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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Government Stooges' Malicious Libel Fest: Poisoning the Well

In November, 2003 a brouhaha ensued when Barbara Hartwell was summarily ripped off the air on GCN radio during an interview on the Floyd Report, hosted by Jeremy Floyd.

Who was responsible for this outrage? Alex Jones, the "Patriot Celebrity", who over the past decade, has duped millions, even many sincere and genuine patriots, who have become "true believers" in the credibility and legitimacy of Alex Jones, the fearless leader of the valiant battle against the New World Order.

It naturally follows that anyone who "believes in" Alex Jones will dismiss Barbara Hartwell as a liar, a government infiltrator, a CIA disinfo agent, COINTELPRO, etc. etc. "Alex said so...."

Since the time of that infamous incident, five (5) years ago, my name has been consistently and repeatedly smeared, not only by a gaggle of government stooges (most of whom are believers --or claim to be-- in the disinformation promoted by ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and others in his criminal cabal); but also by hundreds of ignorant and self-righteous Internet busybodies, cyber-junkies and intelligence groupies who gleefully jumped on the anti-Hartwell bandwagon.

These fools just love to hear themselves talk (though they have nothing intelligent to say); and it seems they have no better use for their time than to spend it gossiping about people (including Barbara Hartwell) and subjects of which they are woefully ignorant.

In a long thread of messages (excerpts given below) posted in 2004, on a site called Conspiracy Swap, certain government stooges and shills expose themselves via their malicious gossip fest targeting Barbara Hartwell and others.

And note this: this is just one among thousands of such vitriolic message threads I have seen, over a period of years, attacking Barbara Hartwell. Most of them, I simply ignore, as they are absurd and laughable with their unmitigated stupidity.

And since I do not waste my time engaging in arguments or debates with morons, I certainly do not allow myself to be provoked into responding to them, especially on their turf --Internet "discussion groups."

There is little "discussion" to be found when this gaggle of government stooges convenes, but the malicious gossip of busybodies abounds!

I would call this particular strategem "poisoning the well". That is, put out an information overload, attacking multiple persons (in this case, Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee, Jeremy Floyd, Stew Webb, John Perna, John Stadtmiller) with various false accusations; throw in much uninformed and wild speculation; and use sensationalism and the pretense of outrage against the alleged "LYING GOVERNMENT AGENTS!" (Barbara Hartwell among them.)

The uninformed reader (which unfortunately seems to be the case for most) becomes overwhelmed by the sheer force of the various accusations and has trouble establishing what are the real issues. As for the facts, they are lost altogether in the firestorm of controversy.

But of course, the plot is designed to do just that, to foment confusion and chaos. That's why it's called "poisoning the well". And it is one of the foremost tactics of COINTELPRO.

Also note how most of the stooges are ruled by their emotions, and how their comments (especially about Barbara Hartwell) are clearly fueled by malice and hatred. In what is clearly a witch hunt, the stooges eschew logic and reason in favor of mob-hysteria. But their lynch-mob mentality is clear for all with eyes to see.

My additional comments are in brackets preceded by my initials, BHP.

From Conspiracy Swap (2004)

Tim White attacks Barbara Hartwell

Subject: The REAL MKULTRA Nutcase Barbara(Percival-Walker)Hartwell

"Hey Barfwell,

FUCK YOU CIA BITCH-Too bad your "donations" have dried up.Say,just HOW do you afford a house in Ocean Park,ya know,being broke and all?Even that fat bitch Rayelan is sorry to have gotten involved with you;she didn't want to get sued because of your vitriol posted to RUMORMILLNEWS so now you attack her.YOU have been exposed-BITCH-for WHAT you are.I can't wait for your suicide programming to kick in.Say Hi to your FELON bodyguard Jeff Swedenburg-Know what? He's a liar,a prolific one just like you.I also know you have been in contact with Swedenburg(Watcher7) LONG before you say.

Tim White"

[BHP:Here we have the same old, same old from Tim White: obscenity and name-calling. And as usual, he engages in wild speculation about my private personal business, including my finances, about which he knows nothing. Nor will he ever, as my personal life is none of his business!

The so-called "attack" on Rayelan Allan by Barbara Hartwell was nothing of the sort. I simply exposed and refuted the lies that Rayelan and her New Age comrades at Rumor Mill News promoted about Barbara Hartwell --including that I am CIA, deployed to "destroy Rumor Mill News", the "ONE silver bullet" (quote from Rayelan) which will spread Truth worldwide through the dedicated efforts of its "news agents" and their alignment with the heroic "Faction 2", which according to Rayelan, a longtime Bush apologist, includes George W. Bush himself.

And all my reports exposing Rayelan and RMN have been --and will continue to be (I'm far from finished exposing these New Age Luciferian communists)-- in my own defense, and as always, in defense of Truth. Period.

Note that White throws in the names Walker and Percival in connection to Barbara Hartwell. As if he thinks these names will automatically "expose" me as CIA and besmirch my reputation forevermore.

Firstly, Walker was never my name. My only "connection" to that name was that I once married (the marriage was "arranged") into the family. I never used the name, nor am I related to the Walkers by blood.

Percival is my family name. I am a Percival by blood. So what? I have no reason to be ashamed of that. Idiots like Tim White seem to have bought into the fallacy (a la David Icke & co. and the "reptilian agenda") that certain "bloodlines" are evil, in and of themselves.

In truth, evil is shown by what is in a person's heart, and by their actions, not by the family bloodline they are born into. By their fruits shall you know them. Just taking a hard look at Time White (not born into any so-called "elite" bloodline) will tell you that better than any genaeology chart.

And as always, Tim White must make the murder in his heart against Barbara Hartwell a public proclamation -- by expressing his hope for a "suicide". His hatred and malice is palpable -- how utterly twisted and evil could anyone be to say such a thing?]

Government stooge Marilyn Guinnane teams up with predicate felon/criminal stalker, Tim White to attack Barbara Hartwell and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee


I feel dirty for having seen my name even in print by that viper Hartwell. She's vicious beyond the common acceptance of the word. Who would visit such a site? John Kaminski sent me the original piece of crap Hartwell wrote about Don (who is my hero, by the way) and I responded as any friend would. One would hope.But I won't sully myself further in addressing her, or her sycophant 'Geral'. (I wrote him twice, the second time asking what sort of restitution he planned to implement with regard to his 'best friend' dragging Don's impeccable reputation through the mud.) Were I Don Stacey, I'd sue the wannabe editor of that contemptible so-called 'Friends of Liberty' for defamation. I'd sue Barbara Hartwell, as well, who isn't so broke if she lives in a house and not an apt. Houses aren't cheap anywhere. She pulls her 'spare change' number every chance she gets, however.

Marilyn [Guinnane]

P.S. I'll save this post, to peruse later. I'm shaking I'm so upset, and need to go out & breathe fresh air. Thanks so much for writing. Please feel free, anytime."

[BHP: This particular stooge, Marilyn Guinnane, first came out of the woodwork to attack Barbara Hartwell, as a knee-jerk reaction to a report I wrote in 2004, exposing a man named Don Stacey as CIA, who had targeted me (along with some of my colleagues, ex-intelligence/military personnel) for a CIA containment operation. Stacey is also (surprise, surprise) a crony of Ted Gunderson, a head honcho of COINTELPRO (past and present.)

Guinnane whines that she feels "dirty" just having seen her name in print by the "vicious viper", Barbara Hartwell. But I would think any real "dirt" would come from voluntarily rubbing shoulders with a porno freak and criminal stalker like Tim White....amazing how these fools delude themselves.

Here's another hostile ignoramus, a malicious gossip and busybody, who feels free to publicly speculate about the private, personal business of Barbara Hartwell. Guinnane announces --as if it were a fact-- that Barbara Hartwell "isn't so broke if she lives in a house instead of an apt" [apartment.]

Firstly, busybody Guinnane, like her comrade, Tim White knows absolutely nothing about my financial situation, upon which she presumes to comment --nothing more than moronic speculation-- and worse, she uses this as just another way to denigrate Barbara Hartwell by the planting of a false idea regarding my very PRIVATE and personal business.

Again, it is none of Guinnane's business (nor any one else's) where I live or why. As for the "spare change number", apparently Guinnane is referring to the donations for which I had made periodic appeals to the public to support my work. That too is my private business and is between me and those who wish to make donations. Case closed.

Tim White and his pal Marilyn Guinnane really, really need to learn to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

And where does this idiot of a woman get off calling my best friend, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, a "sycophant"? Marilyn Guinnane does not know him, anymore than she knows Barbara Hartwell. He too, exposed her for what she is, after she tried --and failed miserably-- to use him as a conduit to get to me, in "defense" of her "hero", CIA operative Don Stacey.

Her malice and stupidity are superseded only by her ignorance and silliness. But oh-so-typical for one who has been duped into believing that she is supporting "freedom fighters" and "truth-seekers", when in fact she has thrown her lot in with liars and ravening wolves in sheep's clothing.]

Larry Lawson attacks Barbara Hartwell and others

Subject: ABSOLUTE 1000% PROOF Webb and Hartwell are LYING GOVERNMENT AGENTS!!

"While some of this material is 'dated' it's still relevant to showing what FRAUDS Stew Webb, Babbles Hartwell and even John Perna ARE STILL TODAY!!

Do these creeps seem like they're 'protecting' the constitution????

These are PHONY 'patriots' and guilty of the very coointelpro program they are accusing a GROWING number of REAL patriots of!

It's interesting that Hartwell is now babbling about her website SUPPOSEDLY being attacked. Let's remind people that is was HER who pulled down her UK site, and worked WITH Rayelan at Rumor Mill News to make sure her posts were there BRIEFLY for propaganda purposes. She's still posting at Rumor Mill News at this URL. [deleted]"

[BHP: I won't bother to comment on most of Lawson's nonsense. It is the same, ongoing disinformation that Barbara Hartwell is a LYING GOVERNMENT AGENT!!! and a "PAYtriot."

But I will refute Lawson's outrageous lie that I was posting on Rumor Mill News (he refers to a discussion group connected to RMN). The fact is, once I left RMN, on November 22, 2003, I "wiped the dust from my feet" and have had NO dealings whatsoever with that crowd since. However, it would come as no surprise if some identity thief/forger was posting there having stolen my name. It's a regular occurrence among government stooges and liars and to this day it continues, most notably by one of this brood of vipers, Todd Brendan Fahey, another friend of Rayelan and RMN "news agent."

But once again, for the record: I do not post material on discussion groups. I post ONLY my own reports on my own website. Period.

"And I personally believe this is yet another LIE in a string of LIES to prick a sympathetic chord. The REAL reason she keeps pulling down her material is her OWN WORDS are so effective AGAINST HER. It truly shows she's a New Age LUCIFERIAN pulling Webb's strings! She's already ADMITTED being married into the Walker family and has openly SAID that's part of George Herbert WALKER (Satan boy) BUSH!! She's removed material where she's written about vacationing in spring in areas she could ONLY GO IF SHE'S STILL PART OF THESE INSIDER GROUPS!!! Other of her posts show her support for the 'good ALIENS' angels for cats and other absolute GARBAGE if your belief system is part of Biblical scripture. Something Webb professes yet his ACTIONS supporting Hartwell and 'prophetess' Linda Newkirk do NOT SUPPORT!"

[BHP: Just more sensationalism here, more outrageous lies, as is Lawson's wont. Make of it what you will, I've refuted it all before...]
Anonymous comment to Larry Lawson re Ted Gunderson

"Larry: About 3 months ago I found an expose about Ted Gunderson on Free World Alliance. Its Anthony J Hilder's website. Hilder made some patriot videos with Gunderson in the past. But the article Hilder had on his site was exposing Gunderson for just what Pam says he is. Hilder should know, he worked with him a long time wanting to believe he was one of the good guys. He found out different. Don't know if the article is still there. Don't know what your shock level is so just be prepared."

Larry Lawson continues with malicious libel, outrageous lies

"There is NO CASE filed by Hartwell, Webb or Hartwell's WACKENHUT CIA group against [Tim] White, Shirley [Anderson] myself or others.

When confronted with this, Webbfoot's stories have now MORPHED into a 'federal investigation.'

That doesn't MEAN that we may not be arrested! For these CREEPS are really working for the FEDs and they can't have us shining the light of day on them for WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE!! That's why I'm most heartened to see Webb spewing forth more venom at a GROWING number of REAL patriots like 'webfairy' Dick Eastman and others. In the end, standing against true EVIL, will be the only thing that counts NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!!!

The real agenda of these LUCIFERIANS is to push New Age ideology and the 'Alien agenda' as Hartwell did on Dennis Bossack's UFO lab.

Her alternate purpose has been to spread DISINFORMATION on CIA mind control programs by LYING about Project Monarch and demonizing Fritz Springmeier, another REAL patriot who has written EXTENSIVELY about Illuminati bloodlines and MK-Ultra and other programming techniques. SICK PERVERTED techniques and REAL CRIMES I might add that Hartwell and Webb are really PROTECTING by their activities. But the foxes are guarding the henhouse these days so don't expect any REAL OFFICIAL investigations into this."

[BHP: In my considered professional opinion, Fritz Springmeier (real name Victor Schoof aka Arthur Alexander, Jr.) is a charlatan. I have not ever said much more than that about him, except to refute the disinformation being spread by the gaggle of government stooges/busybodies who promote him --and who also attack Barbara Hartwell using his doctrines-- that the theories on mind control he promotes (including but not limited to "Monarch" and the "totally mind controlled slave" have NOTHING to do with me personally; do not have any relevance to my experiences with "mind control".

Government stooge and New Ager Ken Adachi (a pal of Lawson's who promotes Lawson on his website, Educate-Yourself) has used this same tactic in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell. Adachi, like many others, slavishly parrots the "mind control" theories of Fritz Springmeier, Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor) et al. I simply refute their disinformation in my reports. And I don't operate by "demonizing" anyone --they've done that to themselves by their own demonic actions.]

"This 'conflict' also shows that this DISINFORMATION reaches right into what many 'patriots' BELIEVE is 'alternative radio.'"

Larry Lawson promotes government stooges Tim White & Shirley Anderson

"I'm talking about Genesis or GCN radio. I first brought Tim [White] and Shirley [Anderson] on the radio to COUNTER Webb's DISINFORMATION. And gladly so. Webb was being brought up by another 'PHONY' patriot: John Stadtmiller. Stadtmiller like Judas Iscariot has been happily working AGAINST the work of Mark Koernke. A REAL 'patriot' falsely setup and imprisoned by our stinking LUCIFERIAN government Hartwell and Webb are covertly working FOR! While John SAYS he's 'picking up that flag' Mark dropped when imprisoned, he's been doing everything he can behind the scenes to get the "REAL" Intelligence Report show supported BY HIS WIFE AND REAL FRIENDS off the air! 30 pieces of silver or paper is NOT worth your SOUL Stadtmiller!

I can personally testify that John LIED after I called him warning him to not allow Stew to demonize myself on his show. John then chose to use the phone calls to hype and sensationalize Stewie's show saying: Gosh Stew, you must be onto something for me to get all these calls! Then he shoved Stew over to his stooge "Ex??" UN World Health Organization worker Jeremy Floyd. You'll note most of thier 'ilk' SAY they're former CIA, intelligence of some other GOVERNMENT agency. You're supposed to BELIEVE that they've 'repented' and are fighting back against the government.

Their ACTIONS belie thier spoken intentions."

[BHP: Thus spake the prophet, Larry Lee Lawson. The End.]

Larry Lawson accuses John Stadtmiller of being CIA

"John is reported by several people INCLUDING NANCY to be CIA. The actions he's taken strengthen this probability.

John brought a lying disinformation COINTELPRO perp named Stew Webb to Genesis.

Stew had allied himself with fellow LIAR Barbara Hartwell who pawned herself off as a CIA MK-Ultra victim but used her time to ATTACK real exposers like Fritz Springmeier who has also been setup and imprisoned.

Since I and others exposed Webb as a FRAUD, he and Hartwell attacked back with ficticious material. They also SAID they filed a lawsuit against Bush listing me, Ted Gunderson and others on April 1, 2003.

I made a CALL to the Clerk's office and found that NO CASE WAS EVER FILED BY THEM!"

[BHP: I have refuted this lie countless times. But again, for the record: I, Barbara Hartwell, simply agreed to be on Stew Webb's "witness list" for a lawsuit and corresponding grand jury investigation. That is all. I personally never solicited money for such a lawsuit, nor did I ever, at any time, receive any such donations in connection to this lawsuit. Lawson has beat this one to death over and over, calling Barbara Hartwell a "CIA LIAR!"

The truth is, Lawson does not have any factual information (or evidence) which implicates Barbara Hartwell in ANYTHING. So, he keeps using this old PHONY LAWSUIT nonsense, apparently because it's filled with melodrama, hoping to generate outrage. Give it up, Lawson. It has never worked and never will.]

Larry Lawson accuses Ted Gunderson of being a liar

"Stew was attacking Ted Gunderson,myself and Nancy Koernke on Floyd's show.We brought up Ted Gunderson to respond on our show. I have COPIES of both shows on CD if you want to hear them.

Ted Gunderson told us that our 'Intel Report' would be MOVED at the end of November.


At the end of the following week, Nancy Koernke was sneakily told 5 minutes to the end of her show that it would be her LAST! Nancy scrambled and got our show put up on TRUTH radio.

Stadtmiller had openly BRAGGED that Mark's show would be off the air before Mark got out of prison."

Larry Lawson accuses Barbara Hartwell of being CIA (again.....)

"Meanwhile Stew was bragging that he'd have Barbara Hartwell up on Floyd's show which was EXPANDED to takeover the hour that we were up on GCN. Since I KNEW she was a CIA LIAR, I called into Alex Jones show and WARNED listeners of this. Alex did his best at 'SPIN CONTROL' and said if he was listening he'd call in and say something.

She came on Thursday night and Alex called in and said no more Stew Webb and no more Hartwell.

Jeremy Floyd's show was terminated but Alex then PROPPED UP STADTMILLER who brought this FRAUD to GCN in the first place. He also talked of COINTELPRO but hinted that it was US who were the problem instead of John.

STAY ON TOP OF THIS!!! The REAL problem here is TRAITOR CIA John Stadtmiller!!! He's the one who brought these FRAUDS to Genesis. He's the one who PLANNED to shove Floyd into the REAL "Intelligence Report" spot. He's the REAL PROBLEM!!! If Alex Jones wants to regain or keep 'credibility' he needs to distance himself FROM Stadtmiller! This is NOT a small story folks. This is about CIA disinformation AND CONTROL in a 'supposed' alternative radio venue. You've been privy to a FRONT ROW SEAT in all this and I NEED your assistance in forwarding this information to others. That's what makes this internet EFFECTIVE here!We've exposed Stewie and Hartwell and it's led right to the heart of Genesis Radio in Stadtmiller.

Don't let Jeremy Fraud simply be just a 'sacrificial lamb' here without cleaning house at GCN!!

Now we've shown over and OVER again WHY Stew Webb and Hartwell and their ilk are LYING FRAUDS but it's important for others who may NOT have heard this material to recap a bit.

Stewie yacks about fighting and exposing George Bush but LIED with Hartwell in filing a court case in April 2003. He put this on his website. A simple call to the clerk's office exposed this LIE and they supposedly refiled with a new number preventing anybody from checking.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me TWICE shame on THEE!

Stewie solicits MONEY for this supposedly new court case.

Hartwell has spent her time as a supposed CIA MK-Ultra 'victim' but demonizes GOOD WORK of Fritz Springmeier who like Mark Koernke was setup and imprisoned for his efforts. She like Stewie gives you partial truth to get you to swallow the LIES."

Talk show host Jeremy Floyd exposes the truth about censorship of Barbara Hartwell by Alex Jones & GCN

Nov. 14, 2003
By Jeremy Floyd

I am one of the radio talk show hosts on Genesis and I must now release several things starting with this.

I must also tell you that the audio archives dealing with m2ktalknet has sealed this interview and to my knowledge may not be back up in the near future.

As well, others have the right to know first hand this story from Barbara Hartwell is true. Barbara did get cut from Genesis last night on my program and it was out of my control. The information I am about to post here is in the event that I do not post on this message board in the future.

There is a real good chance this may be one of the last posts I post on here for a while, given the current situation but I will try to update this situation as to what has happened the best I can.

The following information that I am about to post took place on my radio program last night on Genesis Communications radio network.

What I am about to report to you took place and you can take any of what I am about to say as hearsay if you want, but this has been an on going problem that I have had to deal with for a number of years, dealing with people I have gotten on the air and talked about issues other people will not cover.

In this case it deals with the Franklin Coverup and people directly involved in covering up the incident John Decamp, Ted Gunderson, & George Pender, Known as "Operation Brownstone".

After this book was released a second book was put out following up book one, The Franklin Coverup, to continue to coverup the incidents involving child abuse, rape and other things.

It was done by these 2 [Gunderson and DeCamp] after the infomation leaked out on radio years ago. These 2 were used by the CIA to spin the story about what really happend and who was really involved.

In regards to this incident that took place tonight.

You can take what I am about to say anyway you want.

During the interview I got a call from Alex Jones and the person that was running the show at the time, a woman by the name of Stephanie, told me during a break that Alex Jones wanted to talk to me after the broadcast about the person that I was having on the air in this case Barbara Hartwell.

After which I thought nothing of it at the time and continued with the interview.

Later, about 5 mins towards the last half of the 2 hour show, about 7:31 pm Mountain time, I was told another message from Stef that Michael Trudeau, who I have been told and have a letter from, is the Vice President of Genesis, told me and the board operator that I had to let my guest [Barbara Hartwell] go. I was not told why and didn't do it.

After coming back from the 30 min break, Barbara had about 3 min and 20 seconds, from my best guess before Genesis cut her with out my permission.
But there is more. There is one last commerical that takes place at about :45 after or rather closer to :50 after the hour, at which time I got another call from Alex Jones saying to me the following.

That this issue with Ted Gunderson he knew all about, but that I was not and I quote NOT to contact Barbara Hartwell or Stew Webb again or have them on the program again. What needs to be said beyond this are several things but I don't have alot of time left to explain this sitution so I will try to be brief.

I had never heard of Stew Webb until early this year, about 3 or so months after doing the broadcast. At which time I have seen him put out infomation dealing with the bombs that were placed on bridges up in New York and had him on the broadcast at the time dealing with this issue.

Later it did come out where a man had plans to blow up bridges in New York and that Ashcroft had arrested this man and group in relation to these charges.

There is another story dealing with that, I will get into another time but this is a small example as to when this man [Stew Webb] turned out to be right.

Nevertheless, several months ago I had Stew Webb come on in relation to Ted Gunderson working for the CIA now, when he used to work for the FBI. Stew at the time had been demonized in relation to his information being false. So as a follow up what lead to this current situation, this is part of what happened in the past, if I dont get to update this for a while.

Going on Stew had somehow, don't ask me how, he had gotten ahold of Ted Gunderson's file when he still worked for the FBI and posted a file dealing with Ted Gunderson's past work as a member of the FBI. This file shows where when Ted was still working for the FBI he sold Stinger Missles to Afghanistan for the Rebels to be used against the Russian forces that were there at the time.

Next, Ted Gunderson first came out and denied the infomation that was presented in this case. But later, on this network, admitted it on a show called The Fountain Truth. At which time he later on this show, admitted to selling these missles to Afghanistan Rebels while he was still working for the FBI.

Take my word for it when I tell you, when this document was put out I got alot more then alot of heat from people at Genesis, in this first case the heat came from John Stadtmiller, host of The National Intel Report, also on Genesis. Well, after all of this (by the way this was not the first time I was threatened by this man, the last time was over a man by the name of Kurt Billings) this was the first incident dealing with, for lack of a better word, heat...this heat later came to what I reported up above dealing with Alex.

Now with this current show I also did this yesterday, dealing along the lines of the same issue. At the time nothing was said until today. I have been on the verge of leaving Genesis for about a month and a half and I intend to make the announcement that I intend to do so later on tomorrow.

See, here is the thing: there is so much more to this story and what it is I have seen since being on this network, it's going to take me weeks posting articles like this, but it boils down to this. This Ted Gunderson issue is so hot that Alex Jones called me 3 times in a 40 min period to get me to stop what it was I was broadcasting [Barbara Hartwell] not to mention the vice president of Genesis, Michael Trudeau.

Someone at Genesis, or rather quite a few people at Genesis had something to lose or that would be affected by the broadcast that I was doing otherwise it would not have been shut down.

Now, like I said, this is firsthand from me. I am the host of my show which will no longer be on the air as of tomorrow, due to the fact this is the 3rd time this has happened, where I have been screamed at for this issue and not to mention other incidents dealing with this Omega Project I was assigned at ats. All of this, believe it or not, ties together.

But I do need to get some other things done in relation to what kind of firestorm I am going to face on this tomorrow.

But what you need to know is simply this: There is a ton more to this story that I will be making public here first in the future. I was also told to take Alex Jones phone call in regard to this situation as to what he knew, this was supposed to take place last night after the broadcast and didn't. It will happen sometime this morning, but all things provided this information is being put here, in the event that I do not get back to post more on this issue right away.

Jeremy Floyd

More melodrama from Larry Lawson.....

"Now.... what is said here is VERY interesting indeed. However Hartwell has done MUCH to smokescreen GOOD work by Fritz Springmeier. I've heard Ted Gunderson on MANY talk radio shows exposing the child abuse and mentioning the CIA kidnapping ring of kids called 'The Finders.' Now these phonies have setup the FEMA 'Amber Alert System' which certainly will NOT stop the kidnapping of kids by these monsters. I think on the surface, Ted has done more to expose this than these FRAUDS and that's why he's really being attacked! 

HOWEVER again... one of our guests, Shirley Anderson that Stewie and Hartwell ALSO attacked.... she slams both Ted AND John DeCamp. BUT, she's the only one I've heard these things from and she's attacked darned near EVERYBODY she's come into internet contact with INCLUDING ME! I'm just laying ALL cards on the table here for people to make informed decisions on. I KNOW the lies of Stewie, Hartwell and thier ilk and what their likely motives are. But seeing DeCamp's name mentioned below, I find this ALL very VERY interesting. Yes, I certainly believe that high government officials are abusing kids inlcuding Bush Sr. and V.P. Cheney now hiding in a hole in his bunker on the East Coast..."

Larry Lawson a witness to Ted Gunderson's admission of selling Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden:

"He [Gunderson] also openly admitted this on OUR SHOW which was archived!"

Larry Lawson promotes the idea that Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb are exposing false information about Ted Gunderson

"I repeatedly WARNED Stadtmiller then Anderson about these twerps defrauding Genesis listeners. Genesis DOES have a LOT to lose if this material against Gunderson is false as I suspect it is."

[BHP: Note that Lawson has accused Ted Gunderson of being a liar. Then, Lawson is a witness to the fact that Ted Gunderson ADMITTED selling Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden, only AFTER this was exposed by Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, and only AFTER he knew we had the documents as evidence.

Before that, Gunderson feigned outrage and vociferously DENIED such allegations --on more than one radio show.

But despite the mounting evidence he has seen that Ted Gunderson is a liar, Lawson "suspects" that other information exposed about Gunderson by Barbara Hartwell is "false".

Could this convoluted thread of messages, this malicious gossip and libel fest, be any more confusing?

Well, no. And that was the whole point of the exercise.

I can guarantee that the only person whose writings are represented here (aside from the comments by Barbara Hartwell) who is telling the truth is Jeremy Floyd. It happened exactly as Jeremy says it did, and I am his witness.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 4, 2008