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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Letter from Investigative Journalist Janet Phelan: No Constitutional Protections

Note: I have been a witness for Janet Phelan since she first contacted me in 2006, and reported the criminal stalking by predicate felon, Timothy Patrick White. This criminal has been operating in the capacity of a government-sponsored terrorist --stalking, threatening, harassing-- designated targets of the United States Government.

As Janet Phelan states, Tim White is indeed an FBI informant, who made a deal with corrupt FBI officials in 2002. The deal was brokered in Denver, Colorado, at which time Tim White was released from prison. Since that time, White has engaged in stalking and harassment of numerous individuals, including myself, Barbara Hartwell.

Tim White has made threats against my life, the same statement made here by Janet Phelan.

He has violated multiple restraining orders with impunity, while he continues to threaten people's lives.

This psychopath, this lunatic, this criminal stalker, Tim White, has wreaked havoc in the lives of many decent, legtimate people, none of whom have committed any crimes.

Why is this predicate felon still on the loose? Why has he not been apprehended?

Shame on you all: law enforcement nationwide.

My outrage and disgust know no bounds.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Witness for Janet Phelan
November 9, 2008

Open Letter from Janet Phelan
(For exhibits see URL above)

To Whom it May Concern:

I am appealing to the Department of Justice due to relentless and increasingly lethal persecution by the authorities in the United States. By way of brief introduction, I am a U.S. born journalist. My publication credits include the Los Angeles Times, The Santa Monica Daily Press, the Long Beach Press Telegram, the Venice Beachhead, Orange Coast Magazine, Oui Magazine, the American’s Bulletin and elsewhere. Most recently, I worked as an investigative reporter at the American’s Bulletin, from July 2007 to August 2008. During that tenure, I picked up two radio shows, where I have been the primary host. One of these is in Ashland, Oregon at KSKQ and one is syndicated through Republic Broadcasting Network in Austin, Texas.

I have written articles revealing a number of negative eugenics programs in the U.S., which are in varying levels of development and deployment, where certain groups of people are being targeted for early demise in different manners, depending on the program. I am being persecuted for my political beliefs as well as my bravery as a journalist, in dealing with issues that are patently dangerous to speak out about. The police are becoming so brazen in their behavior towards me that they don’t seem to care how many laws they break, or who knows about it.

The problem with misconduct by U.S. authorities began in late 2000, around the targeting , attempted murder, subsequent kidnapping and untimely death of my mother, Dr. Amalie Phelan, a clinical psychologist who had been living in Temecula, California. By way of documentation, I have attached a report which I tendered to the California Attorney General’s office in 2006, concerning what happened to my mother, then to me, as I attempted to protect her and to go public with the highly illegal machinations she suffered at the hands of the California justice system. 

This document (Exhibit 1 ) contains external documentation substantiating my allegations of repeated and illegal denial of constitutional protections afforded U.S. citizens. These denials resulted in her death. I barely escaped with my own life.

The letter from Senior Assistant Attorney General Mark Geiger (at the end of Exhibit 1), acknowledging receipt of the report, itself reveals the continued failure to protect by the justice system; to wit: Mark Geiger, while peculiarly professing inadequate criminal expertise to deal with the complaint, also failed to provide a complaint number. When I brought this to his attention he simply refused to supply one. 

This is significant for the following reason—A complaint number is assigned for tracking purposes, by the justice agency. If a number is not assigned, the complaint is not in the system and has thus been “disappeared” or is placed in a “shadow” file. Geiger’s refusal to appropriately track the complaint reveals that the justice system again failed—no, refused—to allow appropriate access to legal redress in regards to both my mother’s and my plight.

I cannot provide adequate external documentation that I was assaulted by the police and in a coma for two days, by Officer Loren Dawson of the Long Beach Police Department and other officers of the law on January 3, 2003, even though this is a fact. The hospital records have been corrupted and do not reveal the facts surrounding my hospitalization at that time. Not only is the date off by a full calendar day, but I did not refuse to sign the admission papers, as the hospital records state. Rather, I was unconscious at time of admission and was unable to sign any papers. The rest of the hospital records are similarly fabricated, so it serves no purpose to provide them as documentation.  

I have made a report to Internal Affairs of the Long Beach Police Department on this matter. A friend accompanied me to the station for the interview, which was taped. I am now told that no such tape exists, although I am told there is some record that I made such a report.

In the intervening years between what is documented in Exhibit 1 and the recent efforts by the Medford, Oregon Police Department to frame and arrest me, there has been further misconduct by the justice agencies towards me. There exist more court records, in Riverside and in Santa Monica Superior courts, concerning civil issues revealing the continued revocation of my rights under the U.S. Constitution.

For the sake of brevity, I refer you to my application for a Temporary Restraining Order in Spring of 2006 against one Timothy Patrick White, who is an FBI informant. Parenthetically, White will pop up again, in the Medford situation. Tim White had made a written, signed death threat to me in 2006. While Commissioner Bobbi Tillman of the Santa Monica Superior Court did indeed grant a TRO, it never went into effect because the Denver Police refused to serve him with papers. White then followed me up to Sandpoint, Idaho, two months after I moved there in June of 2006, and began to stalk me. I filed a complaint with the Sandpoint Police, but the DA refused to prosecute.

White has continued to threaten me, by email and allegedly by phone, and has contacted numerous of my work associates, engaging in both threats and defamation of my character. I have reported this to the Medford Police, which resulted in the current situation, which has forced my evacuation of my home and my flight to Canada, for my safety .

The Medford Police have not only failed to protect me, they have issued fake documents and tampered with existing documents, in order to frame a reason to arrest me. As I am a police assault survivor, I consider the actions of the Medford Police not only redolent of failure to protect but also an aggressive move to detain me and further assault me, possibly with fatal consequences. The situation in Medford is summarized in Exhibit 2.

I have come to the disturbing conclusion that I am somehow exempt from normal Constitutional and legal protections. This makes me extraordinarily vulnerable to attack by the legal system, be it by police officers or by revocation of due process, by agents of the justice system. The legal issues I am reporting may be considered violations of Title 18 Section 242 of the U.S. Code, and other legal trespass. I am therefore appealing to the U.S. Department of Justice to take charge and halt this bizarre vendetta.

Janet C. Phelan
November 8, 2008