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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The New Age Movement: A Deadly Deception

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.
Luke 12-31

This report is part of a series exposing the false (and spiritually dangerous) doctrines of the New Age Movement. In past reports, I have written very little about this subject (in and of itself) except where it pertains to the behavior of individuals who promote New Age propaganda which negates God-given Individual Rights and Liberties; or as it relates to global totalitarianism, such as practiced by the United Nations, one of the most obvious (and sinister) venues for promoting and implementing its doctrines.

In June, 2001, a report by Barbara Hartwell was posted on Rumor Mill News. It was titled, Time to Set the Record Straight, and was very simply my effort to correct a plethora of public misinformation (as well as disinformation) which had been circulating about my case, as a survivor of CIA black ops; and about my professional background.

The report contained some names of persons who had been responsible for disseminating false information about Barbara Hartwell (including about CIA MK Ultra mind control programs); and to some extent I also expressed my personal feelings about having been targeted by government-sponsored criminals and their minions --feelings of outrage and righteous anger at the workers of iniquity who had targeted me.

As is my way, I was very blunt and plainspoken in stating my viewpoints. I stated facts and named names. And as always, the report was based on those facts when describing the persecution by government and the perpetrators deployed against me: the attempts to "contain"; "neutralize"; destabilize, and generally destroy my life.

I expressed no confusion (spiritual or intellectual) about what was happening to me --nor was there any such confusion in my mind); I merely documented the facts for the public record. Nor did I write the report for the purpose of soliciting help or sympathy (and certainly not unsolicited advice!) from the public.

As is the case with all my reports, they are for FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of my reports what they will. This has been my policy from the time I started publishing my work on the Internet (1995.) I have never sought "feedback" from readers, nor do I have an interest in engaging in discussions, arguments or debates.

Anyone with even a modicum of spiritual and intellectual discernment would have recognized my report for what it was: documentation of government-sponsored persecution of a CIA whistleblower. Period.

But of course, the New Agers wouldn't see it that way. As a function of their "consensus" and "group-think" and "group therapy" mentality, they feel the need to impose their "communitarian" beliefs on others, especially the INDIVIDUAL who has dismissed their belief system as anathema, who will not be drawn in by the insidious deception of the New Age philosophy --including Barbara Hartwell.

And naturally, from among the many misguided "news agents" of Rumor Mill News (a hot bed of New Age propaganda) like an insolent jack-in-the-box, up popped a meddlesome New Age busybody who made it her mission to foist unsolicited advice --and even amateur secular humanist psychoanalysis!-- on Barbara Hartwell.

This New Age, secular humanist pop psychology is certainly offensive to me, in the extreme; mostly, because this philosophy is intrusive as hell, in its disrespect for the privacy, personal boundaries and spiritual integrity of others.

But it was nothing new. I'd heard it all before --countless times, over decades. I have in fact become an expert on the doctrines of the New Age movement, for the simple reason that I have been researching it for the past forty years.

In fact, during a good portion of that time I was surrounded by New Age proponents, many of whom were connected to (or employed by) the Central Intelligence Agency, certainly a major venue for dissemination of New Age propaganda.

CIA certainly did not "invent" the New Age movement (its historical origins are in the Theosophical Society, as per the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey et al) -- but since its inception in 1947, CIA has been steeped in its occultism and has instituted many programs and black operations which employ and promote New Age doctrines and corresponding propaganda. Some of which emanated from the Nazis who formed the core of the original CIA via a program codenamed Paperclip. This Nazi legacy lives on today, not only in CIA, but in the ever-expanding worldwide demonic influence of the New Age....

And although I myself was subjected to much indoctrination by those promoting New Age belief systems and propaganda; and even though I was utilized by CIA as a "talent" in electronic media (radio and TV production, talk show host, 1987-1993) to promote New Age topics, by interviewing all manner of "self-help" and "human potential" gurus, chanellers, occultists, etc., I myself saw through the false spirituality, by virtue of the "gifts of the spirit" bestowed on me by God.

To be succinct, the Holy Spirit speaks to me, and through God's grace --and ONLY God's grace , for which I personally take no credit-- I have been given spiritual discernment. When a person sees the truth --in the Holy Spirit-- no amount of New Age propaganda can obscure that truth. After all, it is God's Truth, and as such, unimpeachable.

More detail on my past involvement with the New Age movement via CIA (or my many years of related research) is beyond the scope of this report. But suffice it to say that, although I do not consider myself an evangelist (at least not much of one), as a devout believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel it is my duty to expose the truth about the New Age movement --a deadly device of Satan to deceive-- and which is instrumental (among other venues) in implementing the New World Order.

Again, it is important to state that my knowledge of the New Age Movement (both as a broad overview and in precise detail) --and its direct link to the New World Order-- is not based on mere speculation, personal opinions or even research, but on the direct experience of a witness; as well as that of a longtime target of the New Age conspirators themselves.

Get thee behind me, Satan!

All that being said, let us take a look at this letter from a "New Age Fundamentalist" to Barbara Hartwell. My comments are interspersed in the main body of text, preceded by my initials, BHP.

June, 2001

By Esclarmonde

"Dear Barbara,
We can hear your pain and your fear being smothered by your courage. And since you have posted it here, it invites a response. I have some 'help' for you. But it may not be the help you are looking for. Still...could it be the help you need? Only YOU can know that."

[BHP: Who is "we"? Evidently, this woman speaks not for herself, as an individual, but for a collective.

And actually, I did NOT post the report on Rumor Mill News; it was posted by Rayelan Allan, the editor of RMN, to whom I sent it as part of an e-mail list. The last thing I wanted or "invited" was a response, especially from a misguided New Ager who would presume to foist her unsolicited advice on me. This is one kind of "help" I can do without.]

"Most all of us who have chosen the path towards Awareness have had to walk the 'Way of Incredible Odds Against Us'. That road, on the surface at least, appears to be full of dangerous potholes. Some so large that a person often gets lost within them...for awhile. But somehow we always find our way out. You will find yours too. How can I possibly know this? Because I too had to learn to stop 'reaching out' and start 'reaching in'."

[BHP: Here, "Esclarmonde" (whose real name is never used, who hides behind this pretentious New Age moniker) presumes to instruct me on THE WAY OUT: HOW TO LET GO!...(as per the title of her post).

She also assumes (without knowing me, or anything about me, except what she has read in this one report written by me) that I am in need of guidance from one who "has chosen the path towards Awareness." How like a New Ager! --to assume, to presume; and to dish out unsolicited advice --in a public forum, yet.

Note also that she compares her own experiences to those of a total stranger (Barbara Hartwell); and worse, presumes to suggest that she is more advanced on her "path", based only on her false assumptions about my own life and experiences, which she knows absolutely nothing about.

And at no time in the report I wrote (the one which "triggered" this response from the New Age busybody) had I even implied --much less stated-- that I was "reaching out" to anyone or anything.

But then, the New Agers' indoctrination is such that they almost always project their own beliefs and experiences on others, completely disregarding the fact that God created unique individuals; and that not everyone shares their belief system.]

"Because this aching 'place' inside of us has been 'covered over' with the programmed Idea of Religious Hell, we have not realized that within lies the strength and the power to create EVERYTHING we need ALL of the time."

[BHP: Esclarmonde, the New Ager, now trots out the old "create your own reality" delusion. ("Ye shall be as gods" -- the lies of Satan, the deceiver.) And presumes to "instruct" a person she does not know, who has not solicited her advice. A person who clearly perceives the nature of her doctrines as the Luciferic initiation that they are.

All strength, all power, and all creation come from the Almighty. What I need, I will pray for. All that I receive comes from the Grace of God. And God knows what I have need of, before I pray. Amen.]

"Instead we keep listening (dutifully) to the programmed language of 'lack' and because we believe in it, it manifests over and over again in our lives. Thus the Controllers continually HOLD us in their power."

[BHP: Here again, we have the New Age teaching which focuses on the secular humanist "deities" of intellectual thought and the limited "beliefs" generated by the minds of those who discount and disregard the power of God --instead, attempting to usurp that power for their own use.

The "Controllers"? (which word she capitalizes --why?) In reality, such "controllers" are none other than the doctrines of devils, which delude the New Agers into believing they can bypass Spiritual Truth, which comes only from God, and take the power into their own hands to wield as they see fit.

No "controllers" can hold a Child of God in their power --at least not on the spiritual level, unless they have been deceived by same. God delivers His children through Grace and all who sincerely seek the Truth will find it.]

"There is a way out of it all, and it is such a simple thing that we dismiss it almost without thinking...but then we have been subtly programmed to dismiss it in this manner. Still, against the inertia that so demands it NOT be said, I offer it here encouraged by your own courage to reveal yourself on these pages:

Sit quietly and let mind focus on some physical aspect of your body self: Big Toe will do nicely if you don't have a pain somewhere. (Pain works the best because it is easy to focus on...and you get to 'cure' it in the process.) Okay, INTEND to focus on Big Toe until you can feel your pulse in it. As you attempt to do this, begin to note all the arguments put up by your Idea Self. "How stupid", it will tell you. "Why am I doing this?" it will say. That is your programmed Mind, the one that is CONTROLLED by THEM. It is the one that also constantly reaffirms your LACK. Most of us are addicted to that Mindset because it is where we 'feel ourselves to be'. If forces us to live in Story over and over. But we didn't write that Story; THE CONTROLLERS did. By reacting to the LACK THEY have defined for us, we are constantly REAFFIRMING THEIR VERSION OF REALITY...THE BIG LIE!"

[BHP: Now, some New Age "meditation" which focuses not on the Spirit, but on parts of the body. And again, Esclarmonde presumes to instruct how I will "feel" and what I can expect from the revelations of her "teachings".

In fact, I have studied all of these teachings (and many more like them, over a period of four decades) and have seen for myself precisely what they are about. Unbelievable, her arrogance in assuming I would not know about them --or that I would need her "instruction."

According to Esclarmonde, I will be delivered from the "CONTROLLERS" and their "BIG LIE" by "rewriting a story".

This is reminiscent of many New Age teachings on "mind control". EST, for instance; Silva Mind Control is another. And possibly the worst of the lot, Neuro Linguistic Programming. These systems are brainwashing methods which are based on manipulation (including of others); and are in the final analysis what I would call forms of witchcraft.

But where is the Living God in all this New Age quackery? Answer: Nowhere to be found.]

"When we stop the Roof Brain Chatter that has been programmed into Mind by focusing INTENTLY on some physical sensation from our body self, we are WALKING right out the doorway of THEIR Story and into the Source of our Being. From there, with a little practice, we begin to OWN our own Mind. Then we can begin to CREATE OUR OWN STORY exactly the way we want to...including leaving THEM out of it. This is exactly what they are so afraid of."

[BHP: Again, Esclarmonde pushes the collective "we". And in reality, what anyone should be most "afraid of" is being deceived by the false doctrines, promoted by false prophets (and their slavish followers, such as Esclarmonde.)

This New Age doctrine is sinister in its implications, all the more so because it is insidious in its deadly deception. Pretend that all we have to do is "CREATE OUR OWN STORY". And how can one "own their own mind", while it is polluted by the demonic doctrines which falsely glorify the "power" of the "self created mind", rather than glorifying God through the Holy Spirit who will live in our hearts, if only we sincerely ask?]

"WE HAVE THAT POWER, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. But we each must go get it within ourselves and that takes DOING... And DOING takes STOPPING their programmed STORY about our Limitations. I believe it is the Course in Miracles that said: "Argue for Your Limitations and They are Yours." Everytime we say we need 'help' because we don't have 'this or that', we are ARGUING FOR THE LIMITATION OF LACK. Thus we get it. And the Controllers then say, 'see...we told you so.' And we believe it, thus CREATING it in our lives."

[BHP: The Course in Miracles is yet another New Age manifesto, made all the more dangerous because the author claims to have "channeled" the material directly from Jesus Christ.

In fact, I have read the entire volume and own it as part of my large library on New Age material. Yes, I've read most all of these books, starting in the 1960s when I was a teenager. Many of the books (and they number in the thousands) I have read came from the New Agers who were guests on my radio and television programs, sponsored by CIA New Age front organizations.

The Course in Miracles is blasphemy, plain and simple. And the "gimme, gimme" mindset, focusing on efforts to remove "lack" is thinly disguised heathen materialism, not spiritual truth.]

"There is one other thing I'd like to mention: If you find that your FEAR won't let you do this or anything else, consider yourself VERY lucky because you have the Perfect Doorway out. My fear overwhelmed me to the point of illness. Then one day, I turned my mind directly into the FEAR Sensation itself: And I said, "Come get me, you bastard. You wanna kill me, do it. I just don't care anymore cause I'm not gonna sit here and feel like this forever! Come I am..." And suddenly, and quite surprisingly, Mind took off and went flying! I was stunned and thrilled. It was so much fun, I began to do it at the slightest sensation of Fear. It was like I had lit a fire under the programmed 'dross' that was my mental closet. Before I knew it, I was burning out the 'me garbage'...big time. Limitations were 'flying' out the door. And before long I began to learn the REAL Power that is Mind."

[BHP: Why, oh why, are New Agers always so self-righteous and pompous? Why do they always feel the need to boast about their "lack of FEAR"?

Because in truth, it is obvious that they are ruled by fear. And being deceived that they can be delivered from fear by their own devices, they reject the ONLY power which could truly deliver them --from fear, or from their own destruction -- God Almighty.

And note, once again, the the "power" they seem to deify is not God, the Almighty, the Creator, but "MIND". The question is, whose mind?

The mind which has been taken over by the deceiver would naturally feel invulnerable. But that is part of Satan's deception. He seduces by flattery to the ego and foments spiritual pride; through wordly ambitions which are at the core empty and fruitless.]

"I fully realize that my comments 'invite great criticism'. The egoic Mind cannot tolerate that it might be replaced by its Source. And most of us LIVE in THAT Mind, the ONE THEY have given us. It will fight mightily to overcome any suggestion to this idea. It has been PROGRAMMED TO DO THIS! It is how they have turned us into 'consumers'. That is ALL WE ARE in THEIR Story. I fully realize this, having had to endure it within my self. It is offered here only because I heard your pain and KNOW from my own experience where the way out lies. This is only a road sign, however. The Path must be trod by each of us independently. You just sound like someone ready to realize your own perfection...your connection to your Source Beingness. The wise Grandfather, Fools Crow, called it 'Becoming the Hollowbone'. It is what we are ALL meant to be.

With great respect for your process,



What I have always found most disturbing about the New Agers (at least on a personal level) is their almost universal proclivity to proselitize and to force their doctrines on others. They lack respect for the privacy, the personal boundaries and the spiritual integrity of individuals.

The New Agers also presume to offer unsolicited advice, while projecting their own experiences, beliefs, and standards on others, falsely assuming that their "path" or their "process" (New Agers love that word!) is shared by ALL.

Worse, they present themselves in a boastful and condescending manner, as those whose "evolution" or "progress" on "the path" is more "advanced" than that of others to whom they preach their doctrines.

As for how they treat Christians? Well, you can see that right here. Christians are seen as less "spiritually evolved", because according to New Agers, it is only "Christ consciousness" that is to be sought, not the Living Christ.

As I've said before, I'm not an evangelist, nor do I proselytize for my Christian beliefs. I am not much for "religious" doctrines or dogmas either. In fact, many fundamentalist Christians might consider me a heretic. So be it. Some of them as are as obnoxious as the New Agers, only instead of using a Course in Miracles, they beat people over the head with a Bible!

But I am a devout believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is enough for me. And it is more than just a "belief system". It is a living knowledge and faith, imparted to me by the Grace of God.

And no one has the power to take that from me.

Barbara Hartwell
Sovereign Child of God
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
November 1, 2008