ministering to" or "taking care" of the needs of others, rather than seeking a true vocation or profession of their own, busybodies tend to gravitate to certain types of jobs where they will be expected to "organize" certain areas of others' lives, "assist" or "support" them in various ways. Busybodies are seeking "credit" for "getting things done."
From my observations, busybodies often become secretaries; home health care aides; insurance, real estate or travel agents; social workers, etc. etc. (FYI: I am not denigrating these lines of work per se; I am certainly not implying that everyone involved in them is a "busybody"; I am only stating my general observations, for cause.)
When confronted with their inappropriate/unacceptable behavior (which happens sooner or later)  busybodies will usually become angry, defending their actions (which are indefensible by any reasonable standards) rather than acknowledge that they have done something wrongful. If they can't even  ACKNOWLEDGE that they have overstepped their bounds, it follows that they will continue the same offensive behavior... that is,until such time that the offended parties have had enough, and walk away. Then, the busybody will attack the offended person with gossip and slander...."After all I've done for him!.... "After all the sacrifices I made for her"...,etc. etc.
Busybodies often see themselves as "do-gooders" and make excuses for their meddling, their  invasions of privacy, their relentless dispensing of unsolicited advice, their violations of confidence, claiming that they "are only trying to help."
But make no mistake: The root of the busybody's inappropriate and unacceptable behavior is AGGRESSION.
The psychopathology of an aggressor is simple: Only an aggressor will show up on your doorstep unannounced and uninvited, or crash a gate; put pressure on others to conform to certain beliefs or agendas; snoop into the private affairs of others; interfere where they have no business; presume to "decide" for others or  become an unwanted mouthpiece for others; become an unwanted intermediary or matchmaker, a talebearer whose indiscretions always, always do harm rather than "good".
As far as I am concerned AGGRESSION is the root of all evil.  And aggression is a slippery slope.
The extremes of aggression are tyranny, stalking, torture, rape and murder. So when I rant against the injustices perpetrated by busybodies, I mean business!
Pam Schuffert touts herself as a "journalist" and a "Mighty Warrior for Jesus Christ". But judging from my own experiences with Pam, nothing could be further from the truth.  As I learned, the hard way, Pam is a nosy, pushy, loudmouthed, meddlesome busybody who enjoys nothing so much as the drama of  being a "Town Crier" regarding other people's business --and especially their woes.
I first encountered Pam around 2000 when she tried to bulldoze her way into my life, using her association with a "Christian" minister named Ron Garon, who at that time was my webmaster. (As you read on, it will become clear why I place the word "Christian" in quotation marks.)
Pam did not know me, but had been reading my website, and in typical holier-than-thou, busybody fashion, took it upon herself to decide that I needed to be "ministered to", which objective she aggressively pursued.
I was outraged when Ron Garon (unfortunately, another busybody) gave my PRIVATE telephone number to Pam, after I had made it crystal clear that he was to keep my contact info in confidence. After I gave Ron Garon hell for his indiscretion, I subsequently received a written apology by e-mail from Pam, who had left several unwanted messages on my answering machine.
I accepted Pam's apology (I saw no reason not to), but looking back on it, I should have known better than to let her into my life.  I had made it very clear to both Pam Schuffert and Ron Garon that I did not need or want any "ministering" from them.  As politely as I could, I explained that my relationship with God was just that --MY relationship; and that I did not share their particular set of what I perceived as literalist, legalist, fundamentalist "Christian" beliefs. But like all fundamentalist busybodies (every single one that I have ever known, and I've known plenty), they just couldn't seem to stop themselves from proselytizing, in their efforts to "convert" me.
I finally had to cut Ron Garon off when I learned that he had called former FBI chief Ted Gunderson (2001) and discussed my private business, after I left home (at that time, Woodstock, NY) as a result of a death threat.  I had gone to a 'safe house' in another state, until I could determine whether or not the threat was credible. But the last thing I needed was not being able to trust my own webmaster, especially having explained to him that I no longer trusted Gunderson, which is why I had broken off my three-year professional  association with him early in 2000.
But back to Pam Schuffert.  She had offered her 'support' and 'friendship' at a time when I was under seige on several fronts, not the least of which was CIA's efforts to neutralize me. She seemed sincere and at the time I believed she meant well. For some reason, Pam seemed to be focused on CIA, and 'supporting' those former CIA (whistleblowers) who had somehow managed to get out without getting killed in the process.
In 2002, I found it necessary to make a trip to North Carolina, where my sister Irene was being harassed, stalked and terrorized by CIA agents, two in particular, Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra, who just "happened" to move right next door to my sister and her husband, shortly after they had relocated there from another state several years earlier.
Shortly before this time, I had exposed these CIA agents (who claimed to be "retired") by name on my website, after a five year investigation, during which time I interviewed witnesses and  developed the evidence. When these CIA scumbags threatened to sue me for "libel", I published a rebuttal of their contentions from a formal letter to me, further exposing their felonious  criminal actions.  They then made a formal "criminal complaint" against me in North Carolina in which they alleged that Barbara Hartwell was "inciting violence and terrorism".
(By the way, "terrorist" is the word the government loves to slap on anyone who exposes, or stands in defiance of, their crimes, corruption or coverups. I had been accused of this many times, by the FBI, Air Force Intelligence and other government entities.) 
My objective was simply to STOP these REAL terrorists (CIA agents) from doing further harm to my sister, by shutting down their operation. 
I had traveled to North Carolina by car with with a bodyguard, Jeff Swedenburg, former Special Forces, who ironically was the same man who had been falsely accused of being the "CIA assassin" sent to kill me. This bogus death threat had first been relayed to me by Kurt and Lee Ann Billings (April 2001), and later by the notorious predicate felon, fed snitch, Tim White (August 2001), who appeared to have been the original 'source'.
The death threat was entirely bogus, as I learned when I tracked down Jeff Swedenburg myself and asked if he had any 'business' with me. That was when I learned of the connection between Tim White and Ted Gunderson, along with some of Gunderson's other minions and cronies (including Doug Millar, DCS, and CIA agent Don Stacey, both of whom had previously targeted me) ,who were part of a containment op and protection racket run against former intelligence professionals the government wanted to neutralize.
During the time of this trip (a hellish experience!), I maintained contact with Pam Schuffert. I had also introduced her to my sister (which I soon came to regret) because Pam had expressed 'concern' for her plight.
But let me get right to the point of this report. Little did I know at the time that Pam Schuffert would become not a source of 'support' for me, my sister, or anyone else involved in the situation (the good guys, that is) but rather a major liability. Pam stirred up a world of trouble with her snooping and meddling, but worst of all, her betrayal of sensitive information told to her in confidence, and the lurid gossip she spread all over the Internet in her "reports."
Some time later, when I finally confronted Pam and told her in no uncertain terms to STOP her meddling, her publishing of hearsay and gossip, and her violations of personal confidences, she instead switched her allegiance and took up with some of my enemies, all of whom were hell-bent on discrediting Barbara Hartwell. And naturally, she fell right into line with these government-sponsored liars and accused me of being a "CIA disinfo agent".
Eventually, Pam threw in her lot with Ted Gunderson (having been drawn into his protection racket) and began promoting him as a "good guy".  She continued her association with Larry Lawson, now posting outrageous lies in his "newsletter", along with vicious character assassination, against Barbara Hartwell. She became a regular contributor  to 'Educate-Yourself' (a misnomer if ever there was one!), run by government stooge Ken Adachi, the primary PR shill for COINTELRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson and his FBI/CIA cronies.
But Pam didn't stop there. She started harassing me with unwanted e-mail, which promoted her website, American Holocaust, on which she published more outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell and Jeff Swedenburg, claiming (among many other lies) that he was a "CIA assassin" (exactly the same lie spread by Tim White).
But it got even worse than that...Pam Schuffert joined forces with predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho stalker, Tim White, and travelled across the country with him to Idaho. Their target? Investigative journalist Janet Phelan, who had been targeted for persecution/neutralization by corrupt feds and cops...and by none other than Ted L. Gunderson!
Unbelievable. I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up....
Is criminal stalking the type of activity that Pam Schuffert considers to be part of her much-touted "Christian PRAYER JOURNEY  ACROSS AMERICA"?
Get behind me, Satan!
Pam Schuffert, during the time I was in contact with her, took it upon herself to "report"  everything she heard from me (including what was told to her in confidence) to various e-mail lists, and post her "reports" on various message boards, even though I had not given her my permission to do so. If I want to expose personal information, that is my business, and no one else's.
In fact, during the time I was away from home, I had no idea what she was up to until I was apprised of her "reporting" by certain concerned friends who had been reading all this on the Internet, or had received newsletters by e-mail.
One of Pam's cohorts was her "Christian brother", Larry Lawson aka Loony Larry aka Lyin' Larry, another big fat busybody who produces a "Christian"/patriot newsletter, Larry Lawson News. 
Loony Larry, as I later learned, is a criminal (just like his pal, Tim White) who "made a deal" with feds to get out of doing jail time, in Lawson's case, for "felony threatening" of the president.
Lawson (like White) was tasked with targeting certain legitimate whistleblowers and journalists, sincere patriots and Christians, whom the government wanted to neutralize, for libel/slander campaigns and criminal harassment. Larry's "mission" was to discredit us all.
Among Lawson's designated targets are: former CIA Barbara Hartwell; former FBI Geral Sosbee; constitutional activist Rick Stanley; JBS leader John Perna. 
Like his accomplice Tim White, Lawson has been on my case for a decade. Lawson claims I am "CIA"; "COINTELPRO"; a "government spook" and on and on in this vein....
Here are some excerpts from Pam Schuffert's "reports" on Larry Lawson News. Much of what she has written here was told to her IN CONFIDENCE by either my sister or myself. Some of what she has written is only her own "spin" on the events, her unfounded assumptions, and/or her twisting of the facts into a parody of the truth.
In fact, if this material had not already been published (not only on Larry Lawson News, but all over the Internet) I wouldn't use it in this report. But since it has, I will let it serve as evidence of the mentality of this loudmouthed, aggressive Busybody from Hell, Pam Schuffert.
Note that at the time of these "reports", Pam was clearly stating her "support" of Barbara Hartwell et al. She was also vociferously denouncing Ted Gunderson.
As for Larry Lawson, his M.O. is to feign "objectivity" (Let the readers decide for themselves!) and to place his comments in parentheses, right inside the main body of text, so it is often hard to tell who is actually speaking --which is a purposeful ploy to create confusion.
[Aside: The way it is done, Loony Larry, is to use brackets, to CLEARLY separate one person's comments from another.]
Then, there are the comments of anonymous individuals (Internet busybodies and gossips) chiming in. Judging from the idiocy of some of these 'commentators', it's not hard to see how these false rumors about Barbara Hartwell proliferate. But then, that's exactly the point....
I will only make a few comments, as I think the foolishness of these busybodies speaks loudly and clearly for itself! My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
"By the way, Larry, many are those who are out to deliberately spread lies and misinformation against those coming successfully out of such CIA programs such as Barbara Hartwell. They seek to destroy her credibility so that the public will not beleive her, as she attempts to expose this stuff. Maybe I don't know the WHOLE truth about her (who CAN?) But I have spent MUCH time talking to Irene, her sister, and Irene IS a beautiful Christian who used to travel with a Christian music ministry outreach, and I know she is VERY genuine.

However, we are BOTH sure her (Irene's) husband is a CIA "arranged marriage" (which she did not know at first, but believes now) and she can expect NO HELP from him in this crisis I emailed to you. I love her dearly. And she has admitted to me that God is not finished working in Barbara's life yet and there may be unpolished rough edges in her life. Regardless, IRENE IS REAL, she is precious, and  I am sick over her plight as I listen to her pour out her heart to me hour after hour on the phone. 
SO please join with me in prayer for Irene, and stand in the gap for her in this hour of deadly crisis. Our love and our prayers CAN make a difference. And surely we must.

PLEASE take the time to pray for IRENE ADRIAN of WILMINGTON, NC. And pray for her sister, Barbara Hartwell, also endangered apparently.
God bless,
Pam Schuffert"
(I point out here that all Pam is asking for people to do is PRAY for Irene!!!  This we're asked to do for our ENEMIES as well as those that are not.  NO HARM IN THAT IS THERE??  Now, I know nothing personally about them so I'm naturally obliged to post ALL material that I think is relevant both pro and con.  The CIA are such scumsucking deceiving murderous snakes that anything is possible.  This goes DOUBLE for the Israeli MOSSAD!! And it doesn't surprise me that her sister would be targeted as they look for families that have had histories of 'abuse.'  So it's logical to assume that if Barbara was targeted, her sister Irene would be vulnerable also.  If you haven't read about some of these victims of MK-Ultra and other CIA 'programs', you have limited knowledge of the depth of their EVIL!)
From ANONYMOUS POSTER 1 on Larry Lawson News
"I am telling you this person [Barbara Hartwell] has had about three different photgraphs of herself on the web and they do not look alike. 
Also, I just called my friend in Ny about barbara and he said she is in her fifties!!!!!!!!!"
"This letter about hartwell is a lie as everything about her is.  She worked for the cia black ops...ask anyone. I know someone who actually knows her.
She may or may not be faking the getting away from them thing but truthfully...she was involved in black ops and all I can say is that alone should tell us all that she is no polly pureheart that is being targetted.  SHE WAS INVOLVED IN TORTURING PEOPLE HERSELF and it turned on her. She claims it turned on her (they turned on her) because she refused to cooperate. Nonsense.  If you have security clearance and are in the know and attempt to leave they KILL YOU.
Firthermore, I personally emailed her and I told her what I thought about some of the DISINFORMATION she was spreading on the web to the other victims and guess what larry...she never responded and I was pretty mild so that summed it up for me.
Also, she goes around telling people that these websites which contain her photos are what she looks like.  NOT, she is an old bag now and she is a liar.  Lotsa info on her out there really.
If you want to post my comment on her it is cool with me but it will very likely bring you alot of trouble as she has got alot of victims believing in her does a few of her friends like wes thomas whom I already proved is a huge disinfo person on the topic of mind control."
[BHP: Only a few comments to the idiot who wrote this garbage: 1) I have never, at any time, been involved in "torturing" anyone. 2) I do not know Wes Thomas, have never met or spoken to him, nor had any contact with him. 3) Any photos of myself posted on the Internet were current, at the time. Whether I am "an old bag", I guess people will have to judge for themselves.]
(Yesterday I posted on Barbara Hartwell, I got this back in response:)
From ANONYMOUS POSTER 3 on Larry Lawson News
"about 3 years ago, i attended a seminar at a hotel in nj, hosted by kurt billings. one of the speakers was barbara hartwell. if that was truly her, she is certainly no old bag. maybe about 35 and in fine shape. her story seemed credible and some dickhead in the audience actually asked her if she had ever killed anybody. she kind of said something to the effect of 'do you really want to find out?' and that was the end of it....but meeting barbara and one of the other speakers was the best part."
[BHP: At the time of the seminar in N.J., I was 50 years old, not 35.]
(To be perfectly honest, I don't know who you can trust.  I don't trust Kurt Billings. Fritz Springmeier has been arrested and hassled for getting out GOOD information and Kurt has attacked him and Ted Gunderson who also SEEMS to be a good guy.  Though others have said Ted is NOT a good guy....Only God knows our true hearts eh?)
Larry, here is news as it happens. Barbara Hartwell's sister, Irene,  has been under severe attack by her CIA tormentors and their Satanist side-kicks in Wilmington, NC. Both Barbara and Irene have been victims of CIA programming since infancy, and both managed in later years to break out. BUT both have been under severe attack.

And now, poor Irene (a sweet and gentle and beautiful Christian who previously traveled in a music ministry) has been brutally attacked by her CIA neighbors and their accomplices. Her husband left her to go to Taiwan "on business", and the enemy has  used her aloneness and helplessness to attack her repeatedly, including being tazered, injected, and more. She can be triggered by just ONE word into total compliance, etc., and so when she goes out to walk her dog, they come out of the woodwork and attack her, then removing much of it from her conscious memory...which returns slowly later, along with the evidence of being tazered, or injected, etc.

Irene is presently hunkered down in a motel away from her home. Why? Because the day after her husband left, the goon squad moved in. She found herself being rudely arrested at 9 am the next morning, handcuffs slapped on her fragile wrists, and hauled into a police car.

Why??? She was charged with "pointing a gun at a neighbor" and threatening to shoot him!

"Pam," Irene said through tears over the phone the next day to me, "I don't even OWN a gun!" They then later released her after booking her. She returned to find her home had been broken into and ransacked while she was gone. COULD this be because she had admitted to me over the phone (her VERY monitored phone), only a day previously, that she had carefully complied evidence against the CIA and even against Dick Cheney (he had used her as a sex toy of the elite at one time, just like many other "elite") to be used in a future legal action against them???

With her husband out of the way, the attacks have been non-stop. Barbara found it too dangerous, even with her male bodyguard, Jeff, to try to help Irene. I have had to call a Christian group in Ohio that helps such victims, and does extractions (to remove the endangered from their situations and place them into safehouse custody) and express to them my concern for Irene's safety."
[BHP: No, Pam, you moronic busybody, I did NOT find it "too dangerous to try to help Irene". How dare you fabricate this kind of nonsense? Jeff and I went directly to her house, and once we established what was going on there (the CIA agents had boobytrapped the house in numerous ways, including poisoning the water), there was no way any of us could have stayed there under the circumstances.
Since it was certainly not safe for Irene to stay there alone, we extracted her from the premises. We encountered one of the CIA agents, her next door neighbor, Ron Cerra, when we first pulled into my sister's driveway. He did not recognize me (I had made sure he wouldn't) and we were wearing FBI paraphernalia, by which he was easily fooled. He thought we were FBI, "on the case", and approached us nervously to ask: "Is everything okay?" We just silently nodded and got into the house without a confrontation.
Sure, I would have loved nothing better than to kick his sorry ass, but I restrained myself, as that would not have helped my sister. We were outmanned and outgunned, but not outsmarted.  
We took my sister to a motel, about thirty miles out of town, because it was the ONLY option available. And the ONLY reason we were unable to stay there with her is because WE HAD NO MONEY to pay the motel bill. I had already spent thousands of dollars for expenses on this trip and was close to being flat broke. We could not take her with us to any other location in the car because of her German Shepherd, who due to being traumatized by these CIA scumbags,  had become a "fear biter".
You are the coward, Pam Schuffert. You and your "Christian" friends certainly did nothing substantive to help.  All you did was talk nonstop, yada, yada, yada...and spread your lurid gossip all over the Internet.]
From Pam Schuffert 
"We need her plight broadcast nationwide, to get prayer support and many eyes on her grim situation. She is endangered even as we speak.

"My food has run out here in the motel room, " she told me yesterday. "And when I tried to get a pizza delivered, someone imitated the pizza delivery person making a delivery...and when I opened the door to receive it I GOT HIT WITH A TAZER INSTEAD!" (Tazers are similar to stun guns, only use darts with small hooks and wires attached, to deliver a strong burst of electricity to the victim.)She does not dare step out to even walk her dog, Solo, for fear of them moving in on her.

I called her this morning, and she was both hungry and exhausted. And still endangered. We feel that the enemy may have decided to wait until her husband was no longer around to protect her, and THEN move in for the kill.
She needs concerned people to pray and to care at this time. (I am presently taking care of a brain trauma patient 24/7, and have no way to leave my job and travel four hours to her location to help her...OR I WOULD!)

Hello, out there, America! Does ANYONE care???

-Pam Schuffert"
Dear Pam:
I am sending you a few notes on Irene and Steve Adrian which appear on the Internet and may be of some interest to you. I wonder if you are a professional comedian or just a lunatic. Irene's hands were handcuffed behind her back. I was there. I heard and saw everything. She didn't have your book. Sorry about that. Take your medication on a more regular basis.
[BHP: Hey, Cerra, you CIA scumbag! You said you and your pals would have the "last laugh", but where are you now? You're out of business, just like I predicted. Serves you right for messing with me and my family. Enjoy the Lake of earned it!] 
Here are some other things that were posted on Larry Lawson's e-mail list, sent to me by my friend [former CIA agent].
Pam wrote one of them, the others I don't know. I am very disturbed that Pam would post this information. She apparently thinks that everyone's life is an open book. Maybe hers is, but mine is not and I would never again discuss with Pam anything that has not already been made public. Pam also puts her own spin on things, including the fundamentalist Christian stuff.
I also don't appreciate Pam's comments about me, some of which, as you know, are blatantly false.
(No poster named)
NOTE FROM BABS [Barbara Hartwell]:
Here is a letter from Ex FBI agent Geral Sosbee [not given here] a letter of support and endorsement Geral wrote on my behalf, when he saw that I had come under numerous attacks by character assassination, malicious lies and attempts to impugn my sanity.

In particular, one mentally unbalanced and spiteful individual, a provocateur by the name of Brenda Negri, who pops up under many silly aliases on various message boards all over the Internet, has been a worse nuisance than anyone else I can think of, when it comes to spreading misinformation about myself and other legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of black ops.  Although she has been exposed as a phony and a pathological liar, she just keeps on with her obsessive libel campaign...I guess she has nothing better to do with her time.

Negri has also sent derogatory messages about me to Geral, 'warning' him not to associate with me, which he forwarded to me. Otherwise, he decided it was best to just ignore Negri's ludicrous ranting and lies.

But anyway, I want to thank Geral for his support and his kind remarks regarding myself.

ANONYMOUS POSTER on Larry Lawson News

"She[Barbara Hartwell] is straight from the cia with all this disinfo on this guy geral sosbee.  I just did a search on his name and all the websites I found were other individuals whom have been TOLD about him but where is the newspaper articles on this supposed whistleblower named geral sosbee???????????  See larry, this is first rate bs."

"(Of course this is the intended PURPOSE of mind control programs like MK-Ultra is to turn victims into SLAVES.  One way or another, most end up serving the CIA.  Whether she actually tried to break free or whether that's false, I don't know.)"
Dear Barb,
"Your email got me choked up over all this. I am very concerned for you, and for dear Irene, whom I love too. She is precious. If I hadn't been certain that they (NC Satanists or CIA or BOTH) would have moved in on me for the kill in Wilmington, I would have gone there to stand with Irene...but God blocked it. I called people across the nation instead  to contact her, pray with her, comfort her."
[BHP: God blocked it? No, Pam I think your cowardice is what "blocked" it. Grow a spine, why don't you!]
"Barb, I am not only a friend, but a servant in Christ. I have no fear in standing with you. Many are my friends who came out of the CIA to blow the whistle, like MICHAEL MAHOLY (whose letters I have laminated, who became a REAL Christian because of my direct withessing to him and prayer from our NC prayer group. It got him out of prison alive, when the Feds were trying to kill him on the inside to silence him. How I miss Michael...don't even know if he's alive or dead...he went undergound after blowing the whistle on BUSH/NORTH/CIA DRUGS black ops!)

And then there's my friend Steve, and Elaine, and Larry, and George and others. IT is not without reason that God's holy Spirit would motivate me to drive up the GW Parkway along the Potomac, take the "MCLEAN" exit and park across from their CIA compound, bow my head...and cry for their souls and pray for their deliverance aand salvation. And many are my friends who were victimized by CIA mind control and are survivors.

I don't understand how God does this or why, but He has DEEPLY TOUCHED MY HEART for all of this regarding the CIA. But I know that when I think of the CIA or pray for them, such pain grips my heart and such sadness. Anyone who comes out, like you or Irene, deserves all the love and support and compassion that we can give, and a MEDAL besides!
Barb, if I can help you by coming up there, etc., etc., (fill in the blanks) just let me know. I have nothing to lose. You think YOU are bad off for this kind of work??? I am now homelesss, my DONATED van (with 189,000 miles on it) my only home...I gave up our DC home, a condominium also, and had my last home stolen while I was in Germany...and since last year have been without any home of my own. BUT MY WORK GOES ON RELENTLESSLY! I gave all my former homes up, to go on the road to stand up against the NWO...and to tell America the truth. Look at Stew's plight as well...he gives it his all, and suffers lack too.
We are a a hearty breed! But if I can help you (even by offering to rent a room where you live and work there to help bring you in some extra income...or help with secretarial (you need to publish and sell a book about your life!) I am open. I am  not going to sit back and let you self destruct for lack of support. Christians don't do that!
God bless,
Pam Schuffert"
PAM SCHUFFERT Discusses TED GUNDERSON ET AL on Larry Lawson News
"Larry, friend, I am so sorry that Stew went off the handle with you, and I am going to severely rebuke him for how he spoke to you by email (we are friends). In fact, I am shocked that he would verbally threaten you like this...shocked.

But in truth, Gunderson CAN'T be trusted. I found out through some inside sources that he was blackmailed into working for the Feds because of their nailing him on child porn/sex charges. With Gunderson, there is a MIXTURE OF TRUTH, coupled  with sellout to the Feds. It is a mess. Just thought I would let you know.

In fact, when I had lunch with him in California at an PREPAREDNESS EXPO a few years ago, he was seated with two OTHER CIA inside workers, Alan Neal and Doug Millar...and I was seated in the midst of them! I found out FOR SURE that Alan Neal was a Patriot phoney/infiltrator when he tried to recruit my friend, Arland Wise (a "pretty girl" as men like to refer to her as) into working for the CIA while I was visiting her in Oceanside, CA. Yet, this Neal had a booth in the Patriot Expo, pretending to be "a patriot!" Scum... Many sources also warned me after the fact about DOUG MILLAR as well.

Anyhow, beware of people like Gunderson with enough truth to make people think he is legit. Just like BO GRITZ.

Now I will go an chew out Stew for his ugly attack on you.

God bless and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!-Pam"
"(Regarding ANY FBI person, this would not surprise me.  The FBI was formed to control information, harass people and thwart truthful investigations since its inception.  And if Gunderson was 100% for REAL, it's nothing to have them shoot him down or for him to have an accident as many REAL patriots have had happen. 
If Stew had done even the most MINOR of 'homework.'  He'd have KNOWN that I gladly post BOTH SIDES of an issue.  This so people can come to their OWN conclusions!  He should have welcomed that opportunity to refute the information which I gladly let people do.  We're NOT idiots out here like the NWO would LIKE us to be!  We can utilize basic search systems like Google and others to find the truth if we're so motivated on an issue to do so.
Now, I've gotten hot-headed and reacted quick on issues and Stew writing in the wee hours of the morning may have also.
I'm quick to forgive as I hope God is.  Unfortunately I'm not slow to anger as He is.  I'm TRYING. 
Regarding Alan Neal, is this the same as the Al Neal who's made videotapes and tours for The Prophecy Club???  He's got videos showing 666 in Rockefeller architecture and hidden messages in videos, commercials etc.  Is this the SAME GUY???  I want ALL phony patriots exposed for who they are.  We just have to be careful not to allow the enemy to DIVIDE AND CONQUER!)"
"Yes, Larry, this IS the same snake, Alan Neal, who tried to recruit my friend Arland into working with him for the CIA! Arland was, well, one of THOSE kinds of beautiful women...and in fact other elements of the intelligence community had tried to recruit her to work for know, get the desired clientel to sleep with her, and then get all the info she could out of them, blackmail through photos, etc.

Arland has become a Christian since her sleeping around years, and was a Christian when Neal tried to recruit her in Oceanside, CA a few years ago. I was there, as a firsthand witness to it all.

WHAT A SNAKE, what an EVIL man Neal is! I was staying at Arland's Oceanside condo when he tried to separate us...he did NOT like my constant ministering to Arland. Finally, he invited her for "a little drive along the ocean." She was scared at first, but then decided to go on this drive to check this guy out.

Two hours later, he dropped her off, and she rushed quite distraught into her condo. She then blurted out, "Alan just triedd to recruit me into working for the CIA!" I waited for her to calm down, and asked her for the details.

She explained, "We were driving along the ocean, and strange things began to happen. I was sitting in the back seat of his car, and my elbow accidently knocked the cover off of something in the middle of the seat. Alan looked back in his rear-view mirror, very nervously, as I quickly tried to put the cover back on. I saw that it was HIGH TECH COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT OF SOME KIND! He then tried to recruit me into working for him and the CIA. When I finally told him I WOULD NEVER WORK FOR THE CIA, he said, "We'll SEE about THAT!"

It was at that point that Neal dropped Arland off, and she came bursting into the condo where I had been waiting and praying for her safety.

But I sensed something was wrong with Neal when I was introduced to him at the EXPO. Friends, excited that I was there, said, "Oh, you just HAVE to meet Alan Neal!' They escorted me over to his booth. Now, I have learned to watch people's eyes and facial expressions very carefully, to discern people better. I also pray for real wisdom and discernment. (Years of working with Russians and being exposed to hidden KGB and intrigue taught me ALOT about that. Also dealing with Satanists. I learned how to be careful around BOTH.)
The moment one person said, "Alan, I want you to meet my friend, PAM SCHUFFERT," it was really hilarious how he reacted! His eyes became big as saucers, he rolled them around as if in shock and then said in a tone that expressed "oh, my gawd, NOT HER," he replied "Pam Schuffert???" As if he somehow KNEW about me, and as if I were the bane of his existence. He showed a definite distaste for me and whatever I represented to him. And I knew in that instant that HE WAS NOT ON OUR SIDE AND AN INFILTRATOR. Further close observation that whole week-end, coupled with Arland's shocking experience, confirmed my deep suspicions.

Now, my brother Larry, IF you could find it in your noble and manly heart to FORGIVE STEW and get reconciled, he could tell you ALL ABOUT his revealing and horrific encounter with Alan Neal in Neveda not long  ago, and how Alan penetrated their Patriot Christian group and wreaked havoc on them before scurrying away (like the rat he is,) to West Virginia with some of his mind-control converts.

I will happily provide my first hand experience to expose this infiltrator into the Patriot community, Alan Neal!
God bless, Pam Schuffert"
[BHP: If they weren't serious, this could be a great comedy act....Larry Lawson and his "Noble and Manly" heart?]
"(I'd traveled to Ohio a few years ago to hear him and another 'christian' speak there.  The other guy was also a Prophecy Club speaker and his name escapes me at the moment.  It's damned difficult to separate the good guys from those POSING as good guys.  Now, as for Stew, I said to him as I have in this format, I'll post ALL information just as I did with YOU Pam and people are free to make up their OWN minds as to what the truth really is.  We've got many posing as christians saying they're telling the truth.  Pretty damned STUPID to lie about it when the consequences for doing so are ETERNAL!....  
I've got a LOT of questions to ask God Himself when all this is over should I have the opportunity to do so.  Plans within plans and LIES within lies.  That's the type of enemy we're dealing with here folks.  Unfortunately, it's going to get a LOT WORSE before it gets any better.  Like Jesus, if it were NOT true, I wouldn't say it!  My only 'reward' will be decided by God Himself.  I'm certainly not getting materialy earthly rich doing this newsletter!)"
[BHP: No, Larry, you won't get rich from your newsletter...but you did get off the hook and stayed out of jail. Better watch your back, Larry.You made deal with the devil and those feds can't be trusted. And they'll own you for the rest of your miserable life.]
Fred Sasse and his wife were just two of the many victims of Pam's "Christian" ministry. Pam descended upon them (uninvited) to stay as a freeloader at their home, bilked them out of thousands of dollars, meddled in their personal business (calling it "Christian counseling" --which she is not qualified to practice) and then betrayed their confidence by posting their PRIVATE business all over the Internet.
When Fred finally became outraged and contacted me, I posted his testimony exposing the Busybody from Hell, Pam Schuffert, on my website.
Pam later attacked the Sasses, calling them "sick", and claimed that she had actually "helped" them by "ministering" to them.
Thank you, I want to do my part, so that maybe someone else may not be hurt.

As a retaliation, Pam has posted things we told her in "private counseling"on her discussion board, but even then the facts are not straight.

I am just learning about some of the things you have been through in your life, I don't know how you made it, the Lord has kept you alive.  It is an encouragement to us.

Thank you again!
Busybodies: By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 4, 2011
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA