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Friday, March 18, 2011

Predicate Felon, Fed Snitch, Psycho Stalker Tim White Targets Another Journalist



Predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho stalker, Tim White has found himself yet another target for his attacks. Now, he is threatening a journalist named Jenny Hatch.

Note that the little coward is using the alias "Patrick Alexander" (one of several), but then signs his e-mail with his real name, Tim White (how stupid is that?), along with the bogus "credentials"  --"Concerned Citizen,Researcher, Investigator,Whistleblower"-- he affects to try to make himself sound important.

White is certainly not any kind of "Researcher", "Investigator" or "Whistleblower". He has no education, no training, no professional background of any kind, and especially, has never been involved in anything that could possibly qualify him as a "whistleblower". 

As for being a "Concerned Citizen"? White's only "concern" appears to be how much trouble he can stir up by harassing, stalking and threatening  as many people as possible.

The list of outraged targets is by now a mile long...and getting longer with every passing day...

White is nothing more than an aggressive, loudmouthed, pretentious busybody who sticks his nose in everyone's business, a shill for other bad guy criminals, who attacks anyone and everyone who has exposed the evils perpetrated by his "friends" (whom he idiotically describes as  "REAL PATRIOTS"), who are in reality exploiting him to do their dirty work of persecuting legitimate  whistleblowers, journalists and genuine patriots.

As usual, White drops names (Ted Gunderson, James Rothstein) AS IF his association with these people is something to be impressed with; and as usual, in his vulgar lunatic ravings, calls a woman (Sherri Kane) a  "LYING SLUT."

Tim White then (as always) brings up the subject of Jenny Hatch's "house". White seems to have a strange fixation on other people's houses.....I KNOW where you live!...I KNOW the owner of your house!...etc. etc.

White, in collusion with his criminal accomplice, Todd Brendan Fahey ("friend of liberty", among many other screen names), the "other half" of the demonic duo, has harassed dozens of people by posting their UNLISTED PRIVATE street addresses all over the Internet, and making impotent threats that he will be suing them for "libel." White often drags in the names of  various attorneys, most notably John DeCamp, who actually sicced Tim White on Barbara Hartwell in 2005 with threats of such a lawsuit, by publicly soliciting this predicate felon's "HELP".

I document this information for the public record, and to add to my voluminous evidence file on predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho stalker, Timothy Patrick White.

Get behind me, Satan!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 18, 2011



UPDATE: March 14th, 2011

This reposting of Leonard Horowitzs article has received quite a few hits the past seven months. I believe because of that fact and because Len and Sherri Kane were on my radio show a few days after the report was released that Tim White has decided I am worthy of his special brand of bullying.

Len and Sherri Interview….Jane Burgermeister was supposed to be on this show, but was not because of a time glitch

Click on the podcast link to listen to the show.

During the show I detail my own methodical poisoning by the murderers while I chatted with Len and Sherri on the radio.

According to Barbara Hartwell these tactics of throwing toxic chemicals in peoples faces are just part of the blowback writers and whistleblowers who stand in the path of the New World Order can expect when attempting to stand up and speak. I have been poisoned 18 times since the spring of 2007. I believe Anthony Fauci, Mr. vaccine himself, was one of the first to throw a nasty, toxic load on me and two of my sons as we shopped at the King Soopers grocery store in Lafayette Colorado the wednesday after Easter in 2007.

That particular attack has made me wonder if Andrew, my son, and I will ever have full lung capacity.

Now Tim White is threatening me with a lawsuit. Bring it on Tim!

I am NOT afraid of you, you DOG!

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and this dog has used his typical bluster to attempt to create a wedge between Len and Sherri and I.

That will not happen.

Here is the email exchange between Tim and I:

From: Patrick Alexander
To:, “Louisville Colorado Police Department”
Cc: “Jim Rothstein/NYCPD Detective-ret” , “A. True Ott PhD” , “Anthony Hilder” , “Ted Gunderson” , “John DeCamp/ Attorney at Law” ,
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 6:56 PM do JUST THAT PHONEY “Christian” with a PROVEN HOLLOW SKULL - it’s YOUR STUPID ASS THAT’S ON THE LINE…YOU are the one to POST ABSOLUTE LIES,LIBEL and SLANDER to YOUR BLOG from HOROWITZ and his LYING SLUT Sherri Kane aka CHERI KANE about ME – about TED GUNDERSON…about Dr A TRUE OTT(PhD)…numerous others…about REAL PATRIOTS who have been EXPOSING what KNIGHT of MALTA HOROWITZ is REALLY ABOUT and that SNAKE ACCUSES ALL OF US OF THE VERY THINGS THAT WE EXPOSE ?…you want TROUBLE ? HAVE IT. – IN SPADES….YOU and the fine Folks at the Louisville PD can contact my friend,former FBI/SAIC TED GUNDERSON in Los Angeles and he’s in LA right now - his cell # 337-344-8876…then you can call my good friend,retired NYCPD Detective JIM ROTHSTEIN in ST Martin Minnesota – he’s the MAYOR and you can call him at home 320-548-3647…now BOTH of them will be VERY happy to inform the fine Officers at the Louisville PD just what kind of a DEVIOUS LYING,LIBELING,SLANDERING SLIMEBALL KNIGHT of MALTA LENNY HOROWITZ really IS….so – HOW MUCH IS YOUR HOUSE WORTH ?

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

On Thu, 3/10/11, Jenny Hatch wrote:

From: Jenny Hatch
To: “Patrick Alexander”
Cc: “Louisville Colorado Police Department”
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 5:18 PM


Take me off your email list or You will be hearing from my attorney about
harassment, stalking, and veiled threats.

If necessary I will get a restraining order.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA